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“How We Can Stop Substance Abuse” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “How We Can Stop Substance Abuse

Nearly fifty years ago, on June 18, 1971, then president Richard Nixon declared that drug abuse was “public enemy number one.” But half a century later, we can declare that the war on drugs is a lost cause. Drugs are legal almost everywhere, and in some places, even hard drugs are permissible by law. What was once unconscionable is now a given.

If at any point, someone would want to reduce people’s dependence on drugs, there is an easy way to do this: learning about life’s purpose. People’s intuition is correct, their frustration justified. Life has more to it than the years we spend as a protein life-form. Life is eternal, complete, and each element in it is connected to every other element, and man was destined to reveal it all and experience this eternity.

We shouldn’t be surprised that this is so. The legalization of drugs, including hard drugs, has been an ongoing process for several decades. It was the only solution authorities could think of to the growing problem of people’s frustration with the pointlessness in their lives. So, instead of cigarettes, which do not numb people’s minds, but rather help them think, authorities have determined to numb us by delegitimizing cigarettes and legalizing drugs.

And while they’re at it, authorities realized that they could make a fortune off of it, using addicts as a kind of “captive audience,” if you will, to give them a secure income, and hundreds of millions of recreational users to make enormous profits. As a form of lip-service, authorities remind us that using drugs is our own, voluntary choice.

But it isn’t really our own choice. Humanity has been using drugs since time immemorial. Life has always been tough, and drugs have always been a way to make things seem easier and give us some escape from the daily hardships.

The problem is that today’s difficulties are less existential and more emotional. Most people, at least in the developed world, can support themselves on the physical level. However, they do not understand why they need to, what’s the purpose of life? Most people don’t rationalize or verbalize their frustration, but the basic question millions of people ask is something like this: “So OK, I can get by; I have enough to eat, a roof over my head, clothes to wear, and even some money to spend on entertainment. But what is it all for? At the end of the day, why do I pass the time from one day to the next? What will be the final outcome of my life? The time I spent on social media? The countless hours I spent playing games online? What is the real meaning of my life?” Unable to answer this question, many people turn to various forms of escapism such as extreme sports, frantic traveling, workaholism, violence and aggression toward themselves or others, and very often also to substance abuse, legal or illegal.

No prohibition will work when it comes to substance abuse, no penalties, and no war on drugs. After all, you cannot arrest everyone, it’s simply too expensive. Worse yet, the authorities make huge profits out of people’s addictions, so they have no interest in containing drug abuse, as that would cripple their lucrative business.

However, if at any point, someone would want to reduce people’s dependence on drugs, there is an easy way to do this: learning about life’s purpose. People’s intuition is correct, their frustration justified. Life has more to it than the years we spend as a protein life-form. Life is eternal, complete, and each element in it is connected to every other element, and man was destined to reveal it all and experience this eternity.

The cells in our body don’t operate as standalone beings, but as elements of a larger system that is our body. Each cell functions however it needs and for as long as it needs, but the consciousness of the entire body is what determines how cells operate and how long they live. We, too, are elements in the larger system of nature, or reality, and we, too, have a certain role to play, and a certain timeframe to play it out. If we are cognizant of the overall body, of which we are parts, we will not feel our own, finite existence, but the endless existence of the entire body. Our purpose in this life is to shift our awareness from the self-confined awareness of our physical existence to the expansive awareness of all of reality.

If we achieve this, we will have no such problems as frustration with life, depression because we cannot find its meaning, and every other problem related to depression will vanish by itself. In fact, if we begin to think like a complete body rather than as separate cells, all our problems will vanish, not just substance abuse, since we will feel ourselves as one entity and we will cooperate to create the best possible conditions for all of us. When we achieve this, we will stop fighting one another, stop making each other sick, stop abusing one another and all of nature, and we will stop abusing drugs.

It Is Not Enough Just To Love Others

627.1Question: Scientists call oxytocin the love hormone. They believed that it is required mainly during childbirth. Then they realized that this is the main thing in the communication between mother and a child. Then they found that the basis of communication between lovers and friends is oxytocin.

Now scientists at the University of Toledo offer it as an anti-virus. They say that if the virus suppresses the immune system, then the love hormone, on the contrary, raises the immune system. This balance will give a person strength.

Basically, is your treatment based on injecting a person with the love hormone?

Answer: No, it is not about starting to love others. The point is that there is an inner reconstruction. Moreover, it must occur under pressure, at will, with the efforts of the person himself.

Question: As a result, are you against all these medical treatments?

Answer: No, I am not against them! Yes to the treatments! But not to cure a person of hatred. You cannot do it; you will suppress him. The Creator said: “I have created the evil inclination, but I have given the special, upper light against it, which you must apply gradually. You will feel and see how you make a human out of yourself.”

A person must go through all these very difficult states by himself. He must understand why the Creator made him this way.

A person must understand why he was created evil. He should slowly start by not removing this evil from himself, but covering it with good, with the help of the upper influence, the upper light, and getting closer to the Creator. He receives from the Creator the quality of bestowal and love that is opposite of the quality of a person—to receive and hate, which is the natural quality, i.e., the evil inclination in a person. Therefore, advance in such a way.

This is a serious job that a person must do by himself. This is what the Creator gave us to work with. We must create a human out of ourselves, to mold it ourselves.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/22/20

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When Men Cry

284.05Question: Doctors advise us to cry once a week. They say tears relieve psychological stress. When we cry, endorphins, which we lack, are released. Also, they say physical pain is dulled. The body produces enkephalins, which are natural pain relievers.  Sweat and tears help remove harmful toxins from the body, and tears help lower blood pressure. ”

It seems we should cry more often. Can you explain this?

Answer: Definitely. There is a lot in tears, in the very process of crying, in this little inner stress that tears carry.

This is purification. A man cries out.

Question: Does one have to cry to the end, and after that, he is at peace?

Answer: It is not easy. Even more so for men. It happens only sometimes when special exciting actions take place, when you feel that you are revealing something. But these are not women’s tears.

Question: Are men’s tears different from women’s?

Answer: Absolutely. This is where a borderline between men and women becomes clear—a woman cannot cry for male reasons or a man for female reasons. There is nothing to be done here. Therefore, we are two and not a single one. Our tears are different. We have different systems! In a male, it goes through the brain, and in a female through the heart and womb.

In a male, it goes a little through the heart, but mostly through the brain. In a female—through the heart and mainly through the womb. Tears go through these systems, which are called masculine and feminine.

A man cries when he realizes something special and his awareness of this special thing merges with his feelings for it. A woman cries when all this goes through her system. After all, they are completely different people. They are from different worlds!

Question: Then what does the connection of these worlds mean?

Answer: They do not connect. They unite only in the Creator when they rise above themselves in order to reveal their common single root. Only there can they unite, reveal the Creator, and each one truly reveal themselves in the other.

Therefore, there is such a special pull between us, the oppositeness of these genders and so on. This is a very complex system of relationships.

Question: Does the real union appear there—in the Creator?

Answer: In heaven, as they say.

Question: You are not a sentimental person, but when we are talking about your teacher Rabash very often I see how your eyes suddenly moisten and how different you become. Why?

Answer: I cannot do anything about it. Because the root of my soul is in him, that is why I am different.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/28/20

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“No More Sacred Cows” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “No More Sacred Cows

Despite lockdowns, strict guidelines, and new vaccines expected to combat COVID-19, morbidity is constantly intensifying and mortality is at its peak. Regardless of who is in power, world leaders are discovering they are incapable of finding feasible solutions to emerge from the crisis. The impotence to deal with the pandemic and its subsequent effects will eventually exacerbate and exhaust human leadership, reveal its failing and fragile governance, and motivate us to recognize that there are no more sacred cows. The world demands a higher leadership: the leadership of nature.

The threads of connection between the people and their leaders have long been torn, although only now the rift is being fully revealed. Now we can no longer rely on the decrepit and shaky leadership of the past. Instead, we must learn to communicate properly and learn how to support each other. Within this new network of connections, we will create an infrastructure for an entirely new kind of leadership, the supreme power of nature, a power that will raise us from the crisis and help us build a new life.

Nature has its own pace of development which is currently on the fast track due to the pandemic. If we cannot beat nature at its game, we better join it in its trajectory toward a more balanced human society. The systems we have created—family, neighborhoods, cities, societies, and countries—are all based on purely egoistic relationships, on exploitation and competition, on contempt and arrogance. In such systems the spirit of division grows and they are in stark contrast to the form of nature that strives for connection and unity.

The conflict between the laws of society and the laws of nature—the gap between the egoistic and the altruistic—is what led us to the current crisis. This conflict became the tipping point that toppled us into the coronavirus plague on a global scale.

But there is room for subtle optimism. Alongside the sickness and the difficulties, the despair and helplessness, a great new desire is arising; a desire that has always been present but only now emerges in clarity from the harsh grip of the pandemic that is squeezing the breath out of us. The public is beginning to realize that all the paths we have walked throughout history are of no use to us in this difficult time of crisis. Even in all the research and academic knowledge we have accumulated and the sophisticated technology and advanced medicine, there is no lasting benefit. Within the span of a year, the tower of cards we had worked so hard to construct for generations collapsed before our eyes.

The virus that nature has sent us requires us to recognize that nature is spurring us on to the opposite direction from our selfish human calculations, toward a trajectory of complementarity, of support and help, of consideration and solidarity, of concern and mutual guarantee. Such social behavior, which includes choosing values of brotherhood and friendship, strengthens the bonds between us and brings us closer to creating an entirely new social fabric that exemplifies harmony with nature.

If we respond positively to nature’s redirection and strive for a cordial connection, we will discover that we are strengthened by a great connecting force, a supreme power that allows us to overcome contradictions and oppositions, a force that solidifies the human race into a new cohesive unit. And the more we increase love above transgressions and factions, the more we will invite this positive force of nature, the more a unifying source will arise between us that will bring us to higher states.

It is a fruitless hope to expect anything from the government or organizations and politicians to lead toward a positive change. Because the peaks and plateaus they promise us are not in the direction of social unity, their offers are empty and irrelevant.

Although this desire to harmonize with nature as a united humanity is growing gradually and awareness of it is increasing organically, there is still a requirement and duty to proactively focus on and explain extensively the program and evolution of nature. Otherwise, our growing egotistical tendency threatens to continue to pull us apart while we trample on others.

We do not need connection for the sake of control, nor do we need separation in order to govern, but what we need is a type of connection whose purpose is mutual complementation in order to create a sense of equality. This equality we will build is not equality that flattens everyone, but equality that empowers through differences, one that respects every individual’s desires and singularities, yet wisely complements them and shapes them into patterns of connection similar to the trends observed in nature.

The threads of connection between the people and their leaders have long been torn, although only now the rift is being fully revealed. Now we can no longer rely on the decrepit and shaky leadership of the past. Instead, we must learn to communicate properly and learn how to support each other. Within this new network of connections, we will create an infrastructure for an entirely new kind of leadership, the supreme power of nature, a power that will raise us from the crisis and help us build a new life.

The Coronavirus Tango

627.1In the News (Gazeta.ru): Journalist and psychologist Alla Bogolepova wrote, “Tired. You see, there is simply no strength. I hear this from friends and acquaintances. I read this on social media. I see it in the eyes of others—because only our eyes are now visible, the faces are covered with masks. I can see it in the mirror. Endless, hopeless, terrible fatigue. Such faces are found in other deep old people, in whose life there is nothing left to hold on to. …

“What are we so tired of, because we have been living for a full month already, having dropped the speed to a minimum. Having done what psychologists have been talking about for so long: they say, do not slow down – burnout will come, you will not want anything at all. The scourge, so to speak, of modern society. Well, they’ve slowed down. On a global scale.

“The race for a career, money, impressions is over. And instead of enlightenment, on a global scale again—powerlessness and a feeling of complete hopelessness. What’s wrong with you, man? What are you missing again?

What are we so tired of? We live at half-strength, reducing speed to a minimum. The race for career, money, and impressions is over. Impotence, a sense of utter hopelessness. There is no tomorrow in the world anymore. Tomorrow causes only fear. …

“The virus of impotence – and its triumphant march – is just beginning. With him, of course, you can fight. But only there is no strength. You see, there is simply no strength.”

Question: She is accurately reflecting the opinion of many people. This is practically the mood of the world. Can we live with that?

Answer: The mask on the face covers the mouth. It is like a gag in your mouth. It means a lot. Psychologically, it simply means shut up! After all, we still look at a person’s mouth. We talk.

Today we see that a very serious communication device was taken from us: we must not just breathe through a mask but speak through a mask. In general, this is a very difficult state.

It not only covers half of the face, but it also closes people off from each other. They used to communicate at least in some way. It was customary to communicate normally. It does not matter what would be said to each other or what level the communication was, but today we do not have this.

People rush out to demonstrations, tear off their masks. It is like climbing the barricades. And they are ready to be infected but not in such a situation that they must put a mask. It is practically an iron mask. It shuts you off.

What will come out of this? I think we are being brought closer to a different kind of communication. It will not be non-verbal; it will be the same but much more explicit, sensuous, and truthful than before. That is, chattering will stop.

We will dedicate more time, more attention, and more feelings to words—what we say to others and what others say to us. We will want to put a little more of our heart into it.

Then we will feel that in fact this virus, this mask raises us to a completely different level of communication: sensory, more open, heartfelt. I hope this is the way it will be.

Question: This is a very interesting conclusion. Do you think that our chatter, our empty talk, is as if blocked for us now so that we digest all this and start saying real words?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What will these words be?

Answer: More measured, more heartfelt, more important. We will learn not to talk a lot as we have been doing all this time. In recent decades, it has been a continuous noise and dirty noise at that. Such muddy water, if you can call it water.

We will begin to say necessary, relevant words. That is what I think. That is how it seems to me. I would like to believe that people will devote more time to internal communication. That is, to convey in words what is really necessary to convey from person to person, a greater respect, a greater connection. The virus has a lot to teach us.

Question: Maybe we will start talking about true love?

Answer: No, I think the time has not come for that yet. We must realize all this within ourselves. We have to go through a lot of states: the revelation of the truth, the truth in us, what we want from ourselves, from others, what we would like to see in people in our lives, in humanity.

Question: It is as if we had set up an obstacle that made us turn our eyes inward. What will we see there?

Answer: We will see that we are vicious, egoistic, generally terrible creatures inside. Yet, if we want to correct ourselves, we will suddenly see that the virus will leave and we can talk. But how can we determine that the virus will go away as soon as we want to talk only about good topics?

Question: And the virus will return as soon as we go back to that garbage, to empty words?

Answer: Yes, long enough to teach us.

Question: I wonder if there could be such a tango with the virus? Or is no such direct comparison possible?

Answer: It would be nice. I think it is possible, of course, but it all depends on our states, on our sensitivity.

Question: Do you think that if there is no strength now, then there is no strength to speak about this emptiness, no strength to live without a purpose?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And what will the purpose be? Alla Bogolepova writes that “without a future we are like cars without fuel—we stand still and become covered with rust. Powerless, helpless, unnecessary even to themselves.”

Answer: There is a motivation to get closer to each other, to start feeling the effectiveness of life, not in opposition, not in competition, not in dominating, rising up and pushing others, but in doing something for others, for the sake of others, to create something, to build something, together with others, to create something new between us. Then there will be energy and a sparkle in the eyes, a new kind of communication that will come from the connection between us.

Question: Will this entire competitive world change then?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Remark: What about all the sporting events, first places, Nobel prizes, Oscars, Grammys, and everything else?

Answer: No one will be receiving them. Everyone will turn their back on them.

Question: Does it mean that I will not want to get a medal for first place?

Answer: No. There will be nothing like that. People will think about how to create connection and build a close network of communication between them. This is a completely different world.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 10/26/20

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The Whole World Toward The Challenge Of Nature

259.02Question: How can humanity rise to the challenge of nature that it now faces? It is clear that everyone makes a decision about themselves. Doctors go to hospitals to save lives. Scientists are developing vaccines. How can this happen to all of humanity?

Answer: Only if there really is a huge problem that absolutely all people on Earth face, and everyone will feel their complete dependence on some upper threat, then, quite possibly, all the people of the world will stand up and unite with each other to overcome this threat. That would be great!

In the meantime, I do not see that. Everything depends on the appearance of a universal external threat. Even if something rumbles somewhere, such as the tsunami in Japan or the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, then the rest may not know about it. We need for something so extreme to happen that everyone on Earth will shudder and begin to think about what to do with our lives.

Question: Does the feeling of such a problem carry within itself some force of connecting people? Maybe it will be some kind of psychological shift, a psychological shake-up?

Answer: No. I think that something very serious must happen, like, say, a worldwide earthquake, so that the Earth is properly shaken. Then there will be a need to unite in the face of an external global threat.

Even the fall of a meteorite would not be able to bring such fear to humanity, because only some part of the Earth would be damaged by it. If an entire continent goes under water, it is not a loss for all of humanity. It is necessary for everyone to experience the horror of loss to such an extent that it will be ready to act correctly after that.

I have seen such people who have been released from Soviet prisons. They were saying, “Just bread and water, that’s all we need. We are ready to live like this all the time: work, bread, and water. And if we will have a family, and a plate of soup with bread and water, then it is paradise.” This is the shock that everyone must experience in order to have the opportunity to correct humanity. A person is softened by suffering.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 1/12/21

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What Did 2020 Want To Tell Us?

963.6Comment: The well-known and respected Time magazine dedicated a cover to 2020 and called it “The Worst Year Ever.”

The cover displayed the number “2020” in black with a huge “X”  drawn in red marker crossing it out to illustrate the feature story “2020 The Worst Year Ever.”   In it, the author wrote: “The rest of us have had no training wheels for this–for the recurrence of natural disasters that confirm just how much we have betrayed nature; for an election contested on the basis of fantasy; for a virus that originated, possibly, with a bat only to upend the lives of virtually everyone on the planet and end the lives of roughly 1.5 million people around the world.”

In other words, let’s cross out this year, exclude it from the history of mankind, this worst year ever.

My Response: 🙂 People do not understand. They do not understand that it is nature that plays with man, but man plays the trumpet.

Comment: This year has fallen on us heavily…the virus!

My Response: The Coronavirus, nature reacts to our interference with it, which is simply no longer acceptable

Question: So we messed it up so much that it now…?

Answer: Of course! We are in a huge, closed system of nature. Scientists talk about it. Time magazine reports that this year has been so bad. The magazine has to sell, I understand. But in fact, this is not how it should be presented to humanity.

We must seriously explain to people where we are, in what kind of system, a closed system of nature! These are laws! If we break them even by one iota, they give a reaction.

Comment: But nobody told me this is a law.

My Response: Go back to school and learn. Create other subjects in school so that you are not taught any “isms” but taught seriously—biology, zoology, botany, natural science, physics, chemistry, and so on—so that it will be explained that we exist in a system in which everything is very clearly and rigidly connected.

The fact that Time magazine is outraged, just shows that there are idiots sitting there. I am completely serious. Why can’t they open this magazine for educational purposes: “Guys, we are here…you know, we were lost.”

Comment: Let’s look at this year. Let’s not cross it out. I have a feeling that this for you is the best year in the history of mankind.

My Response: A wonderful year! This is the year of change! This is the first year in which nature shows us in a more open way than before how it reacts to our impossible-to-endure-further distortions in its system.

Question: Would you put another article there?

Answer: Of course! They do not understand that their task is to teach people how to react correctly and change humanity.

I would say this about the outcome of this year: in all the billions of years of the universe and millions of years of humanity, there has never been a better year than the last year that is ending.

This is the first year when the Creator shows Himself to us more clearly. The Creator means nature, the system of nature. When it shows itself more clearly and says: “My children, if you continue to behave like this, I will have to teach you like a loving mother who has no other choice. I will punish you, beat you, and at the same time help you, show you what to do and how to do it.

But I have no other choice because you do not perceive it in a good way. Why? Well, look at what you write back to me. Your representative, the media, look at what they are doing, how they express my attitude—the attitude of nature!” I speak on behalf of nature.

My attitude to humanity, to you, to everyone. Look how they say we are not happy with nature, that what it has been doing to us lately is the worst thing that could have happened to us. Is this called a loving mother? It is like a child stomping his feet and yelling: “Bad mom!”

And nature has no other choice. It has only one condition: to lead us to the best result. Like a mother. She wants the child to succeed in his life. She will have to somehow push him, help him, and, at the same, time twist him and try to get him into this system, into this format from which he will get the best result.

We must sympathize with nature, the Creator, what a hard job He has with such children!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/10/20

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Euthanasia, Surrogacy, Cloning

294.1Question: Euthanasia, terminating the life of suffering patients, is a serious problem in medical ethics. How do you feel about it?

Answer: Although it is very important that a person dies a natural death, if we see that his suffering is inevitable and pointless, then we must do something to alleviate it.

Question: Surrogacy gives an infertile family a chance to have a child. But by doing so, the child becomes a commodity, and surrogate motherhood becomes a good, well-paid job. How do you see it from the moral point of view?

Answer: I cannot say whether to practice it or not. Such issues are decided only by society. I believe that if we correct a person, then all these options will take on a completely different form.

Question: Today, there are many controversial views on cloning. Here too, there is an ethical question. Cloning is prohibited in the USA and Japan. What is your opinion?

Answer: First of all, we need to look inside ourselves and understand what it is needed for and where it leads. If we figure out that cloning goes according to the plan of creation, then of course, we can use it.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/9/20

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The Placebo Secret

549.02Question: Do most doctors not take the placebo effect seriously?

Answer: They simply think that it does help, but there is a psychological component in every medicine in the treatment of the patient. They do not want to emphasize this connection in particular because it will oblige them to relate to the patient properly. It requires a lot of patience from them and the right attitude toward the patient.

Like: “My friend, why do you feel this way? Something is wrong. But in fact, it is not so. Stress? You have no stress. Let me hold your hand, look, everything calms down.” Etc. Do you understand how much nervous energy costs?!

So, they prefer to resort to chemistry: 10, 20, 30 milligrams several times a day and before going to sleep and that is it, all the best! This way they can treat 100 patients on their shift.

The psychological component is especially important because it is about human beings and not just a chemical machine to which you can add a few milligrams of a certain substance and it is ready, fixed.

I believe that in addition to our physicians, we also need different doctors, which you may call psychologists. Yet it is not even a psychologist, but a doctor who truly heals people, not the body, but the human being.

Question: Then, according to what you say, as a person is balanced, then the diseases disappear?

Answer: Yes. I am sure that 99% of our medications are useless, and that we do not need them. If I want to maintain myself properly, all my bodily functions can actually be balanced by the right attitude toward me and through me toward the world. If they teach me to do it.

Mens sana in corpore sano, which means, a healthy mind in a healthy body.

How can we do that? If we try to attain the right connection between us in small groups, so that a person will be balanced with others, then, of course. the body, which is the next level, the lowest level of his being, will respond to that and he will begin to heal. There is no doubt about that!

But in order to attain this, we need experts who have been prepared for this. Doctors will not help us attain this.

Question: Do you believe that it works and that in principle one can be healed?

Answer: Yes, there is no doubt about it! But it is a problem, as the saying goes, there is no going back to the caves since there are too many of us now. So, we need to follow a different path, the path of the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/27/18

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The Magic Wand Of The Jews

632.2Question: I am amazed at this great screenwriter—the Creator.

Just now as we have created a vaccine, bam, there is a new kind of virus in England. At exactly the same time! London is in lock-down, flights are cancelled. Israel and other European countries are not accepting incoming flights. Panic is gripping Europe that this virus will jump over to them. Boris Johnson announced that the country is under quarantine.

Tell me, please, how much longer will this go on? At the very moment we seem to have found some kind of an antivirus, this happens!

Answer: You are not after the right thing. Seriously! This is the problem of humanity. It tries to get rid of what it is faced with. Meaning, it wants to fight not with the root cause but with the consequences.

And if you only deal with the consequences, you will have newer and newer ones emerging until you reach the root cause. And you will find yourself facing a wall and all that will be left to do is to scream. To scream for your own correction. It is not the world or some external virus that needs to be fixed, but the virus in you.

Question: If I scream: “Tell me what I should do!” Is this already a big step in the right direction?

Answer: Yes. Besides, we all know that the virus is in us. This virus is called “human egoism.” Once we get rid of it, there will be no more problems.

Comment: This is something that only you and maybe a few more scientists know.

My Response: That is the problem. This means humanity will continue to receive blows.

Question: Is it for it to come to realization that the virus is inside of us, that it is our egoism?

Answer: Yes. Unfortunately, you cannot do anything else here.

Comment: For now, doctors are comforting us: “It is OK, we will come up with an antivirus.”

My Response: The doctors represent those who point us in some other direction instead of showing us the root cause of all the problems.

Comment: But they do not know.

My Response: This is the problem. Nobody in the world knows anything, but they think they know and keep confusing each other.

Question: So, what is going to happen? Let’s say we find a way to control this with some antivirus. But it will pop up in Brazil, then in Argentina, in Russia, and on and on. Are these “boils” going to keep erupting all over the “body”?

Answer: Yes. Until it gets to Israel!

Question: Do you believe that, one way or another, Israel must be the first to arrive at the root of all these problems?

Answer: I believe that all the peoples of the world must realize that if Israel wants this virus to disappear, then it must make it so that it disappears, which means that everyone should unite together. And if the Jews unite, then automatically all the other peoples of the world will unite in this. Join them! Nobody will be against this kind of vaccine if it is done in Israel!

Question: By vaccine do you mean connection?

Answer: Unification! Nobody in the world will oppose it! It will be like waving a magic wand because the conductor is standing there—at the top.

Question: The screenwriter?

Answer: Yes. As soon as it becomes revealed in the world and as soon as the nations of the world force Israel to do so, then this feedback passes from the nations of the world to Israel, it will happen!

The points of connection will be revealed. Just like the spikes this virus has, that is how everything will be locked in together like cogwheels, and everything will be fine.

Question: Is this for every Israeli, every Jew?

Answer: And everyone else also.

Question: Will the whole world become locked in together and the machine will start working?

Answer: Nothing else is needed—only to become locked in together! Then all this will instantly manifest itself as a single mechanism.

We cannot even imagine how our unity will start changing everything on the global scale. Everything will start to change: stars, galaxies, nebulas. It is merely inanimate matter! It is on a level below us.

Question: Will humanity start changing also?

Answer: As we begin to aspire toward each other, everything around us will begin to change. The picture of the world, the depiction of the starry sky, and we will witness how this is happening. This all is yet to come.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/21/20

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