Despair Leading To The Creator

232.1Baal HaTurim explained that a person wandering in the field refers to one who strays from the path of reason, who does not know the real way, which leads to the place he should reach, as in “an ass wandering in the field.” And he comes to a state where he thinks that he will never achieve the goal he should achieve. (Rabash, “Love of Friends”)

One can move from one spiritual state to another only as a result of total despair, but only if it is conscious and you connect it with the Creator who organizes all this for you.

A person is in despair; he feels that his brothers betrayed him. This is what encourages him to spiritual work, to rise and realize that it is not about the brothers, it is about him.

Question: Why is it said that Joseph lost his way if he is still looking for brothers?

Answer: He has lost his past egoistic path and now he has reached a critical crossroad—he is taking a new path.

Having connected with Pharaoh, he realizes that he needs to work for egoism, and this is why he connects with the brothers. This attitude to the properties of bestowal, love, and connection is completely different from what he had before. He used to think that this is good in and of itself, but now he understands why and for what. Through Pharaoh, he begins to reveal the meaning, the Creator, because Pharaoh is the reverse side of the Creator.

Question: Where does a person in despair get the strength to progress? From his brothers?

Answer: No. We have only one source of power—the Creator himself.

Question: So, if I feel that I cannot come into contact with the friends, I have to ask the Creator to help me?

Answer: You have no one else to turn to.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 2/1/18

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