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Holding On To One Thought

632.4Question: Is it right to hold on to one thought, that I want to resemble the Creator, in all my actions and in everything that I do?

Answer: Yes, but this thought should also lead to many other thoughts that will help you. For example, the thought that in order to resemble the Creator I want to connect to the friends in the group, to be below everyone, or vice versa, to ascend above everyone in order to draw them behind me, etc.

The initial thought is the main thought, but secondary thoughts follow it, which are added to the one main thought. The more you engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah, the more you follow how you are getting closer to the Creator, the more secondary thoughts and desires emerge in you, but they all connect to one general common integral.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/3/19

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Request For Help

562.01At the time when I ask the Creator for help, I do not know in what form He should help me. Also, I do not really want to know because that is His job. I am just asking Him to do His job and bring us to connection.

No more understanding is required from me now than from a child. I can never ask correctly, otherwise it wouldn’t be work from below upward.

Therefore, I do not care how the Creator helps me, I do not tell Him what to do. I only want it to happen that we reach a connection that will be for the sake of bestowal, at a higher level than now. I do not plan how the Creator will do this, I only ask Him to help us reach the desired result.

I understand that in my condition I am not capable of demanding more. If I start adding all sorts of conditions and details to it, I will simply erase my request.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/4/21, “Pesach” (Passover)

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Cry Out Together

528.01If I cry out to the Creator alone, my cry will inevitably be egoistic and will remain unanswered. However, if I cry out from the group, then certainly the desires of others will be added there and to this extent the request will be heard. Therefore, there is no point in turning to the Creator alone because in this way a person does not build but destroys himself.

It is obvious that we need to turn to the Creator together and ask Him to actualize our connection. From this connection, we can turn to Him with even greater strength and ask for force for mutual bestowal to each other, and from us to the Creator.

We exit Egypt, which is between us, we cross the Final Sea (Yam Suf) between us, we move through the desert between us, we receive the Torah, which will be between us. Thus, we advance until we all are connected in mutual bestowal, and in the light of this bestowal we begin to see a new world, not like our present one, but billions of times larger, infinitely vast.

In addition, it is eternal and perfect, a world where we feel and understand everything and never feel tired, we move forward without any difficulties and obstacles. All this depends only on the connection between us.

Passover, the exodus from Egypt, Pharaoh, Nachshon jumping into the sea—all this takes place inside the ten. Each state begins with separation between the friends and ends with a complete connection in the ten within which, to the extent of our unity, we reveal the upper force, the Creator.

When they speak about great events—about the parting of the Red Sea, life and death, about harsh wars—all this exists only inside the ten. There is nothing but one spiritual Partzuf of the ten Sefirot that goes through all these states.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/30/21, “Pesach (Passover)”

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Bestowal Radar

935Whether our prayer reaches the Creator depends not even on its strength, but on its quality, on our desire to unite together in order to be like the Creator. If we unite like one man, just like the Creator is one, then we can receive an answer from Him, feel how He reigns in us.

As if we want to catch His wave, turn the knob of the radio receiver and tune in to it so that it starts playing within us. In this way we adjust ourselves more and more until we become at least in some way similar to the Creator, and then we grasp His quality within us. First, it will be the weakest light of Nefesh, then Ruach, Neshama, Haya, and Yechida de Nefesh de Nefesh, etc., until we reach the end of correction when the Creator completely clothes Himself within our connection. Accordingly, we will begin to reveal our connection with the other tens and with the whole world.

Our likeness to the Creator, thanks to which His wave can sound within us, depends on how much we establish connections between us, as if between the parts of a radio receiver that must connect and tune in to an external wave. Then this wave will begin to sound within us. This is called the revelation of the Creator to creation.

Depending on how much we want to complement each other, to unite, we accordingly build a receiver capable of capturing the Creator. Connection with the Creator is possible only through the connection between us, as it is said: “And from love of friends one can reach love of the Creator.” Love is the highest level of connection.

And when we communicate with each other by connecting all the details of our radio receiver, we begin to reveal the voice of the Creator within us. The same principle applies to spiritual work as to technology. The only difference is that we ourselves serve as parts of this receiver that must unite and tune to the Creator’s wave, that is, to bestowal.

If we want to be in mutual bestowal and from it in bestowal to the Creator, then the Creator makes a correction by attuning us so that we can correctly unite with each other and allow Him to be revealed within our union. Then we can catch Him like a radar.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/22/21, “Pesach (Passover)”

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The Assignment Given By The Creator

239All of humanity is moving toward global correction and it is beginning to feel the universal connection, belonging to one system, and the mutual influence as helpful or harmful. All of humanity is one person, Adam, who must be similar to the Creator.

Therefore, when we work in the ten, we must not forget about all of humanity that we are obliged to pull with us. We have received from the Creator the desire to connect with Him so that we draw the whole world after us. This is our mission for which the Creator gave spiritual yearning to us and not to others.

There is nothing exceptional about us except this task given by the Creator. He could have given it to other people, but since He entrusted it to us, we are obliged to fulfill it as much as possible, to attach all the people of this world to it. Every part in the general system is just as important as all the other parts because this system is perfect.

Spirituality is perfection, and if the common vessel lacks even one cell, it will no longer be complete. Therefore, the goal is called the end of correction (Gmar Tikkun), and we must pray for the whole world and only at the very end for ourselves. After you have included all of humanity, all the people, in your prayer, then you have the right to add yourself and turn to the Creator for help. Otherwise, your prayer will not be perfect and will not reach the Creator.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/22/21, “Pesach (Passover)”

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Happiest Moment In Life

583.01Comment: It is no secret that people want to be happy. Some say: “Happiness is when you are understood. Happiness is when you love. Happiness is when you are loved. Happiness is when everyone around you is healthy.” Everyone has their own understanding of happiness.

The great Kabbalist Baal HaSulam says it in such a way that one is dumbfounded: “There is no happier state in man’s world than when he finds himself despaired with his own strength. That is, he has already labored and done all that he could possibly imagine he could do, but found no remedy. It is then that he is fit for a wholehearted prayer for His help because he knows for certain that his own work will not help him.”

“As long as he feels some strength of his own, his prayer will not be whole because the evil inclination rushes first and tells him, ‘First you must do what you can, and then you will be worthy of the Creator.’”

My Response: Yes. Happiness is when I gave my best to the end and made sure that I have no strength. In general, I am nobody and nothing, in noway, and nowhere. Here, because of it, I have the opportunity to turn to the Creator.

This comes from the thought of creation. After a person is convinced that he has nothing in his hands, but he has a long way that he has come, sought, and suffered, tried to make something of himself, and sees that he is not able, then he turns to the Creator.

You feel that you have nothing else besides the Creator. You must appeal to Him and persuade, beg, plead, or simply force, force, demand disclosure.

Question: Is this moment a moment of happiness?

Answer: Yes. The whole way was toward the revelation of the Creator because all that you wanted on your spiritual path was to acquire the property of bestowal and love. Only you could not turn to the Creator correctly. Now you did it.

Today people are already tormented, and it is possible for them to hear it. If we did not fool ourselves with the media and everyone else, then we could quietly explain what happiness is.

All the way—one goes to prayer. Because first, we ourselves do not have this property, and second, we only have the egoistic property to receive (minus). We do not have the second property—to give to others (plus). In order to exist in the entire universe normally, correctly, we need these two properties. Besides that, there is a balance between them so that we understand how to act.

Then with the help of minus and plus, receiving and giving, at every level, in every state, we will be able to properly regulate ourselves and we will feel ourselves in a state of absolute balance.

Question: Is our entire path to gain a plus? We have a minus?

Answer: Purchase a plus. But while acquiring a plus, we must at the same time acquire a methodology for using these two forces—the so-called middle line.

Question: Is this what is called a movement toward the property of bestowal and love? Is this really the world correction?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/4/21

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The Infinite Power Of Prayer

236.01Everything is achieved by the power of prayer. Our whole future, our state, everything in general depends on turning to the upper force.

Man is born an animal because in our world there is nothing but the still, vegetative, and animate levels. And if we continue to develop in the same plane, then we will never leave the animate level, as it is said: “We are all like mortal animals.”

Man can rise from the animate level to the human level if he changes the way of his existence. That is, he will cease to act as the master of life, changing the world with the help of the animalistic power given to him by nature, which humanity has been doing throughout its history.

The revolution consists in the fact that man would cease to use the egoistic force given to him from birth, which he has developed in every possible way, and shifts to another force, the altruistic one. He sees that it is no longer possible to remain in egoism. Life experience shows that people are born and die, and a person has no power over his life and death.

And most importantly, he does not understand what he lives for and that all efforts are wasted. Gradually, he begins to feel and realize his dependence on the upper force, that is, that there is a certain higher power in our life that controls us.

A person feels that he is unable to control his life and is forced to establish contact with the higher power. And this is despite the fact that modern people are highly educated in science, technology, philosophy, and it is difficult for them to admit that some intangible forces govern our life.

Even belonging to a religion is rather a cultural tradition that does not lead to a real connection with the Creator, which is what the science of Kabbalah speaks about.

A person feels the need to find the source of life. It is not here among us in the material plane, and it is impossible to reveal it by improving our natural senses. It requires higher attributes inherent in the force that gave birth to us. Therefore, they existed even before us and above us.

And after many years of such searches, a person despairs of them and realizes his complete powerlessness and inability to manage his life. He understands that everything depends on his appeal to the upper force through the ten. And if the Creator does not help him, then there is no chance of finding the source of life, which means that he was born as an animal and will die the same way.

To shift from the egoistic desire, with which a person was born, into the opposite desire for bestowal, that is, to acquire the power of the Creator, is possible only if he really wants to turn to the Creator, does so, and leaves the Creator no other way but to help him and give him the power of bestowal from His powers.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/5/21, “Everything Is Obtained by the Power of Prayer”

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The Secret Of Eternal Spiritual Fulfillment

527.03In the corporeal world, fulfillment extinguishes pleasure. If I am hungry and start to eat, then gradually I satisfy my hunger and lose my appetite, and along with the appetite, the pleasure disappears. As a result, I remain empty, a complete zero, and so it is with everything.

Fervent love that flared up at first gradually becomes routine and cools down. Habit dulls the taste of pleasure and eventually kills it, which leads to death.

But spiritual life is eternal and perfect because even before entering spiritual actions, we learn how to make them eternal and perfect, that is, our desire does not disappear but only grows. You must understand that desire is the main thing, and you must constantly work on its growth and quality.

Therefore, spiritual progress is determined by how developed and multifaceted our desire is that includes all sorts of shades of properties prepared for us by the Creator when Adam HaRishon was shattered.

And we cherish this desire so that not a single particle disappears from it. We make sure that all desires exist and support each other, that they grow enriching one another, and it is through this that we reach the full light of NRNHY, the end of correction.

The difference between the corporeal and the spiritual world is that in corporeal actions, fulfillment extinguishes the desire. And in spirituality, we learn how to increase the desire more and more by receiving pleasure.

Therefore, desire is the main thing for us, not the fulfillment. After all, the fulfillment depends entirely on the growth of the desire and its correct positioning. I begin to enjoy the desire itself, the fact that it grows and gets stronger.

This is a completely different work because I do not care about fulfilling my desire. After all, there is always infinite content in the upper world, and I only need to worry about having the right desire all the time and growing it as much as possible.

Therefore, our prayers, requests, and praises to the Creator are so important, any appeal to Him, because they determine our state and fulfillment. In fact, I enjoy the desire that I have in me.

That is why the torments of first love are so sweet. They are the ones that give pleasure, not corporeal fulfillment. Fulfillment comes and goes and leaves emptiness behind. It is the yearning that is capable of filling the soul and remains in the memory.

We see that all works of art speak of mental anguish, aspirations, and prayer. Therefore, we must not forget that genuine fulfillment comes from yearning for the loved one.

If fulfillment only increases the desire, this is a sign that we are in spirituality. Only when striving to give out from myself do I not suppress the filling but expand the room for it and increase it.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/8/21, “Everything Is Obtained by the Power of Prayer”

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We Can Only Ask

558Man must be convinced of his complete helplessness, must have lost all hope to reach spirituality by his own forces. This is a very important conclusion, and it takes a long time for a person to understand that there is not even one quality in him with which he can succeed except for the only chance the Creator left—connection with Him.

The only thing a person can do is to ask and nothing else! In everything else I am just an animal, and only a tiny thread connects me with the Creator. By grasping this thin thread, I can climb from the degree of an animal to the degree of man.

This discovery can take years for a person to understand and start asking. He asks for one thing only: for the force of bestowal. I want to bestow to my friends, to bestow to the Creator; I do not want to remain an animal, I want to become a man.

And here a question arises. Why do I need the degree of man? What is my intention? Is it unpleasant for me to be at the animate level or do I want to bestow? Maybe I hope that at the spiritual degree it will be better for me, for my egoism? This still needs to be clarified in order to cross the border from the corporeal to the spiritual world.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/5/21, “Everything is Obtained By the Power of Prayer”

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In The Labyrinth

239The Creator arranges all states of man in such a way that they all direct him to search for the upper force, the source of life. He engineers everything so that man constantly stumbles against a wall.

After many bangs against the wall, this labyrinth finally brings him to the correct appeal. A person learns how to turn to the Creator and with what request, and in return, the Creator gives him the force of bestowal out of His own forces.

That is when a person becomes a man, Adam, that is, similar to the Creator according to the force he received from Him. This is how he begins to come out of his egoism, like a sprout breaking out from the ground, and to correctly build himself with understanding and awareness.

However, the Creator constantly sets new conditions for him against this growth, and each time a person must find a way to turn them into favorable conditions and advance until he reaches the goal.

The most important thing is to see that all the conditions we receive both in spirituality and in corporeality, individually and collectively, come from above, from the Creator, in order to arrange us and take us through the labyrinth that leads to the entrance of the spiritual world.

It is important to discover in each state that we will not achieve anything through the force of our egoistic desire. Only by breaking away from it spiritually and fully relying on the Creator, on His force of bestowal, the second force that exists in nature, and connecting our spiritual life with it can we move forward step by step. The Creator will put obstacles in our way each time by placing new conditions, and we will turn to Him again and again above these obstacles.

All states must be perceived as necessary stages, degrees that we must go through in order to build the correct appeal, and external accompanying conditions. Everything is arranged in an optimal way to lead us to the correct request. As it is written: “And it came to pass that the sons of Israel sighed because of the work,” from the slavery, from being under the control of the egoism.

This is when we emerge out of the control of egoism, that is, from the Egyptian exile, enter the upper world, and reach the revelation of the Creator to the created beings. The Creator gives us the force of bestowal, the force of faith above reason above the force of reception.

The main thing is to realize more and more clearly that everything depends only on the Creator. The difficulties, their resolution, and the correct answers, everything comes to us from the Creator. Only one thing depends on us: not to give up our attempts, but to pressure and pressure the Creator through the ten, to ask and demand He give us His force in order to resemble Him. Then we will become “…sons of the Lord your God.” having received the force of bestowal, like the one He has.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/5/21, “Everything is Obtained By the Power of Prayer”

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