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My Thoughts On Twitter 7/31/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The #EU is collapsing although countries cannot exist without trade. The breaking of ties will affect all of humanity: families and all socio-economic-government-systems of each country. The collapse can only be stopped by introducing a universal integral #education!

Thoughts of being like the Creator are thoughts of doing good to Him.
To induce this, the Creator distances a person; he feels removed but by thought and feeling efforts returns to the Creator—the effort is necessary not to get distanced, but to ask to always be with the Creator.

Nature’s oneness operates by the law of balance. What’s unbalanced is harmful. Each part consumes what it needs, and does everything to be in balance with others. It’s the law of connection, maintained by Nature. Man is able to align himself with it to be similar to the Creator.

Kant Baltic Federal University: The universe is more unpredictable than it was thought. Taking into account the singularities (states when one of the parameters becomes infinite) makes the universe unpredictable and fatal at any time; even galaxies won’t survive such a catastrophe.

In 4 months the Iranian #rial lost 50% due to US sanctions. August 6, foreign companies will stop working with Iran. The reduction of oil exports will continue the economic collapse. The country is experiencing mass protests, but Americans want a revolution! The Arab spring still on?

Israel must do all it can to prevent the world from exploding. First Kabbalists, then Jews must unite in order to bring the upper Light through us to mankind. By being disconnected we are blocking the upper Light from the world. That’s why #Antisemitism is growing all over the world

People need to be different in order to complement each other. The condition of unity was established to give them equal opportunities, to the degree of “Love thy neighbor.” Likewise, we can avert crises by debt removal (Shmitat Ksafim). Properly applied, it may reform society.

Since the world has entered a multilateral crisis, the solution must be global, that can correct the entire condition.
Selective measures in economy, industry, healthcare, and ecology are not sufficient.
All systems built by mankind have stopped functioning.

The tech-companies’ share collapse began—this is the beginning of the tech bubble’s explosion. But the upcoming crisis is universal, because it’s founded on mankind’s universal egoism.
The crisis will force us to change!
BTW, “crisis” (mashber) in Hebrew means childbirth (new)!

Mankind is afraid to change anything, although it understands the harm; but it allows it to exist at least in this way. In fact, nobody understands what to do. It’s time to hear the Kabbalists and through them influence the governing power of mankind.

The whole world is a tinderbox, which cannot be neutralized, for it is the result of disequilibrium in people’s, nations’, and states’ relationships. Our time is unique because all the factors through which humanity hoped to come to goodness revealed their evil!

Mutual guarantee derives from the structure of a single soul and knowing the laws of the unified system of nature. Total interconnection of its parts is revealed to the Kabbalist as a fact. To uncover the depths of the soul system, he rushes to the guarantee, hastening his evolution

A person is a desire. He always wants something—he prays constantly, but unconsciously. This unconscious #prayer comes from the Creator, who evokes it in the will of man. Only a #conscious desire is considered his prayer, which is his true self. The rest is his animal part.

#Trump and the #EU cannot act freely, but only move toward a balanced society, including all parts of the community—right up to the complete balance of humanity in all its manifestations. The path is obligatory—either through the awareness, or by way of blows, #suffering.

Your spiritual efforts have no results?
It’s written: “The Creator will finish my work.”
I.e., start a spiritual action (bestowal, connection, love) knowing that you are just beginning, and the Creator (OM – Ohr Makif) will finish what you started. In this, always feel as the Creator’s partner

People fear Judgment Day; they build shelters, believe that salvation is in getting distant and isolated from others. Kabbalah says: who strives to unite will be saved. In such an environment the upper force manifests, which will raise society to the next stage of development.

Trump accelerates times. The fed and dressed world is collapsing. Living standards will be like in the 1960s. Middle class and liberals will disappear. People recognize “there’s no future.” The Soviet Union once aspired to be like the West. Not anymore. This is Kabbalah’s prediction.

The law of balance of our correct interaction is described in RABASH’s articles. It’s the basis of the right attitude to earthly and spiritual nature that has nothing “excessive.” It’s the basis of behavior, upbringing, nutrition. The law zivug-de-hakaa connection with the Creator.

#Europe thinks that #Trump yields in his economic demands. But Trump will not back down; he will reach his goal by other means. In fact, his approach is not a whim, but a forced market-clearing #economic policy, which must objectively arise between all countries. Balance!

#USA: #Trade produces a lot of jobs, but internet-trade harms it. Industry was taken out. The crisis has come. Local authorities are for #Trump, but #bankers oppose him. Trump needs allies to destroy the “world order” and solve unemployment—this will ensure his re-election.
From Twitter, 7/31/18

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Medium: “’Survival Of The Richest’ Depends On Them Saving Us All”

Medium published my new article “‘Survival of the Richest’ Depends on Them Saving Us All

Have you heard about “the event”?

Turns out “the event” is a codename for the systemic crisis approaching humanity in giant strides, a euphemism used by the world’s ultra-rich. Whether it will be triggered by an economic meltdown and massive social unrest, climate change, nuclear explosion, an epidemic, or cyber warfare, it will result in global catastrophe, and the upper echelon wants to be ready for “Judgment Day.”

To prepare for the inevitable, five tycoons invited media theorist and technology author prof. Douglas Rushkoff to give them some advice for the symbolic fee of half his annual income.

During the meeting, it suddenly dawned on Rushkoff that the super-rich had a completely different reason for investing in technology: all the newly developing cutting edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, 3D printing, CRISPR and even the colonization of Mars, are seen and supported by the world’s elites as means to save themselves from “the event.”

While we see supermarkets without cashiers, autonomous vehicles and robots doing the work for us — the super-wealthy see means of protection against angry mobs and systemic breakdowns in the not-too-distant future.

Indeed, the wealthy and powerful few have a much broader view of global risk than most of human society. And yet, what they can see and predict is only a fragment of the overall picture. The multi-faceted human crisis originates from a completely different cause and happens for an entirely different purpose to what they understand, which is why they think they can evade it.

The actual “event” is a natural turning point in human evolution, and its origins begin no less than approximately 14 billion years ago with the Big Bang.

Through billions of years, the development of matter created gases, dust, stars and planets, and then the biological life of flora and fauna on Earth. But along with the expansion of the universe, nature also works to bring all levels of life into balance: from the inanimate, to plant life, to animal life, to human life. And our turn has just arrived.

Whether we realize it or not, nature is pushing us to come to balance with it. And that means becoming an integral, harmonious part of the natural system, which necessitates the evolution of human society as a collective species around the planet. Gradually, nature is amplifying our sensitivity to our global interdependence, forcing us to recognize the human network that we are all part of, and transform our societies accordingly.

No technology can stop the laws of nature and no bunker can keep anyone unaffected by them. But, we can learn how to go along with the evolutionary pressure, rather than against it.

To avoid becoming victims of an aggressive breakdown of our current culture, we have to acknowledge and prepare ourselves for our inevitably connected future. People have to learn about the laws of nature and how they form an integral system, where every element depends on its balanced connection with the others and how it complements them.

But that’s the just the beginning of humanity’s transformation. It’s no coincidence that in the last few decades there is a growing body of research from multiple fields confirming that positive human connections make us smarter and better in every sense, as well as happier and healthier. Human beings will have to discover and activate their inherent wiring for connection by consciously practicing it.

The more we practice our positive connections — personally, socially and globally — the more we see that we are coming to balance with the laws of nature, and that will become our new source of fulfillment.

Surely, the transformation of human society will require a massive socio-educational endeavor around the planet, using our media and our technologies in a new way and for a new purpose. The irony is that precisely the people like those who met Rushkoff have all the means necessary to make this happen. What they lack is only the understanding that the only way to save themselves from “the event” is to save human society as well.

Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 1/21/18, Part 1

laitman_627.1Question: In the Hebrew language, there are different words for the Creator; what does the most common word for the Creator “Bore” mean according to the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer:  Bore is the Creator. The meaning of the word “Creator” is a generator. The concept of the “Creator” refers to all of creation and the word “generator” is used in relation to something in particular.

Question: According to you, the words “Creator” and “Nature” have the same meaning. Is it possible to say that the word “Creator” and the word “truth” possess the same meaning such that the truth corrects the soul and helps a person to become a partner with the generator?

Answer: Right.

Question: Why is the feeling of the Creator accompanied by an increased presence of sexual energy? Does this energy exist in everything?

Answer: Yes. When a person advances toward the Creator, toward bestowal through Kabbalistic closeness with the friends, an increased sexual desire simultaneously appears within him, which is a person’s basic desire. This is written about in Kabbalistic books.

Question: It is said that the Creator created us “in His image and likeness.” What is an image and a likeness?

Answer: The Creator created a desire to receive that was created with a tendency toward bestowal and love. Afterward, this desire “fell” from this state to the opposite state, to reception and hatred.

Question: Is humanity unconsciously in adhesion with the Creator?

Answer: Humanity is in full adhesion with the Creator but doesn’t feel it. Our task is to achieve a real feeling of the Creator, and to do this we must use the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Question: What is a “Minyan”?

Answer: A “Minyan” is a system for the unification of people who are divided into tens. It is derived from the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Question: Is there something that the Creator cannot do?

Answer: It is impossible to speak about the Creator like that, because He is a constant force. The Creator is the permanent characteristic of goodness and absolute bestowal.

Question: Is it possible to say that all of a person’s emotions are the Creator but in a hidden form?

Answer: Yes.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/21/18

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Can Betrayal Be Justified?

Laitman_002Question from Facebook: I cannot forgive betrayal. In my mind I understand that a person was put into a difficult situation, but we grew up together, went through thick and thin, and he betrayed me. My stomach turned inside out. What can I do about it?

Answer: It says not to judge until you are in a person’s particular state. You have to move into him, transfer into him with all his internal qualities, into the state he was in. Then you will see whether or not he could have acted differently.

You would see that if you were in an identical situation, being exactly like him, you would have acted the same way. And what would have been the difference between the two of you if you assumed all of it, his qualities and his circumstance? Clearly there would be no difference. Therefore we cannot reproach or despise anyone for anything. I would even say, or love.

Question: Then, it is not clear what “betrayal” means? Is there such a concept?

Answer: No. It only seems to us that a person is betraying—in my egoism I expected a different behavior from him.

Question: Then everything depends only on whether I can truly assume the situation he was faced with?

Answer: Of course. We are biological elements, and everything inside us dictates our actions.

Question: So, is a person that weak?

Answer: A person is not weak, he simply does not exist. He does not exist! He is nobody. He has no ability to control himself. It is only an illusion that constantly “spins” us and seemingly grants us freewill.

Question: Let’s say there is a person who is close to you. How do you relate to him? Can you forgive him for anything?

Answer: I take it as it is. Regarding anyone, close or distant. I am not impressed, annoyed, nor surprised by any relationships people have. I do not fixate on anyone, do not expect anything from anyone other than the Creator. Then I can orient myself somehow toward a certain communication from Him, toward bestowal.

Question: From a person?

Answer: From the Creator through a person. There is no other way. That is, discussing a person doing anything by himself or acting a certain way is wrong, it is incorrect, and we should not attribute or impose some conscious form of behavior on a person. It is not him!

Question: Do you work with the Creator through a person all the time?

Answer: Is there any other way? Of course. The way the Creator controls him, the way He leads him is the way I perceive this person. And such is the relationship of the Creator toward me.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 6/5/18

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How Do You Know The Creator Is Working?

laitman_568.01Question: What qualities and manifestations of the Creator are described by Kabbalah? How can I recognize that He is operating, playing with me?

Answer: Start being more sensitive to listening, looking at, and thinking about what is happening to you and you will gradually discover the Creator.

The Creator is hiding. But this is not a game! We only speak about it this way .

Question: What does adhesion with the Creator mean? What are its signs? In life, there are moments of absolute happiness, for example, contemplating the beauty of nature. Is this adhesion with the Creator?

Answer: No. That is adhesion with one’s own egoism, which enjoys all sorts of psychological feelings and experiences.

Question: What does it mean: “looking at and listening to what is happening”?

Answer: It means trying to reveal the unified force that governs you.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/18/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 7/31/18

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “From the Bottom of the Ladder to the Permanent Dvekut

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Talmud Eser Sefirot,  Vol. 2, Part 6, “Histaklut Pnimit,” “Seder Siba ve Mesubav,” Item 25

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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Audio Version Of The Blog – 7/30/18

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My Thoughts On Twitter 7/30/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The #world is ready to give us abundance, but we keep finding ways to turn it into suffering. #Kabbalah shows us how, together with abundance, we can attain eternity on top of it.

The UN’s bankrupt! Its members won’t pay their share and run military operations unsanctioned by the Security Council. The UN no longer offers international security. It’s a global talk shop with no dialogue or decision-making. Anyone visiting it sees how many slackers it’s funding
From Twitter, 7/30/18

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The Times Of Israel: “Fear Of Death: What If There Is Life After Death?”

The Times of Israel published my new article “Fear of Death: What If There Is Life After Death?

There is one thing we can be sure of in our lives: sooner or later, we will die. If there is such certainty about the fate of every person on this planet, why does the fear of death haunt humanity? What if dying is not as bad as we think? By solving the mystery of what happens after we die, we can find comfort and clarity.

According to a recent Chapman University survey of American fears, 20.3 % of Americans are either “afraid” or “very afraid” of dying, and nearly twice as many (almost 40%) dread losing a loved one. Whether or not we fear death, the simple notion of stepping into the unknown is daunting. Yet what remains clear is that the physical body perishes and gradually disintegrates until it completely vanishes.

How Can We Make Sense of Dying?

It seems as if death robs us of our independence, our very selves, everything we have acquired and done in our lives. Even passing on our achievements and assets that we gather in our lives to our offspring will fade away as one day they will also leave this world. Since death is a phenomenon beyond our comprehension and remains something over which we have absolutely no control, we naturally try to oppose it.

However, paradoxically, in recent years we have witnessed a startling global increase in suicide rates as a consequence of people’s inner emptiness and lack of satisfaction with life. World Health Organization statistics show that out of its 183 member countries, the United States had the seventh largest percentage increase in suicide rates between 2000 and 2016, rising nearly 25%. Every day in the US, an average of 123 suicides go on record, although the actual number is considered to be higher because many cases go unreported since suicide remains culturally taboo. In 2017 alone, the suicide prevention helpline answered over 2 million calls from people looking for confidential crisis counseling.

Particularly in today’s world, problematic conditions in all areas of life are urging us to develop higher awareness about our existence. From a very early age, humanity now asks: “What are we living and dying for? What is the meaning of life? What is the point of all this suffering? Why are we here?” Many people who find no satisfying responses to these discomforting questions, and most importantly, when the sources of happiness and fulfillment dry up, simply give up.

Despite this pressing reality, the basic instinct to survive is still our most powerful driving force. The instinctive impulse to fear death is completely normal, but when it becomes severe it can transform into extreme anxiety, panic and distress, a phenomenon that has become known in medical circles as thanatophobia (lit. “fear of death”).

But is there really a reason to fear death? Is it possible to know exactly what is beyond the barrier of death, without resorting to unverified theories and beliefs? If we could, then perhaps there would be no need to fear death, and we could develop a much more balanced and conscious approach to our lives?

The Question of the Soul

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, there is no reason to fear death because, as we conceive it, death does not exist. It applies only to the vegetative and animal realms, not to the human level.

What then happens when we die? Here is where we encounter the major questions in relation to life and death: Do we have a soul or not? Are we born with a soul, or do we acquire one when we die? Also, if we don’t have a soul, then can we obtain one during our lifetime?

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, we are born soulless, and if we don’t attain a soul during our lifetime, then we also die soulless. In order to experience the eternal world, the harmony and balance that come from living in the soul, we must obtain the soul during our lifetime. Kabbalah explains that we are given this life and future incarnations so that we would obtain our soul.

How does it work?

Lying deep in our desires is a “seed of the soul.” This spiritual seed, also known as the “point in the heart,” is a spark that makes possible the birth of spiritual life—the attainment of the soul.

Over generations of human development, this point in the heart has been latent, waiting for the time when it would be able to blossom. According to The Book of Zohar, starting in our generation, this point in the heart would start making its demands in vast masses of people. It becomes expressed in us as feelings of meaninglessness, emptiness and dissatisfaction with merely chasing after life’s corporeal pleasures, and as questions about the meaning and purpose of our lives.

Eventually, these feelings of dissatisfaction with corporeal life and questions about its meaning lead us to the means by which we can develop this tiny desire for spirituality, the point in the heart, into a great desire where we can live in our soul during our lifetime. Essentially, this is a process of exiting our corporeal, self-aimed desires and entering into spiritual, altruistic ones. When we reach this heightened state, nothing ties us down to our corporeal world any longer. Although the biological death of the corporeal body remains, the soul we acquire during our lives is eternal because it exists in the altruistic desire, outside the egoistic, corporeal selves that perish.

From this new vantage point, we feel the life in the soul—the altruistic desire—much greater than the corporeal life we live, where we constantly try to fulfill ourselves. Somewhat similar to how parents feel their lives in their children’s fulfillment and success, we acquire a feeling of life in others.

While we are living in an era where this point in the heart is starting to awaken among masses, we will eventually reach a state where the whole of humanity will enter the spiritual world and live in the eternal soul—where life is endless, and where there is no fear but only joy and freedom. Yet the question remains: We will undergo this development with awareness and understanding of what we’re dealing with, consciously developing our soul, or will we increasingly suffer due to our lack of awareness? It is my hope that everyone will discover the path of awareness—the wisdom of Kabbalah—and enter the process of soul’s discovery, alleviating the need for all kinds of personal, social and global-scale crises to bring us to that awakening.