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“The War Never Ends For Some Warriors” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The War Never Ends for Some Warriors

On the eve of Israel’s Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers of the Wars of Israel and Victims of Actions of Terrorism, Itzik Saidian, a wounded soldier, set himself on fire. He was not physically hurt, but his soul has been shattered for years. In 2014, an APV (Armored Personnel Carrier) carrying nine soldiers from his platoon was hit by an RPG shoulder-fired missile. Seven of his friends died in the fiery explosion, and the two who survived were injured by the explosion and the barrage of bullets that followed. Itzik was not on that APV; he came to rescue his friends and saw what was left of them, and his soul was shredded for good. He kept fighting; he wouldn’t back down, and he stayed with his unit even after the battle. But that day, when he saw what had happened to his friends, prevailed over him. He never recovered. Itzik is not alone. For many warriors, who experienced the horrors of war firsthand, the war never ends.

People need hope. If there is no hope in sight, if their present is full of torment and their future is bleak, I can see why they would see no point in living. But if their pain has a purpose, a worthy goal that is within reach, even if only in the long run, then life has meaning and existence makes sense.

The other day, a student asked me a hypothetical question: “If you were to meet Itzik Saidian a few minutes before he torched himself, what would you tell him?” When you meet a person with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), the clinical name for the state such people are in, the most important thing is to listen to them, be with them in their pain. Only afterwards can you say anything. But when the moment comes to speak, I would tell him that for all the pain, life has a higher, more sublime and beautiful goal than he can even imagine. And even though at the moment, he is agonizing, he can still reach that goal. Despite all the pain, it is precisely from that state that he can rise to eternity, wholeness, and beauty, and be happier than any person on the planet.

I, too, have had my share of trauma. I grew up in a family that was wiped out almost entirely by the Nazis, I was in a car accident when a bus collided head on with the car I was driving, and I remember every second leading to the collision. I was clinically dead for days, and when I came to, I couldn’t breathe because my lungs were filled with blood. I remember the anguish. In fact, toward the end, it got so bad that when the doctors finally told me they were going to operate on me to clear my lungs, I literally jumped on the bed in the surgery room and said, “Cut me open!” And I meant it!

Despite the pain, I know what I have gained from these ordeals; I know what they have given me. The purpose of life is to rise above it to a higher realm that we can find if we truly seek it. And sometimes, it takes great pain for us to start seeking, but it is always worth it.

For this reason, I would tell Itzik, and anyone who is suffering unbearable pain, that the hurt is precisely the lever that can lift us above any injury. I would stress that nothing ever happens without a reason, and the pain he feels right now is only the beginning of a road whose end is bliss and beauty. And precisely this place of unbearable heartache is where that road begins.

People need hope. If there is no hope in sight, if their present is full of torment and their future is bleak, I can see why they would see no point in living. But if their pain has a purpose, a worthy goal that is within reach, even if only in the long run, then life has meaning and existence makes sense.

In truth, the states we go through are imprinted in nature’s system, and they all lead to happiness. However, how we experience those states depends on us. The path is paved, but we determine how to walk it. It will lead us all to rise above our selves, and immerse ourselves in humanity, and ultimately in all of creation. Life provides each of us with opportunities to take initiative and move in that direction of our own volition. We often miss these opportunities or decline to take them, and then nature leads us to our predetermined, yet blissful goal against our will. Our predicaments, our trials and tribulations are the levers that life hands us to propel us toward a better reality, a more transcendent one. Itzik’s trauma, however dreadful, is such an opportunity, and so are the traumas of countless people who suffer for no apparent reason.

“Food For Thought” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Food for Thought

In modern times, food has become not only a vital source of nutrients used for our survival as an organism, but it has transformed into an obsession with us. Over the last fifty years we have started consuming countless industrialized, processed foods, and at the same time, a new trend of so-called “healthy diets” has taken consumers by storm.

Each one of us should eat a healthy simple diet and drink clean water. All the foods we put into the body should be as natural and simple as possible, close to the source. We should eat in moderation, just enough to live. That is, we should not limit ourselves through abstinence but eat normally. The main thing is not to become sidetracked and dragged into the “healthy” hysteria to make a cult out of it while missing the essence of life.

There are lots of foods that are produced for the sole purpose of filling someone’s bank account, and as a consequence, for the purpose of filling the hospitals with patients. We consume products processed with chemicals and preservatives used in both agriculture and food production. It turns out that it is possible to make a profit on every food product that is invented, a way to make it into a successful business. So accordingly, entrepreneurs who identify an opportunity to rake in profits, advertise forms of food and diets that are supposedly healthier. They recommend to the public what to eat and hire their own experts and researchers who will validate and promote the product or lifestyle they sell. And the experts do as they are requested: “Indeed yes, this is the way to eat, this is the right way to live!”

Despite all the studies and advertising, there is usually not necessarily any real benefit to this or that food. Even if we were to prove that we would extend our lives from 80 to 90 years through some special food, what would be the benefit of living another ten years? The end is the same, so exactly what does the person gain if we focus on the length of life instead of the quality of life?

Each one of us should eat a healthy simple diet and drink clean water. All the foods we put into the body should be as natural and simple as possible, close to the source. We should eat in moderation, just enough to live. That is, we should not limit ourselves through abstinence but eat normally. The main thing is not to become sidetracked and dragged into the “healthy” hysteria to make a cult out of it while missing the essence of life.

Since the human body is similar to that of any other animal, the care it requires is like the care of any animal, simple and basic care. If we truly want to reach a more holistic and balanced approach to life, we should turn our attention to the development and investment in the soul. These are the essential questions that should feed us: What do we live for anyway? Where is the world going? What is the purpose of it all? What is our special role in this life and world?

We will find the answer to these intriguing questions by observing the various forms of existence in nature. How all its levels—inanimate, plants, and animals—consume only what they need and nothing more. How the power that governs all forms of life, the supreme mind acting in creation, causes them to exist in perfect integration, in reciprocity, without omitting or neglecting a single detail. We must admire the ramified connections in nature which sustain the world, and we should strive to resemble them in our interactions.

In the pursuit of the intellect operating within nature, we will develop our higher functions—our mental, intellectual, and social capacities. Most importantly, we will develop the soul. In an attempt to liken ourselves to the system of natural laws, we will create a healthy, strong, and robust society that will eliminate the morbid relationships of mutual exploitation and profiteering at the expense of others. Thus we will live not only a better life, but also an existence full of much deeper meaning.

New Life 1097 – What Causes Disease?

New Life 1097 – What Causes Disease?
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The root of all disease is bad thoughts either about the person himself or about the person’s environment. Imbalance at the level of thought disrupts balance at the corporeal level through the nervous system. New disease appears as the human ego becomes stronger. Cancer, for example, is an endless, excessive desire to receive that causes a cancerous cell to devour surrounding cells. If a person would only want to give to others, think good thoughts about others, and bring about a positive connection between everyone, nothing bad would penetrate that person and the situation throughout the entire network would improve. Healing is also achieved through thoughts. When the principle “and you shall love your friend as yourself” permeates the world, all of us will be healthy, whole, and happy, even in the face of death.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1097 – What Causes Disease?” 3/21/19

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“World Leaders’ Call For Pandemic Treaty Exposes International Ill-Will” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “World leaders’ Call for Pandemic Treaty Exposes International Ill-Will

On March 30th, AP’s Maria Cheng reported, “More than 20 heads of government and global agencies called … for an international treaty for pandemic preparedness that they say will protect future generations in the wake of COVID-19.” Cheng added that World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and several heads of state proposed “a renewed collective commitment” that will provide “a framework for international cooperation and solidarity.”

The future may seem forbidding, but I think that in fact, we should be grateful that we are living through such a transformational period in history. We are transitioning from a self-centered society to a connected humanity. Since we already know the direction, we can choose whether to go there fast and easily, or slow and painfully. How many generations could say that they have a clear path for all of humanity? I think we are lucky, but we should seize the opportunity and ride the wave. We shouldn’t be afraid; there is no need to suffer. We can join hands and build together a world where people care for one another, where there are no pandemics, no wars, and no alienation. The choice is ours; we can take it or leave it.

On the face of it, it is a good idea. In practice, it will lead nowhere. Cheng herself noted that “Although the 25 signatories of the commentary called for ‘solidarity,’ and greater ‘societal commitment,’ there was no indication any country would soon change its own approach to responding to the pandemic.” Moreover, “China, Russia and the United States didn’t join in signing the statement,” she wrote, and White House press secretary Jen Psaki went as far as stating that the treaty “could divert attention away from substantive issues regarding the response, preparedness for future pandemic threats,” effectively sealing its fate before it was born.

Once again, alienation prevents an initiative from succeeding. If every country caters only to its own interests, how will they be able to solve any global problem, especially when they are as widespread as the Covid-19 pandemic? And since they can’t, they are paying the price. Already, Europe is facing a third wave, Brazil is nearing 4,000 Covid fatalities per day, and the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) director Dr. Rochelle Walensky passionately warned of a fourth wave saying, “Right now, I’m scared …of impending doom.”

We are approaching a tipping point; we will have to choose between solidarity or pain, great pain. Reality has given us an ultimatum, and we must choose whether to stay selfish and suffer, or start thinking of each other. This choice will manifest on every level: international, national, social, and personal. Solidarity is the call of the hour; if we do not heed it voluntarily, it will force itself on us or punish us. Nature has created the virus; nature has created us, and all our innovations will not outsmart nature, our creator.

The future may seem forbidding, but I think that in fact, we should be grateful that we are living through such a transformational period in history. We are transitioning from a self-centered society to a connected humanity. Since we already know the direction, we can choose whether to go there fast and easily, or slow and painfully. How many generations could say that they have a clear path for all of humanity? I think we are lucky, but we should seize the opportunity and ride the wave. We shouldn’t be afraid; there is no need to suffer. We can join hands and build together a world where people care for one another, where there are no pandemics, no wars, and no alienation. The choice is ours; we can take it or leave it.

Animals Will Help Us Become Human

294.4Comment: Veterinarians say that animals today have a large number of diseases due to depression. There used to be a tiny textbook of 50 pages about pet diseases and now they fill 500 pages.

I read in a Russian veterinary textbook: “Animals that have a sufficiently high intellect (dogs, cats) are moping.” As if they are talking about a person: “If it is gloomy and cold outside the window and the house is the same, they are moping. If the owner is in a hurry to walk them, and it is a compulsory program for him, and there is no joy in it, the animals are moping. When the owner himself is in a bad mood, irritable, the animal feels lonely.”

It seems that they are not talking about animals but about a person.

My Response: Of course, they have a soul.

Question: They say that we are giving them everything. That is, they are victims of all our experiences, hatred, and what is happening in the world.

Answer: Animals feel a lot. A lot! Much more than a human being. Man can forget, he can be distracted, he has such systems. But animals do not. They directly feel what the owner has. And so it lies down next to you, puts its muzzle on your leg, and looks into your eyes, and that is it, there is nothing else for him. You are its god. This is creepy! We do not understand it, we do not sympathize, and we neglect it.

Question: Because we do not really feel like we have a master?

Answer: Yes. We do not have such an example.

Question: What can this teach us? Can we feel responsible?

Answer: In the end, we all influence each other. Still, vegetative, animate, and human nature are related. So even their suffering is connected to ours, and we still feel it at our level. So there are many diseases and many problems that we could treat if we paid attention to animals. That is, through animals to heal people, at this level, we could not allow these depressions and all these problems to spread further. But we cannot appreciate it and accept it. In our hearts, we do not understand cats or dogs.

Question: Can we say that animals actually appeared to cure us of all these conditions?

Answer: We must accept the animals that live next to us as a part of ourselves and begin to realize that we can heal and correct ourselves through them.

Question: So you generally humanize them?

Answer: No, I just understand the interaction of animals with humans, how much an animal empathizes and how much it complements man and passes human experiences and corrections through itself.

Question: What do you mean by corrections?

Answer: I mean that if a person pays more attention to the animal that is next to him, he will correct himself through the animal. Why not? At the same time, you give him your part: a little from your heart, a little from your soul.

Question: And after that, if I live like this, I begin slowly to treat others like that?

Answer: Of course. And not necessarily others. Through it, through this dog or cat, or whatever you have. You give out your good attitude to the world by doing this! This is already your correction. Look how they expect this from you, demand it. They have no ulterior thoughts; they are still at the animal level.

I think that animals, if we treat them correctly, can help us become human.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/2/21

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Will There Ever Be Peace in The World?

592.04Question: Currently many people believe that the Third World War is already underway. Everyone from futurologists to the Pope speak about this openly. Many agree that this war is taking place in fragments. It has not yet appeared in the overall picture, but it is already going on in many planes.

There is even a more exotic view that the Third World War is a war against the coronavirus, since the consequences that the virus has brought to humanity are comparable to the consequences of the First and Second World Wars.

Do you think the Third World War really awaits us?

Answer: Unfortunately, I think it could be. Not whether it will happen or not—I do not want to talk about that. But the fact that it can be—yes.

The fact is that humanity is in constant competition, competition with each other is not yet a world war. A world war is when we want to defeat each other by destroying people. At least, we do not see it now.

In addition, it is also impossible to talk about the virus as a weapon. We do not see any direction in it. There is no need to attribute it to the Chinese or anyone else. Naturally, there are all sorts of ideas, plans, but this is not a war.

The Third World War means a nuclear war, when the huge nuclear forces of the superpowers would be brought into action. I do not want to think that this will happen, but it is possible.

Question: Will there ever be peace in the world?

Answer: One day there will be. Someday by making people realize that there is no other way, and by raising everyone above egoism,  or through great suffering, when a small number of people will remain on Earth, and they will realize that they have no other choice but to start their development anew in a completely different plane, in complete mutual assistance, mutual bestowal, and interconnection.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 2/16/21

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Put Your Planet In Order

616.1 “It is a question of discipline,” the little prince said to me later on. “When you’ve finished your own toilet in the morning, then it is time to attend to the toilet of your planet, just so, with the greatest care.”
Antoine de Saint Exupéry, The Little Prince

Question: What does it mean “to attend to the toilet of your planet”? A person gets up in the morning and says what?

Answer: He does not like what is happening to him, to others, to everyone.

Comment: Now there is a pandemic, a virus, you cannot meet anyone, fly anywhere…

My Response: Yes. One must agree with what is happening because this is actually the most correct way. One just needs to justify the Creator. This is the most correct path to the best state.

We just do not understand why this is happening, what is this best state to which we must advance in such a terrible way. None of us likes this world. Everyone would rearrange it in their own way.

Question: Does this agreement: “Whatever You do is for the good. Thank You so much for everything you are doing” mean to attend to the toilet of your planet?

Answer: The Creator does all according to our state. We should be His partners. However, since we are not His partners, He needs to bend us a little and, accordingly, still direct the “boat” in this direction.

Question: That is my understanding. So, does this mean putting my planet in order?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Do I then advance without suffering?

Answer: This is, of course, not possible. On the contrary, I should accept these sufferings as corrections and be happy about them because they heal me.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/31/20

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Where Should A Person Go?

 202Comment: 2020 stopped production, which resulted in a depression, led to poverty, destroyed entire industries, broke families, and ruined governments. “We have all failed,” says the UN.

On the other hand, forecasts for 2021 say it will be much worse. The virus will be scarier. We will be vaccinated every year or every six months, and so on. There are many dire predictions. And here a man stands between these problems and does not know what to do. He’s like a paralyzed person.

And they also say: “You look at 2020, and it will seem like a fairy tale to you.”
How should an ordinary person behave between these fires?

My Response: A person should still ask himself: “Why is this happening in the world? Can I do something about it?”

Now we can somehow answer this. We still need to correlate our life with what is happening,  why have such viruses suddenly crept out. If we were killed by a nuclear war, that would be another matter, everyone would understand. And why did some strange virus suddenly appear? Tomorrow may bring another one, then a third, and so on. Where can we go from there?

Comment: A nuclear war is understandable: Here is the enemy and he is dropping a bomb on you, or you are dropping it. And then someone invisible…

My Response: Nature.

Question: And how can we talk to nature? How does one enter into a dialogue with it, say: “Don’t touch me.” Or: “Why are you touching me?”

Answer: We do not approach nature, we do not approach it. We are constantly in opposition to nature. All nature is integral, global, everything is interconnected in it, and humanity, on the contrary, builds a system that is opposite to nature in everything!

Nature is a living organism in which we also exist as a living organism. And these two living organisms begin to oppose each other because we do not want to recognize ourselves as a part of nature.

We are doing a huge amount of anti-natural actions. We hate others, we dig in the ground and destroy the air, trees, whatever. See what happens every day! We are even told about it, but we cannot contain ourselves.

We subjugate nature in everything and everyone. We are in every way opposed to the integrality of nature and we constantly violate this integrality at all levels and in all possible forms. And that is why nature reacts in this way! This is not some kind of malicious intent in nature.

Comment: But it is attacking us now.

My Response: It is not attacking, but it is protecting itself from its main pest—man.

There is no question of any retribution here. Only a normal reaction of nature. Not some evil intentions. There is no such thing in nature. And there is just a clear reaction. We have reached the point where nature will have to destroy us. We are the only and greatest evil in nature.

Question: So what’s next? What actions should an ordinary person take?

Answer: Stop being opposite to nature. Make it so that you understand what it means to correspond to it, moreover, at the levels of physical, genetic, biological, vegetative, animate, whatever. And most importantly, as a person. With our thoughts, we are directing huge damage to nature. We do not want to be the integral core of all nature. Although we, in general, are the top of it by design.

Question: I am an ordinary person who lived my normal life. Is it enough for me to begin to understand that the world is interconnected?

Answer: I must understand! Otherwise, these pandemics will not end. What does nature teach you? That you are in a huge closed system. In this system, you excite all kinds of negative forces, properties, reactions.

Question: So you won’t get tired of repeating, repeating, and repeating it?

Answer: I have nothing more to say. I speak from a different point of view. What else can I say to humanity? After all, there is no other reason for our constant deterioration of our condition, degradation at all levels. There is no other reason.

We have created a system of our interconnection, the so-called society, which eats itself up.

Question: What decision should an ordinary person make, not the government of the world, not the UN? What do you call him to?

Answer: I think that nothing depends on government here. It depends on the attitude of a person to the world around him—to inanimate, vegetative, animate and human levels of nature. All levels.

We must protect this world. We must, as the most terrible, threatening part of it, bring this world to equilibrium precisely with our correct attitude. Except for us, all of nature, the entire universe is in equilibrium. And we are breaking this balance with our thoughts and actions.

Question: So it is enough for me to at least direct my thought to this?

Answer: And everything else depends on thought. A person does not do anything completely thoughtlessly. If we stop thinking about harming each other, then the world will immediately begin to calm down from this thought.

Most importantly, let’s calm down with our thoughts.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/8/21

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A Long-Awaited Journey

709Question: Airbnb, a company that books accommodations around the world, has published a report with forecasts for the travel market for 2021. They believe that business travel will not return. Also people will often travel by car and not far from home. Fifty-two percent would prefer to leave their phones at home. Tourists do not want to spend time on photos and posting them on social networks, they are not interested in it and, also, so that no-one would connect with them.

At the same time, the majority of tourists are ready for new trips again, and 54% have either already booked tickets or are planning a tour today.

The first question is this: how can the desire to travel even if you are threatened with infection be explained? Haven’t we learned the lessons of the coronavirus?

Answer: The fact is that we do not live simply because we exist like cats that lie in the sun and bask. We still live by fulfillment.

And then I buy a ticket to somewhere, maybe not far away, but abroad, where something is new, different, and I have a different feeling, and I’m traveling.

Question: And no coronavirus can stop it? Does it live in a person?

Answer: It lives in the person. I think people will start traveling after all. It will be possible to travel to certain countries, and maybe to all of them. And they will come out of this state.

Without travel, there is no way to get any renewal. When you get into an unfamiliar environment, you become a child. And this state of carelessness, surprise, and discovery is very important for a person. Moreover, if he is already in old age (old like a young child), then it is very important for him, it’s renewing.

Question: Are you like a child when you travel?

Answer: Sure. Today we will go there, then we will go here and do something else! This childishness that wakes up in us, some kind of carefree feeling, is precisely what attracts us.

Question: But if we can travel to our inner world, will we see a bright world there?

Answer: In this we will see everything! We will see the most important thing: The cause and effect of everything that happens. I am a great optimist. It will happen and it will happen very quickly, and I will see it together with all of humanity.

We will come to discover the full depth of nature in its true form. We will see all the causes and effects, everything that happens, everything that we produce in nature, what reactions we awaken and why. In general, we will see everything in front of us, all the worlds—huge, huge, and all this will be in our attainment.

This is precisely the inner fulfillment of a person, above this there is nothing, there is nothing more complete than this, and this captures a person so much that he no longer needs anything. This is not a restriction or a stop on the way, it it is really for all that a person is created.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/8/21

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Fashion Will Be Different

961.2Comment: In Germany, due to the extension of the lockdown, the clothing trade has almost completely stopped. Loss from sales during this entire winter period equals ten billion euros. Half a billion fashion items remain unsold. They must already be destroyed because they will no longer be relevant next year.

My Response: I do not think that fashion will change. I do not think that fashion will exist at all. Therefore, I would not recommend destroying them. Rags are rags. People will not chase after this, as they do not chase after what is available today. It is over.

Question: That is, a person will not follow the season of 2021, 2022 and will wear whatever is comfortable and cozy for him?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: Realizing this, fashionable clothes at the fashion show in China were replaced with protective suits and visors against the coronavirus. High fashion on the catwalk is protective medical equipment and clothing for service personnel and for firefighters. It was the answer to the growing Chinese market.

My Response: Of course, they immediately realized that this is the way things should be.

Question: Who would you now send to the European catwalks?

Answer: I would demonstrate very practical clothes that do not hinder movements, are comfortable, wearable, and that is it, and not flashy.

Question: Do you think there may be a couturier and high fashion for very simple clothes?

Answer: Comfortable! Not simple maybe, but comfortable. I love jackets with many pockets, pants that fit comfortably and do not need to be ironed. Something very comfortable that does not hinder any movement. You can sit everywhere, do whatever you want, it does not get dirty. This is what needs to be invented, so that clothes do not get dirty. Even if I fall in a can of paint, I get out of there, take a shower, and it rinses off me even without soap.

This is how it should be! Let them invent! What happens, they deliberately invent things that quickly get dirty or break.

Question: That is, you are not even in favor of having a lot of clothes in a closet, but just necessary everyday things?

Answer: I think that if a person likes what he is wearing, then it makes no sense for him to change it. It is all just empty fashion that is imposed on him.

Question: And nothing will come back? That is, we approached simplicity?

Answer: Nothing will come back! The clearest direction is comfort. So that it does not repel others and is comfortable for you.

Comment: Beautiful and comfortable.

My Response: What does beautiful mean? To make people want to stroke you. Like silk, like wool—something very pleasant. This is how it should be. Clothes that complement a person’s image.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/18/21

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