The Global Pandemic

laitman_294.2We live during a very special time, which will be remembered in history as the “coronavirus pandemic.” The worldwide emergency has been that has become global. And it is all because of one tiny virus. One can hardly see it, yet it has managed to produce an enormous revolution and paralyze our entire life.

Besides the danger that this disease entails, it destroys all systems that human society is built upon. The virus threatens everyone from a simple worker to a prime minister.

It seemed to us that the structures we built were powerful and unshakable, but it turned out that a microscopic virus can undercut the entire system at the root. Countries are closing their borders and asking their citizens to isolate themselves for a long period of time. The entire world is hiding at home and locking itself up.

So what is happening? Here comes one little virus that breaks all profitable connections that we have built between us so that we make money from others, exploit, and compete with each other. Obviously, this was not a good state because nature always aspires to restore the correct balance inasmuch as it is able to withstand our egoistic nature that strives to use everybody.

It follows that we engendered this virus ourselves by driving our relationships to an unprecedented egoistic level. Consequently, there appeared a virus, a biological particle able to break down all the egoistic relationships we have built.

There is no end to strife in the modern world where everyone wants to use the other or even destroy him. Egoism has crossed all limits and as a result, the virus appeared. The integral mechanism of nature could not bear such a level of human interactions and it has reacted with the coronavirus.

The lack of positive connection between people gives rise to the biological phenomenon at the lower level. Human relationships represent the highest degree of nature that affects the physical and biological connections below them.

Epidemics are nothing new to our world. In the past, the epidemics were so severe that they emptied entire cities. What is so special about the coronavirus? The mortality rate is not that high; inevitably a certain number of people die every year the seasonal flu.

But the problem is that despite the highest level of progress that we have achieved, we are unable to get our life in order. With full material well-being, there is the the lack of positive human relations. That is why we cannot build a normal society and educate our children correctly.

It is all the fault of the human ego. Nature shows us that only our egoism needs a cure and that is why it reveals the coronavirus for us. This is the inner meaning of the crisis.

We live in a global world and the pandemic makes it clear that our global connection might be dangerous. However, we have no choice: human development brings us to the realization of our connection and total dependence on each other.

By trying to thwart the pandemic, the countries are trying to close themselves up and isolate people by breaking down the connections. But ultimately, we will only realize that it is impossible because by this we doom ourselves to a miserable life as if returning to primitive times.
From KabTV’s “New Life, 1211,” 3/10/20

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