Trump’s Program In Light Of The Upper Governance, Part 1

laitman_284Question: Trump has a whole program to restructure industry in the US and relationships in American society. However, many of his suggestions won’t work because we can’t reverse the course of history. It is impossible to return industry to where it was thirty years ago.

The world is advancing to a state where people simply won’t have jobs. Everything is moving toward virtual reality and nanotechnology. Even today, the world is producing more than it needs, and some deficits exist only due to broken relationships between people. We ourselves create lacks because of our egoism.

This means that the only “product” of the successful economy that Trump wants to achieve can be “unity.” This is the commodity that the American economy should supply to the world today. American expertise should be in whether they can unite and inspire others by their example. How is it possible to achieve such unity?

Answer: If we look closely at development in the last 30 to 40 years, we can see egoism pushing humanity to unite in industry, economy, and other areas. This unity worked only for the benefit of the elite. Although humanity became very interconnected, so far the connections are only external ones of business and technology.

Any such development usually comes to a dead end and can’t exist and develop further because any possibility of normal connections between people disappears. The elite break away and rise to the top, the people sink to the bottom, and in the middle between them, an empty space is formed. The middle layer disappears.

The situation comes to a standstill because the elite has no further means to gain wealth since the population lost its purchasing power. There is no one to sell goods to. The era of neoliberalism is over, both in the USA and in Europe—although due to other apparent causes.

The election of Donald Trump for the presidency symbolizes the transition to the next stage of human development. This period’s main problem is to manage millions of people left without jobs. Today, Americans are strongly tightening their belts.

The former “industrial belt” of America, famous for its steel mills and industrial enterprises, is now called the “rust belt” because this production has come to a complete halt. So, what do we to do with the people who live there?

Trump is facing complex problems, such that his predecessors never encountered. Of course, he has a lot of advisors and specialists offering various solutions, but none of them will be able to teach Americans how to become one nation as Trump promised.

I don’t know where Trump suddenly got this idea. It’s as if the Creator put these words in his mouth. How is it possible that the billionaire Trump would suddenly speak about unity of the people? However, in fact, this is precisely the main problem in Europe, America, and literally everywhere.

We are now facing the obvious fact that broken social relations poison our lives and won’t let us enjoy anything. We are unable to derive pleasure, even egoistically. We’ve come to a complete standstill.

What can we advise to Mr. Trump? The implementation of his plan can be difficult, especially considering how the opposition is already trying to cancel the results of the election. Actually, that doesn’t matter very much. The process must manifest nevertheless, with or without Trump, through more or less suffering. The question is how can the world achieve peace of mind, unity and mutual understanding, among all nations?

On the other hand, we need to consider how to provide people with jobs and necessary income. How do we calm people so that they won’t demand more than is required? We need something to satisfy the egoism of the people because the norm is to dream of individualistic goals, without consideration of others. Obviously, this is all possible only through integral education. In this way, we can solve all of society’s problems and eliminate poverty.

After all, today, it isn’t difficult to provide food, clothes and shelter to everyone. The only problem is to improve social relations so that people would be satisfied with the necessities in the material world and search for the rest of their fulfillment on a higher level in cultural or even spiritual values.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About Trump’s Program In Light Of  The Upper Governance” 11/25/16

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