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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 5/7/20

294.3Question: If a person stops obeying the laws of nature on the level of thoughts and feelings, does this mean that he actually has to change himself on this level?

Answer: We don’t need anything else. Thoughts and feelings are what we have. Once we see that we don’t operate correctly—and this happens in our thoughts and feelings—we will begin to change. We don’t need any motion at all. Our future is eventually beyond the physical world.

Remark: According to what you say, unity between people is the remedy against viruses since the virus fears the unity between us. But we see that it is the opposite, that the remedy against the spreading of the virus is keeping our distance and isolation.

My Comment: This is the case now because we are still egoists. If we don’t want to impact each other negatively and make room for the virus between us, we need to draw away from each other.

Question: We need to change our perception of others, and then different practical actions will develop as a result. This means that you don’t advise us to do anything except change our attitude. But is that possible without practical actions?

Answer: No, we need to perform practical actions and we need to help each other so that each of us will constantly change our perspective of others for the better.

Question: If, under the threat of destruction, humanity understands that the solution to the problem is only the struggle with our ego, and people will begin to artificially relate to each other seemingly with love, what will we gain from that?

Answer: It will enable us to draw the positive force of nature that can raise us above our ego and give us the strength to use it correctly.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/7/20

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My Thoughts On Twitter 9/8/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

We have to realize the reason for the coronavirus. If we understand how to transform our interpersonal relationships—all the problems will disappear instantly! Nature’s goal isn’t to lead us through illness and heal us, but for the suffering and viruses to compel us to reveal our bad relationships.

Every day it becomes more and more clear: we have to realize that there is one common enemy—our egoism. We cannot destroy it, but we can rise above it together. The United States shows: society is incapable of regulating itself.
We can still reach an intelligent cooperation, or there’ll be war…

Above all human conspiracy theories and other ploys, in any case, there is the Creator’s plan, which determines our path. We wallow in our thoughts and do not wish to rise to the Creator’s degree, by faith above reason. Everyone stumbles in this place, but he who walks forward enters the Creator’s world.

We do not hear nature’s warnings: that we have to be integral, connected by goodness, and treat each other well. Otherwise with our behavior we determine nature’s behavior and do not allow it to enter balance; hence, we suffer together with all of nature.

The coronavirus is a small blow, coming from love and mercy for people who do not understand the purpose of their life. We have to realize why we have reached blows such as this. Why don’t we hear the first warning of the parent, like good children, in order to change our behavior and live well…?

The situation could have been much worse than the coronavirus epidemic. But the Creator did not use harsher methods. It’s because nature has a goal—to bring all of us to the proper connection. We are living in a time when unity between everyone has to be clearly implemented.

Every illness contains healing, the illness cures. We have to see where the #coronavirus is leading us, and reach this healthy state on our own. For that we have to understand the blow. There is a force behind it that does not wish to simply hurt us, but wishes to cure us.

The virus strikes us on the biological level, affecting society and families. We must therefore understand why nature is treating us this way, and what we can do so we don’t hide from this phenomenon, but get cured.

Before the coronavirus the world was in crisis and people spoke of a world war or ecological catastrophes. The situation was very problematic, there were many problems, like with a person who doesn’t know what illness he has, but manages to inject painkillers for the pain and to somehow keep living.

It’s still early to speak of the future if we do not know the present time, which is not joyful, but constantly brings new restrictions and blows. If we could understand them, we would see the light at the end of the tunnel.
But for now we do not see that things will get brighter. We do not even understand the darkness in which we find ourselves.

One thing becomes clear with each passing day: we must recognize that our one common enemy is our ego. It cannot be destroyed, but we can jointly rise above it. America proves that society is incapable of regulating itself. We can still come to mindful cooperation; the other alternative is war.

Democracy untethered from liberalism turns into dictatorship. Everything stems from disillusionment that the Internet and social media haven’t become a means of enlightenment. The majority think that the government is built on degradation and must therefore be destroyed. The elections produce a doubting elite class.

Just as it happens in any system (organism or machine), the defects accumulate until they manifest as a malfunction. Likewise in society with the coronavirus, the integral dependence of life is manifested.

We must realize that the reason for all our troubles is that society is fragmented by egoism!
From Twitter 9/8/20

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“Israel – The First At Being Last” (Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “Israel – The First at Being Last

Israel is now the world leader in new coronavirus disease cases. That is, every other country in the world has fewer coronavirus infections per capita than Israel. Data from Johns Hopkins University has revealed that Israel averaged 199.3 new cases a day per 1 million residents in the week ending September 2. Since then, Israel has only widened the gap.

When COVID-19 first emerged, countries lined up to praise Israel for its handling of the pandemic. But in the second wave, reality aligned itself with our behavior and we have dropped from the zenith to the nadir. Even if we shut down the economy once more, place all cities under quarantine, and every household under stay-at-home orders, we will not find more than a momentary relapse in contagion until we do what we must—change our attitude to one another. Then, and only then we will overcome the virus.

When the virus first appeared I said that it was not an ordinary virus. I cautioned that it is here not in order to shut down the economy but in order to teach us how to relate to one another. So far, we have failed miserably, and so the virus celebrates with record breaking infection rates, total helplessness of the authorities, and depravity suggestive of the last days of Rome.

On the surface, there seems to be a battle between those who want to keep the economy running and sustain people’s livelihoods, and those who want to restrict economic and public activities and sustain people’s lives. In my view, as long as we treat each other with such derision and disdain, we will sustain neither.

The whole problem with the measures we are taking in order to avoid contagion is not the measures themselves, but that we are taking them in order to protect ourselves instead of others. When the motivation is so self-centered, those who are young and healthy, and not in the risk groups, or who believe that the disease is nothing but fake news, have no reason to comply with instructions. By doing so, they not only increase the risk to the lives of those at risk, they also increase hatred and alienation in society, and this is the real problem.

We need to treat the masks, vaccinations, and all the other measures not as medical tools, but as social tools that help us portray our relation to others. If we change our relation to others, we will be able to open the economy without any limitations and the virus will be gone in no time. But first, we need to show our efforts to change our attitude to one another, and the way to show it goes through wearing masks, keeping social distancing, and doing everything required in order to preserve the lives and health of our fellow persons. Not our own lives, but those of others around us.

The State of Israel is always at the center of attention. Just as countries lined up to praise us when we succeeded in curbing the virus in the beginning, they now stand bewildered at our colossal failure to do the same in the second wave. If we show the world that the way to oust the virus is through unity, the world will follow suit, and, as a result, a new, united society will emerge around the world.

We must remember that the State of Israel, as are the people of Israel, is not just another country. It was established to enable the people of Israel to carry out its duty to the world—to set an example of unity above divisions and show the nations how they can do it, too. Here in Israel we are meant to become “a light unto nations” by uniting “as one man with one heart.”

Despite recent agreements, the Arab world as a whole will not make peace with us, and the world will not support our being here, as long as we do not make peace with one another. Instead, the nations will blame us for inciting wars and taking a land that is not ours, as UNESCO has been saying for several years now.

Covid-19 has given us an opportunity to change our relation to one another, thereby change the world’s relation to us, and thereby change the nations’ relation to one another. We shouldn’t underestimate our power to do good, or bad, to the entire world. If we rise to the challenge and unite, we will oust the coronavirus, the world, too, will learn that the solution to the pandemic lies in positive relations and will do the same, the pandemic will disappear, and the entire global society will change for the better.

“The War We Are All Fighting” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The War We Are All Fighting

Long lines of vehicles waiting for hours to get a box of supplies from drive-in food distribution centers has become a common scene across America. Covid-19 is underscoring deep social imbalances and inequalities to the point that hunger may kill more people worldwide than the pandemic itself by the end of this year, according to the UN forecast. The situation is similar to a war, but the enemy we are fighting is not only economic; it is a war to establish what should be the highest value and the pillar of any society: mutual responsibility and care for one another.

We have the opportunity to make this connection real today, and we must know that nature is deliberately provoking us with these uncomfortable situations like the coronavirus pandemic and other problems to push us to make this move: the unification of humanity. Thus, only the fight against the divisions between us will bring the long awaited victory of unity, abundance, and a brighter future.

Trillions in stimulus packages have been injected into the US economy, as in other major developed countries, yet many people are still out of work and without the means to put food on the family table. UN data shows that more than 5 million Americans (2% of the country’s population) cannot afford a basic healthy diet that could prevent malnutrition. And like most of our current challenges, the food crisis is global. The number of people drastically impacted by food insecurity is expected to double to 270 million worldwide by the end of 2020, according to charity organizations.

Suddenly, entire communities have been left without the basic needs for life because of the pandemic, and the security they had in life has slipped between their fingers. At the same time, there is a growing tendency among people to help one another and give each other a hand, because they no longer believe (and righteously so) that either the upper classes or the leaders will come to their rescue.

Even if someone has no more to offer to another than a desire to help, this already affects the overall situation for the better. Mutual concern sweetens the bitterness of life. In fact, we have reached a time when we are realizing that we can expect nothing from anyone except ourselves.

So, if we come to terms with the fact that only we can help ourselves, this will already be a meaningful step in the right direction. We can tackle our problems only through a correct connection between us. If we become aware of it, we will be on a safe path for sure. By learning to put that connection into practice we can ensure that we will reach our desired destination successfully.

Defeating the Ego, the Enemy between Us

We must strive to unite, not only to get out of the difficult situation we face, but to truly become “as one man with one heart.” Why? Because everything that happens in the global system of nature is driven according to the level of beneficial integral connection between its parts. The more we connect with each other, the more we will harmonize ourselves with the general force that operates the system according to the law of mutual guarantee. In fact, all the problems that arise do so to push us closer and closer toward a state of ultimate unification. When humanity reaches such a state of existence, we will no longer suffer from struggles over control, respect, domination or hunger. When we finally reach that state, happiness and the means to exist will no longer come at the expense of others.

We should clearly understand that distributing food and medicine—generally helping each other on the material level only—will still not be enough to correct our imbalances and disparities. We need to realize that as far as nature is concerned, humanity is one single system. Therefore, we must rise above all forms of hatred and mutual rejection, above our egoistic approach that constantly tears us apart and distances us from one another. It is vital that we try to get closer to each other internally, heart to heart, and evaluate the intention behind all our actions.

We have the opportunity to make this connection real today, and we must know that nature is deliberately provoking us with these uncomfortable situations like the coronavirus pandemic and other problems to push us to make this move: the unification of humanity. Thus, only the fight against the divisions between us will bring the long awaited victory of unity, abundance, and a brighter future.

“There Is A Jessica Krug In Every Jew” (Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “There Is a Jessica Krug in Every Jew

A few days ago, a George Washington University African history professor confessed that she had pretended for many years to be of Afro-Latina descent, when in fact she was white and Jewish. As part of her identity, she even spoke against the state of Israel and police brutality, and, according to JTA, “delivered testimony virtually in a New York City Council meeting in which she criticized the New York Police Department as being trained by the Israeli army.”

The confession left everyone in shock, and she, herself, apparently, is in a deep state of remorse. “I should absolutely be cancelled,” she wrote. “You should absolutely cancel me, and I absolutely cancel myself,” she continued. Toward the end, she wrote, “I have to figure out how to be a person that I don’t believe should exist.”

Yet, Jessica Krug is not an exception. She is an eccentric expression of a problem from which the majority of Jews suffer, and of which US Jewry is the most prominent example. The problem I am talking about is denial of the essence and purpose of Judaism.

We’d like to think that we can be like everyone else, but we’re not. The world knows it and treats us differently, and it’s time we started doing likewise. The world blames us for its wars and its problems, and it won’t help us to say “It’s not our fault”; they won’t believe us.

We have to understand that our “fault,” as I have written in The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism, is that we’re not bringing unity to the world, so the nations hate us for causing them to hate one another. I reiterate: The world feels that we are causing them to hate each other, and this is why they hate us.

Of course we’re not trying to make people hate each other, but we’re also not trying to unite among ourselves. And because everyone is closely monitoring our every step, we serve as a constant example of hatred, disunity, and ill-will through our relationships with one another. By doing so, we install an atmosphere of belligerence and hatred among the nations, and they, who sense that the hatred originates with us, blame us for causing their wars with each other.

Being “a light unto nations” is not a metaphorical, obsolete slogan. We became a nation precisely for that purpose, and not in order to be Americans, Germans, or Chinese. It’s no coincidence that we came up with the impossibly altruistic motto, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” This is where our uniqueness lies—in attempting to live by that motto. Even if we fail, by simply trying we will become an example that the world will admire and would try to emulate.

But we are unaware of it so, just as Jessica Krug believes, we don’t believe we should exist. In that belief, she is not the exception; she is the norm among us! I, who have been taught by my teachers that Jews must unite above their differences and serve as a role model of unity to the nations, and that this is our vocation as a nation, I am the exception.

Still, it is my prayer that soon more Jews will hear me out so that my warnings will not go unnoticed as were the warnings of Baal HaSulam, my teacher’s father, in Poland in the 1930s.

The End Of The Era Of Consumption

961.1Question: The economy is a reflection of social relations between people. Therefore, the economic crisis can be called a crisis of our relations, a crisis of trust.

The modern economy is built on the premise of  “the most benefits with the least effort.” Thus, somebody’s gain turns into someone else’s loss.

In an integral world in which everyone is interconnected and initially unequal causes even greater inequality. Is it possible to change this formula somehow?

Answer: Only through education. Everything can change if we show and create conditions for people to work for the good of society even though it contradicts their nature. For the good of society!

And so, part of the payment for their work that they do not receive physically, they would receive morally. That is, society would reward people who work for the good of society with its special attitude toward them.

Remark: The current economy is based on a constant increase in consumption. Previously, workers and peasants were forced to work for 10 to 12 hours, and then their exploiters had an idea: “Why should they? Let them work 8 hours and we will pay them so that they go and buy.” This is how a consumer society in which people earn from each other appeared.

But this society is crumbling today. Something has happened, and if I do not buy from you and you do not buy from me, the economy will fall.

My Comment: Because the current economy is built not on producing the necessities, but on the earnings from each other, we have moved to a completely different level of communication: money—goods—money.

Question: What can serve as fuel or motivation for working in a society in which people stop buying and exchanging services?

Answer: They do not need them. They will instinctively, automatically stop buying because there is no point in buying what they already have. The world is filled with completely unnecessary goods.

Question: That is, only necessities will remain?

Answer: It depends on the education of people but, in principle, yes. And if not, then another virus will come. Nature will correct us. We will no longer be able to go on vacations to distant islands, fly around the world in airplanes, and travel.

We begin to somehow wean ourselves from this. A new generation with different needs is born. They do not want to run around the world like their parents did. They are not interested in traveling around the cities of the world, visiting temples, going sightseeing.

The young generation does not need this. I look at them and I am surprised at their inner calmness. When I visit various cities of the world, I sit down next to them on the steps of ancient buildings, talk to them, and I see that it does not matter to them at all who built those stones, those walls, who painted those paintings. And it is not that they do not know or do not want to know, it just does not fit their interests.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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A Disease That Cures

294.2For quite some time we have been in a full-scale crisis that affects all areas of our lives. All the customary ways of life have crumbled before our eyes and now we need to build some new reality.

We are not yet able to stop this crisis and turn it into positive changes. We can neither return to the old state nor move forward to a new good future. We have no control over this situation at all, and therefore, it is very early to talk about the end of this crisis.

So far, we are not aware of what we are going through. Although all of humanity has been living in the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic for six months, we still do not understand why it happened, where it came from, or how this blow can be softened or even eliminated. It is still unclear what the new world of the post-coronavirus era will be like.

It is too early to talk about the future if we do not comprehend the present, which does not bring joy, rather it constantly brings new restrictions and blows. If we could understand them, we would see a light at the end of the tunnel. However, there is no sign of light yet. We do not even understand the darkness we are in.

Even before the coronavirus, the world was in crisis, and there was talk of an imminent world war or environmental disasters. The situation was very problematic, after all, we did not know what to do with the young generation, with the unemployed. There were a lot of problems, and it was not clear where everything was going, like a person who does not know what illness he has, but manages to inject painkillers and to exist somehow.

Therefore, we have not yet recognized the evil of our situation enough to be able to get out of it. We are like a person who suffers from pain, but does not yet know what is wrong with him, what the cause of his illness is, and how it can be cured.

We need to collect all the available data, analyze everything that humanity has been doing for thousands of years, and try to understand what is happening to society, to the people, to the country, and to the entire Earth in general. Where can we find, if not a solution, then at least an explanation of what is happening?

The virus hits us at the biological level and also the level of society and the family. Therefore, we must try to understand the tendency: why is nature treating us this way and what can we do in order not to hide from this treatment, but to cure ourselves.

What is the purpose of the coronavirus that has  hit our society, families, children, and all our systems so hard and has paralyzed half the world? In order to find a solution, you need to know where the virus came from, for what purpose, and what to do in order to mitigate this blow and cure its consequences.

In every disease, there is a part of the recovery, every disease cures. We need to see what the coronavirus is leading us to and try to come to this healthy state ourselves. Yet, in order to do this, we need to understand this blow to its full depth on all scales. There is a force behind it that does not just want to beat us, but wants to cure us of a serious illness.

After all, even before the coronavirus, the world was gradually sliding into the abyss and it was unclear how much time it had left. It was obvious that nature was preparing a serious blow for us. I just did not expect it to be a virus, but expected some kind of social upheaval, national or environmental disasters, or an earthquake that would shake the entire earth. Or the globe could deviate slightly from its trajectory in space and endanger all of life.

The situation could have been much worse than a coronavirus epidemic. Compared to what might have happened, the coronavirus is like a mild cold. Fortunately, nature and the Creator did not use more rigid methods. After all, nature has a goal—to lead us to the correct connection. We live in a time when the Torah must be clearly implemented before the eyes of all people.

The coronavirus is the smallest blow that comes from love and mercy for people who do not understand their lives. We need to understand why we have come to such blows. Why don’t we hear the first warning of a parent, like good children, in order to change our behavior and live well, to receive gifts instead of punishment?

We do not hear nature’s warnings that we should be more integral and treat each other well. Through our behavior, we determine the behavior of all of nature, prevent it from becoming a global system and entering into balance. We throw nature out of balance, and therefore, it is clear that man is destined to suffer more than anyone else. Indeed, the blow is coming; this is not yet the end of the pandemic, and it is even not the beginning of it.

Nature will not back down. We are living in a new era of general correction. Thus, we will not be allowed to live in peace for several tens of thousands of years. Day by day, we will be revealing that we are steadily rolling downward. Nature shows us how much we oppose each other, hate each other, and repel each other. Everyone thinks only of themselves, and we cannot go on like this!

First of all, we must understand this requirement of nature. We must educate ourselves to become closer to each other until we come to complete unity: in the country, in the family, between parents and children. We need to learn to connect, and if we don’t, nature will not stop beating us.
From KabTV’s “Women in the New World” 8/30/20

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Escaping The Tight Confines Of Restrictions

424.01Question: Does the greater the egoism in a person mean the more he has to comply with the framework of life?

Answer: Naturally. The greater the ego of a person, the worse it is for him within the framework of our world, which forces him to submit and encloses him in its limitations. In addition, he must make more effort to understand the higher world in order to fully accept the ruling of the Creator, which he feels in his huge egoism.

Question: So people who are at the level of basic desires (food, sex, family) seem to be the freest? And people who are on higher levels of desire feel themselves in tight restrictions?

Answer: Sure. Everyone who is higher than the other, his egoism is greater and, accordingly, he must work with it.

Question: What should a person who wants to follow the laws of nature and society do to be a useful element in the system?

Answer: To study these laws, to understand the necessity of their cause and effect, i.e., to reach a level where these laws become desirable. And then he will not feel their pressure on him.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/2/20

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The Essence Of Generational Conflicts

293Question: Psychologists say that the cause of generational conflicts is inequality between fathers and children. Do you think there can be friendly relations between them? After all, usually there is a certain disregard for children on the part of fathers: “What do you understand?” And the same with the children. Can they be on equal footing?

Answer: No, parents and children should not be equal. This would only harm a child. You should be his senior friend. Not just a friend, but a senior friend.

Question: Often the center of conflict between generations is the issue of freedom from the norms and values of the previous generations. Each generation changes its values, and this leads to disagreements. Do you agree with this statement?

Answer: Naturally. I belong to both societies, I know both generations well, and therefore I absolutely agree with this.

Question: Are there any universal values that could reduce the gap between generations?

Answer: The value should be above both the religious and secular society. It consists in absolute merging with integral nature, which is the upper force, the highest value, the highest quality. Therefore, we must explore this nature and be connected with it.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/21/20

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