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Will We Become Hostages of a Lone Geneticist?

592.01Question: Imagine that science and technology have reached such a level that a single specialist can independently carry out changes in the genome. Is it possible to trust such a weapon to a specialist doctor, no matter how good he may be?

Answer: I think we certainly cannot trust, and I think we will not reach such a state because nature is intelligent and its upper intelligence will not allow us to do this. So we will have to change ourselves.

Question: Do you believe that there will be such a specialist or specialists who will be like that, just turn a knob…?

Answer: No, they can spin as much as they want. They can think whatever they want about their great capabilities, but they will not succeed.

Question: Do you think they can succeed thanks to genetic engineering? What can be achieved with its help?

Answer: Of course, they will achieve some improvement.

Question: For people to be sick less, suffer less?

Answer: Yes, but to change a person, no way. Because whatever we say about good, evil, love, or hate, it is impossible. This can only be done if a person himself wishes to change. Moreover, he will wish for it finally and irrevocably and will ask for it. And the corresponding forces of nature will produce such a change in him.

Question: So no one interferes except the person who asks to be changed. Does he need to be brought to a state where he asks to be changed?

Answer: Yes, he must conclude that he, himself cannot, but that there is such a possibility in nature.

Question: Why does the conclusion that I cannot take millennia?

Answer: A person wants to do everything himself.

Question: Yes. Look, it is the same with genetic engineering and so on.

We want to do everything by ourselves. By ourselves! Millennia go by while man is trying to change everything itself. Today man is changing nature, destroying ecology as a result, and so on, just to come to this little thought?

Answer: Little?! This is a cardinal revolution within a person when he realizes that he cannot do anything with himself, but he needs to make changes precisely in himself. Then he turns to nature.

Comment: Yes, millions of books have been written, crazy wars have been going on for millennia, confiscations, and so on, just to come to this idea?!

Answer: It is the main, fundamental, basic in all of nature—that we are created egoists and must come to a state where we define ourselves as absolute egoists, that we harm the whole of nature, and if we want to change something, we must change ourselves. That is when there will be a change in the species, genus, humanity, and so on.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/20/23

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Health Is a State of Balance with the Creator

632.3Question: What is health?

Answer: Health is the ability to quickly return to a state of balance with the Creator. The strength of a person’s balance with the Creator is called health.

In the corporeal world, everything in our body must be in balance: blood pressure, sugar, pulse, and other indicators. Usually, results of medical tests indicate the boundaries within which all parameters must balance. All this comes from the balance of the light, our desire, and the Masach (Screen) between them.

In our world, in our inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, we are in balance with the Creator. But we are in relative balance with Him; He always keeps it within some limits.

If we somehow disturb this balance, then immediately a tsunami falls on us, or a volcano explodes, or an epidemic spreads, and so on, after which the balance is smoothed out. Thus, on the corporeal level, it is more or less supported all the time.

But on the spiritual level, we need to achieve balance ourselves. That is, we can reach the balance with the Creator only by our freewill, through our own efforts to rise above ourselves, to unite with others, to become one common whole.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What is Health?” 2/27/11

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Why Do We Get Sick?

228Question: In 1969, Oliver Sacks, a young neurologist, experimented with a “wonder drug” on patients with intractable, post-encephalitic parkinsonian syndrome. These sufferers of sleeping sickness were in a frozen state. The patients were trapped patients within themselves, some for nearly 40 years. His book Awakenings recounts the extraordinary case reports of how patients trapped by parkinsonism were re-awakened by levodopa after decades of stupor and inertia. They remembered what they were like 25 to 40 years ago, but the remaining segment of their life was like a cut out of their memory. The miraculous drug had varying side effects including patients returning to their vegetative states.

What was it?

Answer: It was a shutdown of some part of the brain. After all, a person is an animal. Depending on the level that he is functioning at, he can be a plant, he can be a human being, or he can be even higher.

It is all regulated by the level of desires. However, we are not capable of injecting new desires from a higher level into a person. For this one needs to be in a special environment where he can receive them, and through this environment, he can also draw the action of the light upon himself. The light transforms these desires in the way that the person can sense the governing forces within them.

Freedom of will means that a person can draw the action of the upper light upon himself through a certain society, environment, or a group.

Question: What is the function of people who exist in the vegetative state?

Answer: We exist in a single common desire. Therefore, apparently there is a necessity in such states as well.

Everything exists according to the correspondences of the light and desire. According to their movement in relation one to another such phenomena manifest in our world.

Had we advanced toward the goal in a more intense and correct way while transforming ourselves to be more connected among us, there is no doubt the general state of the light and its influence on everyone would be more powerful and benevolent and then we would not see such occurrences.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Why Are Diseases Necessary? 6/9/12

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How to Solve the Equation with Life and Death

627.1Question: There is a psychological attitude called “postponed or delayed life syndrome.” This is when a person perceives his life as a draft or a rehearsal before something big and meaningful, which will come later in the future, as if people are going to live forever.

There is an example of a senator who wakes up and suddenly prestige and political success no longer are important to him, despite the fact that he is a politician. He really wants to enjoy life: have breakfast with a friend, be in the company of his wife, and read a book or a magazine.

What happened? He was diagnosed with cancer. Is this really the only thing that can prompt a person to suddenly wake up and start living?

Answer: Of course! Undoubtedly! When he is certainly promised a close end, everything else just disappears from the horizon and loses its importance. Everything.

Question: Does everything that was the most important thing in life suddenly become vanity? Is this the kind of fear we should experience?

Answer: Of course! Precisely! It is like Woland said in The Master and Margarita. One cannot escape that.

Comment: Actually, this does not really say why the mind is given to us, to Homo sapiens (wise men).

My Response: It is only so that we realize that this is how we live. As soon as the end is clearly known to us, then everything other than the end can no longer interest us.

Question: Do we suddenly start looking for real values when we know the end is here?

Answer: But what can we find if the end is here?

Comment: This senator found some simple truth.

My Response: Go for a drink, have a meal with friends and with a woman, and so on. All this also happens after the reassessment of these events and values. Therefore everything loses its taste. There is nothing left here but to live every second that you have so that you feel less pain. That is all.

Question: And more enjoyment?

Answer: He just needs drugs and that is it. Switch off calmly, my friend.

Question: Then what do you call a true moment that was lived correctly, with dignity?

Answer: I am not in favor of living for just one moment at all. That is not my philosophy.

My philosophy is that life should consist of such moments constantly, from moment to moment, again and again. Then it will be possible to think that this cancer, or some other fatal disease, or the end in general, which everyone has by the way, are not important. And then a person will clearly understand what is given to him, why, for what, how he should live it, what to leave, and what to do with himself.

Question: What should we invest in these moments? Let’s say I agree with you: live every moment and prepare for the next moment.

Answer: Elevate yourself above your animalistic nature and as quickly and brightly as possible,  more effectively achieve the quality of bestowal and love, which does not relate to our world. And thus, as they say, prepare yourself for the future world. That is all. It will be a very effective use of this world, this life, for the sake of the future world and the future life.

Question: Do you think that when a person is given such a limit, called an “incurable disease” or something, it is done precisely for this?

Answer: Yes, for this! It is necessary to prepare people who will serve these so-called unfortunate. I do not consider them unfortunate. I believe that they have been given a great opportunity to correct themselves, change themselves, and raise themselves to the level of the next world.

Question: To the level of this love?

Answer: Yes. May they enter it with no problems.

Question: Does it turn out that those who remain in this world that burn it with the pleasures of this world are the unfortunate ones?

Answer: Yes. The others can already rise to this in advance! Suddenly they see there is no disease. Then the question is: Why did I do all this? 🙂 Someone deceived me so meanly.

Question: Yes. The doctors will say, “My dear, everything is fine with you.” Is this such a trick that the Creator does with a person? Are you really for such tricks?

Answer: I am in favor of deceiving a person so that he solves the correct equation with his life and death. And in order for him to change his life based on this decision.

Question: Does the word “deceived” not bother you?

Answer: No, of course not. This is an egoist! He should be deceived big time! We should trick egoism all our lives, the way it tricks us now. This is already a serious, borderline deception.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/4/22

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Obtain the New Level of Perception

549.02Question: Scientists constantly come up with new medications that suppress diseases. Today many diseases are treated at the genetic level.

You say that diseases are an of expression of egoism. Where do the expressions of disease vanish to when they are treated?

Answer: They go inside and cause the next level of diseases or simply other pains because we have to correct everything at the moral level rather than genetic.

Question: Basically, today some people begin to hear that we have to unite the entire system in order to avoid diseases. What should happen in order for people to start hearing differently rather than poking around at the micro level?

Answer: For this to happen the light has to act upon them so they receive a special perception. Without this perception they will remain at the animal level. They have to obtain a different level of perception.

Just like a cat or a dog living next to you cannot understand you—it will be devoted to you, it will do everything it can, but only at its own level, it will not be able to rise to your level— so a person who has lived next to you for decades, even if he is kind and smart, with great abilities, will not understand you if he does not have this predisposition.

Even though this predisposition exists in everyone, it has not developed yet. In some people it reveals earlier, and in others later. But if the person does not have it yet, you cannot do anything. You have to wait patiently! Perhaps you can help in some way, you can speed him up in this direction, and you can try to include him without his knowledge into spiritual movements. It will help him expedite his development, but he will not be able to understand what Kabbalists sense and the world they exist in.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Medicine From all Sickness” 10/27/12

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A Real Homeopath is a Godsend

630.2Nowadays, there are very few real homeopaths. A person who feels the action of powers is a godsend, not an ordinary doctor.

It is possible to study homeopathy, but it is not easy to become a specialist or a master because you need to feel the inner energies that are used to prepare homeopathic medicines: where they are and how they work.

It also depends on a person’s temperament, race, nationality, and even on time. Earlier, 20 to 30 years ago, certain homeopathic remedies were effective, but today there may be completely different ones: people change. After all, these drugs influence the system of internal forces of a person.

This is not allopathy, but a more subtle system, like Chinese medicine, acupuncture. In my entire life, I have seen dozens of so-called specialists, of which only one turned out to be a real specialist.

After my accident, my liver did not work, and the doctors refused to deal with me, they predicted I would last six months or a little more. But this guy took a big needle and said: “I have to stick this nine-centimeter-long needle into you, but you will not feel anything.” He squeezed it between his fingers and completely immersed it in my liver; in half a minute I was healthy, even though I had absolutely nothing left of my liver. This is a specialist!
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What is homeopathy?” 9/8/12

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What Is Homeopathy?

571.04Question: What is homeopathy?

Answer: There is nothing special about homeopathy. These are the same forces that exist in matter only at its more hidden levels. You seem to use not the properties of matter itself, but the properties of those forces that determine its chemical composition.

Let’s say gold, copper, lead, or some plants, or some liquids are used to make homeopathic medicines, it does not matter what they are made of. By homeopathic dilution of substances, one draws strength from these materials and uses them. In general, it is not the substance itself that is used, but its power.

It is a very good thing to give the body an opportunity to work with those substances with which it cannot cope on its own. For example, I cannot give the body any poison, but in homeopathy, I can do it.

And there are very interesting combinations. Let’s say for depression, homeopathy prescribes Aurum (Au-gold), its power, because depression mainly derives from greed.

The main cure for infertility and other female problems is Sepia. This is the fluid that accumulates in a frog when its sac swells.

For overactive, demanding male workaholics, Nux Vomica is used.

These materials are good because they impact the system of human energies also by forces and not by matter.

Usually, when treatment is carried out with the help of chemicals, it is necessary to prescribe a lot of drugs to impact the nervous system or other internal systems of a person, not material but already on a different level.

And here, you act precisely by force against force: you add, correct, give the body a challenge, or, conversely, help it.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What is Homeopathy?” 9/8/12

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What Is the Difference between Hallucinations and Dreams?

565.02Question: What is the difference between hallucinations and dreams?

Answer: Hallucinations are not dreams, but certain excitations that we artificially induce in our consciousness, not during a state of sleep, but by going into special states of semi-disconnection or complete disconnection.

Sleep is the natural state of the body. It is typical for everyone. It seems to us there are some creatures that do not sleep. In fact, they still sleep either in motion or in some other way. It does not matter, sleep is necessary.

Any living being that has perception and some storage of information must sleep. In this state, it passes from one state to another. It is so with all wildlife; ie., even plants fall asleep in winter and wake up in summer.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Reality in a Dream” 6/9/12

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Is Food the Meaning of Life?

506.3Comment: People spend most of their life on food, everything revolves around nutrition. Why is the system built in such a way that the process of nutrition practically occupies our entire life?

My Response: What else would you do?

If we had organized life in our world correctly, in accordance with the upper spiritual roots, we would deal with the food issue for a maximum of two hours a day for normal, rational self-sustenance and devote the rest of the time to our spiritual development and fulfillment.

Instead, we spend time making unnecessary things, selling them to each other, quickly bringing them to the “cemetery,” and making new ones.

In principle, sleep, nutrition, and spiritual work are what a person needs in this life in order to quickly begin to feel a new, quantum spiritual world and pass into eternity, into perfection.

What else do we need? Why should we linger here, at this waypoint?
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Food Is the Meaning of Life” 9/27/12

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Physical and Spiritual Suffering

546.03Question: How should we treat various diseases? Are they a correction?

Answer: Of course they are a correction. Moreover, according to Kabbalah, it is desirable not to remove the agonies of death. They are serious corrections of our egoism.

It should be made as easy as possible, yes, but, in principle, only ease it. This is a general correction of egoism, which suffers and ends its specific sufferings in the state in which it feels itself at the lowest level of its existence. All the rest of our existence is smeared across all the rungs of the spiritual ladder.

Comment: We are familiar with physical suffering. But spiritual suffering is completely different. It is like an inner, emotional experience, but the physical is still more detestable.

My Response: You can rise above physical suffering so that you stop feeling it, but the spiritual one needs to be corrected and replaced by more sublime suffering. Here you have no way to escape.

Suffering is the absence of fulfillment in egoism. If you replace it with the lack of the ability to bestow and love, then it takes on a completely different tone—the suffering of love. This is already completely different; it is purposeful and carries sweetness in itself. We can replace all kinds of bad suffering with good suffering.

Question: When you were sick, your teacher Rabash said that you should rejoice in it. How can physical illnesses be used?

Answer: You do not need to bring them on yourself on purpose. But physical sufferings help, they lead a person to the goal.

You should not revel in sufferings, wait for them, or exalt them as something necessary, but if they come, you should try, on one hand, to somehow replace them with more sublime ones, and at the same time understand that suffering of any type cleanses a person from egoism, it elevates him.

However, at our level, this is a very long and wrong path. Therefore, Kabbalah is against suffering.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Benefits of Physical Suffering” 5/21/12

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