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Evolution Of Desires, Part 10

laitman_423.03What Determines Intentions?

Question: Society controls our desires. It determines with what they will be filled. Can only the upper force change intentions?

Answer: Intentions are also determined by society. But if a person wishes to change his or her intentions contrary to the society in which one is located, meaning that the person does not want to remain in it, but wants to rise above it, then one has practically no opportunity.

Therefore, either one must go beyond the boundaries of this society, physically remove oneself from its influence, or attract the influence of another, upper power upon oneself. Then one can change oneself. Otherwise a person will fail.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah,” 12/3/18

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Laitman_024What Is Intention?

Question: What is intention and how is it related to desire?

Answer: Intention determines desire. If the intention is directly related to desire, then this is the most primitive kind of desire. If I cannot directly realize the desire, then I develop a whole program of its implementation in myself. The program of the realization of the desire is called intention.

Suppose I want to achieve some kind of goal. But for this I need to take a certain path, certain actions, to attract people to it, to do something myself. All this is invested in my intentions to achieve the ultimate goal. In fact, these intentions are also actions, but with respect to the ultimate goal, they are intentions.

Intention is the ultimate goal, which is present in all my intermediate actions.

Question: So a person has a desire, an intention, and a brain that processes information in order to serve these desires?

Answer: Yes. The brain controls the so-called heart—desires. It concentrates them, interconnects them in various combinations in order to achieve the final goal.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah”, 12/03/18

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Pray For The Deficiency, Not The Fulfillment

laitman_963.1The entire universe is a lack of fulfillment, the desire to enjoy, to grow, and to fulfill oneself. This desire works instinctively in the whole creation: in inanimate matter, plants, animals, and human beings, and therefore, they are searching, craving, and fighting with each other for survival. This is every created being’s tendency.

The Creator is approaching the created being and it starts feeling some kind of discomfort, without understanding where it comes from. The created being does not know what exactly it is lacking, but it starts to search for fulfillment. The Creator initiates the approach by coming closer to the created being, and the created being suffers from it, wants to eliminate this suffering, and therefore, seeks fulfillment. This is what happens in everyday life.

However, there are people who are able to advance to the goal by the way of accelerating time (Achishena). They themselves take the process of their development into their own hands, gradually awakening a sense of deficiency in themselves. After many ascents and descents, moving farther or closer to the Creator, they realize exactly what to do. Their life then becomes more purpose-driven. They understand what is going on and how to act, how to become the Creator’s partners.

The Creator no longer advances them instinctively like all other created beings that do not understand what they are doing but simply react in a predetermined way to the Creator’s influence according to the instinct inherent in them. We see this behavior in all of nature. Although a person is assembled with more complexity than others, there is nothing special in him that makes him an independent creature. The Creator, the force of nature, acts in everything.

If people aspire to find out what goal they should reach and through what means, they can accelerate their development, awakening in themselves on their own a desire to sense the lack and its fulfillment. With the help of these two forces, they can walk,  like on two legs, and significantly accelerate their path.

They understand where they are going and with whom they are dealing, and therefore, the path becomes clearer, more emotional, and conscious for them. They discover the forces acting upon them and understand the system in which they exist, that is, they reveal the upper world. It all depends on our attitude to the states we undergo and to the forces governing us.1

You can wait until you feel the suffering or you can search for the deficiency even before you start feeling it. If I want to eliminate the problem that has already been revealed, it is a natural reaction. The true deficiency is not the one that is revealed by itself but the one I awaken by myself, wanting to discover it in me. This means that I myself awaken the darkness that precedes the dawn.2

Evil can have many forms. Maybe I am in a bad mood, and this is evil. Or I have become disillusioned with the spiritual path and do not understand what I am wasting my life on—this is also evil. The Creator does not reveal Himself to me, the friends do not help me and forget about me—also evil. Then I discover that all the evil is within me. But the Creator created me this way.

A person decides by him or herself what to consider as evil. You should be very sensitive to what kinds of evil you feel; after all, advancement is precisely in this: how many types of evil I can distinguish and start to examine.

Either I reveal the evil by myself or the Creator reveals it to me. It is important what is considered as evil. If the Creator, the force of bestowal and love, comes closer to me, an egoist, I feel bad. After all, this force is opposite to me and its nearing brings me suffering.

The Creator is not revealed to my will to receive as the force of love. This love is above my egoism, above reason, and if the Creator openly approached us now, it would be very unpleasant for us. The force of bestowal would be revealed, which we absolutely do not belong to. To ask for this force to fill me completely is worse than death for my egoism. Therefore, we are ready to accept any state, but not the force of bestowal.

We should ask for unity, connection with others, and pray for the common Kli, not for its fulfillment. If our connection is revealed, we will be able to tolerate the force of bestowal within it.3

Perhaps I am afraid that I will reveal to what extent I am opposite to the will to bestow. Therefore, I subconsciously, instinctively protect myself, not letting myself come closer to it. I find some kind of external orbit that lets me keep the balance: I participate somewhat in the group, but I do not really join it, I do not go beyond my abilities.

Here the question arises: can the group push me, pull me close, so I would feel that there is no way out and that I must ask for strength from the friends to help me become included in the group above my nature. This is what it means to awaken the pre-dawn darkness: despite the darkness, rejection, fear, unwillingness, and confusion, to go toward connection and move forward.4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/11/19, Prayer
1 Minute 0:20
2 Minute 24:30
3 Minute 38:15

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Love Constantly Grows

laitman_276.05We need to understand that the desire to receive will never be filled because it is not egoism that is filled but the intention to bestow. We turn to the Creator in faith above reason. In vain we hope to fill ourselves with the sensation of the Creator, to attain His revelation. In fact, we must form His image within ourselves; this is what will fill us up.

The difference is that it is not the Creator who comes and fills me, but I am filled with the desire for Him, building His image within myself by the fact that I want to resemble Him.

We cannot be filled up with love. If I get content from someone I love, then love quickly disappears, burns out, and can even grow into rejection and hatred. Love means that I constantly develop the desire toward the loved one and that sustains my love. Then I can be filled with it forever. This yearning, this passion, is called the reflected light.

This means that our prayer should fill us up. By asking the Creator, we do not expect to receive anything: the very appeal to Him will already be a filling. Above all kinds of disturbances and obstacles, we want to develop an appeal to the Creator, make a restriction on our egoism, the screen, and the reflected light. I do not demand anything else, feeling the image of the Creator that I built in the reflected light and it fills me. But we never attain the Creator Himself.

Like a couple in love, seeing that their love is gradually fading, they think of how to awaken it. Even if it has not yet disappeared, they try to increase their love, because if you do not rekindle it, it will disappear. Then they come to the conclusion that it is impossible; it is impossible to fight with nature, with habit.

The person is unable to love forever. Gradually, love becomes a habit, and the habit brings no satisfaction. There is only one way out: to increase the yearning, the desire, the craving for each other. Then love can burn forever.

The feeling between two lovers should always develop. This is possible only by developing a system above the egoistic desire; this is already a spiritual area in which the science of Kabbalah is engaged.

Spirituality is a continuation of the corporeal development, but in an eternal direction when love constantly grows and does not fade. At the same time, the plus and the minus do not cancel but support each other.

In essence, these are the very same forces of nature, only organized in new ways. It is said that the Creator did not create anything new.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/5/19, Prayer
1 Minute 38:48

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Concealment And Closeness Of The Creator

laitman_962.6Turning to the upper force, the Creator, is the most important thing we have. A worker of the Creator, that is, a person who wants to advance on the spiritual path faster than usual, is distinguished by the fact that he or she asks to advance. Everyone advances, every creature, everything is returning to its root, to the complete adhesion that already exists but is concealed from us and needs to be revealed. The natural course of development requires a lot of time, suffering, and blows along the way. However, a person has an opportunity to pursue the advancement by oneself.

Initially, he does not feel such a need in himself; otherwise, everybody would be asking and begging for this. We must look for the correct deficiency and if we discover this deficiency for the Creator, we will be advancing faster than by the usual path of suffering. This path of acceleration (Achishena) does not depend on time but only on our efforts, on our yearning to connect and reveal the next desired state, to want it to be revealed.

By raising our prayer, our request, we accelerate time, and that is why we are called Israel; otherwise, we are considered the nations of the world. This is the whole difference between Israel and the nations of the world. Israel is aiming straight to the Creator (Yashar-El), yearning to reveal Him and adhere to Him above time, that is, faster than it was set by nature. By accelerating time, we become workers of the Creator.

There are periods of such descents when we agree with everything that will happen, losing any hope. We fall to the state of an ordinary person, but then we wake up again by the influence from above. So we move through descents and ascents, that is, a relative disconnection from and connection to the Creator. In the descent, we come to terms with everything that we have, falling to the degree of a beast. Yet, during the ascent, as soon as the Creator awakens us, we are prepared to invest efforts, searching how to strengthen ourselves and to advance more.

States are constantly changing: a black band, then a white one. The Creator seemingly helps us more, then less, and we need to raise our prayer. In all the descents and ascents, our participation is minuscule, but it is precisely what is included in the correction and develops us. In spirituality, it does not matter how big or small you are but how much you have added to your desires and develop them.1

The truth is not as we imagine it according to our mind and feelings. “They have eyes and see not; they have ears and hear not.” It turns out that we will never be able to discover the Creator directly but only through the concealment, by faith above reason.

In fact, the Creator is closest to us exactly when we feel His concealment. He comes closer to us and then we discover that we do not feel Him, do not understand, and do not know. After all, a certain force approaches, elusive to and unattainable by our perception.

But this is not a state of an ordinary person who simply feels and understands nothing. We feel the concealment before us and our inability to reveal it through our sensory organs. It is precisely because the Creator is coming closer that I discover that I am unable to reach Him. What we call concealment, descent, is the time of greatest closeness with the Creator.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/9/19, Prayer
1 Minute 0:20
2 Minute 11:00

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Reach The Need For Prayer

laitman_963.1There are people who are used to praying and there are those who have never prayed and are not accustomed to thinking of themselves as dependent on a higher power, on fate. However, for the one who studies the wisdom of Kabbalah, all these differences become insignificant. One no longer relates to prayer as to a habitual action familiar from childhood. The study takes a person through all kinds of states that cleanse one from all previous confusions. Now a person understands that he or she does not have any connection with the Creator and all requests were artificial.

It takes a long time until one begins to feel that nothing will help one advance, understand, feel, and connect with the system of creation. No matter how much effort one invests in the friends, in the study, nothing helps. A person understands with more and more clarity the complete hopelessness of one’s attempts and comes to the only conclusion: “Only if the Creator helps me, will I be able to do something and come out of this state.”

Only the Creator can help me, no one else, not even myself. With the help of all means, I managed to undergo different states, ascents and descents, to experience all kinds of sensations in order to eventually understand that nothing will help me but the Creator. Here I truly reach the need for prayer. If the Creator does not help, then nothing will.

So, what should one do to receive the help of the Creator? How can I convince myself that help will only come from above in order to reach this correct request that the Creator will answer? This is what Kabbalah teaches: how and what to ask and how to prepare myself so that the request will bring the help of the Creator.1

Prayer is work in the heart. The heart determines all desires and the brain only helps to realize them, to prioritize them. Working in the heart means arranging desires such that they will be ready to change.

This is work above reason. If you pray for what you know, then it is a usual egoistic prayer of a person of this world and therefore does not cause any significant changes in you. Any animal prays because prayer is the feeling of lack in all the atoms, molecules, and organs, the whole body. The Creator initially created a deficiency; He Himself is complete, and therefore, He created a created being that feels a deficiency.

True prayer does not come from the deficiencies created in us by the Creator, that is, from the lack of money, health, and other problems that the Creator awakens in each of us. We see that the entire world is suffering from some kind of deficiency because the matter of creation is the will to receive, which lacks fulfillment.

However, by creating such a creature, the Creator wanted a person to ask to be elevated so that he will not remain inside the desire asking for its fulfillment, but to rise to a higher degree, above these deficiencies.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/8/19, Prayer
1 Minute 0:20
2 Minute 11:10

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Catch The Wave With The Creator

laitman_939.02Question: You said that one can turn to the Creator only in similarity to Him—through the ten. What does it mean?

Answer: You must reach the same frequency. When you adjust the frequency of your spiritual receiver-transmitter, you must catch the same wave with the Creator.

The quality of bestowal and love comes from Him to you; therefore, a similar quality must go from you to Him. Otherwise, He will not hear you because the Creator is a system that resonates, only perceives signals in equivalence with its nature.

Question: Can you turn to the Creator in joy too?

Answer: Not from joy, but only from equivalence. Joy is not an indicator of equivalence. It flows out of it as a result. In principle, anyone can experience joy.

Therefore, first we have to contact the Creator via a modem, through some kind of connecting device that would adapt our qualities to the qualities of the Creator. The group of ten performs the role of this modem.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 2/6/19

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Why Turn to the Creator?

laitman_276.01Question: When I use the force of electricity or the force of gravity, I don’t need to ask anyone for anything. Why is it that in order to interact with the upper force of nature, I need to form a spiritual request?

Answer: Within the framework of the still, vegetative, or animate nature (since in this earthly existence we too are a part of the animate nature), we remain in a clear material state. We have nothing to ask about. We simply need to know how to adapt ourselves, learn, and use corporeal nature, study its laws, and try to somehow implement them correctly.

When we try to rise to the next level, to the spiritual degree of our existence, we enter a totally different relationship: a relationship with the Creator. Therefore, we are constantly tied to Him. He addresses us, and we turn to Him.

In this connection, when we want to become similar to Him, we create an image of likeness to the Creator for ourselves, called “our soul.”
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/16/18

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What To Ask The Creator

laitman_625.02Baal HaSulam, Letter No. 27: But I do pray to the Creator to lead you on the path of truth, that you will be saved from all the obstacles along the way, and that the Creator will succeed for you all that you do.

As for you, you should meticulously follow the ways that I have set out for you regarding mind and heart, longing and prayers, and then the Creator will certainly make us succeed and we will soon unite in body and soul, in this and in the next.

Each teacher prepares his students for what Baal HaSulam writes about. From our side, there should be a request. A request is a prayer.

I constantly ask to be connected with the Creator, to feel His actions within me, and that we all feel Him and His actions with respect to the ten, with respect to the group.

I ask Him to show me a place in this ten, in this group, and to let me feel my inclusion in them so that He will reveal Himself between us as filling all the distances between us.

The ultimate goal of my request is for Him to fully connect and fill us. This is of primary importance. Thus, gradually, a person establishes a connection with the group and with the Creator until he comes to the state: “I, the group, and the Creator are one.”
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/11/19

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 11/4/18

laitman_281.02Question: Is there a time interval between turning to the system and receiving an answer from it or does a Kabbalist receive an answer immediately?

Answer: You receive the answer immediately. The question is whether you understand the answer.

Question: Would you say that convincing yourself and understanding is the same thing?

Answer: Convincing yourself is not enough; understanding is a big problem. But these are all parts of your approach to the Creator, the higher system. The supreme management system is called the Creator.

Question: Is my correct request reflected in the world and then I see that the world is corrected?

Answer: To the same degree that you begin to be corrected, you will begin to see the world as corrected.

Question: What is the difference between turning to the center of the group with a request to the Creator and then the group bringing my request upward, and my turning directly to the Creator?

Answer: If your request and the request of each member of the group and all of them together are compatible, then the combined request directly influences your relationship with the Creator.

Question: How can one not forget to ask to resemble the Creator during good situations?

Answer: To do this, you must have a group that will remind you about it and you will remind them. Then, in good situations you will remember to turn to the Creator. However, in bad situations, there is no need for a reminder because then your ego will push you.

Question: Why are people who still do not have broad knowledge of the wisdom of Kabbalah and how to ask the Creator correctly able to turn with a request and get a result, while other people cannot understand why the Creator does not hear them?

Answer: That is completely incorrect. Let them ask, let them address as the wisdom of Kabbalah suggests, and then we shall talk.

Question: Is the imaginary control over others anything like controlling oneself? By controlling yourself, is it possible to help others?

Answer: That is basically correct.

Question: Should a desire to ask the Creator be awakened first or should one ask in any case even if one does not want to?

Answer: Even if you don’t want to, you should ask anyway. This will gradually awaken the right connection in you with the Creator. You can start in any situation, any way you wish, but a true and effective request that you will get an answer for must move through the group.

Question: Does the Creator hear us only if we pray about the problems of the members of our group?

Answer: You are asking to acquire the property of bestowal, love of others, being like the Creator; therefore, He will hear this.

Question: How can everyone be equal to the Creator if everyone is different even according to the root of the soul?

Answer: In an absolutely closed integral system, there is no small or great, there is no close or far, everyone is absolutely identical.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/4/18

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