Feel The Force Connecting Us

laitman_264.01Each of us receives an initial desire for the revelation of the Creator, which is called the point in the heart. But this point itself is unable to cope with anything; it cannot perform any action. All we can do from the very beginning is to annul our egoism as much as possible in order to connect with our friends.

We await the Creator to make this connection between us. And as soon as I feel connected with my friends, right there, in this mutual connection: “Me with my friend and my friend with me,” I feel this force connecting us—the quality of the Creator, the mutual bestowal between me and my friend. Thus, we reveal the Creator.

It turns out that what is in each of us doesn’t matter, but what matters is between us—the network itself is more important than the nodes of the grid. Although the network is created on the basis of the nodes, to achieve the goal of merging with the Creator, the grid is much more important.

There is only one soul in the world, and this soul is in its entirety found in every person of Israel (Yashar-Kel), which means “straight to the Creator,” that is, in everyone who is eager to practically reveal the upper force, the source of his soul.

How is it that each of us can feel this whole soul completely even though there are billions of people in the world? Each person, each part of the soul, in proportion to its connection with others, begins to attain the same common soul. Until a person unites with everyone, he does not recognize this soul but only some part of it. But, having revealed all the connections, he will feel the whole upper light, like Adam HaRishon, the only soul created by the Creator.

Now I do not feel it only because there is the force of the shattering in me, which prevents me from feeling myself in the corrected, perfect, unique state. Because of this inner shattering, I seem to be unconscious, as if in a dream, and should wake up from sleep. Now we are separated from the real reality, and when we wake up at the end of correction, we will realize that we were in a terrible dream.

The inner power of the shattering separates each one from the rest and keeps everyone in a dream. But when we begin to work on our correction, we attract the upper light, which awakens us. And then we return from sleep to reality and feel the true life, realizing that we all relate to one system, one soul.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/19/20, Only Through The Ten To The Creator

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