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The Way Out Of The Vicious Cycle

962.8Question: If public service advertising of anti-egoistic values were carried out from morning to evening, would it affect a person somehow?

Answer: It depends on the advertising. It should be made in such a way that the person sees that it is profitable for him, that it is worth it to be so.

For example, we show that this is the way of life of people in prison, and this is the way of life of sick people, and this is such and such, and at the same time we show the consequences of all bad habits and actions of people at all levels: women, men, adults, even children. In general, this is a preventive parenting program.

Question: In principle, there were societies where excesses were not valued, considered a sin. Is this theoretically possible?

Answer: In my opinion, this is necessary. The only question is who will do it.

Question: There is nothing more important for a person than the opinion of others. Public opinion is formed through the media. But that is in the hands of the rich. How can they advertise anti-consumer values?

Answer: In the post-coronavirus era, this issue is particularly acute.

Comment: In other words, they are trying to bring us back to the consumer society.

My Response: The rich have no other choice. They understand that otherwise they will have nothing left. If people begin to be satisfied with normal needs, then 80% of what humanity produces will be unnecessary, and it will stop producing it.

Naturally, we will save nature, the air will become cleaner, and it will be comfortable for us to live in such an environment: easier, cooler or warmer, etc. And from what exactly will the owners get rich?

Question: This is a vicious cycle. During the first wave of the pandemic, people did not learn anything. Public opinion has not changed. It is in the hands of the media, and the media is in the hands of the rich. And it is not profitable for them to change their current values because they need to continue earning. So what’s the solution? How can a person change society?

Answer: Society needs to work on its mistakes. People need to understand that going back to the past means repeating the same mistakes and inevitably leads to an even bigger crisis. Now that society has suffered such a blow, it must learn something from it.

Question: Do you think that suffering will still make some changes in a person?

Answer: Undoubtedly. They will do it gradually. Even if society does not change itself, at least it will become more receptive to the words of those who propagate the method of changing the world.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/7/20

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Managing Stress, Part 1

002Stress is a Loss of Orientation in the Modern World

Remark: Stress is the mobilization of the body’s resources, a state of increased tension, as a protective reaction to various adverse factors. The physiologist Hans Selye was one of the first to introduce the term “stress” only 70 years ago. It seems that before this, either people did not have stress, or they just did not know what it was.

My Comment: Back then, people were not developed enough to feel stressed.

Question: In psychology, stress includes the concepts of anxiety, conflict, a threat to one’s own “I.” How would you define stress from the point of view of Kabbalah?

Answer: Stress is a feeling of great inner tension due to the loss of clear orientation.

Question: Indeed, loss of orientation is exactly what is happening today. If we turn to history, did people experience stress 1,000 to 5,000 years ago?

Answer: No, people did not feel stressed. They had slightly different preferences in life. They understood what could happen: death, starvation, suffering from cold, or some other factors.

These were very simple, corporeal problems of a completely different level of perception. People did not consider things that seem terrible to us today to be anything out of the ordinary, even when they were led to execution or burned at the stake.

Remark: In my understanding, stress is a state when I really want to receive something for a long time, but I cannot. This already causes discomfort and strong dissonance.

My Comment: Yes, this is also stress but of a different type, not an immediate, but a prolonged one.

Remark: The cause of stress can be any conflicting situation, or dissatisfaction with your appearance, or routine life, or long-term chronic diseases, and so on.

My Comment: The reasons can be very diverse when the desired and the actual do not match.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/25/20

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In A Flood Of False Information

laitman_959Question: There was no violence on the screens in the Soviet Union, but I would not say that people there were less violent. Why is this?

Answer: I don’t think that in a society like the Soviet Union, the press, cinema, and theater had much influence on a person. People clearly understood that there was a huge difference between life and what the communist party and government fed them. And therefore, they did not perceive this information.

Comment: Nevertheless, according to psychological research, all media influence the human psyche. There we saw that everything seemed to be fine.

My Response: There was an iron curtain between the individual and the media. Everything that was heard on the radio and television went through a strict filter in advance, and people understood what they were being fed and what they should take from it. Maybe a small grain of information, but nothing more.

And now we are bathed in a huge stream of diverse information. It is all oversold, overbought, distorted. We have no idea how or how much. It is clear that what we read, see on TV, listen to on the radio, and so on, is all distorted information that is transmitted to us by all sorts of interested parties.

But since there are many of them, they are different, and information does not come from the same source of the party and the government, as in the Soviet Union, it is difficult for us to deal with this. So we are being influenced willy-nilly by them. We choose one of several thoughts, although that is also incorrect.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 4/30/20

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Why Has The Creator “Destroyed” The Ideal State?

75.01Question: Why should we correct something if we have not spoiled anything through our own will?

Answer: The plan of creation is predetermined and we are invited to correct it, just like when we buy a small child a puzzle or give him the parts of a construction toy and invite him to assemble it so that he will develop, so that he will understand the world better and develop.

We actually don’t correct anything. The Creator initially created an ideal state and then destroyed it on purpose so that by reconnecting each particle with the others, we will reach the state of the absolute whole. In other words, so that as a result of our work we will attain the wholeness that was determined in the initial state.

The difference between the initial state and the ultimate state is in our awareness, in our multiplying ourselves by ourselves and attaining all the combinations, all the combinatorics between us, and thus reach the whole state, the understanding of the internal essence, of what the Creator has actually done, the reason for it, what He has filled the desire with, and what the essence of the light is.

By attaining that, a person becomes equal to the Creator in his understanding, in the recognition of the whole process of creation, and ascends above the corporeal world to the world of forces, to the state of infinity, and eternity.

This is infinite attainment and recognition, which are independent of the parameters of time, space, and motion.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 9/16/18

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A New World – Virtual Convention – 8/15/20

World Kabbalah Virtual Convention, “Preparation for Lesson 1” 

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World Kabbalah Virtual Convention, “Last Generation – From the Old World to the New World,” Lesson 1

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World Kabbalah Virtual Convention, “Preparation for Lesson 2”  

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World Kabbalah Virtual Convention, “Our Responsibility As a Ten for the World,” Lesson 2

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World Kabbalah Virtual Convention, “Love Covers All Crimes,” Lesson 3

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World Kabbalah Virtual Convention, “From the Prayer of the Ten to Its Prayer for the World,” Lesson 4

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