TV Day Has Failed

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Twenty years ago the UN declared a World Television Day on which it was suggested to change the ordinary programs to programs dedicated to international issues like world peace, security, economic and social development, the expansion of intercultural ventures, etc., what is the TV Day for you?

Answer: I would say that it is a missed opportunity for educating humanity and bringing it to a better and safer place. The opportunity was given, but humanity has not used it because of the great harmful egoism that we all have.

We have turned television into a means of making profit, a hotbed of all kinds of violence, indifference, and cruelty. This is the reason that such days are a reminder of the milestones we have stepped on and ruined.

Question: Did they have good intentions?

Answer: From the start television was merely a means of conveying misinformation and deceiving the public.

Who is at the head of the TV channels? Which group of people? Moguls. There is nothing public about it. Television has not become a source of information, culture, science, or art. The content it presents is only meant to fill the public’s base needs or the lowest common denominator and that’s all.

Question: Do you believe that there can be a different kind of television, an ideal type?

Answer: No, perhaps programs about the animal world and sports channels to some degree. Sports today is a big mess, an empire that celebrates egoism and where everything can be bought and sold. In the past there was a good program about travelling around the world, but today these kind of programs only show where there are restaurants and what type of food people eat in different places, where you can find better food or a better massage, and that’s all.

Question: What would you like a good TV channel to be like?

Answer: The best TV channel should make the next day better than the one that preceded it: safer, more pleasant, brighter, and warmer.

We should constantly make sure that people are friendlier, more united, that they understand the world they are living in, and that they relate to each other properly in order to ensure the future for their children and their grandchildren.

Television doesn’t engage in that, but in principle, it should engage in it 100% of the time.

Question: Are you speaking about education?

Answer: Only! But it should be presented in different forms, even like Hollywood or Russian films, it makes no difference, they can be the same kinds of programs but with a totally different emphasis.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/21/16

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