“The Swedish Loneliness”

laitman_564Opinion (Micael Widell): “Sweden is famous and reputable for its social safety net which provides world class safety and physical comfort. The Swedish model of welfare is known around the world. …

“Institutions have been built to ensure that the individual is always independent. You shouldn’t have to depend on a spouse or on parents or children for your material well-being. So we built a society where you don’t need anyone else to support you. …

“Our unique material safety net takes care of us, so that we don’t have to take care of each other. And when we don’t need each other, we let go of our ties and sense of community.

“Sweden has the loneliest population on earth. Half of Swedes live alone. One fourth die alone. The documentary shows the government workers who visit homes where someone died months or even years ago without anyone noticing. …

“If we can afford to be independent from other people, it seems we take the opportunity. We don’t initiate contact with other people unless we have good reason to. The poorer the neighbourhood, the more dependent everyone is on other people, and the more social bonds between neighbours. …

“You can have material safety and wealth in a society, or you can have people who are close to each other with rich social lives and happiness as a consequence – but it seems you can’t have both at the same time.”

My Comment: That is certainly how it is; when people dream of building capitalistic individualism and then socialist individualism, they reach an individualism where nobody else matters to them. Everyone lives in isolation, everyone has everything and ultimately nothing at all.

The ego shows us a dead-end road in all its delights, in all variations. The ego “eats” itself exactly like a cancer cell that devours the body and then dies itself because it no longer has anything to feed on. The same is true of humanity on Earth, humanity is destroying it and then it will die.

Question: What does Kabbalah say about loneliness? How can one deal with it and work with it?

Answer: There is no way to do that. We can only accept the method of correction of the wisdom of Kabbalah and realize the evil of our egoistic nature that we subjugate ourselves to and obey blindly. Only then will people be able to hear, to move to another type of existence and begin to thrive. But it is only in the case that they want to hear.

A person must feel great suffering regarding what he has accomplished and how this life, despite its softness and comfort, lacks purpose, is meaningless and empty. By itself, life is death. It isn’t that it leads to death, but in its present form life itself is death!

A person must feel that he cannot remain in it, that he must leave it now! Not in 10 to 20 years, but precisely now it should be clear that he is already dying, despite his seeming well-being.

Only then will people accept the method of integral unity instead of absolute separation, rise above individualism, and leave its benefits. For this, a person must work on himself internally rather than making steel and producing cars. This is not talking about industry, but specifically about working on oneself, on the ability of a person to apply pressure to himself, and to begin to connect and to unite with others. It is not simple.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 10/31/16

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