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A New Wave Of Coronavirus In Israel

220Comment: Everyone believed that vaccinated countries such as Israel and the United Kingdom were protected. And suddenly, there is a virus in both the UK and Israel. In Israel, the increase in new diseases is at a rate of about 20% per day. 50% of the sick Israelis were already vaccinated.

And everyone looks at Israel: “We were hoping that they would slip through.”

My Response: No. In the end, Israel cannot slip through. It is Israel who is responsible for bringing the world to balance, to a healthy lifestyle.

It will be revealed to us that we cannot do anything with our brains, with our science.

The whole world will think: “How is it possible? It seemed like they succeeded.” No, it will not work. We will suffer more than others, not less than others. Because we are to blame for what is happening.

Because we must bring the world to balance, we are obliged to tell the world why all the suffering in the world occurs and where these terrible viruses actually come from. And every month and year they will get worse and worse in their manifestations.

Nothing will help us: no science, no brains, no diligence, nothing! Only our connection and correct attitude to each other, exactly as it is written. In Kabbalah, everything is explained very simply: if we do not do this, these viruses will consume us.

Question: So neither high-tech nor the development of our healthcare, which is so sharp, nothing will help?

Answer: No. Only correcting our relations with each other!

Question: And then we will show an example to the whole world?

Answer: Yes. This is why the Jewish people and the State of Israel exist.

Question: Until we understand this, will the troubles continue and became worse and worse?

Answer: Yes. But here is what is interesting. Everyone usually listens to something bad about Israel with pleasure all over the world, but they do not hear this! How long have I been talking about this? The Jews are to blame, let’s put pressure on them to fulfill their destiny.

The tragedy is in that this is exactly what they do not hear! They do not pay attention.

Question: How will they hear then?

Answer: I don’t know. But I am doing what I can. How else can I scream? Try to get into the UN?

I would go; I would come out with pleasure. Let’s tell the whole world, the international community, explain to everyone and to Israel itself what our whole purpose is. Getting rid of all these viruses, of all the evil in the world—it is only by forcing the Jews to enter into good mutual relations with each other.

And then their good relations will influence all the nations of the world so that they would begin to connect with each other through this small group of Jews, or not only Jews, this is already a united group. And then there will be balance and peace in the world.

Question: Who do you include in the concept of Jews?

Answer: Everyone who is with us. By the same principle as in ancient Babylon: those who took upon themselves the duty to achieve love for their neighbor.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/28/21

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There Were No Mistakes in Your Life

627.2 Igor writes: “I am fifty-four years old, married with two children, and both my father and mother are alive. My father is eighty-four, my mother is eighty-two. I always took care of their health, but everything turned upside down. The doctors say that I have no more than six months left to live.

I found you too late. I watch your programs and I am not afraid. There is just one question—why so late? I spent so much time on needless worries and on work that no one needed. I have a big complaint against the Creator. I understand that one should not look back and regret anything, but I cannot help myself. I did not live my life right. I look at my children and I am afraid that they will repeat my mistakes. I just wanted to say thank you!”

My Response: I will tell you, Igor. Everything was correct. There were absolutely no mistakes in your life. You must accept all of it as a correct attitude to life, to the Creator on your part. You just have to calm down.

If you relate to the whole of nature, life, the universe, everything, and yourself as a manifestation of the Creator, then there is nothing you have to do, nothing to worry about. You should only think about how to agree as much as possible with what is happening to you. Then, through this attitude of complete agreement, you will begin to feel the Creator.

I am advising this to you and to everyone. Let go of the situation and do not worry. Stop the confusing complaints. None of that is needed. Everything happens as it should happen.

While it seems to us that we are running around, redoing things, and trying to get everything done in time, this is all nonsense! It does not change anything. We are always trying to do something, as it seems to us, while the Creator does His own thing. So, we end up being unhappy when things do not work out the way we want them to.

Let it all go and you will see that you have nothing to worry about, not in the present or in the past, and especially do not worry about the future. It is all in the hands of that very same upper force.

Comment: Can it possibly be that. I have to tell you, I was touched, because he is not writing about being afraid of death or afraid of anything. He is touched by the fact that he found us too late, in a manner of speaking, that he somehow lived his life.

My Response: This, too, is incorrect, and this, too, is the upper providence. So, nothing is too late, everything that is given to you is given correctly. Use the strength and the time that you have to the extent that you are now inspired by our idea, our path, and everything will be good.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/24/21

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Cannot Conceive A Child

291Comment: “I can’t conceive and give birth, and I really want a child. But we have already seen all the doctors and healers, and it has not helped. How does one maintain balance and harmony? They tell me that I have to accept it, but I want a child.”

My Response: No, you should not accept it in any case. You can continue to conceive a child in any way, through doctors, of course. Because naturally, you have already seen that this does not work in any way. This means that you should try to do this through any scientific, medical possibilities. Do not calm down until you are at least 60 years old. Today there are such cases.

Comment: This woman is told that she has to accept it, this is fate.

My Response: No way! And what is next? Take someone else’s child for upbringing? Maybe. Sometimes, by the way, this in turn helps to conceive. But still try to do it yourself. Don’t calm down.

Comment: You said an interesting phrase that taking an adopted child sometimes helps you to conceive yourself.

My Response: This excites additional internal, female systems in a woman, and then she is more capable of fertilization.

Question: And what is happening? What was sleeping in her, what was aroused?

Answer: Motherhood, connection, and attitude to the child, all this begins to be excited in action, in life. Then she is able to get pregnant.

Question: Why do they give a woman such a test?

Answer: It is impossible to guess. To this day, we see how everything is shrouded in such a supreme mystery that nothing can be done. Here one does not conceive and cannot conceive. Everything.

We see from the Torah that all our forefathers had problems with conceiving children.
But do not calm down in any case.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/18/21

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Is The Coronavirus With Us Forever?

220In the News (bbc.com): “Coronavirus will be with us forever, Sage scientist warns

 “Sir Mark Walport said people would need to be vaccinated at regular intervals.

“His comments come after the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) said he hoped the pandemic would be over within two years, as the Spanish flu had taken two years to overcome.

“Sir Mark said denser populations and travel meant the virus spread easily.

“He also said the world population was now much larger than in 1918.

“Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Sir Mark said that, in order to control the pandemic, ‘global vaccination’ would be required, but coronavirus would not be a disease like smallpox ‘which could be eradicated by vaccination’.

“‘This is a virus that is going to be with us forever in some form or another, and almost certainly will require repeated vaccinations,’ he said. …

“Sir Mark said: ‘We know that less than one in five people around the country have been infected, so 80% of the population are still susceptible to this virus.

“‘It is this terrible balance between trying to minimize the harm to people from the infection and protecting people, whilst keeping society going.'”

 My Response: There are still many mutations that should manifest themselves in humanity.

Question: Should we just accept it?

Answer: No. We have to accept this with a condition: this is happening because we are separated. If we were connected, the virus would not have penetrated us. This is how you need to understand what the connection between the two is.

Comment: Some experts have noted that humanity is too divided by national and political barriers to effectively combat the coronavirus.

My Response: That is regarding fighting the virus. And I am talking in general—before fighting the virus. The virus would not have appeared. Many, many negative qualities, sores, and diseases of humanity would not have manifested if we were interconnected.

If we approached the structure of Adamit would have healed us if we were coming close to this state. But we are only moving away from it.

Coming closer to the structure of Adam means the connection of humanity until reaching the condition “love your neighbor as yourself.” And then, humanity will be completely healthy and above all problems, including the matter of death.

Question: Does this mean that from above it is probably also understood that humanity cannot unite and we must be pushed toward this?

Answer: Nature teaches us this way. That is, if it is time for us to rise in our development to connection and reveal the new world in our unity, then the implementation of this unity is called “love your neighbor as yourself” every time, up to that state.

Now we are in a period when we must attain one of these states, these degrees, and realize it in a good connection with each other. But we do not realize it and fall into the opposite state. This pandemic, that war, something else—anything that we can only imagine.

Question: With this pressure, will we be guided to the upper intelligence?

Answer: Of course. We are being educated. We have stocked up lots of various good skills to make the world kind and comfortable for everyone: destroy barriers, make humanity more connected, be kind to each other, etc. There are means in technology, in science, in everything, but we do not implement them well.

Question: In other words, we have prepared good means to connect peacefully and without much difficulty, but we do not want to use these means?

Answer: Yes. And so, everything will happen the other way around.

Question: Therefore, all the means will not be needed at all?

Answer: The means will be needed to make war.

I see the future of humanity as dark and gloomy. People will believe in such nonsense, worship gods, gods that they have invented. People will only wish each other evil, and such evil is worse than death.

Question: Do you now want people to hear this and shudder?

Answer: Why would I be talking otherwise? So that it somehow influences people for the better. In general, the state of the world, of course, is very, very gloomy.

Question: Well, how can we convey this good, kind reality to humanity?

Answer: By shouting as much as possible at all crossroads and proclaiming at all corners the only possible salvation.

We should not fold our hands and sit, bang our heads against the wall or on the floor and say: “It will only be bad, only bad.” We have to work. And our work is very simple: it is in explaining, in educating. This is what we should be doing.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/24/21

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A Viral Pandemic Multiplied By The Pandemic Of Egoism

290Only good forces come to us from above, but if we are not ready to receive them, we feel them as blows. This is the case with the coronavirus. If we were ready to accept this force, which eventually came to us in the form of a pandemic, if we united to become internally closer to each other in the face of danger, it would not have manifested itself.

Look how animals unite against a common disaster. When they run together, fleeing from a flood or a forest fire, they no longer attack each other. They feel that they must save their lives, and their predatory instinct is suppressed by the instinct of self-preservation.

We are now in the same situation. The blows that we feel from nature or the Creator, the upper force, should push us to correct conclusions about how to get rid of them.

We need to see how animals behave, when fleeing from danger, they do not attack each other. The predator’s instinct disappears and only the instinct for the struggle for life remains. If we took an example from the animate level, we would have defeated the pandemic and correctly and successfully gotten out of this state.

But the problem is that we are not at the animal level. We are spoiled animals because we have human egoism, which poisons everything.

Therefore, we cannot even think in the direction of connection, unity, and closeness in order to escape from the pandemic. Even in the context of a global pandemic, governments and individuals are trying to make profits and cash-in on each other because they believe this will bring them wealth and success.

Thus, they make the trouble twice as bad, incur double the problems. Instead of being together with others and thus softening the force of Gevura, they multiply the power of evil. Therefore, we will have to learn through suffering.

The pandemic does not come to make people sick or kill them, but to teach us how to behave toward each other. But for now, we see that we are not learning, but we are going the opposite direction, that is, the path of suffering. Every country thinks that it can succeed and win at the expense of other countries and nations. And this is the mistake.

However, gradually, under these blows, we will descend to simple survival like on the animal level, and then we will begin to see that it is worth helping each other and not hurting others when you are running from a common disaster together.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/16/21, “The Ruin as an Opportunity for Correction”

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How Can You Get Peace Of Mind?

294.4Question: Now a person lives a thousand lives in one life, one is constantly within some process, with nerves on edge, constantly worried about something. How can you find relative peace of mind or balance?

Answer: Isolate yourself from the mass environment, get closer to people who have some special goal that you accept as important, fundamental. In accordance with this, determine your behavior, your life, and its purpose.

This is exactly what Kabbalah says and tries to show a person how to do.

Question: Is it possible to isolate yourself from the world, from the masses?

Answer: What can they give you? It depends on how you look at them.

If I look at everything that is happening around me as some kind of noise, so what? There are such fluctuations, nothing more. As the prophet said: “Calm down, calm down people.”

Comment: There is even a theory of absolute noise when a person is a filter that can pull out of the noise only what is beneficial for his development.

My Response: This is already serious work. In Kabbalah it is mandatory.

Question: Based on this, what should a person who is entering such a state do? Suppose we are talking about some kind of spiritual development of a person, maybe his initial, gradual first steps. What should he do when literally everything annoys him?

Answer: If a person studies Kabbalah, then this period passes. Moreover, he is gradually becoming different. He perceives everything as emanating from the Creator, from the upper force, and therefore, refers to it as a necessity that he must experience. Therefore, he can submit to it, accept it, and move on.

Question: In principle, is there such a state as a submission?

Answer: Absolutely. If it comes from above, what can you do? There is nothing you can do. At first, you perceive it as hopelessness, and then you accept it with joy and pleasure.
From KabTV’s: “Kabbalah Express” 6/13/21

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“Living With Covid” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Living with Covid

To me, the news of experts realizing that Covid-19 isn’t going anywhere is good news. From the very beginning, I said that even if there is a vaccine or a drug that cures Covid, the virus will mutate or another bug will come along and render our efforts futile. As I have said probably hundreds of times since the beginning of the outbreak, trying to outsmart nature with technology will not work. We are products of nature, so trying to outsmart our producer is, to put it mildly, unwise.

Personally, I am happy that this is the way nature is directing us. I am not at all happy that people are suffering, but they are not suffering because of nature, but because humanity is obstinate and insists on going where nature isn’t going. When you bump your head against the wall of reality, you’re bound to get a major headache. In the case of humanity, this headache manifests in millions of needless fatalities and countless people suffering from long lasting symptoms because of our mulishness.

Like it or not, Covid is telling us to slow down. The technological rat-race we’ve been on has nearly devastated humanity, and we need to calm down and bring it under control. People need to stop fighting and start talking about what really matters: our relationships.

Since we cannot communicate with each other positively in the physical realm, nature has shifted us to the virtual one. If we learn to communicate positively in that realm, we will see Covid easing its grip and letting us communicate with each other physically, too.

Nature is using Covid to teach us that our real immune system is not in our bodies but in our hearts, in how we relate to one another and how we feel about each other. Since we are all connected, one person’s ill-will percolates to everyone else, and our negative emotions spread like viruses and sicken us. Positive emotions percolate and spread, as well, but those are desperately scarce, hence the pitiful state of humanity.

The vaccines are helpful in keeping the pandemic at bay, but as long as we avoid making the necessary changes in our relations, the virus will keep returning in various forms and intensities until we realize that we need a more fundamental change than just a new vaccine. Covid is not a strain of flu. The way to remove it is not physical, but emotional. Only when we comprehend this, we will be able to heal ourselves, after we heal our malignant relationships. Then, we won’t have to go on living with Covid.

Why Were We Put In Our Homes?

551Comment: I recently saw a photograph of a prescription given to an elderly woman by a doctor on the Internet. For the past year, she has maintained a distance of six feet from others, even with family members, as recommended. She got vaccinated and still continued to follow these rules. She did not even come close to her beloved granddaughter who was born sickly, and whom she had cared for. It was very difficult for her, but she was more afraid for her loved ones, not for herself.

This woman began to get very sick. They were preparing to say goodbye to her. Medicine did not help, nothing helped, and then the doctor in despair wrote her a prescription: “You are allowed to hug your granddaughter.” She hugged her and began to recover.

My Response: Naturally. That person deprived herself of powerful sensations. It is impossible to live like this. She was already killing herself with this relationship with others.

Question: What is a hug? What is this revitalization?

Answer: This is a great power. If a person is deprived of the feeling of love, even animals—we know this from animals; they perceive it very clearly—it turns their whole life upside down. Nothing can be done, we must love each other.

Comment: In general, this woman could communicate with her granddaughter at a distance, but this was not enough for her. She needed just physical contact—to hug her granddaughter.

My Response: Of course. Nothing else.

Question: Now that we have been separated like this, and then suddenly, perhaps, we will be brought together, we will be able to understand what love is after all. We will understand that if we are deprived of it, this is not life. Was that why we were separated so that we would approach this embrace differently?

Answer: Yes. I agree. The distance was created for us on purpose so that we would have a real craving for each other.
From KabTV’s: “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/1/21

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The Creator Will Not Change The Plan Of Creation

293The first wave of coronavirus mostly hit mostly elderly people. But the next waves are already affecting more and more younger people. It’s like the Egyptian plagues that started from afar and then came to blows that were more and more significant for correction.

The Creator does not change His plan of creation. But if an angel does not perform his work, the Creator puts another angel in his place. Therefore, when several waves of the pandemic pass: the second, third, and fourth, children and even babies may be under attack then. We must understand that the Creator will not compromise with us. We should not hope that the virus will disappear by itself or we will be able to find a miracle cure for it.

We will have to reveal that the good connection between us is the only medicine that destroys the coronavirus. This is not an ordinary virus, but a consequence of our lack of spiritual correction, that is, egoism. Where there is egoism, there will be more and more viruses until Pharaoh himself says that this is the hand of the Creator, like at the time of the exodus from Egypt.

From the beginning of creation the same scenario is repeated, only in different forms and with other characters. In essence nothing changes. Spiritual forces act according to the same scheme and lead everyone to unity. Only the material scenery changes while the spiritual essence remains unchanged.

Our egoism is Pharaoh; the Creator is still the same Creator. Moses is all Kabbalists and the Kabbalistic method that pulls us forward to correction. We need to follow it as much as possible. It is possible to get out of this Egypt, out of the coronavirus pandemic, only by uniting.

It is said that “the physician has been given permission to heal,” and every specialist (financier, economist, lawyer, etc.), leader or individual is given the opportunity to correct the world in his sphere. And since our society is corrupted, every specialist is corrupted, and he is given the right to correct himself, as well as to correct society.

It is so for every person. This is the meaning of the rule: “It follows that the physician has been given permission to heal.” After all, there is the Creator behind every person. And if I want to see it this way, then it will affect me privately in a way that I will be cured.

An economist, a lawyer, or a financier in a corrected form are all doctors who cure the flaws of human society. They are setting up a system for me, not a physical one like a physician, but a universal social one, in order to bring it into a state called Adam, one man with one heart.

And then we will see how everyone acts for the sake of healing and that the Creator has given everyone the right to cure, not just the physiological body, but our common body, the human, social system.

The most important thing is the attitude of the patient to the healer, which means, the patient to the doctor. Each specialist in his field can be considered a “doctor,” and each of us who needs help can be considered a “patient.”

Now there are many complaints about medicine and doctors in regard to the coronavirus, but we ourselves have built this corrupted, egoistic system over thousands of years of human history. Now we have finally seen the light and are beginning to see its shortcomings. This is called the revelation of evil, what is called the “seven hungry years,” in which we begin to feel and reap the results of the egoistic system that we have built throughout our entire history.

All that remains for us is to turn to the Creator for correction. The same story of the exodus of Egypt repeats itself: the blows show us that we are at the mercy of nature, or in other words, the Creator, and we must somehow correct ourselves, change our attitude to what is happening.

The first blow of the coronavirus came just a year ago and look how it has already changed the world. Empty airports, silence all around, one plane per hour and that’s it. And people are gradually getting used to such a life, they see it has its advantages. After all, before we did not stop this irrepressible race moving from place to place. It’s time to think: Why are we running?

The pandemic is gradually getting closer to children. We do not yet know what it is like when children suffer from such a serious disease on such a large scale. It is painful to see children even with masks on their faces, and it is even more frightening to imagine what could happen if the children are on artificial respiration. But if we do not start corrections, then this will inevitably come, because the Creator will not change the program of creation.
From KabTV’s “A Conversation with Journalists” 6/24/21

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Six Rules For Getting Out Of Neurosis

962.2Comment: The well-known psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky has drawn six rules relating to how to get out of neurosis, stop worrying, and live well. First: do only what you want to do. “Just listen to yourself, to your feelings, and do what you want,” he says. This is the first rule of a normal, healthy life.

My Response: Not bad. It is difficult to disagree with this. Any person agrees with this because he is an egoist, after all.

Question: What stands behind this rule: I do what I want? We did not live like that. I went to work because I had to.

Answer: It depends on what I want. If my desires are at odds with others, with those around me, then of course there will be a problem of what I will get in response to the fulfillment of my desires.

Comment: The second rule: do not do what you do not want to do. He continues: “Concessions and compromises are a direct way to a cardiologist or oncologist. So you should not do what you do not want to do. Ever!”

My Response: It is true that internal contradiction causes all kinds of diseases and problems. He is right. But what can be done? After all, we live in a world in which I am not a son of royalty who can do whatever I want. Incidentally, I suffered greatly from the fact that my parents allowed me too much. I think this is a wrong attitude.

Question: There is a problem here, not doing what you do not want to. Suppose I went to work that I did not want to go to, and we were forced to do what we did not really want to do since childhood. I didn’t really want to go to school either. Do you think there is a problem here?

Answer: According to the psychologist, yes.

Comment: The third rule is to immediately talk about what you do not like. That is, to say right away: “You cannot do this to me, it is unpleasant for me.” This is a healthy way to respond. And you only have to say it once. If you are not heard, step away from the relationship.

My Response: I understand that. If possible.

Question: You add this tag all the time?

Answer: Of course! It cannot be different. Of course, I would not go to work that is unpleasant to me, I would not communicate with people who are unpleasant to me at all, I would only do what is good and convenient for me. I would not say what I do not like and would say what I like. What would happen then?

Comment: Fourth: not to answer if you are not asked. Remarks such as “How tired I am! I am sick and tired of everything, I have no more strength,” are not questions. And you should not respond to them with “What happened to you? Why are you complaining? ”

So don’t answer when you are not asked.

My Response: This is good. It is real, and it is reasonable.

Comment: Fifth: to respond only to the question. “When you are asked a question and you answer only that question, then you are a confident person.”

My Response: This may be good. But then you will not have any topic for conversation, and people will think that you are just closed inside yourself, selfish, and that is it.

Comment: Furthermore: “When sorting out the relationship, talk only about yourself. This rule does not imply any conflict at all. You do not sort out the relationship with your partner, do not argue with him, and just talk about yourself, only about yourself.”

My Response: Okay, talk.

Comment: All of your answers just now testify to the fact that these rules are more suitable for a person who lives in an empty space.

My Response: Of course.

Question: That is, if you are surrounded by others, you by and large will not be able to really observe these rules?

Answer: No.

Comment: Another thing he claims is that only a stable, psychologically healthy, and egoistic person can observe these rules, and that is how one should live in our world.

My Response: I do not think this is possible.

Comment: You keep answering that the environment will not give you the chance to live according to these rules.

My Response: No. It will press, change, and reformat you. It is not correct when I say only what I want, when I need to, and what I need.

Question: Then give us your several rules or one rule of how to live a healthy life in the environment, in our world, so that you feel that you are living. What do you think?

Answer: We have no other choice but to raise our eyes above ourselves and think about what the surrounding world and nature requires of us, even regardless of us. What is it leading all of itself to, what does it desire?

The surrounding nature wants to be in absolute rest and uniform rectilinear motion, as we learned in school about the laws of physics. This means that there is a goal when all of nature will be harmoniously and mutually interconnected at all its levels and in all actions and when all of the reactions of nature will be absolutely, correctly associated with actions. In this state, the world will be in absolute harmony.

When we are in such a state, then what he writes about can be partially fulfilled. Because we are connected with each other internally already in advance, I do not need to talk or discuss anything with anyone. What I feel, those around me understand and feel too.

Question: That is, then there will be no violence?

Answer: Yes.

Question: So, you are saying, look at nature, cling to it, and live like this. In such a movement.

The main thing is: what should my behavior, that of a man, be?

Answer: That I annul myself, despite the fact that he says you should only listen to yourself and everything else. But in fact it will result in something else, as if in the opposite of itself, when I annul myself, when I add, combine, unite myself with others into one common whole and relate not to myself and not to others, but to this common whole, to our internal connection with each other, and all of nature is in this union.

Then a person enters an absolutely comfortable state. There is no need to ask anyone any questions, to receive any answers, no need to torment and strive; one just needs to maintain this inner absolute and complete balance. And then you will begin to feel perfection, eternity, mutual penetration, mutual understanding, attainment, and awareness of the creation in which you exist.

Question: Then what will the first rule “do only what you want” turn into, based on what you have said?

Answer: Your desires will not be different, just do what you need, what everyone around you wants.

Question: “Do not do what you do not want to do?”

Answer: You will correct your desires, intentions, aspirations, and goals in such a way that they will be so true that only their implementation will be correct and absolutely true.

Question: “Talk about what you do not like right away?”

Answer: You will feel all the slightest inconsistencies, mismatches with the general plan of nature, and you will immediately correct them.

Question: “Do not answer when you are not asked?”

Answer: You will feel those around you and very keenly understand whether there is an opportunity to complete them with something. But in principle, this work on completing others is the most important one.

Question: “Respond only to the question?”

Answer: Yes, you will feel the desires of others, and only they will determine your actions.

Question: “When sorting out the relationship, talk only about yourself?”

Answer: Yes, because everything depends only on you, and everything will be determined only by you, and you will feel that you, being in the center of the world, rule, determine, and most importantly, care about this world. And only this care for every created being is your life.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/19/21

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