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Everything Is Achieved By Prayer

laitman_239Question: What desires are there in spirituality besides the desires to connect with other people?

Answer: None. We come from the broken vessel of Adam, and therefore we only need to unite with each other. There is no need to philosophize. I do not know how I need to connect, with whom, by what properties, etc. I only have to expose myself to the influence of the upper Light.

I cannot be smarter than the upper Light, but can only cause its impact so that it corrects me. I cannot be above the point of my correction, and so I only ask. Everything is achieved only by prayer.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/13/18

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Difference Between Klipa And Holiness

921The difference between Klipa and holiness is not in action, but in intention. Holiness is all that is for the benefit of others, including the Creator, and all that is for one’s own good is a Klipa.

It turns out that there is no difference between Klipa and holiness in actions, but only in intentions. If we pay attention to this, we will see that it is easy to move quickly from a Klipa to holiness, and vice versa, to fall from holiness into a Klipa.

Therefore, one needs to pay attention only to the intention, and one can quickly correct one’s actions. The internal states the Creator throws us into do not matter. We just need to check the intention, and if necessary, immediately change it with the help of corrections within the group. This is the most reliable test.

It takes many years for a person to form this picture, but when it is formed, he makes corrections relatively quickly and easily.
From a Talk in Iceland, 5/19/18

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How To React To Bad Intentions?

laitman_571.08Question: How can one correctly react to a person’s bad intention toward me? After all, in response, he automatically receives my own bad intention?

Answer: No. This is an incorrect formulation of the question. First of all, I do not sense intentions. I only perceive actions.

If, however, I am trying to act spiritually, then I can say that “there is none else besides Him” and this is how the Creator is directing the influence of this person toward me. It is not the person himself, but the Creator who stands behind him and governs everything.

Then, I act toward this person in an absolutely balanced way. He poses no danger to me, no negative sources of development—the Creator is doing everything for him.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/25/18

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How To Build The Right Intention

laitman_547.04Question: How should one interact with people who do not comprehend the spiritual? How can one build the right intention?

Answer: One gradually builds it with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah. Drawing the upper Light affects us. We don’t feel it, but we feel how we gradually change. These successive changes create what is called the right intention.

Question: Is manifests in relation to people who are not engaged in Kabbalah?

Answer: It manifests in relation to everyone because everything except you is actually the Creator!

Question: Then why does such a reality exist: our world, where I am, my mind, and my egoistic intention?

Answer: This is an illusion that is so tiny that you simply cannot imagine how small it is. It exists so that we have something to rise from that is independent of the upper world.

Question: How do we rise from this intention?

Answer: Study, work in a group, pray for the friends, and ask for their spiritual ascent.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/25/18

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The System Of Desires And Intentions

laitman_276.04Baal HaSulam, “The Teaching of the Kabbalah and Its Essence“: Thus, it has been made clear that the revelation of the Creator is not a one-time disclosure, but an ongoing matter that is revealed over a period of time, sufficient for the disclosure of all the great degrees that appear from Above downwards and from below Upwards. On top of them, and at the end of them, appears the Creator.

It is like a person proficient in all the countries and people in the world, who cannot say that the whole world has been revealed to him before he has completed his examination of the last person and the last country. Until one has achieved that, one has not attained the whole world.

There is an enormous system, a system of desires, and above them intentions that we need to develop, connect with each other, and form our soul from. The desires remain below and practically do not change. The intentions are most important. Their attitude to each other builds the soul between us, what we refer to as the “spiritual world.” The spiritual world is a world of intentions: my attitude to everyone else.

It is based on desires and, possibly, some actions. But that’s it for our world. When we begin to give preference to the intentions, all the actions of our world lose their vibrancy, might, and importance.

Question: Let’s suppose that I do something now, and I realize that I do it for myself. And Kabbalah tells me that I must overcome my will and do something for the sake of the other. Does that work?

Answer: It works, but only in the group. As a member of the group, I try to do everything I can in order for the group to advance successfully.

Question: But what if I don’t hold onto the right intention?

Answer: That doesn’t matter. By carrying out actions in the group, you rouse the upper Light, which forms your intention.

Question: But you say that we draw the upper Light by reading Kabbalistic books, rather than through our actions?

Answer: No. Everything works only through the friends and only to the extent that you rouse the common desire in the group. There is no other way. The books and the studies are the preliminary means, and they are quite weak; through them you come a little closer to the goal. However, the most effective way to influence yourself and the group is when you push the friends to spiritual attainment. Even if you carry out these actions without the right intention, it is good.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/25/18

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Why Are One’s Intentions Hidden?

laitman_552.03Question: The intentions of others are hidden from a person. Why is that? If everything were revealed, life would be easier.

Answer: Then you would be an animal. It is arranged precisely so that people would be able to change themselves by gradually revealing their own intentions, correcting them, and reaching proper connections.

Remark: I am confident that few will agree that people have only egoistic intentions. There are good people and bad people.

My Comment: That is according to your criteria. We are born as absolute egoists. If we evaluate ourselves that way in regard to the spiritual world, we will discover that we are completely corrupted creatures.

Question: Why is it hidden from a person that his or her intentions are egoistic?

Answer: If it were revealed, one would not be able to exist. We would eat ourselves alive. We need to correct ourselves gradually, to the extent that our negative qualities are revealed. We need to compare them to the positive qualities, disclose the various miasmas, problems, and illnesses between us, and treat them.

Question: If I feel the intentions of another person and thereby I realize my own egoistic intention, can that be considered an attainment?

Answer: To some extent, yes
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/25/18

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The Influence Of Intention On The Earth’s Ecology

laitman_752.1Question: Does a person’s intention to inflict harm on another affect the inanimate and vegetative levels of nature? Kabbalah says that destructive hurricanes and other natural disasters are a manifestation of our actions toward each other. How we should understand this?

Answer: Since all nature is integral and completely interconnected, our impact on any of its parts affects all other parts. The higher the level of nature that we influence, for example, people, the more it affects all the lower levels: animals, vegetation, and the inanimate.

In contrast, if we exhibit some attitude only toward inanimate nature, it has a lesser impact on vegetative nature, an even lesser one on animate nature, and still less on humans.

It turns out that my bad attitude toward another person permeates the entire pyramid. This is the source of ecological problems and of everything else. We ourselves cause hurricanes, natural disasters, and other problems.

Previously, we were unable to affect anything with our intentions, but everything changed at the beginning of the last century. Look at what we did during the 20th century! Kabbalists say this is because humanity entered a completely new state.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the world population was two billion people, and this is about as much as the planet can sustain. Today, it has grown to eight billion. This suggests that over the past 100 years, we have really driven our system out of balance.

Question: Does this mean that two billion people cannot endure the current level of egoism and therefore there has to be eight billion?

Answer: If we were developing correctly, we would not need eight billion people.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 03/25/18

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The Prayer The Creator Hears

arava-convention_931.01A person does not automatically turn to the Creator as soon as he feels he cannot cope. He just falls into despair, he will either sleep or cry from powerlessness.

Only if there are friends close by who are not in a descent and despair like he is, then their support, together with his desperate state, will form in him a correct appeal to the Creator.

This is the only way it is possible. A person alone will never turn to the Creator, neither in a good nor a bad state. He can either thank or curse the Creator, but it will not be a prayer.

A true prayer must consist of ten Sefirot as a spiritual vessel: the nine higher Sefirot and Malchut. Therefore, he must be impressed by nine friends and attach his empty, suffering, dark Malchut to them, and so an appeal to the Creator will be born in it.

A prayer is a spiritual vessel in which the full HaVaYaH, the ten Sefirot, must act. Therefore, a person cannot pray alone or for himself; it is simply impossible.

The true prayer, which the Creator hears, can arise only when one is included in the group and receives from the friends their intentions, impressions, and support. Then with his lack and with what he receives from the first nine Sefirot of the friends, their support and properties, he can turn to the Creator.

After all, one cannot use just his bad state. But if he connects with his friends, then his prayer is no longer a bad feeling. The Creator does not harm us, but gives us an occasion to unite with friends and with Him. Therefore, prayer can only be within the society and about the society.

It is here that we need Arvut, mutual guarantee. If we achieve it, then everything will continue smoothly.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/21/18, Writings of Rabash, Vol. 3, Article 877 “Three Prayers”

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 221

laitman_565.01Question: What is a soul?

Answer: A soul is a desire that is similar to the Creator, meaning a desire with an intention of bestowal and love. A soul doesn’t exist in anyone; a soul exists only when we create it from our egoism.

Question: Recently a desire has arisen in me to pray only for the purpose of thanksgiving by means of reading Psalms; “My soul, bless the Lord” (Psalms 104:1) and “My soul, praise the Lord!” (Psalms 146:1) is all I can say in prayer. Is this correct?

Answer: Look at the Psalms I shortened on my Twitter.

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For Those Who Pray

232.1Question from Facebook: According to you there is no God. If God doesn’t exist, to whom and for what do people pray?

Answer: A god that we can imagine and depict to ourselves does not exist. God is the force of bestowal and love that exists around us, but we don’t feel. We need to discover it within us to the degree that we become equal with its characteristics, then God will exist for us.

Question: What is prayer for you?

Answer: Prayer is a request to the Creator that He correct you and make you similar to Himself, i.e., bestowing and loving.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/23/17

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