The Age Of Robots Or The Age Of Humanity?

laitman_628_4In the News (World Economic Forum): “We are seeing an era of unprecedented change in the way we work. Rapid advancements in the fields of technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, and in how we create things, such as robotics, nanotechnology, 3D printing and biotechnology, will dramatically change the characteristics of the global workforce. …

“According to the Forum’s Future of Jobs report, some jobs will be wiped out, others will be in high demand, but all in all, around 5 million jobs will be lost.

“Already jobs exist now that had never been heard of five years ago: the role of data scientist, which is in huge demand, is one example.

“Other jobs will start to require skills not previously associated with them. Those working in sales or manufacturing, for instance, will need a better grasp of technology, thanks to the advent of the internet of things.”

My Comment: The statistics are softening the situation too much. In fact, there will be no need for a workforce at all; at the present time, robotics are being artificially reined in. For example, it would be possible to replace taxis with automatic automobiles. It is absolutely possible to do this.

A robot could replace every person and engage in everything except spiritual work because a robot has no freedom of choice.

Freedom of choice is the possibility of connecting to the next level of consciousness. Only a human can have freedom of choice, only in a particular environment in which a person is educated and prepared for passage to a new level called Adam (Man).

Everything else is on the animate level. So it can be programmed and make life easy mechanically. It is all mechanical.

Question: Will robots push us to the next level?

Answer: Certainly, but in the meantime we don’t want this so we don’t use them.

There are areas in our lives where we would benefit if a person were replaced by a robot, but there is always a negative effect to this as well. For example, if we replace taxi drivers with robots, what will happen to the millions of people who are engaged in this profession?

We need to find out: what should a person do?

We can make our physical lives easier by inventing mechanical “toys,” but at the same time, our lives will become emptier because there would be no intellectual output.

In Disney World in Orlando there is a huge sphere attraction. You sit in a car and ride through the sphere and view their presentation of the future of humanity: everyone flying in helicopters, racing somewhere, at home, everything operates mechanically with the push of a button. And what is it for? After all, a person somehow remains the same.

So we would have completed our existence if it were not for the program of human development activated from above.

Therefore, we have to reach a state that will be very bad for us, and we must understand that the meaning of our development is to unite and to rise to the next level of existence through unity.

The next level is spirituality, outside of the body, outside of all limitations in our world. Let’s hope people will understand this.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 10/19/16

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