Will Connection Between People Change In The Future?

592.01Question: Today the world has become more complex, and I can enjoy all the goods and services even through an egoistic connection. Will it change in the future?

Answer: The connection itself will change. It should not be coerced in order to make money from each other, but conscious in order to provide for each other.

Question: Let’s say that millions of people who produced coffee worked just to earn money. They were thinking not about me, but about their wages. Yet, I received this product.

You are saying that in the future our intention will change, what we are working for? What will happen? Will I feel this somehow when I drink coffee?

Answer: First of all, it is not about coffee. The earth can feed not only 8 billion, but 30 to 40 billion people. Moreover, feed them well. It can also dress them and provide them with shoes, and give everyone a normal home that they are accustomed to, give a system of education and upbringing for their children, and so on. We can provide ourselves with all this without any problems.

The problem is not to produce unnecessary things, not to deplete the Earth, and to work for the sake of making us all comfortable, good, and safe. This is what we must aim for, and in this we must invest tremendous internal forces, not physical, but moral.

Here we begin to bump into our egoism, which places us against each other and does not allow us to be kind to each other. Therefore, we need a common education, a common movement toward a common goal—to make from humanity an integral system.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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