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Trump’s Program In Light Of The Upper Governance, Part 1

laitman_284Question: Trump has a whole program to restructure industry in the US and relationships in American society. However, many of his suggestions won’t work because we can’t reverse the course of history. It is impossible to return industry to where it was thirty years ago.

The world is advancing to a state where people simply won’t have jobs. Everything is moving toward virtual reality and nanotechnology. Even today, the world is producing more than it needs, and some deficits exist only due to broken relationships between people. We ourselves create lacks because of our egoism.

This means that the only “product” of the successful economy that Trump wants to achieve can be “unity.” This is the commodity that the American economy should supply to the world today. American expertise should be in whether they can unite and inspire others by their example. How is it possible to achieve such unity?

Answer: If we look closely at development in the last 30 to 40 years, we can see egoism pushing humanity to unite in industry, economy, and other areas. This unity worked only for the benefit of the elite. Although humanity became very interconnected, so far the connections are only external ones of business and technology.

Any such development usually comes to a dead end and can’t exist and develop further because any possibility of normal connections between people disappears. The elite break away and rise to the top, the people sink to the bottom, and in the middle between them, an empty space is formed. The middle layer disappears.

The situation comes to a standstill because the elite has no further means to gain wealth since the population lost its purchasing power. There is no one to sell goods to. The era of neoliberalism is over, both in the USA and in Europe—although due to other apparent causes.

The election of Donald Trump for the presidency symbolizes the transition to the next stage of human development. This period’s main problem is to manage millions of people left without jobs. Today, Americans are strongly tightening their belts.

The former “industrial belt” of America, famous for its steel mills and industrial enterprises, is now called the “rust belt” because this production has come to a complete halt. So, what do we to do with the people who live there?

Trump is facing complex problems, such that his predecessors never encountered. Of course, he has a lot of advisors and specialists offering various solutions, but none of them will be able to teach Americans how to become one nation as Trump promised.

I don’t know where Trump suddenly got this idea. It’s as if the Creator put these words in his mouth. How is it possible that the billionaire Trump would suddenly speak about unity of the people? However, in fact, this is precisely the main problem in Europe, America, and literally everywhere.

We are now facing the obvious fact that broken social relations poison our lives and won’t let us enjoy anything. We are unable to derive pleasure, even egoistically. We’ve come to a complete standstill.

What can we advise to Mr. Trump? The implementation of his plan can be difficult, especially considering how the opposition is already trying to cancel the results of the election. Actually, that doesn’t matter very much. The process must manifest nevertheless, with or without Trump, through more or less suffering. The question is how can the world achieve peace of mind, unity and mutual understanding, among all nations?

On the other hand, we need to consider how to provide people with jobs and necessary income. How do we calm people so that they won’t demand more than is required? We need something to satisfy the egoism of the people because the norm is to dream of individualistic goals, without consideration of others. Obviously, this is all possible only through integral education. In this way, we can solve all of society’s problems and eliminate poverty.

After all, today, it isn’t difficult to provide food, clothes and shelter to everyone. The only problem is to improve social relations so that people would be satisfied with the necessities in the material world and search for the rest of their fulfillment on a higher level in cultural or even spiritual values.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About Trump’s Program In Light Of  The Upper Governance” 11/25/16

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Two Solutions To The Crisis

laitman_600_01Opinion (JPGazeta): “The current crisis of the world economic system is not tractable within the limits of the existing wealth distribution model …

“The fundamental contradiction that lies at the basis of most of today’s problems in the world economy is the contradiction associated with the growth of productivity of labor.

“It consists here in that: with growth in labor productivity fewer and fewer people are needed to produce enough to meet all the needs of the population with the quantity of natural products. But … this inevitably leads to growing unemployment. That is, the number of people who need the product grows, but you can not make a profit from them.

“The number of unemployed ‘extra’ people is growing like an avalanche, resulting in growth in labor productivity that leads to increased social stratification and, paradoxically at first sight, an increase in the number of poor …

“All the ‘market’ economic schools and theories try to solve this fundamental problem by stimulating consumption through consumer loans… .

“We are in a situation where, and the means of production, and goods and money, which can buy these products, are concentrated in the hands of the ultra-low number of super-rich people. And because they themselves have nothing to sell but their consumption is completely closed…, the driver for the growth in production arise from nowhere, and the global economy stagnates predictably. …

“I’m not inventing anything here, everything is perfectly predicted and described by Comrade Karl Marx in his Capital more than a hundred years ago.”

My Comment: ““The current crisis of the world economic system is not tractable [manageable] within the limits of the existing wealth distribution model …” A more unified system has to emerge. There are two ways to bring about change: through awareness and reform (Achishena – I shall hasten it) or through conflict (Beito – in its time). The changes are inevitable, we can only choose the path, short and easy or long and painful, but not the outcome!

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Body And Soul

Laitman_115_07Question: What is my soul? Is it an emanation from the upper force, a particle of the Creator, or does it generate from my non-egoistic efforts?

Answer: The soul is the Creator. Although we feel ourselves in our body, it is only a temporary illusion. We perceive ourselves only through the soul. A body does not exist as such. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the body is defined as the sum of all our desires, which are now depicted to us as our physical body.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/9/16

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Black Friday, Part 2

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Once people went to a store to buy things they needed. Today, shopping has turned into a form of entertainment. How did this change in approach happen?

Answer: People don’t buy what they need, they buy what advertising encourages them to buy. They go to big shopping centers and receive pleasure from it.

The fact is that our egoism requires fulfillment, and we don’t know how to fill it so that the filling will become perfect, eternal, or at least prolonged. Our lives are directed only to be filled, filled, filled, and to get, get, get.

We live at much a higher frequency than before. In the past, a person knew that he needed a wardrobe and went to a carpenter to order it. There were no shops filled with completed wardrobes. The same is true with respect to clothes. There were no commercially ready-made garments, people had to go to a tailor for them to be sewn.

Nowadays, we come to a shop where we can find clothes of any style, color, and size. It is more convenient, but because the clothes are already there, it entices us to buy them and forces the shopkeeper to try to sell them quickly. Therefore, it has resulted in completely exaggerated consumption and competition.

We go to shops not to buy necessary food, clothes, and shoes, but to have a look at what they have and to buy something we like but don’t need. But this consumerism develops us as humans because we get used to the fact that we are guided in life not by the necessities but simply by whim. It means that we have begun to realize how low-lying our actions are. We don’t feel that we are people who control our desires and have a firm point of view on what we need.

Instead, we give in to the entreaties and advertising, and our “I” disappears. This culture of consumption shapes our new generation, which doesn’t notice deception and trusts advertising. We are completely empty people and buy everything the shops and media sell: opinions, culture, and worldview.

This process switches off our brain because we don’t need to think about anything. The main thing is to have money in our pocket or at least a credit card. Loans and debts are the reality of today’s life.

Question: Consumerism is the new religion of our time. How else, apart from shopping, can a person be filled?

Answer: For this, we need to give a person a special education. The cult of consumption isn’t just purchasing some item or apparel, it also watching a movie and listening to music imposed on us, and reading the news on websites with 90%  of the content clogged with advertising.

The news is also presented to us specifically to confuse us and burden our heads with all kinds of nonsense. Only a special education can save us from this disease of consumerism and give us other, higher requirements for life and fulfillment.

We are not free in anything, even where to go on vacation. Wherever we turn, advertising is everywhere, guiding us in a certain direction. This American culture has spread all over the world.

Question: So, what can replace it and provide the same satisfaction shopping does?

Answer: We need to give a person a different goal in life that is more eternal, perfect, and great. After all, we get tired of the things we bought the day after buying them. So we need to understand that we have the ability to desire and receive much more significant and eternal fulfillment. The feeling of lack and its filling with what we were lacking brings us satisfaction.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/24/16

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Leave Work And Engage In Ourselves!


In the News (Motherboard): “It’s a common belief that low-wage workers will be hit the hardest by advanced robots in the workplace. When we take a global perspective on this, the people that will be most affected by widespread automation won’t be workers in North America, according to a new United Nations report—it’ll be people in developing countries.

“Automation stands to reduce opportunities for low-wage workers in North America, the report from the UN Conference on Trade and Development states. But the types of jobs most likely to be eliminated entirely are more prevalent in developing nations. That’s because those same jobs, in sectors like farming and manufacturing, have already mostly dried up in wealthier nations as corporations have moved their operations abroad, in search of higher profits through lower wage costs.

“The developing world stands to lose “about two thirds of all jobs,” according to the report. That’s a staggering figure, and well above most credible estimates for job losses due to automation in the West. …

“While the UN report is talking about the effects of robots in the workplace, what’s really at issue is the profit-seeking behaviour of corporations. And in a globalized economy, shifts in labour power aren’t just felt in wealthy nations, but all over the world. In China, for example, factory owners have already used robots and automation as a tool to do away with rabble-rousing workers.

“The countries with the most robots will likely see the greatest gains in productivity, the report notes—China is currently leading the pack in robot acquisition, the UN says—but there is an upside for countries without enough wealth to bring in enough robot workers to stay competitive… sort of. …

“As it is, though, the UN report paints a pretty bleak vision of the future: fewer jobs here, and way fewer jobs over there. But hey, at least some people will be making money.”

My Comment: Progress cannot be stopped because it is not a human whim but an objective, evolutionary, and natural development of society. Resisting this development is done at one’s  “own peril.” We must understand that robots are replacing people; nature is leading us to nothing other than a reorganization and change in the structure of society.

Machines should serve all people, and people must move to another level of activities—building a new society in the image of nature. For the first time in history, humanity is becoming freed from the need to spend its time and life serving its physical body.

This will be left to the robots. We will be involved with ourselves! We are raising ourselves to a meaningful level of connection, existence, and understanding the meaning of life! This must be a priority. We need to make a social revolution, change the attitude of the person toward his life, rebuild the media (a process that is already happening through a transition from the communications media to Internet sources), but the main thing is the re-education of ourselves!

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Fantasies And Reality, Part 3

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If our entire world is an illusion, what is reality then?

Answer: Reality is what exists outside of a person irrespective of him. Whether there is humanity or not, whether the world exists or not, this reality exists eternally, above time, movement, and space. It is not dependent on any of our three-dimensional restrictions and time.

We live in an imaginary reality where there is up and down, right and left, forward and backward, and the flow of time in which everything is changing. But the true reality exists beyond time, meaning above the speed of light. After all, it is not dependent on time and does not change.

We can reveal the true reality, and then we will discover that only one force exists, the force of bestowal. This force is called upper because it created all of our reality and sustains it, leading it to the attainment of the Creator’s force, the force of bestowal and love. This is the way we discover Him to be. We do not know what He is, and can perceive Him only according to how He manifests himself in our qualities, our perception, relative to us.

The Creator’s attitude toward us, the way we perceive it, is what we call the Creator or Boreh, from the words “come” (Bo) and “to see” (Reh), discover Him.

Question: Will each person discover the Creator in his or her own way?

Answer: Certainly. Even the same person discovers the Creator in a new form all the time.

Question: So is there only one true reality or many?

Answer: The upper force is one, but we perceive it differently each time due to the changes within us.

Kabbalah is called a hidden wisdom because it studies what is concealed from us and helps us to reveal it. It teaches a person how to rise above the egoistic glasses, to get out of their boundaries, and to discover the true reality.

Question: And what is the final goal?

Answer: The goal is to reveal the upper force. To the extent that we reveal it, we ourselves rise to its degree and become eternal and perfect just like it. We get out of an illusion, a deception, and return to the truth, to the world of truth, and that is why Kabbalah is called a true wisdom.
From a TV Program “A New Life,” No. 787, 11/01/2016

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12.12.16

Preparation for the Lesson

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Lesson on the Topic: “Adam — Hu Olam Katan (Man — It’s a Small World), Part 2

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