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“Propagate Sex Change To Schoolchildren? Absolutely Not!” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Propagate Sex Change to Schoolchildren? Absolutely Not!

I was asked about my position on the issue of propagating the legitimacy of children going through the process of changing their sex. In North America, I was told, this is one of the most contentious topics. So, in short, I know that some people feel uncomfortable in their bodies and may feel better if they change their sex. But to propagate the idea to children, who are susceptible to any notion we adults install in them? Absolutely not! The fact that it might be right for some people does not mean that we should make it mainstream and even cool. The desirable way is to live the way nature has made us: male and female.

I have met people who felt like they belonged in a different body than the one they were born in. I spoke to them, and I understand them. It happens, just as any oddity happens.

However, it is very rare and should not be regarded as routine or common. I realize that today, you need to be courageous or be regarded as a freak if you dare to tell the truth, but trends that come and go according to people’s egoistic whims do not change nature. Nature has created us male and female, and this is what we should remain.

There is no clear line between males and females. Males have feminine qualities, just as females have masculine traits. Yet, every person has a biological gender, and that gender is the dominant one, except, as I said, in very rare cases.

When grownups feel that they are living in the wrong body, they can choose to perform whatever procedure they want on themselves. But until we are grown up, we should grow the way nature created us.

The social environment has a critical influence on children. When they are young, you can make them think and do anything you want. The Nazis, for example, educated Germany’s children to believe that they were superior to everyone else, not only to Jews, and that the rest of the world must serve them or be destroyed. Through books, lessons, and films, they brainwashed their children to believe that they were the superior race.

Just so, it is possible to install any notion in children’s minds if we use the education system and social media to facilitate it.

However, the results can be disastrous. If you spread the idea that sex change is normal, even “trendy,” it can lead children who initially have no problem with their gender to think that there is something wrong with them. It might push them into wanting to do something they will not be able to undo simply because they want to be like everyone else, and they feel that everyone is going in this direction.

We know that being popular means everything to children, and especially to adolescents. As a result, they might do things they will regret sometime later but will never be able to reverse or mend. If parents do not prevent children from making such mistakes, it can ruin those children’s lives for good. It is terrible, and it is wrong.

I think that instead of making the abnormal trendy, we should encourage people to be who they are and realize their potential just as they were born. If people receive recognition for who they are, and society rewards them and respects them for contributing their skills and efforts to the common good, people will not feel dissatisfied with themselves. At the same time, adults who feel that they are living in the wrong body should have access to using the possibilities that modern medicine offers to make them feel more comfortable with their gender.

“A Systemic Problem Of Depression Requires A Systemic Solution” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “A Systemic Problem of Depression Requires a Systemic Solution

Depression has been a growing problem throughout the industrialized world for several decades, but it has skyrocketed since the onset of the pandemic. Death rates from substance abuse, suicide, and gun violence have skyrocketed, anxiety has become a major problem, and professional help is either too expensive or unavailable for lack of professional staff nearby, or both. In such a state, a systemic, concerted effort is required. By using mass media to broadcast both calming messages and advice to people in need, we can save many lives and improve the lives of countless others.

All over the world, people are asking critical questions about the purpose of their lives. Their inability to answer these questions leaves them with a sense of purposelessness, and one who has no purpose in life feels that life itself is purposeless. This is the cause behind the growing escapism expressed in myriad ways, from extreme sports through religious fundamentalism to drug abuse and suicide.

For humans, eating, drinking, sleeping and mating do not count as living. Living means living out the reason we are put here on this planet. If we do not know why we were put here, we do not feel that we are alive or that our lives have value, and this can lead to horrendous consequences.

If only a few people feel this way, you can refer them to professionals who can help ease their pain until they find their purpose in life. But when so many people suffer from these distresses, it overwhelms the system and you need a new approach. Instead of stuffing our brains with messages that send us shopping and emptying our pockets and, more importantly, our hearts, the media, in all its forms, must spread messages that help resolve our situation.

It is not impossible; it is a question of the government’s resolve, and the media’s understanding that the situation will soon get out of hand. In a state of emergency, we must act accordingly, and we are certainly approaching one.

There are many ways the media can alleviate the growing misery of people, but the most effective one among them is to reverse its tendency to pitch people against each other and encourage them to reach out to each other. Countless studies have shown that solidarity and cohesion in society help mitigate or even solve most social, economic, and medical problems. Therefore, if the media offers a “collective treatment” for everyone by broadcasting content that encourages people to come closer, they will resolve most existing problems.

It is said, “A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved.” This is very true. Sharing and connecting with others is a sure way to unite our hearts and heal our ills. This is why the more we work on our solidarity, the sooner we will resolve our social and emotional challenges.

Source Of Disease

294.2 In the News (Discover): “Tiny robots, just micro- or nanometers in length, could fit inside the infrastructure of our bodies, performing medical tasks with precision. Small robots could swim through blood vessels to clear dangerous blockages, or deliver anticancer drugs straight to tumors. Instead of an operation, future hospital visits might consist of a pill and a little observation. 

“The Doctor Is In … Your Bloodstream”

Comment: Some speculate that this will allow people to live forever.

My Response: I don’t know who needs it. In my opinion with our current approach we are beginning to more correctly relate to life. We do not want children; we do not want to live on our own. Therefore, we prolong life.

First, we won’t be able to do it. There is no way we can get rid of disease. It is a demonstration of our inner selfish attitude toward each other and you can’t get away from this. That is, this is an external demonstration of internal problems, problems at the spiritual level. Therefore they will not disappear.

And we just want to make patches, some external cosmetic fixes. From this a person will not become happier or healthier. Even if he has pills that help him to prolong old age, it will not bring happiness.

Without healing the root of the problem, we naturally will not achieve anything good in its outward demonstration.
From KabTV’s “Close-up. Anamnesis” 2/19/10

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Can The World Develop In A Good Way?

214Undoubtedly, everything in the world happens only for the sake of  advancement toward the goal. Undoubtedly, all these pandemics and viruses come to our world in order to push us to realize this goal.

And undoubtedly, we could advance toward this goal in a good way if we choose movement, the goal, and hastening. If we move faster than the stick coming at us from behind ready to hit us, then we are advancing quickly.

In order to do this, we need to connect faster and master the spiritual state among us faster, and thus reveal the Creator in it. Humanity went through different stages in its development until it turned into modern society that is interconnected and revealing its complete dependence on each other.

In our time, this mutual dependence will still manifest itself very clearly and rigidly; we will see that we cannot exist without each other. There is not enough oil and gas in one place, there is not enough bread in another, electricity in the third, etc. Everything will be revealed in such a way that not a single person can live without other people.

Baal HaSulam writes that we in fact need the whole world. Therefore, we have interesting discoveries ahead. We need to explain to the world how interconnected we are so that our steps forward will be faster, better, and painless.
From the International Convention ““Rising Above Ourselves” 1/8/22, “Deriving the Greatness of the Goal from the Friends,” Lesson 4

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“A Good Slap To Calm Us Down” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “A Good Slap to Calm Us Down

The latest strain is really turning everything we’ve known about handling the pandemic on its head. It is super contagious, generally mild, and no vaccine seems to protect against it. In short, it has taken two years of unprecedented efforts and unmatched investments and made a mockery of them. It is just the slap we needed in order to wake up from our delusional efforts to maintain our previous way of life. Instead of fighting a doomed war, we should put our heads together, and design a safer and calmer way to live.

I don’t regard the virus as an illness; I regard it as a cure. The healing process must begin with rethinking about our lives: what we want to achieve, what will make us happy, what is truly meaningful in our lives, and how to build a society where people do not undermine others’ dreams but support them, so that everyone can realize their dreams instead of only a select few, at the expense of everyone else.

The fact that the virus is disrupting our previous way of life is nature’s gift to humankind. We were drowning in hubris, and now we’re shown our limits. Nothing is healthier than knowing the truth. If you know the truth, you can start building better from it. But if you don’t know who you are and where you live, everything you do will come out crooked and collapse.

Because we want to show everyone that we are the bosses, nature shows us who is the real boss. For this reason, until we bow our heads and get in line with all other elements of creation, nature will continue to forcefully and painfully “explain” to us the truth.
In fact, we are witnessing the collapse of our old way of life. The fact that nature is destroying it is proof that it was unsustainable. If we are smart, we will take the hint and not try to go where nature will not let us.

Governments have already spent trillions of dollars on rescue packages and other relief programs. They can continue doing so and take advantage of the fact that people are quitting their jobs by the millions every month to install countrywide, and even worldwide, programs that re-envision human society. On every level — personal, community, national, and international — we should rethink the structure of our society and our relationships with others.

Science will not defeat the virus. It mutates faster than scientists can develop vaccines or medicines. Even if scientists were able to develop new vaccines every few months, what kind of life is it if you have to get a booster shot against a new variant three times a year?

Worse yet, these viruses are our own making. We are basically walking-talking bags of microbes, and there are so many we don’t know yet until they become pathogenic. If you take the multiple cases of cruise ships whose crews and guests are all fully vaccinated, yet repeatedly suffer from outbreaks, and the (absolutely bizarre) case of the polar research station whose crew is fully vaccinated, checked frequently, quarantined, and located in the North Pole, hundreds of miles from other human beings, yet two thirds of them have suddenly come down with Covid, you will realize that the virus is within us, not outside of us, and this is where we need to find the cure.

The element within us that is noxious and generates every noxious element in reality is our attitude. Our abusive and exploitative approach to everything and everyone around us makes everyone sick. It warps every level of reality and turns it from benign to malignant.

If you look at every other part of creation, you will not find that any of them is evil, ill-meaning or malevolent. All parts of nature function just as nature has created them. We are the only element that consciously aspires to take more than we need, to deny others what they need, and not in order to sustain ourselves, but for the joy of making others suffer and the feeling of superiority.

Because we want to show everyone that we are the bosses, nature shows us who is the real boss. For this reason, until we bow our heads and get in line with all other elements of creation, nature will continue to forcefully and painfully “explain” to us the truth.

When we stop being abusive, we will not be abused. When we stop wishing harm to others, we will not suffer nature’s harm. If we seek to live calmly and pleasantly with everyone around us, this is exactly the life we will have. This is nature’s lesson to humanity.

Generation Of Wealth

566.01Question: The current generation can be called the “Lady Gaga” generation. Of course this is a collective image, though many people know that there is in fact a shocking singer who is popular among the younger generation. The values ​​that Lady Gaga instills are fame, wealth, honor, freedom in this life, to be independent from anyone, and simply not to pay attention to others.

Why is it easier for parents today to place their children under the authority of such programming? They do not even notice what TV programs their child is watching, as long as they are not in the way.

Answer: Parents prefer to leave their children in the care of their environment, and what will be will be. This is our egoism. We do not want to engage with other people.

We don’t even feel our children as close as we should. A person has reached such a peak of egoistic development that he does not care; he sees that the child is sinking into bad actions and does nothing about it.

We know perfectly well what happens to children after 12 to 14 years of age. They start using drugs, participate in all kinds of “pajama parties,” arrange all kinds of orgies. But all this is around sex, which in general is natural, and around drugs, which have already become quite common.

As a result it is no longer considered something special. Here completely new relationships and new goals arise. After all, in order to stand out today, you have to be someone special in your animal manifestation.

And we cannot do anything; we have no one to turn to. In our evolutionary human development, we have lost the generation of parents.

Therefore parents are no longer parents. It is impossible to expect them to somehow be able to treat children correctly, to create the right environment around them, to demand that the state do this, since the head of state is occupied by people who have also been raised incorrectly.

Therefore our entire upbringing system is not concerned with upbringing, but only with education. A person goes to school in order to gain general knowledge. He is only assessed by his academic performance. True, they also give an assessment in discipline, but this is not taken into account by anyone.

The main thing emphasized is to succeed in the sciences, to provide for oneself in the future. But neither the schools, nor any other institution, not the house or what surrounds the child—the outside, television, the Internet—form a person out of him.

Unfortunately we cannot impose any demands on children or even on their parents because they are not in a position to do anything at all. We see this even from grandfathers and grandmothers, who, although they regret what is happening, are also rather passive. This lost state has been observed for at least fifty to sixty recent years.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Generation” 8/24/09

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“How Do I Cope With Suffering?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: How do I cope with suffering?

The suffering that we experience expands to our consciousness through the brain, and our attitude to the suffering, how we relate to it, equates to the intensity of the suffering.

Therefore, in order to cope with suffering, we have to realize, in our minds, that nature makes us suffer according to its plan, which is ultimately in order to lead us to a bright and positive future. For the first time in humanity’s history, nature takes us by the ear, so to speak, as if we are schoolchildren, and guides us to realize positive relations, where we will discover a world of light and warmth.

When we reach the final destination that nature is leading us to, we will no longer experience suffering, because suffering hinges on the fact that we see no goal ahead of us. If there is a goal, then the goal absorbs the suffering.

When we apply certain efforts, we can experience those efforts as enjoyable or as painful. There is no difference between pleasure and suffering in the sensation itself, but the difference between the two lies in the idea that we adhere to. If we feel a lack of purpose in a certain effort—that we are headed toward an abyss—then we experience suffering. On the contrary, if we imagine that a certain effort leads us to a goal where we benefit and enjoy, then we become ready not only to endure the effort, but to prolong and even enjoy it.

If we, as a society, calibrate our attitudes to think that nature leads us to a harmonious future, to stability, and to a problem-free life, and we create inputs in our social environment, such as media and art, which projects such an idea to us more and more, then we will be able to further progress in our lives with relative ease. We will then experience an end to suffering.

Whether sooner or later, we will develop to a point where we actively progress in such a direction. We have already engaged in several wars and conflicts, where we fought to the death for the sake of the future, under the guise of certain imaginary values that people invented. Today, however, we have exhausted our man-made ideologies, and all that is left for us to do is work out how we can adapt ourselves to nature’s own form of development.

By fighting for the prominence of various man-made ideologies in the past, we ended up with a lot of suffering and disappointment. Today, however, if we progress toward matching nature’s interconnectedness and interdependence, we will finally end up with a positive result, free from suffering and disappointment.

We will then find ourselves in the most comfortable and blissful state, similar to being in our mother’s womb, but which is in fact billions of times greater. It is a state where we feel completely taken care of. If we attain it in our lives, then it is much greater than the sensation in the mother’s womb because in the womb, we are unaware of the care that surrounds us. By developing such a state in society, then we will experience the sensation of total care with the additions of understanding, awareness and a feeling of achievement.

We will then experience how nature, humanity, and everything in the universe and in all the worlds, envelops us in an all-encompassing kindness. We are approaching such perfection, and if we had no experience of suffering, then we would never gain awareness of it.

Based on the video, “Why Do We Experience Pain?” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Semion Vinokur. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

We Must Be Eternal!

712.03Comment: Man has always looked for a way to prolong life. He believed that his life should be eternal.

My Response: We need to achieve this! We just need to go to a different level of life. Man really should be eternal. We must be! We have a need for this, and Kabbalah can help us.

But for this man must rise above the animal level. An animal cannot be eternal. Two thousand years or three thousand years of existence is still not eternity.

A person must think about how to achieve eternity during his life. It does not depend on how many years he will live, but on the intensity with which, when working on himself, he will correct himself in the right way, rise above his egoism and reach his spiritual state above the egoistic animal state.

Then the level of man will develop in him and he will feel his eternal perfect life, which actually exists.

I think we will come to this. We will have another medicine that will correct us from the inside and raise us above the level of egoism, above all problems. As a result, we will become completely healthy.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up—Anamnesis” 2/19/10

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The Vicious View Of Modern Medicine

220Comment: You called medicine egoistic. You said that if in its bases was human health and not making money, then everything would be different.

My Response: Not only that. The fact is that the view of medicine at the human system, at its body is a vicious view.

It pays attention only to each organ separately and not to the general body, to each individual person and not one’s connection with everyone else, not even just with the whole human society, but with the universe. Therefore, we cannot heal correctly. We only push the disease inside and thus survive.

Comment: There are very few doctors who understand this. They succeed if they make a diagnosis taking into account all human organs as connected, as a whole.

My Response: This is a very ancient approach. To some extent, it can be called an Eastern approach although in ancient times everyone had it. even those in South America, Africa, Asia, and the Far East. But it is not applied today. This is not the European approach.

The problem is that Europe, as an egoistically reborn healthy part of humanity, has followed the egoistic path in everything, including in science. And our sciences are rather one-sided. We cannot get to spirituality through them. There is no direct connection to reveal the upper world through them and reach it.

Unfortunately, our medicine can solve the problem of only one part of the body. There are eye doctors; ear, nose, and throat doctors; and so on. It seems as if these organs are not connected to each other. Such treatment to some extent gives us relief because we are all egoists, and we are treated by equal egoists with their egoistic approach and “snake” medicines. Indeed, the snake is the symbol of medicine. And in spirituality, it symbolizes egoism.

So, for now, everything is as is. But, in general, we are approaching a very serious crisis in discovering that this approach is fundamentally flawed.

What will come of it? Ultimately, it will be the revision of the whole approach as well as of everything that humanity has achieved until today. We will have to review all this and work on our errors.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Anamnesis” 2/19/10

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The Fourth Vaccination

627.1Israel is introducing the 4th dose of the coronavirus vaccine. And people ask, how can it be that we have been fighting the pandemic for two years and in no way are managing to overcome it? Will it continue indefinitely, one vaccination after another?

The best specialists around the world have been looking for a solution for two years, so much money has been invested in these studies and we still cannot defeat this tiny virus. It surprises us every time.

The fact is that this problem is not technical, but biological, at the degree of the human structure. The problem is inside the person! After all, a virus is genetic material, the most complex thing we have. The human body, a biological cell, is the most difficult object to study, the most complex material.

Why can’t we handle the coronavirus? Because we don’t know for what purpose it appeared. We don’t know what cells and intercellular exchange exist for.

We don’t know what anything exists for, we just know that it is. And that is why we cannot unravel the mystery of life, the meaning of life, even of a small cell. And since we don’t know what every cell in man and in general in the whole of nature is for, we don’t understand what is happening.

We don’t know what the coronavirus came for, and therefore, we can’t defeat it. Some new biological material appears, which has its own life, but why did it arise? Why did it suddenly reveal itself right now but did not manifest before? Has it been dormant somewhere for millions of years or did it not even exist?

It’s as if we were looking at some unknown machine and didn’t understand what it was designed for, who made it, and how it could be used. We notice the virus only because it begins to interfere with us. Otherwise we wouldn’t have noticed it at all.

The virus comes in order to awaken us to correction, which means, to rise above our egoism, the desire to receive pleasure for ourselves without taking into account the desires of other people. So maybe we ourselves awaken this virus and force it to come out of hibernation?

If we asked the virus what it wants from us, it would answer that it has an important mission. In nature, nothing exists aimlessly, and therefore, the duty of the virus is to have a negative impact on us. Apparently we have committed such actions that now we need such an impact of the virus. Only it can help us improve.

And that’s why it’s very simple to get rid of the virus: We need to start taking care of each other, get closer to each other, and check how this affects all the viruses around us. You will see that the virus will disappear. Let’s try it! What do we have to lose? At least it won’t get any worse.

The very first recipe is to fix the relationships between us, to get closer to each other, and to cleanse our society of egoistic laws, and so move forward until full recovery.
From KabTV’s “Look from the Inside” 12/27/21

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