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“The Impact Of The Media On Us – A Depressing Story” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The Impact of the Media on Us – a Depressing Story

An extensive survey concerning depression released by the Oxford University research center Our World in Data shows that depression is a very complicated condition. According to the editors of the survey, “people with depression experience different symptoms, with different levels of severity, at different times in their lives, with episodes that last different lengths of time.” Worse yet, even people who are not diagnosed with depression suffer from symptoms of depression. Still worse, the survey found that depression is an umbrella condition that contains subtypes, and that in general, more people suffer from depression or its symptoms than those who do not.

While the survey is important in that it illustrates the pervasiveness of depression, it does not answer, or even attempt to answer the most important question: Why is there depression?

The more we develop from generation to generation, the more we get to know the world we live in and the pressures it puts on us. As a result, we are becoming depressed. For its part, the media, which could have portrayed a balanced picture of the world, chooses instead to exacerbate our depression by emphasizing the negative and distressing in the world. By exploiting our weakness and vulnerability, they are deepening our depression.

The bad news that media outlets constantly present is not the only news worth knowing. Moreover, if all that they present is malice, violence, and fraudulence, without offering any solutions to these social ailments, what hope do they leave for the viewers? They are educating us to hate, distrust, and isolate ourselves from others. Is it a wonder that in such a state we are depressed?

The media, through all its channels, is humanity’s primary educator. It molds us and shapes us however it wishes by showing us or hiding from us whatever it chooses according to its interests. Therefore, what is happening in humanity today is first and foremost a direct result of the actions of the media.

We should not delude ourselves. The news we see, the stories we read and watch, and the information that percolates into our phones and computers are all monitored and manipulated to make us feel miserable, and helpless. By doing so, the media tighten their grip on us, and this is what they really want.

When we are depressed, we buy more stuff in order to compensate for our dejection. When we are depressed, we take medications, drugs, and do things to alleviate the gloom. These actions that we take bring them a lot of money, a lot of power, and make us dependent on them, which is what they want.

People can be happy only when they are hopeful. If they know that tomorrow will be better than today, that their children will have a better, easier, wealthier, healthier life than theirs, then they have reasons for optimism and joy.

Regrettably, the media reflects our nature, our egotistical disposition, as it is written, “The inclination of a man’s heart is evil from his youth” (Gen. 8:21). As long as we are wicked from within, we will not create media channels that give us hope.

Since we are rotten from within, since we want power, money, and all the things we blame on the media, then even if we ruined them and built new media channels instead, they would end up being the same as the ones we have today. In the end, it is not their fault that they are like that; they only reflect our inner selves.

To really change the media, we must change ourselves. We must create alternative educational channels that will create hope by encouraging care and mutual responsibility, and will strengthen our communities.

If we foster cohesion and solidarity within our communities and towns, we will be able to offset the negative influence of the media and change ourselves from within. If we change, the media will have no choice but to follow suit. After all, they are dependent on our views no less than we are influenced by their messages. If the messages we are willing to absorb are positive ones, these are the messages they will show us, these are the news we will receive on our devices, and as a result, all of reality will change for the better.

The Power Of A Glance

284Question: In our world, if someone looks back at you, you feel it because there is power in the gaze that comes from one’s eyes. What is this force?

Answer: A person emanates strength with every organ of his body but especially with his eyes. With the help of a glance, we can control and influence animals and people around us. “The evil eye” is not said in vain.

Question: Belief in the evil eye is one of the most common phenomena. What is your attitude toward it and can you give advice on how to protect yourself?

Answer: Undoubtedly the evil eye exists. I talked about this with Rabash and he said the same thing. How to protect yourself? Only by good deeds. No one can harm a person if he is truly kind to others.

Question: Why is it so hard and unpleasant to look a person in the eye?

Answer: You cannot look someone in the eye for a long time because it demands you to clearly express yourself in relation to him. And nobody wants that.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 9/10/21

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How To Survive The Loss Of A Loved One

961.2Question: There is a letter from a person close to you and me. He writes: “My wife and I lived for many long and happy years, then she got cancer and fought for life for two years. At some point we thought we had won, but cancer is such an insidious disease, it lurked and then struck with renewed force. My wife was no longer moving after chemotherapy, she kept asking, ‘Do I deserve this?’ And I want to ask you, dear Michael Laitman: why did He create us to be such sentient creations? Why didn’t He give us power over our feelings?”

Answer: He has given us power over feelings, but only if we gain this power for a purpose higher than just feeling. This is when you will rise above your feelings and control them, not turning them off with painkillers or drugs, but when you can use your feelings in the right way. Fear and pain and all other unpleasant sensations are given to us for this purpose.

Question: And we need to go through these states that he went through when he saw how his wife was suffering?

Answer: And this also needs to be passed. And we will still, unfortunately, observe all this on everyone around us, and we will be among them ourselves.

We will not be able to turn off our feelings in any way, we just have to learn how to manage them properly.

Now humanity is slowly approaching the state when it will see global cataclysms that are coming closer and ready to crash on us and are already falling on a part of humanity. And those who have not yet fallen under this wave see what is happening and have to change themselves quickly, to become in complete harmony with nature, that is, to rise above their egoism, to get closer to others, and just “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Question: You are practically saying what humanity is going to face. And I want to ask: at that moment when a loved one is suffering in front of me?

Answer: It is too late. We still have to do something, try to still fight this wave of grief, illness, pain, and so on and so forth. But in principle, we need to act prior to all of this happening.

At least, bow your head down and do everything based on the fact that it comes from above, and you, in general, agree with this upper judgment.

Comment: That the loved one has been taken away from you? It is not easy.

My Response: This is a tragedy! This is a disaster! Especially people who have lived together and lived for many years. It is incredible! It is easier to die yourself!

Comment: Yes, that is the feeling he had: “I would prefer so that it would have come to me! Why did she have to suffer?!”

My Response: Yes. But it won’t help. This is the easiest solution.

Question: What is the main solution at this moment?

Answer: Bow your head down and do whatever you need to do. Fully agree with the upper force that does this to us, and try to annul yourself in this state so much that you agree to accept everything.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/12/21

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Elixir Of Youth

715A Harvard University biologist claims that he has invented the elixir of youth, which reprograms the genetic program, stops aging, and even turns back time, causing grey hair to darken and wrinkles to smooth out. Experiments have already been conducted on mice and human trials are planned soon.

I, however, think that it is impossible to go back in time and there is no need to do that. We should live as long as we are supposed to and enjoy our destiny. Let the upper force control your life. It is risky to transfer this power into the hands of a person. Maybe he can do it with mice, but I do not want to be a lab rat.

There are people who dream of being forever young. But I do not want to be a child because everything has its time. Today I am 75 years old, and I want to continue for as long as the Creator gives me the strength and to end my life when the time comes.

No one prevents you from enjoying life like a child at any age. Cheerfulness does not depend on physical strength, but only on the inner harmony in a person between himself and the essence of life. If I agree with what is happening to me, then I calmly follow the flow of life, realizing that it will continue until its period expires.

Of course this life will end one day, and I do not regret anything. Agreeing is the key to a harmonious life because it gives a connection with the upper force, with nature, the only thing that determines my life.

Nature has arranged it so that we begin life full of energy and we gradually lose it toward the end. After all each stage has ascents and descents, but a person is given the mind and feelings in order to examine and understand what the Creator did and what He left for us to do by ourselves. The more I understand about life, the more I agree with the Creator.

The source of youth is in the heart of a person. Feel young and do not give in to old age. There is no such stage in life when it starts going downhill; life always goes up.
From “KabTV’s Look from the Inside” 10/4/21

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Why Are People Not Afraid To Live In Chernobyl?

720Question: When the Chernobyl disaster happened, people were evacuated. People vanished from there, and suddenly, sometime later, nature began to recover.

Animals that had not been there for 100 years returned to this place. And so everything turned out good, beautiful. But there is also a tendency for people to begin to return to the exclusion zone, although this is not allowed.

And around the zone, 20-30 kilometers, houses are starting to fill up. People are leaving their lives in this world and returning to where there is radiation, radioactive water. Mushrooms are picked and pickled, they grow their own cucumbers and have their own gardens. And that’s it!

They are asked: “Why did you come here?” They say: “This life, this silence, this forest is much better than what is out there. I want to be here.” Someone says: “I want to die in the village where I was born.” And recently there was an interview with young girls, they said: “We go to the forest and listen to the silence.”

What is it all of a sudden? Why aren’t they afraid?

Answer: People are tired of being afraid. They want to end it already, and that’s it! A person does not want to be under the yoke of fear, it humiliates him! It overwhelms him. In other words: “Who am I actually, that I have to be a slave all the time to who knows what conditions, to some kind of forces? I would understand if it came from heaven, but when all sorts of ministries and bureaucrats dictate that to me. They themselves steal, they themselves do not know what they are doing!! From day to day, all sorts of intrigues and everything else are revealed. I do not want to obey these people! ”

Comment: That’s interesting! A person leaves to where there are no pharmacies or hospitals.

My Response: You don’t need anything. We will eat what we have and live as we are.

Comment: And they live. The old woman is 84 years old, close to 90. There are such powerful interviews with them!

My Response: And they will still live; that’s what is interesting!

Question: Is it possible to live under conditions where there is radiation?

Answer: I am not an expert and I do not want to be an expert, but it seems to me that a person can do anything! He can go inside and outside of a reactor, and nothing will happen to him. It all depends on his inner preparation, on the strength that is in him.

Question: What strength must be in him in order to live in conditions in which it is impossible to live?

Answer: He must be above his animal nature. And that’s what they decide. These simple grandmothers say: “We will be here. This is dear to us. I want this life.” And that protects them.

Comment: Of course, it sounds like a fantasy that a person can even be in places with high radiation.

My Response: And we will see in a couple of years. And so it will be. A person can do anything. Absolutely everything. He can be in outer space without a spacesuit.

Question: It depends only on his inner intention?

Answer: Yes!

Question: What should the intention be?

Answer: If he does not think about his animal part, he can be everywhere. As they say about Abraham, who entered the “Kivshan Haesh,” into the oven.

There is no limit to our ability if we wish to rise above our animal nature.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/14/21

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Five Postulates Of Healing

631.1Question: I have a close friend, and your student, Yura. His brother, Misha, was a healthy, joyful, wonderful guy. And suddenly, at some point, he contracted a disease called Charcot’s disease, a muscle-atrophy. It leads to paralysis, subsequent muscle atrophy, and is considered an incurable disease.

Naturally, this was not easy for Misha. At some point, a man came who had recovered from the last stage of multiple sclerosis. He was given a year to live. The man said to Misha: “Look at me. I will come over for free, and will do everything for free. I will be with you almost all the time, but you must agree to five conditions. And then I will tell you five actions.” Misha readily agreed.

I would love it if you could tell me why these conditions work.

His first condition to Misha was this: “From now on, Misha, you are not sick with this disease but recovering from it.” Is there a prayer when a person enters such a state?

Answer: Of course. The inner confidence that he is moving forward. He is not giving in to this disease.

Question: Does this prayer reach all the way up?

Answer: The inner confidence of a person. Sure. What a person thinks is where he is.

Comment: The second condition. He said: “You, Misha, should stop reading about the disease. Do not watch the news, look at Facebook, or patient forums. Enter another environment.”

My Response: That’s right. It’s the same thing, a continuation of the same idea. It is said very simply: “You are where your thoughts are.”

Comment: Third: “Live for today only. There is no yesterday, no tomorrow, but only today, as if this is your only day.”

My Response: Yes. This happens when one is happy. When we are happy, we do not think about the past or the future. We live in the present, and that’s it. It consumes me. It fills me up. Nirvana.

Comment: The fourth. “If something that you must do is hard for you, do it twice.”

My Response: This is good exercise.

Comment: Then he said: “You must have consistency, determination and perseverance. That’s what you have to develop in yourself.” These are the five conditions.

Misha, of course, said: “Yes.” They shook hands. And he said: “Then you must do five actions.”

I would love for you to comment on them. “Every morning, upon getting up, regardless of the state of your mood or health, smile and thank the Creator, the universe, out loud. Mechanically at first. Then, once you get used to it, it will pass through your heart.”

My Response: This is definitely healing.

Question: But if a person does this mechanically. How so?!

Answer: It doesn’t matter! He forces himself.

Question: And if he does not believe in anyone or anything?

Answer: It doesn’t matter. He tries to tune into the utmost positivity.

Question: So he should say: “I thank you, Universe, Nature, the Creator”?

Answer: Yes. It doesn’t matter what you call it. It is all the Creator in whom we exist.

Question: And how to thank?

Answer: “I’m joyful at being able to think about You.” And that’s all, nothing more.

Question: And if the thought creeps in that I am so unhappy, so broken?

Answer: Then come back to the same thought of gratitude again.

Question: And do so all the time? As if I’m training my muscles?

Answer: Yes. Sure. This can be trained.

Question: What is this muscle called? What is this? A spiritual muscle?

Answer: This is the intention.

Comment: Then he said: “Up to half an hour do breathing exercises, exercises of diaphragm breathing.” Why are so many people talking about it? Do these breathing exercises work?

My Response: They affect the whole body. Breathing is a muscular or bodily exercise, the closest to the spiritual. At the same time, a person with the help of breathing totally changes the entire physiology, everything that happens in his body. Proper breathing affects everything.

Comment: Third: “Do at least one conscious, kind action toward someone.”

My Response: Yes. This helps and gives you direction for the whole day. It’s good to start the day.

Comment: Fourth: “Do at least 20 minutes of walking outside the house.” And the fifth: “Do at least half an hour of study. Study, learn something new, preferably get into some science.” Constantly engage in something new.

My Response: Yes.

Comment: Can you imagine, some man comes over who had barely any time left to live, sits there in front of Misha, absolutely healthy, and introduces this program to him.

The most interesting thing is that he says: “If you stop doing this—he feels so himself—you will become sick again.” This is his feeling.

He also said for the future: “The most difficult moment in healing will be when you already feel good and will have to find the strength to continue doing it anyway.”

My Response: True.

Question: What would you advise people who want to come out of such states when they are told that it is almost impossible to come out of it, that it is incurable?

Answer: Kabbalah replaces all this with a single intention of generating good thoughts toward everyone. That’s all. To constantly have good thoughts toward all people! This is how you heal yourself.

Question: Can someone who’s suffering or sick do this?

Answer: I think these are the people who need it the most. But if everyone could, we would have a healthy world.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/12/20

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Will Men Give Birth?

961.2 Comment: Chinese scientists in Shanghai conducted experiments on rats in which they transplanted uteruses into males and fertilized them, making them give birth. As a result, ten pups were born. They were born by caesarean section, of course.

They lived to adulthood, were able to reproduce, and didn’t face any serious diseases. Thus, an animal model of male pregnancy in mammals was created. There is such a phenomenon in the world, but it is very rare: seahorses bear offspring, and so on. But this is a rare case. Now they have proven that, roughly speaking, males can also give birth (Global Times, “Chinese scientists help male rat give birth to 10 healthy cubs for first time”).

Question: I am now interested to know what they are alluding to in general? What are all these experiments being conducted for?

Answer: I don’t see any point to it. In any case, it will not result in anything good. It will end up with a bad outcome. Because the male body differs from the female body in every cell. Do you understand? Every cell!

Therefore, to take an organ from a woman and transplant it into a man, it’s against nature. So it will never have a good outcome in the end. Somewhere along the way, maybe not right away, not in the first, but in the second or third generation, something bad will come from it. In any case, nature will not tolerate any perversion done to it.

You’re dealing with psychology, the whole body, the nerve endings, head, thorax, everything. And how are they nursed?

Are the nipples also transplanted? What about milk? The whole body is entirely involved!

We are not even talking about psychology. How the Torah treats a man and a woman differently.

Comment: Two opposites who are forced to live together.

My Response: They have to live together with each other, precisely because they are so different. And only in this way can they connect, unite, and give birth to the following generations.

Question: Because they are so different and opposite is that why? And were they not opposite, they would not connect?

Answer: No.

Question: What is the purpose of connecting all these opposites, opposing poles, completely different creatures? Why do they need to be pressured to be together if they are so different?

Answer: For them to create a system between them that resembles the Creator.

Question: And in this case it is called a real family?

Answer: Yes, “A man and a woman—and the Creator between them.”

Comment: So, maternity leave for a man. Not promising, no matter how much he wants it.

My Response: Would anyone really agree to undergo such an experiment? This is terrible!

Question: Such an experiment. So, is all this happening for the sake of science, for the sake of checking some box?

Answer: Of course. We can’t even imagine what a psychological and mental restructuring this entails. Everything, everything, everything changes.

Because the way a woman thinks and the way a man thinks is not comparable in any way or compatible. Only in the voluntary connection above them, in the desire to unite in spite of their differences, do they begin to build something in common. Love, family, and so on, otherwise, the way life produced beings, male and female, led them to create their offspring in this particular way, precisely from the fact that they appear as extremely opposite of each other.

Then they nevertheless join together, raise offspring, and so on. And look how this offspring depends on the connection between these two types. And the more these species are developed, the greater the distance between them: psychological, physiological, and so forth.

Question: So, the more developed a man and a woman become, the more complex the connection?

Answer: Of course. Not like with rats. It’s all very, very complex, and we don’t understand anything about it yet.

Comment: So we can’t defeat nature. We really want to defeat it, but we cannot.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/8/21

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Money Cannot Buy Love

292We cannot conquer nature. Nature has brought us to a special stage of development, and we must fulfill its demand to get closer to each other, to be more united as one nation, and end all disputes. If we do not do that, it will get even worse than it is now. I warned at the very beginning of the pandemic that it will not end quickly,  three years, five years, it will last for years.

Until we fulfill the law of nature that requires us to truly connect as one person with one heart, we will not be able to be healthy and free. The restrictions that we now feel from nature show us that we are not allowed to come close to one another because of our bad attitude toward each other.

The distance between us cannot be less than two meters, which is a reflection of my attitude to others. I do not want to feel them any closer and this feeling is now being broadcast into the distance between us.

Do you want to live without physical restrictions? Then cancel the internal restrictions. Try to be closer to each other, eliminate all quarrels and disputes among the people of Israel, and you will see that the pandemic will immediately subside. It would seem that there is no connection between our relationship and the virus. But this is how it works.

If we do not do this, we will spend millions of shekels and dollars more on medicines and vaccinations, but the problems will grow bigger and we will not be able to get rid of them. We want to be bailed with money just not to change our hearts. But this will not work. Money cannot buy love. And it is a great closeness and love that is required of us.

Of course, love is not given for free. It must be earned. However, this is an eternal acquisition, the most reliable action that guarantees us health, strength, peace, serenity, and lifts us above life and death. There is nothing stronger than love; it is the upper force.

Yet, we are not ready to trouble our hearts with love and instead try to cover it in hope of finding peace. But there is no way out. We will only prolong our suffering for a few more years until we become smarter. The Creator will not abandon his plans. He will persistently and tirelessly force us to love others as ourselves.

It is not enough just to become a little kinder to each other, it is necessary to really come to universal love so that only love will rule in the world.
From KabTV’s “A Conversation with Journalists” 11/29/20

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PTSD And The Purpose Of Life

961.2Question: In April this year, Itzik Saidyan, a 26-year-old disabled soldier, set himself on fire in front of the Israeli Ministry of Defense Rehabilitation Department. This event has awakened public discourse and brought up awareness of those suffering from PTSD and other emotional trauma. Many of these people feel that they are invisible because their handicap cannot be seen.

Let us say that same person would meet you a few moments before he goes to set himself on fire. What would you say to him?

Answer: I would tell him that human life has a much greater purpose than what he can even imagine. Even when one finds oneself in this difficult state, eternal, whole, perfect, and joyous states can be reached.

Question: Many people among us are suffering from trauma on one level or another. How can we act, as a society, to strengthen them and give them hope?

Answer: We have no other choice but to learn how to approach and reach out to them, to listen and explain the process that a person must go through. In this way we can help them reach the truth.

Question: What is the truth Dr. Laitman?

Answer: The truth is that each one of us exists under the general plan of nature and every situation we go through, is all predetermined within it. If we can come to agree and discover the fact that this is how things are, this will give us great satisfaction.

Question: Can one rise from this shattered rock bottom state?

Answer: Yes, for the general correction of man brings him to a state where he rises above himself and is included in the perfection and harmony of nature.

Question: What allows him to grasp eternity and perfection when he is at rock bottom?

Answer: Precisely that this care and understanding, is all that one has left in order to prevent “being buried alive ” so as to heal these traumatic and post-traumatic situations. And in general, all events in a person’s life can be changed because we all go through such traumas in life, with the reason being that everyone needs this to push us into changing.

We only need to understand that the correct care is that we rise above our current nature to that of bestowal, love, and connection.

Question: Is this the remedy for everything?

Answer: There is no other remedy!

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Keep Yourself In Balance

751.1Question: A person does not see himself as a part of nature. This perception is hidden from him. He does not understand that he is one with the biosphere and that by perfecting his physical form he is perfecting the biosphere. Therefore, people have no motivation to do physical exercise and they stop doing anything at all.

How can a person change his worldview to see that he is one with nature, a part of this natural creation that can keep improving itself? How can we give him such motivation?

Answer: The science of Kabbalah explains that we are a part of nature, its most developed, egoistic part. We want to subjugate nature and use it in the greatest egoistic desire. As a rule, this does not benefit us, especially in the long run, although sometimes we see that we supposedly derive immediate benefits from using nature egoistically.

The most important thing for us is to be in balance with nature. Everything that the body is supposed to get, try to give it quantitatively and qualitatively in the form it needs, at the same time understanding that the same harm will come if we did not give it enough. That is, excess is the same poison as lack of nutrients. We must learn to keep ourselves in balance.

Question: Regrettably, there are no norms in medicine defining how much a person should move, how much and what to eat. There is complete freedom: if you want, move; if you want, do not move; if you want, eat; if you want, do not eat. What do you think?

Would it be good to have a canonical norm from nature that people could guide themselves by?

Answer: There really is no such norm. But Kabbalah says that if a person thinks about his spiritual and physical development in such a way that they complement each other, he will find this golden mean.

Question: That is, we have a certain navigator inside that is dormant for the time being?

Answer: Yes. If we treat it soberly, treat it normally, we will begin to feel it.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 7/29/21

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