New America + Trump, Part 3

laitman_291Question: How does the Trump victory in the US elections contribute to the overall process of correcting the world and moving toward the goal of creation?

Answer: There are millions of people behind Trump, the whole “small town” America. These are the white Europeans, who once founded America and have started to lose it recently because of the flow of Muslim immigrants.

Problems with the African-American population are internal problems of the US and they must be resolved somehow. By the way, none of the Obama programs, including Obamacare has helped. The black population is living worse today than it did eight years ago when Obama became president. He was unable to do anything good even for his black brothers. He did well only for one group: radical Islamists, by opening the doors for them to enter the United States. His mind was occupied only with this.

Question: Don’t the Trump plans against immigrants look fascist?

Answer: I don’t think that Trump will act thoughtlessly. He gives the impression of being an intelligent man. And besides, he is not alone; there are very strong, skilled assistants around him, both military and economists, with extensive experience.

It doesn’t matter if the world wishes it or not, it must advance in the direction of unity in order to become a single society without separation by nationalities, religions, and beliefs. Of course, there will remain black and white, red-skinned and yellow-skinned, each one can be himself and mingle with others. And if someone wants to be gay, this is his choice.

At the same time, everyone should know that we belong to one system called Adam (Man), one family, where all depend on each other. The law of nature pushes us to this goal.

And this goal is quite close, as indicated by the crisis that we are experiencing today. In all the areas in which humanity was engaged for thousands of years, we have come to a standstill: in science, family, raising children, human relations, international trade, and people’s attitude to life.

We are gradually losing all these values because today without connection between people it is impossible to control the human system. Humanity is closing into single system more and more, but people don’t feel and understand it. However, we must come to this if we want to continue developing in a good way.

Question: How does Trump’s victory contribute to this process?

Answer: Trump wants to eliminate the divide, disconnection, and separation of human society, at least in America. He says, “We are one nation” because he understands that nothing will work without it. Though he is white and of German origin, it is important to him that the American nation unite. Yet, the left-wing Democrats, despite the nice talk, just split the nation.

Question: I thought that it is Trump who leads to the division of the society by hanging negative labels on entire groups of the population, for example on the Mexicans. Isn’t this image directly opposite to this single, harmonious society about which you are talking?

Answer: This is how it looks from the point of view of a narrow-minded philistine. But, in fact, Trump declares very simple things, “Everyone should go back to his place, get out of someone else’s apartment and observe the order. First, we need to understand where we stand by returning America to its original state.

We’ve made a few wrong steps and entered the global crisis: dramatically increased government debt, took our manufacturing abroad. Local people have lost their jobs because factories were closed. People can’t support their families. Look what we’ve done! For what?”

It is wrong to give power to the government, the wealthy elite and banks. Trump goes against the establishment, which has the power and the money. He is a socialist.

The left-wing Democrats are not socialists, they are closer to the Nazis because they hate everybody apart from themselves in their egoism. Therefore, I hope that Trump will be beneficial because he stands for a single nation against the domination of the establishment and banks. He wants to reduce the enormous government debt and give work to ordinary Americans. If he will stand firmly on these positions, he must succeed. I see that he understands where the problem is.

Question: Are you against the left-wing Democrats?

Answer: I am not against the left-wing or right-wing; I am for the program of creation. Therefore, it doesn’t matter to me who will be a president; the main thing is that the program of creation will move us forward with as little blood and suffering as possible.

I just want us to be good! We still have to move forward; after all, we can’t go against the laws of nature. So let’s implement them consciously, with understanding, and then all of us will be well, all of us together.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/10/16

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