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Medicine For Humanity

laitman_962.2Question: According to the World Health Organization, 7 million people die every year from exposure to a bad environment. These are children under five years old and old people who have many diseases.

For some reason, people do not talk about it, and today it is of little concern to anyone. And everyone is talking about the coronavirus. It even seems to me that there are some kind of double standards, as if someone needed it.

Answer: Of course, there are double standards. In general, we look at this virus very stupidly. It is the cure! A medicine for humanity. So do not worry about the fact that it has come and think about when it will leave. On the contrary.

Question: Is this medicine for the human mind? After all, many will ask: “How can this be a medicine if people die?”

Answer: Why do you think that dying is not good?

Comment: No one wants to lose their loved ones.

When I said that I was ready to die, the main thing is that the planet lives, that our children could live, I received 1,000 messages: “You can die, let your family die, but we do not want to die.”

My Response: You can understand people. This is a natural, instinctive, petty, selfish desire.

Question: But why is this medicine in the form of a coronavirus?

Answer: It is for society. So that it understands what needs to change.

And it will understand, but it will be in a very bad way. And if it doesn’t understand, there will be war, a terrible war.

So, it is better to let this virus continue. It will gradually purify everything: us, our thoughts, our souls. I’m sure everything will be fine.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah: Victoria Bonya,” 3/29/20

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Reveal Your Soul Now In This Life

laitman_963.1Question: As far as I understand, the positive side of nature that we need to attract is to begin respecting nature. When people go to the country, they leave a lot of garbage behind, and few people think about the fact that they need to clean up after them.

What is the use of positive energy? How can we say that from now on I will take responsibility, I will be a conscious person who understands the forces of nature and lives on a higher frequency?

Answer: Thank you for your question, but we are talking about a completely different level of influencing nature. After all, our human nature is absolute egoism. Even all our seemingly positive, good, kind actions, love for children, for the world, and so on, come only from egoism. Our world is controlled by only one force. The second force is concealed and we must reveal it. Therefore, people do not understand what they should do.

It is not enough for us to treat each other nicely, this will not change anything. There were many such attempts in history. We must learn how to attract the positive force of nature, the plus that would begin to act alongside the minus, and we will exist between these two poles.

Then, certainly, we will find out what a perfect, eternal world and eternal existence are. We will understand that a person exists not only in the earthly form (physical body), but there is something eternal in a person, called the soul, and it must be revealed while living in this world now, today, here.

We need to reveal our future states, that is, the eternal perfect world that exists around us, but we do not see because we perceive only through our egoistic qualities. This is all we need to learn and gradually explain to people.

And they must understand that a person living in this world must rise to the next, new degree and begin to feel the true world.

This is possible. I have students who have attained this. And the system we study and implement is called the wisdom of Kabbalah. It allows you to do this.

Question: Are you talking about universal love that we can call absolute love?

Answer: No, you cannot call this absolute love because I cannot love evil. I just want people to treat each other with this goodness that is inherent in nature.

Then, through the correct system of good and evil, we will be able to distinguish, as black and white, the true picture of the world. The veil that hangs over us will disappear and we will see with our inner and outer vision that we neither exist on a small planet nor in some closed volume of the cosmos but in completely different, upper dimensions. This we must reveal now, today, in this life.

What else do we exist for? Is it in order to fulfill ourselves with small pleasures and die peacefully?

Question: You are saying that we should not love evil. However, there are a lot of aggressive people in the world and a lot of evil comes from them. What creates this aggression? How can it be cured?

It seems to me that true absolute love helps illuminate the dark side of a person’s soul. Is there a cure for this aggression and evil?

Answer: Patience and example.

Patience against a person’s evil and a good example that he could understand. Nothing else.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah: Victoria Bonya,” 3/29/20

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“COVID-19 Has Given Us A Lesson In Humility” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “COVID-19 Has Given Us a Lesson in Humility

Quite probably, no danger has been downplayed more than the coronavirus. Since case 1, the virus has been described as a type of flu, a negligible threat to health, and basically, a non-issue. Yet, we can already see that this bug has a huge impact on human society. Covertly, COVID-19 has smashed the foundations of human civilization. Within two months, humanity has capitulated to an enemy it cannot see, hear, smell, taste, or touch, and whose noxiousness is questionable.

“We’ve all learned how vulnerable we are, how dependent we are on each other for our most basic needs, from health and food to human compassion.”

Flu or no flu, one by one, governments revoked all public activities, religious and political congregations, professional conventions, sports and entertainment, shopping centers, factories, hi-tech companies, transportation, and recreation. Despite the unimaginable cost, heads of state succumbed in droves to the bug and stopped their nations in their tracks.

Even more extraordinary, now, as governments are trying to restart their countries, people aren’t excited to partake. It’s not only that they’ve had no income during the lockdown, though this is true as well. It is deeper than that: Humanity is losing interest in a civilization that hails people according to their wallets.

Though policy makers and tycoons are urging people to pick up where they left off two months ago, as they stand to gain the most from the recovery, at our expense(s), this will not happen, not this time. People have changed.

Not only tycoons and policy makers have been given a humbling lesson by the virus, we all have. We’ve all learned how vulnerable we are, how dependent we are on each other for our most basic needs, from health and food to human compassion. We have learned that what really makes us happy is warm families and good friendships, not hot trends and smirking colleagues.

We are learning to be equal. We are realizing that it is more rewarding to complete than to compete, that it is so rewarding to share, to care, and to be free at last from our egoistic selves. By submitting our egos, COVID-19 has given us life.

And as every toddler does, we are taking baby-steps. At times we will stumble, at times we will fall, but our goal must be clear all along: We are learning to unite. If we strive to live in unity, life itself will teach us what we must keep from the past, and what we must cast away. We need not make decisions in advance, just try to bond with one another and see what kind of society emerges, how it caters to its members, rewards its champions, and reproaches its foes.

As our values change, so will our causes for joy and for sorrow. Our aspirations will effortlessly adjust themselves to the new environment, and we will thrive when everyone around us thrives.

Since human bonding will be the ultimate goal of society, we will not be afraid for ourselves, for our children, or for others in our care. We will not need to worry about food, housing, health care, education, friends for our children or friends for ourselves. Simply, we will not need to worry. And the only demand of us will be to do the same good for others as they do for us.

We should fear the virus and tend to our health, but we should also be thankful that it came to our aid. It saved us from killing each other and destroying our planet; it gave us a chance to start over. So in all honesty, I am grateful for the lesson in humility that COVID-19 has given us all.

“The Surprising Way To Come Out Of A Bad Mood” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The Surprising Way to Come Out of a Bad Mood

Many people want to show their pain when they are suffering or in a bad mood, as in, “A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved.” But if you project negative emotions and burden others with your pain because it makes it easier on you, this is simply super selfish. What you should do instead, is put a smile on your face and act as if everything’s fine. If you do that, you will find that you really have come out of your down, since when you put on an act, you become what you’re acting.

For example, think of a mother with her baby. Even under the worst circumstances, she will try to look cheerful for her child. And at the moment she does this, she is emotionally with her child and she really is happy. If she has big problems she will probably fall back down later, but at least for that moment, she came out of herself and felt good precisely because she tried to make someone else feel good.

The only cause of suffering is our ego. Once we rise above it, we do not suffer. My teacher, RABASH, used to laugh at himself when he felt down; he was laughing at his own ego. And once he did that, he was no longer down.

“Living Instead Of Just Making A Living” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Living Instead of Just Making a Living

Could we call the period before the pandemic “life,” or was it just a compulsory race to make a living? This question arises now, as we are forced to rapidly transition to a new state, a new reality. We can make the best of our new beginning if we realize that there are more fulfilling goals in life than chasing passing fads and pointless ambitions.

“This is what is happening with humanity right now. It is going through a phase of growing up, and the push we have received toward it is not easy for us.”

I remember myself as a child, how my parents spoiled me and gave me everything I wanted or needed. Suddenly, at a certain age, they began to pressure me and demand self-discipline in my studies, making sure I lived up to what was required of me. I did not understand what was happening. If they wanted me to be so successful, why didn’t they arrange it? Why was everything on me all of a sudden? I remember how this question troubled me.

It took time for me to be able to gladly accept that my life is divided into two periods: The first one is childhood, when I was under the complete protection of my parents, and the second period, adulthood, during which I needed to stand on my own, no matter how much my parents loved me and wanted the best for me. I had to achieve maturity by myself.

This is what is happening with humanity right now. It is going through a phase of growing up, and the push we have received toward it is not easy for us. It requires that we begin to approach life differently, and we don’t want to. We want to be left alone in our private world and do as we please, just as we have done until today.

If “growing up” in our world means entering the job market, going to bars, and traveling around the world for no real purpose or fulfillment, it is actually the definition of “childhood.” Until now, people have primarily focused on short term goals, on what was in front of their eyes and immediately relevant.

Material gadgets, running from one indulgence to the next, endless competition to outdo others, struggles and wars over dominance, building and tearing down and building once again — these have been our childish games. Suddenly, the moment has come when we, as a global society, are required to lift our eyes from the playground and realize our situation in the larger landscape. What is the purpose of this world where we find ourselves? What is this life? These thoughts are something that we are not accustomed to.

Until today we had expected to live life to its fullest but we tried to achieve this satisfaction artificially, focusing on having a good time without considering our surroundings. We hadn’t paid any attention to the examples that nature’s behavior has given us, which take into account the balance of the whole ecosystem.

The way we have conducted our lives is not real life. We haven’t even begun to grasp what life really means. Adulthood will be reached only when we begin to grow according to nature’s plan, when we begin to measure ourselves according to its rules and characteristics which are integral, connected.

To live life means to understand it, to feel its essence and its goal. Real life is the capability to taste the supreme meaning of our existence, to feel the intricate networks and links within the universe. This is what we can call true life: when we apprehend that everything born or created has a purpose and goal for its existence.

What do we live for? Why were we created? This is something we have yet to discover. It will be revealed when we grow up not only chronologically, but also through our internal discernments. This exercise that nature has given us today with the coronavirus is our first test in growing up, that is, to reveal the meaning of life.

If we want to be smart children, we must understand what life holds in store for us and gladly, enthusiastically, and with great anticipation move toward it. Otherwise, we will experience our exercises in adulthood as suffering. One way or the other, we will have to grow up. The time has come to leave behind the toys of wealth and honor and find the true treasure, the real purpose of life, which exists in cohesive and harmonious relations between us.

“Predators That Heal Their Prey, And What We Can Learn From Supermarkets” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Predators that Heal Their Prey, and What We Can Learn from Supermarkets

With air pollution rising in China to levels that were “normal” in the pre-COVID days, and with countries all over the world celebrating the reopening of their economies, the hope for change that many had nurtured during the clean-air-clear-water lockdown days seems to be fading. But nature has already shown us that it does not want us around the way we were. If we revert to normal, nature will revert to punishments, with a vengeance.

The problem is in our relationships. Nature doesn’t want us not because we eat other animals or emit carbon. It doesn’t want us because we’re mean to one another, and through our atrocities against each other, we are destroying the entire planet.

Humanity, the apex of creation, has harmed creation more than any other creature. In fact, it is the only creature ever to go against its maker: Mother Nature. The coronavirus was the first time nature has shown us that it can hit all of us, anywhere, anytime, if it so chooses. But it did it with compassion. The death toll from COVID-19 is really not much more than that of a seasonal flu, but it scared the living daylight out of us. It was the first time that common folk and state leaders alike stood stumped and helpless before Mother Nature.

Nature sent us a message: I will not tolerate our self-centered wantonness. It will not tolerate our looting and killing, depleting and polluting, poisoning and smothering everything and everyone just so we can be at the top of the heap of debris we have created along the way.

Every other creature but humanity behaves just as it should, and in doing so contributes to the common good. In children’s movies, we often paint cruel faces on predators such as tigers or wolves. But the truth is that these predators prevent overpopulation of their prey and a resulting depletion of their sources of food, and keep their herds healthy and strong by eating the weak and sick.

A wolf will not kill more than one deer or moose at a time. After the kill, it will eat all it needs and will go to rest until the next time it is hungry. Humans are the exact opposite: They kill far more than they need in order to eat, and take pride in killing the strongest and healthiest animals. People don’t kill to eat; they kill to show off their strength.

Let’s take another example. When you go to the dairy section in any modern supermarket, you will find an endless array of cheeses. Twenty, thirty, or forty years ago these cheeses didn’t exist. They only appeared because dairy food makers compete over customers, so they produce an ever growing diversity of foods hoping to get more and more shelf space at the expense of other producers. In the process, more than half of the production is thrown out, the product price spikes, more resources are needlessly extracted from the ground, more animals are mistreated, the air becomes more polluted with emissions of machines and trucks, traffic becomes more congested, and employees of competing companies lose their jobs because their company couldn’t bring their product to the store shelves. Every time we choose one cheese over another, we inadvertently make a lot of people miserable.

The problem is not what we consume, and certainly not that we enjoy good food and other amenities that life has to offer. On the contrary, I’m all for it. The problem is in our relationships. Nature doesn’t want us not because we eat other animals or emit carbon. It doesn’t want us because we’re mean to one another, and through our atrocities against each other, we are destroying the entire planet.

This is why I am putting such an emphasis on education and not on reduction of consumption or other restrictions. They will not help unless we fix the problem where it lies — between us, in our desire to destroy one another.

By forcing us to stay home, the coronavirus forced us to stop competing, and with it, we stopped destroying Earth. If we return to biting at each other’s throats, nature will send another envoy that will set us apart more firmly until we learn the lesson.

Since we are already permitted to congregate and interact, let’s use the break that we were given to start over, to try to be better to each other. Just as our ill-will toward each other sickened the Earth, which then sickened us, our good will toward each other will heal us, then heal the Earth.

With A Mask, I Don’t Recognize You!

laitman_627.1Today we have to face a new perspective of reality, a loss of security due to problems in personal relationships and an unknown future. One of the disturbing factors is the use of masks that people all over the world are wearing now to protect themselves against the coronavirus.

However, the mask changes our communication because a person’s facial expressions convey certain information, they are part of human language that helps us understand who is standing in front of us. If the face is covered with a mask, like with a screen, then others feel unsafe, not knowing to whom they are talking. Will this change the nature of relationships between people?

I think the mask is a good thing because it helps us realize that we do not know the person standing in front of us. It is good that we treat a person as if he is something unknown. After all, I really do not know what he wants, what his intentions are, what he thinks about me.

I need to get to know a person, convince him to open his heart to me. It does not matter if I do not see his face, we know that a smile can be artificial. Instead, let him meet me with an open heart so that I can be sure of his good attitude.

If I treat him well and he treats me well, then we will not be afraid of any virus, and we may not need any masks. The coronavirus is playing with us, and it is very cunning. We are yet to discover it at the human degree, see how it plays with us and takes us through different states. Time after time, it attacks someone nearby, pulls us along, drags us into the jungle of human relationships, qualities, and forms of connections.

We will suddenly realize that the coronavirus is not just a genetic mutation but a factor acting on the human level that requires us to change our relationships. To the extent that our relationships are friendly, we can be in communication with each other.

And if our relationships are bad, then we cannot get closer to each other in any form. You cannot even talk from a distance. I will suddenly feel that I hate everyone and they hate me, and if we want to maintain some kind of connection, we have to change ourselves and become closer and friendlier.

If we want to survive in this world, we must change our relationships to good ones. Otherwise, we will not be able to agree, we will not be able to contact each other. It is not just the mask, I will find myself completely deaf to others, and they are deaf to me.

We cannot do any business together. This will be revealed in a special form, and then I will say that this is not a virus, but an educator, a guide for humanity, which makes sure that we rise to another degree of development: the development of hearts and relationships, to begin to live as one person, one family.

Then we will build new businesses, not like before when everyone was trying to make money at the expense of others. We will not have to put a mask on our face, but a screen on our egoistic desires and connect with each other through it.

The anti-egoistic screen the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about does not just block us, it blocks our egoistic desires and bad attitude toward each other. If we correct our desires in order to think about the benefit of others, we will be able to open our desires in this form and connect with each other.

In this way, we build a new, correct field of connections, which is beautiful and kind, and will lead us to new businesses where everyone helps each other and everyone acts only for the benefit of everyone else instead of thinking about his own benefit and success and competing with each other. We will only build relationships that benefit everyone.

The virus will teach us to work in this way. We will find out what is behind the coronavirus, and if not behind this one, then behind the others that will come after it. All this is in order to educate us and make people out of us. People are not the animal degree we exist at now,  but the created beings who are in good relationships with each other above their egoism.

This transformation will occur due to the limitations and unpleasant blows, through which the virus influences us. After all, it must awaken us, otherwise, we will not pay attention to the changes that need to be made. On the other hand, the wisdom of Kabbalah and Kabbalists will help us by telling us how we should change in order to properly organize our life as grown-up, mature people.
From KabTV’s “World,” 3/12/20

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Fit Into Nature As Its Integral Part

laitman_741.02The impairment of health of every person is an impairment of the balance in the general system that is called Adam because it is built in the image and the likeness of a person.

What does that mean? At the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human levels of nature, there are systems that interact with each other. They are absolutely integral, mutually complement each other, utterly complete, and are intended for human beings to use them correctly and to improve them through faithfully using them for becoming similar to the Creator. Then, through all these systems, he will begin to feel a vast upper world that includes absolutely everything.

In our world, we see integrality at the level of inanimate, vegetative, and, partially animate nature. In human nature, we do not notice this because we ourselves are on this level.

For example, we see how we disrupt the balance of inanimate nature: we emit gases, heat the atmosphere, block rivers, and stop natural processes. In the end, it all backfires on us in the most unpleasant way.

However, nature is intentionally created to be harmonious, so that we fit into it as the highest layer of harmony. However, when human beings begin to interfere with nature with their dirty, clumsy hands, they only cripple it. We constantly break it to suit our egoism and believe that we are doing the right thing, that nature is not a huge whole living organism.

Moreover, its inanimate, vegetative and animate levels are connected with each other and jointly participate in a common integral interaction. And human beings are created in such a way that they would gradually fit into this nature as an integral part of it, studying and supplementing it with their sensible participation.

However, unfortunately, this is not happening because we are egoists, we are originally arranged against the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature. Therefore, with our human egoism, which is higher than these levels, we do not fit into nature, but on the contrary, we begin to break it to suit us.

For many thousands of years, people were doing whatever they wanted with nature. And nature, as an impeccable judge, punishes us. Rather, it does not even punish, but simply compensates for the crude, unreasonable distortions that we bring into it.

Therefore, we can only talk about health by taking into account the entire inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human organism, that is, all of nature, and more or less understanding how it should be in the correct interaction between all its parts, how it can compensate and complement all its levels.

Then, while maintaining our health, we will be able to ascend to higher levels of attainment, adhesion with the vast integral nature.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/15/20

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There Are No Individual Problems, But Common Ones

laitman_943Question: When we pray for the health of others, do we lose something or on the contrary, receive strength and health to pray?

Answer: If I pray for the health of the other, if I’m in the same system with him, then how can I lose something?

When someone in the system where we are all directly connected with each other falls sick, he thereby signals everybody else that the entire system is sick. It is expressed in him as in a particularly sensitive element, which he represents.

But this problem is not his, it is our common problem. No person is responsible for himself, nobody gets sick for himself, and nobody is behaving badly. All of it is expressed only as a result of breaching the general integral human interaction.

What does it mean to pray or to ask? We connect with each other and try to turn to the upper force so that it balances all the negative qualities, phenomena, which are seemingly expressed through some particular person.

But because it is not his, but our common problem, we have a right to pray for him. It is exactly when we compensate for nature and receive a wonderful response. Let’s try and you will see how it works.

That is why we shouldn’t remain indifferent to what is happening around us: “We don’t care what’s happening in Italy. Everything is quiet here!” Such an attitude will only aggravate the condition. This is a horrible reaction!

Hence, we must think about how we can respond to what is happening, especially now, when the integral viciousness of our relationships is being revealed.

Question: Should we pray for the health of people or the correction of the system? And how should we do it correctly without telling the Creator what to do?

Answer: We should ask the Creator to show us how to connect correctly. We don’t need anything else. If we add to it that we wish to unite correctly so as to form a mutual connection that would reveal the Creator within us with the goal of bringing contentment to Him, then we will turn to Him correctly.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/15/20

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A Happy Ending For Humanity

laitman_629.1The coronavirus deprived us of confidence in the future, it is covered in fog. It is not known what will happen to me and my life tomorrow or in a month, what will happen at work and at home.

How can one live in such an unpredictable world? But this unpredictability is due to the fact that we are trying to approach the new world with old egoistic standards, while it is gradually appearing before us like a mirage in the desert.

It is getting closer and closer, but we still cannot see it correctly because we are still treat each other egoistically. It was as if we were walking along a road and suddenly we entered an unknown city where some strange relations between residents that are incomprehensible to us. What surprises us is what happens there.

And this is what we are seeing now. We do not realize that we have entered a new era and nature requires us to have completely new relations according to the law of love your neighbor as yourself, for the unification of people. And we are perplexed at what they want from us, like little children to whom mother says: “Stop fighting, be good children! Why can’t you play together?”

But I can’t, my nature demands quarreling and fighting all the time; this is the only way I feel that this is life. And no matter how much my mother reproaches me, I do not want to listen, and I run away and climb into the fray again. This is today’s humanity.

But how can one convince oneself to change and heal in a new way? After all, as soon as we build a communication network between us based on mutual bestowal, love, and unity, we will immediately see where we are. We suddenly find ourselves in a completely different world that we had not noticed before.

So children run after each other between adults, not paying attention to them as if they were furniture. Children have their own accounts with each other and adults only interfere with them. And suddenly the children grow up and understand that there is new meaning, new relationships, another program, a great and lofty goal, which is also worth striving for. This is the state we are in today.

This is a very important period, and although it manifested itself in the form of an epidemic, it should not harm us. I think that the coronavirus will radically change humanity.

We all ended up in the same condition, and let’s begin to gradually change ourselves from mutual hatred and competition to mutual communication and support. We will begin to relate to life and our world globally and integrally, as nature teaches us, and in this form this story will come to a happy ending for all of us: ourselves and our children.
From KabTV’s “The World,” 3/12/20

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