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Men And Women Are The Outcome Of Spiritual Roots

laitman_627_2Question: Why is there a division into male and female in the physical bodies in the vegetative and the animal world if there is no difference between the sexes in spirituality?

Answer: It is because our upper root is the Creator, the One who bestows, who gives, who extracts from Himself and radiates the Light, while the created being is a desire, emptiness, that wants to receive the Light and be filled by it. These two elements are what all of creation is made of, the Creator and the created being.

Therefore, in our world we are the outcomes of these two spiritual roots—the Creator and the created being. In our world a man is like the earthly embodiment of the Creator and the woman is the embodiment of the created being. But this is only a conditional differentiation in our world; we shouldn’t pay attention to it—both men and women need to attain complete equivalence of form with the Creator, and they will attain it internally in the form of the full interconnection between them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/26/16

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I Wish Love To All!

Laitman_632_1Question: It is unclear what love toward friends and love toward the Creator are. What is love?

Answer: Love is a desire to fill another person with something that is good for him.

Everything else is a pure egoistic use of others. Everything we see around us is the use of one person by another one. We call it love.

In fact, love is a state when you take another person’s desires above your own and begin to fulfill them endlessly without giving to yourself. This makes you happy because you fulfill him.

Try and see that it is worth doing! The pleasure we will receive when we do this is perfect because it is not connected to the egoism. I wish this for everyone.
From the Convention In Prague, Day One 9/10/16, Lesson 2

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What Is “Good” According To The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

Laitman_633_4Question: What is goodness according to the wisdom of Kabbalah? Can you give an example?

Answer: I cannot give an example of goodness because it is impossible to show it. Just because people do good, that is, meet others’ needs – it’s not good. Our “good actions” in the corporeal world do not have a positive effect. Many organizations and people perform “good actions” for others, but we don’t see any proper, positive consequences of their actions. After all, it is necessary to first know the plan of the creation, the internal structure of the world, and the system of forces that operate on it, and then act in accordance with them.

Imagine a computer is in front of you and you don’t know which software operates it, what could you do? It is the same in our world, in the system of the creation, which is just like a giant computer we enter without knowing that the thoughts, feelings, and especially the mutual relations between us affect all of nature in a very active accurate manner. When the relations between us are incompatible with the plan of nature, we make mistakes and press all the wrong buttons. We don’t see the keyboard and the actions that we perform on it, and so the outcome is a corrupt humanity, problems with the environment and in every aspect of life.

We don’t know what is really good for us. As the saying goes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” We don’t understand what good intentions are. If they were correct, it would be the way to heaven, that is, the proper correspondence between us and nature. Everything would be good and nice: fresh clean air, warm sunshine, and birds singing.

But we see the world is totally different: there are radioactive clouds looming over our heads, the earth under our feet is polluted and burning, tsunamis and tornadoes are approaching. We have prepared a very precarious future precisely because we don’t know how to influence the world correctly.

Therefore, we need to abandon the usual stereotypes of “good and bad” and understand what “good” or “bad” means in terms of nature. And from nature’s point of view, these concepts are totally opposite to ours because we are created in an egoistic form.

If we ascend above our egoism, we will be able to clarify all these terms objectively; we will understand the nature of our relationship with nature and will be able to act correctly.

Question: To sum up, could you define what goodness is from a Kabbalistic perspective?

Answer: Goodness is everything that enables us to reach the level of the proper mutual cooperation and harmony with nature. When we are in a balanced system, we will begin to feel the system of nature itself as a new dimension of eternity, infinity, and perfection. A person must reach this state and discover what good and evil are by himself, as the Torah says, “and you will be like God, and know good and evil.”
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 10/26/16

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The Poor Will Laugh At The Rich

laitman_926_01In the News (Common Dreams): “On a continent that is home to some of the world’s richest people, most profitable businesses, and most valuable assets—including 342 billionaires—more than 120 million people are at risk of poverty, exemplifying the ‘unacceptable’ levels of inequality sweeping Europe in 2015.

“That’s according to Oxfam, whose new report, A Europe for the Few, Not the Many, warns that the excessive influence of wealthy individuals, corporations, and interest groups on policy-making is exacerbating poverty and inequality across the continent. …

“Meanwhile, between 2009 and 2013, the number of Europeans living without enough money to heat their homes or cope with unforeseen expenses, a state known as ‘severe material deprivation,’ rose by 7.5 million to 50 million people. These are among the 123 million people—almost a quarter of the European Union’s population—at risk of living in poverty. …

“Poverty in the EU is not an issue of scarcity during the crisis, but a problem of how wealth is distributed,” said Isabel Ortiz, director of social protection at the United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO), in her introduction to the Oxfam report.”

(VestiFinance): “Faced with growing inequalities and unemployment above 10%, Europe plans to introduce a single base income, which guarantees to all people, regardless of work, the ability to meet basic needs, says Christopher Dembik. …

“In 2016, France will also address the issue of providing basic income throughout the population and limiting the maximum wage to cope with inequality and to achieve more balanced growth.

“In a more egalitarian society with other values, the demand for luxury goods fell sharply. Consumers now choose mass produced products and high technology. The fall in demand in Europe and the economic slowdown in developing countries, particularly in China, led to a collapse in the luxury segment.”

My Comment: Gradually, the uniform provision of the basic necessities to the entire population is emerging, as Baal HaSulam wrote about in the beginning of the last century.

He was criticized for saying this and accused of being a communist. But today, all of Europe is beginning to introduce a system of providing the population with necessities. It could be that even without a great war, but through a continuation of the crisis, people will become wiser and life will force us to redesign society and ourselves.

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New Life #381 – We Are All Actors

New Life #381 – The Good Life Channel: All Of Us Are Actors
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


Every person plays many different characters in his or her life. How can you be an “educated actor” and how is it possible to be the right actor in the play of life and take the correct role in the world?

We don’t know who we truly are. From the moment we were born, we copy the behaviors of our environment.

Today we need to change fundamentally, but there is nobody to take an example from. We need to relate to everyone as a single family. We have no choice but to be actors and start performing in the play of life.

Each one is a wild man inside but plays the same corrected person in his relationship with others. It is up to us to open the “Theatrical University of New Life” to learn psychology and acting.

Act One: All the actors behave well toward others. Act Two: We learn to respond to the negative attitude that is aroused in us from others. Act Three: We achieve the perfected image of each one and of all of us together. This is mutual bestowal. All of life is a stage, and that is how we realize life. All of us are heroes and nobody disturbs another.

A good actor is an actor who achieves perfection, completion, and love toward everyone.
From KabTV’s “New Life #381 – The Good Life Channel: All Of Us Are Actors,” 5/22/14

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Vol. 1, Part 3

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