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What The Coronavirus Teaches Us

Dr Michael LaitmanHumanity has come a long way in its development and has reached the point that it begins to feel like one organism. We need to thank the coronavirus for bringing the whole world to such unity. If this epidemic drags out, then humanity will discover that we indeed belong to one system, and we are all dependent on each other.

So far, this dependence is expressed in the fact that from fear of infection, I close myself off from others and disconnect from the negative connection.

But let’s start revealing positive dependence. If we connect correctly, we will begin to produce positive viruses. 

Right now nature is unveiling harmful viruses to us as the revelation of evil. But then we must continue this process for the realization of goodness, we will find out that by uniting with one another, we can achieve tremendous success.

The main solution is not in the cessation of air flights or revival of a paralyzed economy, but in the connection between people. The virus will begin to disappear if there is at least a slight shift toward unification, and then we will see that we don’t want to break ties with each other because we want to connect. And we want to contact each other not to wander around the world again from end to end, but because we want to connect with people. 

The previous connection was poor, but now we will build a good connection. It is this medicine that we want to use in this critical condition: to restore our connection, but on a whole different level, being kind instead of using one another. By virtue of our connection, we defeat any evil, any virus, and come to a good life.

Nature will lead us to this goal anyway, and if we ourselves are willing to move toward it, we won’t have to get infected with different viruses along the way. It all depends on our request for the correction of relationships between people. This knowledge should be spread throughout the world in all forms: in thoughts, conversations, and actions. And then the higher power, nature, will do its job. A higher power binds all parts of creation together. And we want to correct the human level where the shattering occurred, return it to its unity so we can see it in its true form not distorted by our selfish vision. By correcting ourselves, we correct reality.

The coronavirus reveals our negative dependence on one another to us. First, we discover that we are unable to survive without working together, without earning from one another. It should be clear to everyone that each of us is being sustained by the whole world. But all this can be continued only on condition that our connection becomes positive. A negative connection destroys humanity and we cannot continue to exist in this form. The world will fall into such a state that a person will have nothing to eat or breathe.

Imagine how beautiful life will become if humanity is united, like all other parts of nature, inanimate, vegetative and animate, into one integral system where everyone includes all others in himself. Where can we get a force that will unite us into one organism, sew and glue us into one system? It is obvious that in such a perfect system everyone will feel good. Of course, if it becomes clear to us that a kind look at another person immediately cures us of the coronavirus, everyone on earth would instantly become righteous.

But this is not what the higher power requires of us. A person needs to realize that he should strive for bestowal, not for selfish gain, think about others, not about himself. And when everyone feels good, then he will too stop being sick.

In the meantime, while the epidemic continues, we have something to learn from this…
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/11/20, Baal HaSulam,“The Peace.”

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Coronavirus Is Changing Reality, Part 4

laitman_284.07Stages of Development of Humanity: Helplessness and Fear

Question: What stages in our sensory development must we go through? For example, first indifference, then fear, then helplessness, and so on.

Answer: Helplessness works very well. After all, when you are helpless and suddenly begin to feel that you have only one way out, meaning to support each other, then nothing else is necessary.

We are completely dependent on nature which surrounds us. It can do anything with us, except one thing: If we get closer to each other, we will come into good contact with it, and then we will act on each other mutually, nature on us and we on nature. That is when we will be integrally connected by positive connections among each other and with nature.

Comment: I communicate with many people and see that the stage of indifference is already over. When coronavirus first appeared in China, there was complete indifference abroad. Now there is a stage of fear because this is already in many countries.

My Response: I do not think this is already the stage of fear. First of all, people still have food.

Fear is when I see that I will soon run out of food, fear because medical services can no longer cope with so many patients, fear because I just do not know what will happen to me, to my neighbors, let alone to my job and everything else.

In addition, we will run out of the funds to pay people and no one will accept this money in stores because there will be nothing to sell, meaning nothing for which to charge.

When a person can see such states with eyes full of fear, then generally the person is ready to say, “Yes, Yes, I agree to positive interaction with others!”
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Is Changing Reality, Part 4,” 3/12/20

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“When Will The Coronavirus Pandemic End?” (Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “When Will the Coronavirus Pandemic End?

We are not used to the coronavirus. We have no idea how we will come out of it and where we will head from here.

If anyone thinks that it will pass in a few weeks, it won’t. We are in a new state that will endure the summer and head into the winter afterward.

When will this pandemic come to an end?

It will come to an end when we will improve human connections. To understand why this is so, we require deeper awareness of how nature works.

Before the coronavirus closed in on us, we acted out of a steroid-pumped desire to profit from one another in order to each fulfill self-serving interests.

Our concern for other people and our planet was overshadowed by a concern for ourselves. As such, our self-concern made us look at nature and other people solely through a lens of how to use them in order to benefit ourselves maximally.

Nature thus needed to teach us a lesson. And it did, in a very dramatic, cunning, caring and rigorous manner.

We looked like siblings fighting over our toys, and then nature, like a strict parent, ordered us to stop our quarrels, go into our separate rooms, think about how we were misbehaving, and how we should behave toward each other when nature lets us out again.

I thus hope that we will treat the period we are in seriously, that we will use the time we now have to realize our tight interconnectedness and interdependence among each other and with nature.

The coronavirus helps us see just how equal we are. It makes no distinction between rich and poor, boss and worker, famous and unknown — we are all equal in the face of this blow.

I understand the complications we have in seeing all people as equal, because we have been raised to categorize and class people in certain ways, but we have no choice: Nature shows us through this virus that it considers us all as equals, and we would be wise to try and see ourselves the same as how nature does.

Even multi-billionaire elites who escaped to their private islands and underground bunkers are still unsafe from the coronavirus. The virus appeared in many places where we still have no understanding of how it could have possibly done so. Therefore, even in such getaway areas, people are prone to the virus as is everyone, because there is a completely different reason for the virus’ presence than we can currently comprehend.

Therefore, the sooner we relate to everyone as equal — caring about all people in the world as much as we care about ourselves — we will then very quickly rise above this blow nature sent us, and progress to more and more connection among each other in calmer and more peaceful conditions.

The Epidemic Is Not Punishment But Remedy

laitman_961.2Throughout history, we have received many signs of attention from the Creator, the good that does good. But by existing in egoistic qualities that are opposite to the Creator, we have perceived these manifestations of love and care as blows and did not feel the need to change.

This is how loving parents push their child to learn while he only wants to play, does not listen to them, and thinks that his parents hate him.

This is exactly what is happening in the world—crises, wars, disasters, epidemics—the path of suffering that humanity has gone through. And this is because we have refused to accept the governance of the Creator as absolutely good and always bringing good, that is, to adjust ourselves to this governance.

We wanted to run away from the instructions of the Creator like children who do not listen to their parents and hide and argue all the time. This is why our life has been so bitter until today.

But now we are experiencing a special blow like no other. It comes to calm down the entire world, all of humanity, and to make us as one whole. Just as parents lose their patience and tell the children: “That is enough, calm down now!” And they take such a strict action that they actually calm down.

The upper governance is descending and closing in on us more and more, beginning to deal with us closely, individually, and directly.

Why did humanity take this blow so hard? Why does the coronavirus hold us in such fear? We are used to many people dying and being born each year in every country. Why are we so scared of this particular virus?

We know that within a hundred years the entire population of the world will change: everyone will die and new people will be born, but we do not make a tragedy out of it. The virus, however, is a psychological blow. A hidden pest is between us, we do not see or feel it, and we do not know where it will strike us from.

However, the virus really acts for our benefit by ordering us to distance ourselves from each other and not to leave the house. It is as if it tells me: “If you cannot treat each other nicely, stay at home! And if a little bit of goodness appears, you can come out but keep a distance of ten meters between you.”

The virus shows us our true relationships: that we are unable to stay together, and if we connect, we pass viruses to each other because we are egoists. This virus is the revelation of the upper governance.

The virus separates people from each other to the extent of their egoism. It forces them to stay at home instead of engaging in all sorts of useless, far-fetched things. It shows us a better kind of connection that we can have. And it did not come to harm and kill us but to organize our life correctly. This is the hand of the Creator educating us with mercy.

The epidemic is not punishment but the remedy. The virus cools down our relationships fueled by egoism, the desire to win, succeed, and exploit others for personal gain. It halts this entire race.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/18/20, Lesson on the Topic “Pesach (Passover)”

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Antibodies Against Egoism

laitman_961.2The coronavirus is the consequence of the broken connection between people. Everything is harmoniously connected in nature, at the level of elementary particles, that is, inanimate matter, as well as at the vegetative and animate levels.

At these levels, everyone uses others only to the extent necessary to which its natural instinct obliges. A wolf catches and eats the sheep not because it wishes to harm the sheep, the wolf just needs to eat it in order to survive. But after the wolf is full, it will not touch other sheep. It will have no other desire to kill them.

If a person appears instead of the wolf, he will kill all the sheep, send the meat to the store, make money, and find how to spend it for his own pleasure.

The person’s egoism knows no boundaries. His desire to enjoy does not remain within the animalistic pleasures for food, sex, and family. He tries to use others to his advantage, to conquer the whole world, to rise above all with the help of money, honor, and power. And this desire destroys our lives, making us enemies of each other.

Wealth, fame, and knowledge are egoistic fulfillments that require a person to be above others. And so, he launches all kinds of tricks to gain money from others. This already involves competition.

We do not compete with each other concerning food, sex, and family; we simply enjoy them like any animal would. However, the human level is characterized by the fact that it requires money, honor, and knowledge. This egoistic desire cannot be satisfied; it demands more and more.

But nature, which is an integral, global system, disagrees with this, just as a tree disagrees with being chopped down. Nature resists and produces antibodies that prevent a person from invading and destroying natural systems.

Nature is an integral law that binds all elements together and does not allow one to rule but only to maintain mutual connection with the rest of the elements. Therefore, as soon as we go too far with our self-interest, we immediately feel the resistance from other people, society, or some parts of nature.

Further advancement is possible only on the condition that a person observes the integral law of nature, not forgetting that we are all inside the same sphere connected by one network.

The universe and the Earth with everything that is on it: inanimate nature, plants, animals, and people are included in one mechanism and depend on one another. In this whole system, there is only one law, which requires everyone to complement each other.

Human egoism is the only component that hates everyone and wants to use everyone for its own benefit. Not only do we humans want to use nature, but we also fight with each other.

Egoism has led us to a global world in our quest to earn more and more from each other. But we did not aspire for good connections between us, which would contribute to all parts of nature. On the contrary, wherever a person infiltrated nature, he tried to subjugate it, destroying entire species out of whim, not thinking about future generations and not even his own tomorrow.

It is said: “Go make a living off of each other.” That is, each produces something of his own: one grows cucumbers and the other bakes bread so we exchange with each other. But gradually, this positive phenomenon becomes negative because every egoist wants to be a monopolist and defeat everyone.

Someone opens a bakery, then another, then a third, and we begin to compete with each other, add chemical additives to bread, drain the earth without thinking about the future. The main thing is to succeed in the eyes of others, to earn money, honor, and power. We are ready to act even to our own detriment, like the United States and Russia, which are throwing huge amounts of money into weapons, but cannot stop their confrontation.

People are becoming bigger egoists and want to enslave and exploit each other more and more to such an extent that a reaction suddenly comes from the biological level in the form of a virus. How exactly is the human level associated with a primitive virus? The fact is that all levels are connected with each other: inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature and humans are connected in one system.

Therefore, a dispute occurs between people and an earthquake occurs in response to it. Everything in nature began with one small particle that began to increasingly unite with other particles. And so atoms arose, and then living molecules started transmitting energy and information to each other until more complex organisms appeared.

There is not a single tiny particle in the universe that would not be connected through this field with the entire universe, with each of its elements at all levels: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human. And the most decisive connection is on the human level, on the level of thought, that is, relations—it determines and controls everything.

The speed of thought is infinite; it is not limited by the speed of light, and therefore, everything is clarified in thought. And he who does not understand that all parts of nature are connected into one system is like a child who says that the cup fell and broke by itself.

So, the main conclusion from the global epidemic of the coronavirus will be that relations between people, the network connecting us, is the most important and highest phenomenon in this world that defines our whole life. If we bring it into balance, then we will restore harmony at all levels and live as if we are in heaven.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1211 – Antibodies Against Egoism,” 3/10/20

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New Life 307 – Eating Disorders

New Life 307 – Eating Disorders
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

The solution to eating disorders is to introduce a positive social environment in which people aspire to a higher goal. Human warmth, calmness, security, and love need to be valued more than thinness or physical appearance. To be freed from the worship of the body and the need to use food as compensation for emotions, a person needs a society that values him according to his inner life. Every problem in life can be corrected by ascending to a higher level.
From KabTV’s “New Life 307 – Eating Disorders,” 2/27/14

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Let’s Make This An Epidemic Of Kindness

laitman_567.04The burdening of the heart is given to us in order to ensure our freedom of choice. The global crisis, which has engulfed the world due to the coronavirus epidemic, shows how the upper force deals with each person, leaving us the opportunity for free choice so that we would balance good and evil, building a middle line, and always leaning toward the good.

The coronavirus reveals to every person, every country, and the entire world the truth about our relationships. It forces us to sit at home locked up and think about why this is happening and for what purpose?

If we ourselves realize that we can live differently, not the way we used to live, but in harmony with nature, in good relations with each other, rising above our egoism, then we will not have to go through a long and painful crisis. We can get out of this epidemic very quickly. The virus shows us how much we have put the world out of balance.

Each time the Creator arranges a situation that is more effective for correction for us. Therefore, the coronavirus epidemic and quarantine are beneficial for the world’s correction. The virus shows us that we are incapable of being together.

Instead of transmitting good and useful things to each other, we transmit disease and condemn each other to death. So let us learn how to connect with good connections in order to transmit good emotions, pleasure, joy, love, unity, and warmth to each other. This is what is supposed to be between people.

Let us scrutinize why we are transmitting a deadly virus to each other and how to turn this evil into good in order to move toward a new world. I really hope that we will understand this ourselves and be able to explain this to everyone.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/17/20, Lesson on the Topic “Pesach (Passover)”

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Coronavirus Is Changing Reality, Part 3

laitman_961.2Is coronavirus the beginning of the Egyptian plagues?

Question: Now we are on the threshold of the Passover holiday and the symbol of this holiday is ten plagues sent to Pharaoh. Is the coronavirus epidemic the beginning of a series of cataclysms?

Answer: There is no doubt that we are at a very interesting stage in our development, which today requires us to get closer to each other in a more correct way. What is required from us is not mutual trade, not mutual revenue, when we use each other wanting to profit at someone else’s expense, but the relationship to each other through good connections. Then we can fly, move, and connect as much as we want.

Question: Are you talking about some kind of internal sensory relationships?

Answer: About intentions.

Question: Indeed, today we feel a great dependence of everyone on everyone. If a glacier was melting somewhere before or there was a war, it was not felt at all. Today, however, it affects the whole world and naturally everyone is concerned. There is relative solidarity here, but it is seemingly negative: I do not want to be dependent on others.

How can we move from forced integration when we feel this dependence to positive integration?

Answer: There is nothing we can do. We can only learn from the example of ancient Egypt. There, too, everything was done through the blows, through ten Egyptian plagues.

Imagine that there will be no coronavirus, so there will be something else. Let’s say we live quietly as we did a couple of months ago.

And suddenly there is a war somewhere in Africa and Latin America, no matter where, because of which the extraction of some raw materials, for example, rare earth metals, stops. Because of a couple of kilograms produced in a year, the entire economy can stop. What will you do then?

All governments will immediately start pursuing these two countries, which are at war with each other and stopping the export of material necessary for the whole world. The world will still discover global dependence and will have to take measures to ensure that relations between everybody are smooth and good. Otherwise, there will be nothing.

Comment: By the way, Wikipedia gives the following definition of interdependence: “in an interdependent relationship, it is assumed that all participants emotionally, economically, environmentally, morally, and in some other way influence each other.” In other words, dependence is not only physical but also moral.

My Response: Yes, it is manifested at all levels.

Question: Does it mean that there is a lack of understanding of this dependence in society?

Answer: This is the main thing. This is why if we want to wreck each other’s lives, we stop trading, even to our own detriment, only to make sure that it will be even worse for the other.

Question: What kind of pain do you think people feel today? How does the virus affect people? What is the state humanity is in?

Answer: Today, people do not yet feel the full essence of this problem. They digest it, but they are not choking on it yet, so to say; they are not really concerned, “Well, there is, of course, a virus. Well, out of 100 million 100 people die. So what?” You see, this is not the scale that can impress the world.

Comment: It was the same in Egypt, these blows also began slowly. However, we have a chance to come to our senses.

My Response: Yes. By disseminating the method of integral connection we can explain that all this can be stopped.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Is Changing Reality,” 3/12/20

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“How To Make Optimal Use Of The Coronavirus Era” (Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “How to Make Optimal Use of the Coronavirus Era

Mutual responsibility is the fundamental law of nature. It is what connects between all elements of nature on still, vegetative, animate and human levels as a single system.

According to the law of mutual responsibility, as the human elements in the system, whether we know it or not, we have an obligation to understand what our attitudes should be toward the system in order to bring about a state of equilibrium: relations of mutual consideration, support, love and care among all of its parts.

The problem is that we are unable to perceive the law of mutual responsibility, and thus we have no idea how to meet its demands.

The Problem of Agreeing With the Law of Mutual Responsibility

How could an individual agree to being blamed for the entire system becoming imbalanced and bringing about suffering to so many people?

How could an individual feel that crises occurring in the world are due to his or her failing to fulfill a certain role in the system?

Such a view stands against our very reason, which by default blames other people and other things in the world for our shortcomings.

However, according to nature’s perfect functionality—a well-oiled system of mutual consideration and responsibility—every individual element is equivalent to the whole system. Thus, every element holds monumental importance and responsibility.

If nature’s law of mutual responsibility had been revealed to us, we would see that every person is responsible for the entirety of humanity.

But we live our lives in concealment of this law, within our individualistic and narrow self-serving perceptions.

On one hand, living in concealment of nature’s law of mutual responsibility provides us with room for free choice, since if we had clear perception and sensation of our tight interdependence, we would all be compelled to think and act for humanity’s common benefit involuntarily, living like animals that instinctively follow nature’s commands.

On the other hand, human development in concealment of our need to establish mutually considerate and responsible connections led us to a state where we were each ready to exploit, manipulate and even abuse others in order to benefit ourselves—the polar opposite of mutual responsibility.

Sit and Do Nothing—Better

There is a Kabbalistic saying that goes, “sit and do nothing—better.” It means that before we dabble about in all kinds of activities, it is better to stop and contemplate on whether the intention behind our actions is correct, whether what we are about to do will lead us all in a positive direction, and whether we aim ourselves at benefiting other people and nature and not simply live our lives trying to fulfill self-serving interests.

Until very recently, we were in a competitive-egoistic grind trying to profit from each other as much as we could. We were engaged in a common attempt to make our way in life by trying to prosper from our exploitation of other people, as well as from nature’s still, vegetative and animate levels.

Nature itself then revealed a new situation that forced us to enter the state of “sit and do nothing—better” that Kabbalists discuss.

How? It was by giving us the coronavirus.

Together with the rapid global spread of the coronavirus, conditions materialized from one country to the next in classic domino-effect fashion, as if nature, like a caring-yet-strict parent, grabbed its misbehaving child—humanity—by the arm, and put us into detention:

“Now, listen to me! You’re not going out anywhere for a while. No going out at night. No parties. No traveling overseas. No meeting up with your friends. You can only go out to get whatever you need to get by, and then you have to come straight back home.”

“I want you to think about why you’re in detention, about what you were doing wrong. You’re getting older now, and you can’t keep going around making a mess anymore, only thinking about yourself, like a baby.”

Global-Scale Blows Call for Global Awakening

The 2008 global financial crisis was a major wake-up call for humanity to realize how globally interconnected and interdependent we were.

The fact that one bank falling in one country led to more banks falling in other countries, which further prompted home foreclosures, mass unemployment, and later, protests around the world—words like “global interconnection” and “global interdependence,” which mostly new-age and spiritual types had used before that incident in niche circles, then became the words of politicians and economists heard frequently in the daily news.

We were taught a lesson in how the value of maximizing self-interests at the expense of others, which worked itself across a chain of loan borrowers, lenders, investment banks, investors and ratings agencies, prompted a collapse of our financial infrastructures, which had further negative rippling effects felt by people all around the world. In other words, we were taught a lesson in how by living in an interdependent world while thinking only about our personal benefit leads to crisis.

Today’s coronavirus crisis comes to show us how globally interconnected and interdependent we are on a whole new level.

Humanity has become quarantined, each person and family in their respective homes, for a considerable amount of time, in order to give us room for introspection and learning.

Today, however, we are given a chance not only to see how interconnected and interdependent we are, and how our paradigm of maximizing self-interests at others’ expense was leading us to a dangerous state. This time, we have been given conditions and time to learn how we can realize our interdependence in a positive manner: by learning how to act in a mutually considerate and responsible way toward each other.

With the limitations imposed on us today, it would be beneficial for us to learn about how we can change our interdependence from one that nature compels us to wake up to via means that we sense as undesirable and even painful, to an interdependence that we perceive as desirable.

In other words, today we can learn how to want to take responsibility for others, how we can find pleasure in thinking and acting for other people’s benefit, and how such a form of connection is much more fulfilling than our previous mode of thinking and acting out of self-benefit alone.

If we take a step toward engaging ourselves in such a form of integral learning—education that enriches our connection to each other and with nature—we will discover that outside of our desires to benefit ourselves alone exists a heavenly life.

Implementing connections of mutual consideration and responsibility among each other will “click” us into balance with nature, and we will then feel nature in its perfection and wholeness.

Wake Up and Smell the Shift to a New Evolutionary Phase

“Sit and do nothing—better” is the next phase of human evolution that nature has driven us to realize with the onset of the coronavirus.

It is a necessary phase that we have to experience in order to depart from the self-interest based rat race that we were running beforehand.

Today, with the mass-scale quarantine-like conditions imposed on us by the coronavirus pandemic, nature is encouraging us to settle down and start a new process of introspective learning about who we are, what is this reality we are in, what are its laws, to what extent do we depend on each other and on nature, to what extent does nature depend on us, and how can we make optimal use of this state in order to upgrade ourselves, to act more harmoniously with each other and with nature?

At this juncture, integral connection-enriching education comes to our aid.

To realize the state we have entered ideally, we would benefit most from absorbing wisdom of connection as regularly as we consume the news, or as much as we play video games or engage in social media, i.e., that we nourish ourselves with educational materials, examples and practical activities that infuse us with the necessity and importance to become more considerate, responsible and caring of one another.

By doing so, we will open ourselves up to a whole new dimension of existence, where we will experience nothing less than perfection, peace, unification, and complete fulfillment and happiness.

We have been handed a momentous opportunity to rise considerably in our relations to each other and with nature, and to deepen our awareness of the system of nature and its laws.

I thus hope that we will make constructive use of this unique period we have entered, and indeed use it to become more balanced and harmonious with nature.

Coronavirus—Nature’s Boomerang

laitman_269Mutual guarantee is a concept familiar to everyone since childhood. We have always been taught that we need to support each other, otherwise we will be lost. But today, mutual guarantee, connection between people, is becoming an unusually enhanced and relevant topic.

The coronavirus epidemic that has swept the world, gives us the opportunity to learn something new about our lives and relationships in the global world. On the other hand, it shows us what power each, even the smallest element of nature, possesses. The world seems so huge, but suddenly it turns out that a tiny virus can plunge it into chaos and darkness.

This shows us what personal responsibility each of us bears before the world in our time so as not to be a pest in it and not to infect others. Think, some simple trader from a Chinese market has made such dramatic changes in the world. This shows the power each of us possess in the global world, and what responsibility lies on each in relation to everyone.

There is a simple law in the science of Kabbalah: The general and the particular are equal. The general is only a collection of private elements, and therefore it depends on each of them. It is impossible to pull even the single smallest element out from the general without destroying the general. Without one particle, it will be flawed because it lacks this part.

Therefore, we look at coronavirus and do not understand how such a microscopic particle has managed to create so many troubles in the world? But in fact, the virus shows us what damage we have done in the entire system at the biological level, the highest level of nature. Above it there are only thoughts and intentions of people.

We must understand that everything starts with the head. Therefore, if there is a breakdown within the biological system, then it is a consequence of a malfunction in the system of thought and desire that are above the biological level. It should be clarified what kind of problems there are in the relationship within a person, with others, with humanity in general, which creates such distortions as viruses at the biological level.

Apparently, there is a problem in our relationships: they are not integral. We have already violated all laws of the integral nature and disallow its normal existence. Therefore, the destruction that we create in nature, where everything must be connected and harmonious, has become so significant that it hit everyone in the form of a virus.

The epidemic really affects everyone because we live in an integral world. And therefore, it doesn’t matter who lives where—everyone has suffered, whether it be a Chinese peasant, a stockbroker in Hong Kong, or an American because we are in a common, connected system.

Once we lived more isolated and depended only on our local area because the world was not global. But today’s world is so integrated that any Chinese village is linked along a chain through a network of trade relations with all of humanity. We are used to the fact that the fate of the world is managed by governments, and suddenly the reins are at the disposal of a tiny virus.

We are all parts of one integrated system called “Adam,” human being, and we depend on each other without exception. And if this system is increasingly showing our dependence and obliging us to improve it, then let’s learn how to fit in this system, or it will be bad for us. Otherwise, new deadly viruses will be revealed every day.

The system indicates that we are required to connect with each other through positive connections. But we need to find out what “positive” means because our egoism considers only that which is beneficial for it to be positive.

In order to find out what is really positive, we need to study the whole system, and then each and everyone together to act to maintain its integrity. Apart from this, nothing is required, only to take care of others, as of oneself.

Between us there must be a global, mutual guarantee, which is higher than any separation and personal goals. Mutual care, positive connection among us is above all, and it must determine all existing individual bonds between us. Mutual guarantee is the highest law in nature, existing only in nature . All other laws and forms of behavior are derived from it.

Thanks to the coronavirus, the law of mutual guarantee is now being disclosed worldwide. Nature decided to show us who we are and how opposite to it we are.

Maybe during this crisis, we will learn what should be done to become an integral part of nature. Having fulfilled the law of mutual guarantee, we humans will bring nature into balance. Achieving complete balance and harmony of the forces of nature is a true paradise.
From Kab TV’s “New Life #1212,” 3/10/20

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