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Trump’s Program In Light Of The Upper Governance, Part 2

laitman_269There is no point wasting energy trying to fix the US economy because it is impossible to bring back factories that were moved to China thirty years ago. There is no need for them for America or for the world. At present, China already has moved those factories to India.

Americans must start producing a new type of commodity, the only special products that are required worldwide, namely to produce people. This production is due to the fact that unemployed people will get jobs: they will start learning to unite.

After few months of such studies, each one will receive strong new impressions regarding what a correct “human” and a correct human society are. We need to continue this way. After all, a person has nothing else to do in this life other than generate an upper force, the most powerful force in the world that is capable of performing miracles in all of nature. All of this depends only on the connection between people.

Therefore, we shouldn’t think that this production doesn’t produce goods. We will generate a product and will be able to measure the force produced by us, the power of the connection we received and the success achieved through it that will increase day by day.

We can evaluate them according to the level of the desire, connection, restriction, and Masach (screen). These characteristics are much more accurate than our current economy with its methods of assessing work: efforts invested and results received.

There is no doubt that in this way we will achieve unlimited development. We just need to explain it to people, and, first of all, to leaders such as Trump.

There is no alternative because it is estimated that around seventy to eighty percent of the working population will be out of work in the next few years, no matter how hard we resist the introduction of robotics and automated systems. The concept of a person working to ensure his material existence is already outdated. Marx wrote about it almost two hundred years ago.

Technology has reached a level of development where ten people are able to grow crops for ten million, and others will produce the special force that stabilizes all of society and brings it to an optimal form where the ten people that are capable now of serving ten million will be able to serve ten billion.

We receive a blessing from above for everything that we do. In addition, we are beginning to understand to what extent we need this. We realize that we should confine ourselves to rational consumption in order not to poison the environment. We are learning to unite human society and, by this, to save energy and money and eliminate suffering, wars, and terrorism.

We don’t need to go to the terrorists and conduct lectures for them. Through attracting the common Light, the common force, we calm down all of the disturbances. It is not necessary to deal partiicularly with Pakistan or ISIS. If we take care of the common correction, all of these hot spots will suddenly calm down. Terrorists will suddenly feel that they should treat people with more kindness.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About Trump’s Program In Light Of  The Upper Governance” 11/25/16

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Black Friday, Part 3

laitman_427_01Question: What is the most powerful fulfillment that you can offer to a person instead of spending time shopping?

Answer: First of all it is necessary to understand that the purpose of life is not in filling the wardrobe with dresses and shoes and the house with furniture. It gives us pleasure only because we are accustomed to it.

Today people prefer other types of entertainment: traveling and visiting new places. Tourism today is the most developed industry in the world. People want to understand, feel, and get acquainted with other countries and other people. This already is some kind of advancement and not such a primitive life like running from home to work, from work to the store and back home.

Gradually some distancing from the material world happens. Today, while traveling around the world, people pay less attention to the clothes. Everyone dresses the way it is comfortable and enjoyable for him. Externality fades to the background because we are looking for more internal fulfillment.

We live in the era of mobile phones, computers, various gadgets that create unusual images and sounds for us. However, I think that to the extent that humanity will sink into depression and seek new fillings, comes the next step: the desire not to buy material things, but to acquire the meaning of life. A person will feel that this is the commodity that belongs to eternity and gives eternal fulfillment.

Today we try to rise above the material world with the help of 3-D glasses that take us to a virtual reality. Humanity still materializes spirituality, but in the end, a person will be able to rise above the boundaries of life. Humanity aspires exactly to this, and we are right on the threshold of this ascent.

Question: What does the ascent above the boundaries of life mean?

Answer: It means that I want to receive pleasure from knowing and seeing the fact that I rose above life and death. I don’t want to feel limited.

Question: When people wander through the malls, they feel very lonely. There are crowds around you, but you feel cold and rejected. And how will a person feel in the less material reality?

Answer: There we will be required to get acquainted with each other and to connect. After all, if we want to rise above our life and attain our eternal purpose, then this is only possible through our connection when we rise above egoism and achieve the sense of freedom.

Egoism keeps us in slavery all the time, dictating to us about shopping and everything else and making black not only Black Friday, but also the rest of our lives. Therefore, we will have to rise above it in order to reveal the eternal world before us and to acquire it!

Question: Wouldn’t a person feel himself too small to acquire the upper world?

Answer: On the contrary, a person will match the upper world and fill it. Moreover, he will feel that he reveals the world inside himself, inside the new desire that he developed above his egoism by connecting with others. Within his connection with others, he will reveal the ability to rise above himself and to feel infinite reality. This is the best shopping!

This is the best and eternal acquisition that we can do in our world during this life. I open my shop for all who wish to buy this commodity: eternal life, the sense of infinite and boundless life. As it is written in The Book of Zohar, “Everyone who wants to buy him may come and buy.”
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/24/16

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New Life 401 – Suicide

New Life 401 – Suicide
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

How does a Kabbalist relate to the phenomenon of suicide? How can it be prevented with the help of learning about the purpose of life, and what social inquiry does the phenomenon lead us to?

We can see the phenomenon of suicide even among animals. This indicates that this phenomenon is embedded in nature. There have always been suicides. People do not consider their corporeal life as the most important thing. Going out to war endangers a person’s life and there is also the death penalty.

On the one hand, we spend a lot of money on saving people’s lives and, on the other hand, on wars and killing. A person who commits suicide calculates matters and sees that his life isn’t worth the effort of preserving it.

It is possible to heal the inclination to commit suicide as well as depression and despair. If a creature from another planet studied our life today, he might not find a justification for living it. Suicide is a call for us to examine our life: why are people brought to depression and despair? Our life probably has another purpose, a more internal purpose, than just living the way we do.

It cannot be that nature has developed us for no real purpose. We have to find that purpose. Our sages said that a man would be better off if he weren’t created, but since he was created, he has to study the reason for which he was created. The purpose of life is to reach “love thy friend as thyself.”

When a person fulfills this rule, he breaks through to eternity. Suicide is a result of the lack of understanding of the purpose of life and of what a person can attain during one’s lifetime. The rate of suicide is growing because the ego is growing, requiring more strongly inside us to fulfill life, but it doesn’t happen… the younger generation looks at us as dinosaurs, “what are you living for…?” All the virtual connections and the advanced technology only intensify their feeling of emptiness and despair.

The wisdom of connection brings people to a special connection between them, a connection in which they discover an enlightened upper world.
From KabTV’s “New Life 401 – Suicide,” 6/12/16

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What Determines The Gender Of A Baby?

laitman_623Question: What determines the gender of a child to be born? How does this relate to spirituality?

Answer: It depends on the properties of the soul that are required for correction.

I don’t recommend intervening and engaging in genetic engineering to determine the gender of future children. We should not be doing that.

Anyway, you can’t fool the Creator. The gender of the child and his characteristics are determined by the general Kli (vessel) of the soul that needs to be connected into one.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/9/16

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“The Swedish Loneliness”

laitman_564Opinion (Micael Widell): “Sweden is famous and reputable for its social safety net which provides world class safety and physical comfort. The Swedish model of welfare is known around the world. …

“Institutions have been built to ensure that the individual is always independent. You shouldn’t have to depend on a spouse or on parents or children for your material well-being. So we built a society where you don’t need anyone else to support you. …

“Our unique material safety net takes care of us, so that we don’t have to take care of each other. And when we don’t need each other, we let go of our ties and sense of community.

“Sweden has the loneliest population on earth. Half of Swedes live alone. One fourth die alone. The documentary shows the government workers who visit homes where someone died months or even years ago without anyone noticing. …

“If we can afford to be independent from other people, it seems we take the opportunity. We don’t initiate contact with other people unless we have good reason to. The poorer the neighbourhood, the more dependent everyone is on other people, and the more social bonds between neighbours. …

“You can have material safety and wealth in a society, or you can have people who are close to each other with rich social lives and happiness as a consequence – but it seems you can’t have both at the same time.”

My Comment: That is certainly how it is; when people dream of building capitalistic individualism and then socialist individualism, they reach an individualism where nobody else matters to them. Everyone lives in isolation, everyone has everything and ultimately nothing at all.

The ego shows us a dead-end road in all its delights, in all variations. The ego “eats” itself exactly like a cancer cell that devours the body and then dies itself because it no longer has anything to feed on. The same is true of humanity on Earth, humanity is destroying it and then it will die.

Question: What does Kabbalah say about loneliness? How can one deal with it and work with it?

Answer: There is no way to do that. We can only accept the method of correction of the wisdom of Kabbalah and realize the evil of our egoistic nature that we subjugate ourselves to and obey blindly. Only then will people be able to hear, to move to another type of existence and begin to thrive. But it is only in the case that they want to hear.

A person must feel great suffering regarding what he has accomplished and how this life, despite its softness and comfort, lacks purpose, is meaningless and empty. By itself, life is death. It isn’t that it leads to death, but in its present form life itself is death!

A person must feel that he cannot remain in it, that he must leave it now! Not in 10 to 20 years, but precisely now it should be clear that he is already dying, despite his seeming well-being.

Only then will people accept the method of integral unity instead of absolute separation, rise above individualism, and leave its benefits. For this, a person must work on himself internally rather than making steel and producing cars. This is not talking about industry, but specifically about working on oneself, on the ability of a person to apply pressure to himself, and to begin to connect and to unite with others. It is not simple.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 10/31/16

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