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“The Complexities of the Connection between Looks and Happiness” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “The Complexities of the Connection between Looks and Happiness

With teenagers and young adults spending much (too much) of their time on TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms, the flood of videos of attractive young people shapes their views on how they, too, must look. With their body image shaped and carved by the curves of models, a barrage of messages tells our children: “You don’t look good enough! You need to lose more weight! You have to lift more weights!” And because their body image can never meet the standard set by social media, they are condemned to incurable frustration and insecurity.

Were we not social beings, we would not mind our looks. Animals could care less about their looks. They only care about their physical strength.

For us, looks are everything. We cannot go anywhere or achieve anything without meeting the required visual standard. Whatever the society we’re in respects, we must adopt. Otherwise, we are excluded from society. This is why we are so insecure about our looks.

The standards of society are created by unrealistic films, TV series, and photoshopped images. We, who cannot meet the unachievable benchmark, are left insecure and frustrated. We would be much more relaxed and much less affected by looks were it not for the influence of the media.

Without the influence of the environment, we would wash our faces and hands in the morning and that would conclude our “grooming.” But we cannot settle for this; we have to shower, shave, put on makeup, pick through our wardrobe, and do everything else that we do in the morning just to feel presentable enough to face the day.

These days, it is as true of men as it is true of women. In a generation where appearance means everything, and substance means nothing, we have no choice but to comply.

My teacher, RABASH, used to say that if he had the choice, he would never change from the pajamas he slept in. They were warm, cozy, with big pockets, and who could ask for more?

People on secluded islands always look disheveled. It is not because they are poor and cannot afford to shave or shower or buy clothes. Because they are alone, they have no need to impress anyone and no dress code to meet. Therefore, they have no regard for their looks. They could be strong and healthy, yet look a mess, since appearance is only for the onlookers.

The significance of looks does not begin at adolescence. Even three-year-olds feel it. They may not understand it at that age, but they are already influenced by social codes.

As with adults, so it is with children. If we want them to increase the importance of substance over appearance, of personality over looks, we must inculcate these values into their society. As a result, everyone within that society will adopt this line of thought.

Conversely, if we want our children to fit into the social code of appearance so they would be popular in their age group, we have to do it very carefully. If, for example, a girl is overweight but cannot maintain a diet, we must not comment on her weight. On the contrary, we should help her accept who she is just as she is. If, however, we know that we can help her lose weight and improve her image among her friends, we should encourage her to do so.

Either way, a confident person will not be put down. People do not mock people’s appearance if they seem at ease with it.

As for looking aesthetic, this is a different story. I do not think we should look disheveled or rumpled or unclean when in society. We should not look repulsive, but maintain our appearance in a manner that is pleasant for the people around us. This has nothing to do with looks, but with mutual consideration and decency toward the people around us. And this is true not only for me, but also for my children; they, too, need to be presentable.

In conclusion, if we want to prevent unnecessary frustration and insecurity, we need to install a more balanced body-image in society, one that does not require people to starve themselves or exercise to exhaustion.

To Kill or Cover with Love

13.07Comment: Victor writes: “You contradict yourself. On one hand, you call for covering evil with love. On the other hand, you recall the words from the Bible: “He who comes to kill you, kill him first.” How does it all fit together?”

My Response: These are laws, and there is nothing one can do about it. If a person comes to kill you, then you must kill him first. There is no choice here.

Question: When does the second law apply, the one you are talking about, the main one, that “evil must be covered with love“?

Answer: Love your neighbor as yourself.

Question: How does it all connect?

Answer: It does not connect. If someone wants to kill you, there is no other choice. Which means, you have to kill him first.

Question: What should my attitude be to the fact that he came to kill me? Like to evil that came to me?

Answer: Yes, as to a person who comes to kill you, and you have to kill him so that this evil will not be manifested in the world anymore.

Question: When does this law “to cover evil with love” arise?

Answer: This is not about killing. We are talking about the fact that one shows evil to the other. Therefore, the other one has to show him an example that is opposite of this.

Question: So, are these two different laws?

Answer: Two completely different levels. One, you cut off, and the second, you cover and correct.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/12/22

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Autism as a Natural Phenomenon

592.04Comment: Autism is a very interesting phenomenon. Autistic people are strongly attached to those inanimate objects that surround them. And they don’t connect with people; they live in their own closed world and don’t let anyone in.

My Response: These are the states when a person is in transition. I don’t find them painful.

The fact is that we consider even mental illnesses to be violations. We don’t understand what it is. From an earthly point of view, these are indeed violations. Psychiatric problems are internal shifts, but they are on the borderline between the two worlds, and therefore they are felt by us in this way.

There is practically no treatment here. The only thing is that we need to create the most convenient conditions for such people, and they can be of great benefit. There are many professors and doctors of sciences in the world who, on one hand are diagnosed as autistic, and on the other hand, they are great scientists. But it is precisely in their narrow field.

And communication with other people or their own provision and care is a huge difficulty for them. They prefer to be given their own special territory and they exist in it.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Special Territory” 5/17/11

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Souls That Appear In Our Generation

549.02Question: Our world is being quietly engulfed by an epidemic of autism. According to statistics conducted in the United States, the number of autistic people has increased more than 10 times over the past 40 years. And according to forecasts, this number will only increase.

What is this phenomenon? Why is autism taking on such magnitude nowadays?

Answer: Souls that appear in our generation are souls with enormous potential. They are already partially in the other dimensions and in parallel in bodies. There is a combination of worlds happening, a preparation for a transitional process that we do not adequately comprehend today, nor does our world.

Once we lived in our world primitively; we were closer to nature. We knew the earth, our life, and how to arrange it. Possibly it was bad and unfair: wars, robberies, murders, the force of the strong over the weak, etc. But all this happened in this world and everything was clear. And now, it is not clear where we are.

If we previously lived at the expense of matter, meaning that the most important thing for us was to get food and fight for it, for territory, since land and food are adequate values—the more land you have, the more food you have—then today everything is completely different.

Today, it does not matter at all. Our current professions are so far away, so disconnected from reality, sort of airy. One or two percent of the world’s population are engaged in agriculture and feed the whole world. And what is the world engaged in? We make different toys for each other and play like “You’re in this and I’m in that.” and so on.

We invent new professions all the time, i.e., our world is becoming less and less real, less material. Accordingly, the values that we invent for ourselves become completely different.

If it used to be something very apparent and earthly, then today it is sort of airy, which speaks to our internal requests, the sort of souls that are in people today.

Besides, it results in isolation from life, depression, drugs, all kinds of departures from life. Even autistic people born now are characterized as people who, for the most part, have a connection with things that are abstract from our world, such as mathematics and computers.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Special Territory” 5/17/22

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The Whole of Life Is Inside Water

703.04Question: What is the quality of water? Today, as a result of studying genes, scientists have come to the conclusion that 75% of genes are made up of water. What is this special quality water?

Answer: There is a lot of research on this topic.

According to Kabbalah, water is the quality of Bina, bestowal, and quality of life. And although this is not the force of life itself, life is impossible without it. That is, water is the universal filler, the solvent, the substrate, from which everything grows.

Earth without water is lifeless. Supply some water and there will be life. This life exists not in the water, but in the soil, but without water it is dead. Water is the means to start life.

In our prenatal development we are in water. We are 90% water. And so on.

In the wisdom of Kabbalah, the upper waters and the lower waters are enormous qualities of the worlds. All spiritual space is filled with water. We exist within it. We do not swim somewhere, but we exist inside it, like qualities that are opposite to water, but living precisely because we have received the correct contact with it. That is, our whole life is built inside water, the properties of bestowal.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Special Territory” 5/17/22

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Thought Is the Matter of the Universe

928In the News (“Can Negative Thinking Make You Sick?”): “By now, the mind-body connection is a familiar idea. Most people are aware, for example, that stress can produce physical symptoms like an upset stomach, or that depression often physically hurts. But a growing body of research suggests that negative emotions and thoughts may also have links to other serious health problems, like heart disease.

“‘Many negative emotions such as anger, fear, and frustration become problematic when those emotions turn into a more permanent disposition or a habitual outlook on the world,’ explains Emiliana Simon-Thomas, PhD, science director of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley.”

Question: Does the appearance of such a disease as cancer relate to our thoughts?

Answer: The fact of the matter is that our thoughts are the basis of all problems. Good thoughts are the foundation of all good actions in the world.

Thoughts are the most important thing! Everything is done by thoughts! In actuality, our hands do nothing. We are tied to each other by thoughts. If something happens at one end of the world, it resonates at the other end.

Today our system is being revealed as a global one where everything is interconnected and every day we feel this interconnection more and more. Moreover, this is not actually being created now because we are simply revealing the essence that has always existed.

It turns out that we are connected all the time. And how are we connected? With our thoughts! The whole universe, the whole nature, is one enormous thought and thinking field into which we add everything with our thoughts.

Imagine how much better the world would be if we controlled and clearly realized how to think in order not to release a bad thought into the world, to stop it before it originates in us, and to make sure that all the thoughts that arise in us were only positive.

That is when we will begin to know who we really are, where all this comes from in us, and the nature of our essence. We will begin to see and feel ourselves not just as a piece of flesh in which all sorts of fluctuations occur like thoughts, such desires, whose origins I don’t know.

I will begin to feel my root, which is somewhere in the depths of me where my desires, thoughts, heart, and mind originate. And I want to affect my root so that everything in it is positive and so that I proceed from my root, from my point, from my I, from my soul, and not use my body to participate in the world, in this whole huge thinking and feeling system, but in this huge field only as a positive element. And so does another person, a third and a fourth.

Then everyone will not grab everything from the world with their thoughts and want to devour it like a cancerous tumor, but will act to the contrary.

The world will become harmonious and built on mutual bestowal like cells in a healthy body that are engaged only in giving to each other and therefore the body lives. Then we will be able to exist in a completely different world, in such harmony that we will clearly feel as an eternal and perfect state. Precisely this will be the upper world.

And we will stop feeling our body because it will disappear. it. Like in the Philadelphia Experiment when the ship disappeared. This is how my body disappears because I will only feel the point from where my thoughts and desires originate and how I am connected by them with everyone else. I will exist only in a field, a volume, and a world where there are only thoughts and desires and there is no flesh.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Philadelphia Experiment” 10/24/10

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“Getting High on the Power of Life” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Getting High on the Power of Life

A survey by the Israel Center on Addiction has found that “One out of every seven Israelis suffers from some form of addiction.” Over the past five years since the last survey, some half a million people have joined the ranks of the addicted. In a country of only nine million people, half a million in five years is a lot. Worse yet, “over 90 percent of [the addicts] do not ask for treatment.”

Not only adults become addicted. Children, too, become addicted. Addiction means we have become accustomed to an activity that causes our body to secrete substances that make us feel good. Because we want more and more of that good feeling, we compulsively repeat the activity.

People can become addicted to anything. They can become addicted to physical activities, to chemicals, and some can even get high on certain types of music.

Besides feeling good, there is another reason that people become addicted: disconnection from life’s problems. The feeling of freedom from obligations and troubles can be intoxicating.

As a rule, young people become addicted more easily than older people because teenagers and young adults are in constant pursuit of pleasures. For them, feeling good is all that matters.

As we mature, other calculations besides immediate pleasure come into play. This makes older people more “resistant” to addiction, though they, too, are not impervious to it.

There are two reasons for the increase in addictions. First, it is easier to find things to become addicted to. Second, and more important, despair has spread throughout the world. People are losing the sense of purpose in life, so they try to escape. The feeling of being high, or the adrenaline in other forms of addiction, gives people calm, or alternatively, a sense of vitality.

The prevailing treatment is to compensate for one addiction with another, less harmful one. The easier addictions to treat are those that require a smaller compensation. However, essentially, it does not cure the addiction but simply swaps it for another.

The reason that over 90 percent of the addicts do not seek treatment is that they know that medicine cannot deal with it. If all that medicine can offer is forced abstention from the addiction or the swapping of one drug for another, then these are not cures and they have no appeal for addicts.

Only one remedy can truly cure people of the deadly addictions that plague humanity: the power of life. The power of life is revealed through positive connections between people. When people establish mutually positive connections, it emulates the positive reciprocity that pervades all of reality. This is the force that keeps all things growing.

When people develop such connections, and their reciprocal nature requires that they develop it in a society of like-minded people — they are filled with a sense of purpose and satisfaction. They feel connected to reality, to each other, and to themselves. It is a completely different kind of satisfaction than any substance can give, and it is far more profound and satisfying. Once people begin to experience the power of life, they never again need anything else because they will never want to disconnect from the vital force they have discovered.

Humans Are Electrolytes

707Question: Scientists claim that the electromagnetic field of the Earth is the only field that has memory. To what extent do we, as humans, influence this field? And why is the influence of the electromagnetic field of the Earth on all living beings so enormous?

Answer: Do you know who we are? We are a small container inside of which there are electrolytes, i.e., a polar liquid that changes under the influence of a magnetic, electrical, or no matter what kind of, field. If a person is placed in a magnetic field, then his internal dipoles will begin to move in accordance with this field.

All the latest medical devices, tomographs, etc. are based on the study of our internal organs through a magnetic field. In this way, we can really make a big step forward in diagnostics.

A person is like a plastic bag inside which there is a chemical solution and nothing else. Therefore, electric and magnetic fields affect us incredibly strongly. We change instantly. If you put me next to a strong magnet, you can erase my memory like on a computer.

You can change my poles to plus or minus, and all my reactions will go in some other direction.

You can interfere with anything. My heart and my brain run on electrical impulses. Even the heart itself, its matter, its so-called “flesh,” has such an artificial property that it generates electrical impulses on its own and can restart itself.

That is, we are in fact electrolytes in which all kinds of electrochemical reactions take place. How can we be free from the effect of electromagnetic fields? They are the most important thing for us.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Pole Inversion” 5/15/11

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The Influence of Solar Activity

742.03Comment: There were periods in history when Earth’s electromagnetic field was so weakened it practically disappeared. As a result of this, people’s memories were erased in some regions; their consciousness was erased.

My Response: Of course! As a consequence of the influence of this field.

Look what flares occur on the Sun! Now they are small. We only say that it is a flare. We have no idea what kind of protuberances can reach the Earth. If not by their own emission, then by an electromagnetic one, and so strongly that all means of communication, the Internet, and everything on Earth will instantly fail. We depend on our poles and on the electromagnetic effect of the Sun. It is the strongest.

While other effects are slow, the effect of the Sun spreads very quickly, penetrates us, and causes instantaneous reactions up to the point that memory can be erased. This is actually the case.

What is memory? An electrochemical system in which various dipoles are combined. They make up the memory of a person.

What is an atom? Plus and minus. What are molecules? Plus and minus qualities, formations that combine with external electrons, free radicals, and other formations of a certain valence. That is, all this is electrical, all this is electrochemistry.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Pole Inversion” 5/15/11

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“America’s Baby Formula Crisis: Food for Thought” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “America’s Baby Formula Crisis: Food for Thought

America faces an unprecedented food shortage in its most tender spot, babies. The infant formula shortage in the U.S. has activated a Cold War era law to prioritize and speed up its production. In addition to it, U.S. Air Force flights have transported tons of imports of baby food from Europe in what is called “Operation Fly Formula.” It could have been a beautiful story if it were not so tragic and real. It touches a sensitive nerve so we can rebuild society as a human safety net for everyone in the world.

Week after week, parents and caregivers in America have traveled across states looking for baby formula only to find scarce supplies or empty shelves. The ongoing shortage of powdered baby formula in the U.S. has been caused by pandemic-related disruptions in the global supply chain and by the shutdown of the largest production plant of Abbott Nutrition, the main supplier to the US market, due to contamination concerns.

How could such a crisis hit strong America? After all, it is not a developing country. It is a superpower that should be immune to such a crisis of an essential good. But this will not be an isolated incident. We will soon see many similar phenomena as a result of multiple variables affecting today’s world.

The baby food crisis in the U.S. shows us that no country, big or small, rich or poor, is immune to food insecurity. No one can guarantee stability for the provision of the most basic needs for everyone, including to sustain children’s lives. This is the unstable and vulnerable reality we live in today; more and more people and countries will be affected and will demonstrate how shaky the world is, as if teetering on one foot.

We need to open our eyes and see that human society was not built as a system of mutual security with food and children as our primary concern. We failed to plan for the bad times during the good times. If we do not admit it, then our supply problems will only deepen.

Our battered planet is able to give us everything, but we do not give it a chance to provide us with what is necessary, including food for the soul needed due to our broken human relationships. We spoil everything we touch due to our growing egoism that prevents us from being considerate of others.

The purpose of this crisis is to shake us up and make us grow to understand that we have no choice, that in the scale of priorities, before money, respect and education, we must make sure that every person in the world gets proper nutrition.

So, besides baby formula, in terms of food security in general, we can choose fertile areas like in Siberia or South America and turn them into global grain fields that provide everything for everyone. The only condition is that there is a real desire to feed and benefit everyone without transforming it into someone’s personal business for individualistic profit at the expense of others suffering.

Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers) teaches us, “If there is no flour, there is no Torah.” Indeed, food should be the basis of our human concern. If we are not able to provide bread for everyone, we will not be able to grow and elevate the human species to a level higher than the corporeal one, to the level of mutual care and balance. In such a state we will lack nothing and we will be able to guarantee a good future for our children and for all of society.