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Laitman_507.03We are living in a new era, and the old one will not return. Therefore, there is no point in sitting and grieving for the old life, like an old man who remembers his younger years with tears. This time is gone, over! We were thrown out of our previous state, the door closed behind us, and there is no way back.

It is impossible to manage anything in the world today with the help of the old systems. What’s left is just to ensure they don’t work. In the next year or six months, we will see the collapse of many of the systems we have built: financial, industrial, and educational, which will crumble before our eyes like a house of cards.

And then, how to exist? We will have to abandon all the systems built over the past hundred years—companies, banks, industry, commerce, health care, and education—and move to a new system.

Calmly, friends, without panic and without nerves! We have grown up in order to now consciously move into a new state, holding the management in our hands.

Everything that was controlled by our egoism according to a single program, to win more, which meant success, and it does not work today. Nature is introducing a new program to us. And I can no longer make a profit by what worked before: expensive things. The coronavirus is deliberately preventing us from retaining the old systems.

We are already in a new system, but we don’t know how to use it. The new system is the ten, the world Kabbalistic group. It is necessary to start building a new humanity, new relationships from heart to heart. You don’t need anything else. According to the new internal non-egoistic relationships, it will become clear how to build relationships in business. They must correspond to a heart-to-heart relationship.

A new desire will bring a new method of communication in business. Everything will change. The old will be destroyed, but the new production will grow even more than before, but for the sake of bestowal, mutual involvement. The principle should be different: for the benefit of all and not to harm anyone! No one should win more than others at someone else’s expense; everything is only for a better connection.

And then businesses will start to grow before your eyes, as it is said: “The sprouts have come out of the ground,” and there will be a new crop, a new harvest, all over again. This is called “the field blessed by the Creator.” And the principles of connection can only be borrowed from the ten, from the connection between us.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/5/20, “Preparation for the Virtual Convention  ‘A New World’ 2002, ‘The Last Generation from the Old World to the New World’” 

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