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What Can WE Offer The Italian People During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 3/29/20

“I looked out the window from the room I have been closed in for weeks, and I saw my neighbor being removed in a body bag, due to dying from the coronavirus.” That is what one of my Italian students mentioned when discussing what is going on in Italy at the moment.

Although the coronavirus pandemic is felt all around the world, in Italy it is felt much stronger.

The highest reported coronavirus-related death rate haunts the Italian people together with a heavy and depressing fear of death.

The Italian citizens live in uncertainty and discontent as they endure a prolonged period of social distancing, forced by the risky pandemic to remain in their homes.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus continues spreading, and also mutating very quickly.

Although much effort is being made to find a vaccine to cure people from the virus, it seems as if it is here to stay for a while.

Therefore, what can we offer the Italian people, as well as everyone staying at home during this period around the world?

All we have to offer is a deeper explanation as to why this virus came about and spread throughout humanity, i.e., one that comes from an understanding of nature’s plan and purpose toward humanity, and what nature expects of us.

One clear aspect about the coronavirus is that it negatively affects us, humans, and no other parts of nature. This is because it emerges to wake us up to the fact that we had been harming ourselves and the planet in the way we conducted ourselves leading up to the pandemic.

In other words, we brought this pandemic upon ourselves due to our imbalance with nature.

We had turned our lives into a rat race on a consumeristic treadmill where we each sought to benefit ourselves at the expense of others. By doing so, we created a system where we manufactured, advertised, bought, sold and then soon after discarded an array of products that were well beyond our necessities.

We related to each other in a way where we saw dollar signs hovering upon each other’s heads. That is, we measured each other by the amount of benefit and profit we could reap from each other, and the more our selfish desires grew, the more divided we became.

Therefore, the coronavirus appeared in order to physically detach us for a while, giving us time and room to contemplate on how we relate to each other and to our world, how to not return to our past destructive world, and what should happen to our world in order for it to be better, more genuine and just.

Ultimately, this virus emerged in order for us to fix our relationships, that we would become more considerate and supportive of each other. This is why there is yet no vaccination in sight. It is also why scientists and researchers are at a loss.

Until we repair our attitudes to each other, then anything we will do to cure this virus will stumble under the weight of a new virus or mutation of the current virus, which would be stronger and more threatening.

This is why people concerned about humanity’s future today are trying to spread the message about the deeper explanation behind the coronavirus, and raise awareness of the power that we hold in our connections to each other.

By learning about how we are interdependent and how our positive future depends on the extent to which we realize our interdependence positively, we then awaken nature’s positive force of connection into our lives. It knows, much better than we do, how to cure all diseases and solve all of our problems.

One of our main problems is that we fail to acknowledge that nature is in control, that it is wiser and superior to us. If we could acknowledge nature’s superiority and greater wisdom to our own, then such an approach would prepare us to learn and absorb how we can shift into balance with nature and experience newfound harmony.

I think that Italians should be able to digest this message relatively easily. They naturally feel that there is a higher power in the world, and have a warm and open heart. I wish them good health, peace and a quick recovery.

My Thoughts On Twitter 3/29/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

When we unite in mutual guarantee, the friend is more important to me than myself. I am ready to do everything that others need. We must likewise operate in disseminating Kabbalah to humanity. That is how we will rise to mount Sinai, egoism, receiving the upper light.

Escaping Egypt means exiting one’s Ego into the group, the ten, when I feel the friends instead of myself. We want to be together, but we are unable to unite, there’s a wall between us that’s preventing me from feeling the friend. We flee from this Egypt, cross the Red Sea, destroying barriers.

A new authority is here, the “coronavirus.” And it’s clearing a path of development for us like a tsunami wave washing away all redundancies. We must walk this path of exiting the ego (Egypt) into altruism, out of the material and into the spiritual. #Covid-19

All that the #coronavirus took from us is garbage. From the material standpoint, we will survive. Most importantly, we now have the chance to discover what to live for! Our lives in this world are nominal, but internally, the virus is actually helping us to escape the ego’s slavery, and to become closer to the Creator and the revelation of the spiritual world.

Everyone in the world has but one problem: the entire life order is ruined, the whole world collapsed, replaced by emptiness. The science of Kabbalah explains: the world can shrink itself to a necessary level of existence. What matters most for us is achieving the eternal spiritual life.
From Twitter, 3/29/20

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What Will The World Be Like After The Epidemic?

laitman_627.1After the coronavirus epidemic, the world will become different and new. The virus came in order to clean out all the garbage from us. There is nothing harmful in nature. The virus makes room for goodness to appear.

All the garbage that fills the human society we have built will be washed away and will open the opportunity to fill our relationships with kindness and love, building a beautiful bright world for our children and grandchildren.

Let us hope that we can do this, that we will not drag all the hatred and competition into the new world, i.e., the behavior by which we destroy the globe and doom ourselves to death from climate disasters and wars. We are capable of building a new world right now.

Governments are now investing billions of dollars hoping to return to the past. But God forbid we return to our former state. I do not think this would be good for any country. After all, even before the virus, we were already in crisis facing the threat of war, financial and industrial collapse. The confrontation between America, Russia, China, and Europe grew.

We should not return to the old world; there was nothing good in it for citizens, countries, the army, finance, industry, or trade. We devastated the globe pumping out all the resources from it. We must not allow even thinking about returning to the world of yesterday; only a madman can think of that.

No one enjoyed such a life; we deceived ourselves as if we were doing well. But what was good about it? What have we seen in life? Now is the time to cleanse human society from all the garbage it was clogged with. As we filled the oceans with plastic and radioactive waste, so did we litter human society.

We need to build a new world, a good one. Let this virus help us think and realize where we ended up. Compared to the problems that threatened us before, today’s epidemic is simply nothing. It is a great mercy of the Creator that He corrects us in such a gentle manner.

Never return to the old world—only strive forward, toward a new world in which there will be no work for ten hours a day, many hours of idle time in traffic jams, abandoned children, and life in perpetual debt. Let us all together take one step forward and not return to the old world. Let us consider how we can move only forward, and above all, think about new relationships.

We are now home in quarantine and we must come out as new people in order to start connecting with each other in a new way. What is the new way? While we are forced to stay at home, we will get a good piece of a new upbringing for living in a new world, in a new society. Everyone understands that this is necessary, so let’s do it. Otherwise, what kind of world will we leave our children and grandchildren?
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/19/20, Selected Highlights

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What The Coronavirus Teaches Us

Dr Michael LaitmanHumanity has come a long way in its development and has reached the point that it begins to feel like one organism. We need to thank the coronavirus for bringing the whole world to such unity. If this epidemic drags out, then humanity will discover that we indeed belong to one system, and we are all dependent on each other.

So far, this dependence is expressed in the fact that from fear of infection, I close myself off from others and disconnect from the negative connection.

But let’s start revealing positive dependence. If we connect correctly, we will begin to produce positive viruses. 

Right now nature is unveiling harmful viruses to us as the revelation of evil. But then we must continue this process for the realization of goodness, we will find out that by uniting with one another, we can achieve tremendous success.

The main solution is not in the cessation of air flights or revival of a paralyzed economy, but in the connection between people. The virus will begin to disappear if there is at least a slight shift toward unification, and then we will see that we don’t want to break ties with each other because we want to connect. And we want to contact each other not to wander around the world again from end to end, but because we want to connect with people. 

The previous connection was poor, but now we will build a good connection. It is this medicine that we want to use in this critical condition: to restore our connection, but on a whole different level, being kind instead of using one another. By virtue of our connection, we defeat any evil, any virus, and come to a good life.

Nature will lead us to this goal anyway, and if we ourselves are willing to move toward it, we won’t have to get infected with different viruses along the way. It all depends on our request for the correction of relationships between people. This knowledge should be spread throughout the world in all forms: in thoughts, conversations, and actions. And then the higher power, nature, will do its job. A higher power binds all parts of creation together. And we want to correct the human level where the shattering occurred, return it to its unity so we can see it in its true form not distorted by our selfish vision. By correcting ourselves, we correct reality.

The coronavirus reveals our negative dependence on one another to us. First, we discover that we are unable to survive without working together, without earning from one another. It should be clear to everyone that each of us is being sustained by the whole world. But all this can be continued only on condition that our connection becomes positive. A negative connection destroys humanity and we cannot continue to exist in this form. The world will fall into such a state that a person will have nothing to eat or breathe.

Imagine how beautiful life will become if humanity is united, like all other parts of nature, inanimate, vegetative and animate, into one integral system where everyone includes all others in himself. Where can we get a force that will unite us into one organism, sew and glue us into one system? It is obvious that in such a perfect system everyone will feel good. Of course, if it becomes clear to us that a kind look at another person immediately cures us of the coronavirus, everyone on earth would instantly become righteous.

But this is not what the higher power requires of us. A person needs to realize that he should strive for bestowal, not for selfish gain, think about others, not about himself. And when everyone feels good, then he will too stop being sick.

In the meantime, while the epidemic continues, we have something to learn from this…
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/11/20, Baal HaSulam,“The Peace.”

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Coronavirus Is Changing Reality, Part 4

laitman_284.07Stages of Development of Humanity: Helplessness and Fear

Question: What stages in our sensory development must we go through? For example, first indifference, then fear, then helplessness, and so on.

Answer: Helplessness works very well. After all, when you are helpless and suddenly begin to feel that you have only one way out, meaning to support each other, then nothing else is necessary.

We are completely dependent on nature which surrounds us. It can do anything with us, except one thing: If we get closer to each other, we will come into good contact with it, and then we will act on each other mutually, nature on us and we on nature. That is when we will be integrally connected by positive connections among each other and with nature.

Comment: I communicate with many people and see that the stage of indifference is already over. When coronavirus first appeared in China, there was complete indifference abroad. Now there is a stage of fear because this is already in many countries.

My Response: I do not think this is already the stage of fear. First of all, people still have food.

Fear is when I see that I will soon run out of food, fear because medical services can no longer cope with so many patients, fear because I just do not know what will happen to me, to my neighbors, let alone to my job and everything else.

In addition, we will run out of the funds to pay people and no one will accept this money in stores because there will be nothing to sell, meaning nothing for which to charge.

When a person can see such states with eyes full of fear, then generally the person is ready to say, “Yes, Yes, I agree to positive interaction with others!”
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Is Changing Reality, Part 4,” 3/12/20

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The Years Of Plenty And The Years Of Famine In Kabbalah

laitman_571.04Question: It is written in the Torah that when the Jews descended to Egypt, they passed seven years of plenty and seven years of famine. Is it possible to compare the seven years of famine with the descent; and seven years of plenty with an ascent?

Answer: In a manner of speaking, yes, although it is more intense and more mixed up these days.

Comment: It turns out that when a person studies Kabbalah and everything seems fine, then one is in ascent with almost no feeling of descent; these are the seven years of plenty. This person then begins feeling a certain dryness without any desire for the spiritual. In general, what will this state give me in this world?

Some other methods at least help somewhat such as a person gets more money, health improves, etc.

My Response: Other methods do not oblige you to destroy egoism. They do not humiliate you. On the contrary, you rise and grow up. And here you reach a state where you are just a zero. Who am I? What am I? For what reason? This is a problem.

This is why you need a group. You have to do it all the time, make an ironclad schedule for yourself, grab onto your friends, and they grab onto you, and so mutually pull each other out, climb and not just go along a bumpy road, but climb a mountain together. This is possible in a group. You will then quickly reach the goal.
From a KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/27/19

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“When Will The Coronavirus Pandemic End?” (Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “When Will the Coronavirus Pandemic End?

We are not used to the coronavirus. We have no idea how we will come out of it and where we will head from here.

If anyone thinks that it will pass in a few weeks, it won’t. We are in a new state that will endure the summer and head into the winter afterward.

When will this pandemic come to an end?

It will come to an end when we will improve human connections. To understand why this is so, we require deeper awareness of how nature works.

Before the coronavirus closed in on us, we acted out of a steroid-pumped desire to profit from one another in order to each fulfill self-serving interests.

Our concern for other people and our planet was overshadowed by a concern for ourselves. As such, our self-concern made us look at nature and other people solely through a lens of how to use them in order to benefit ourselves maximally.

Nature thus needed to teach us a lesson. And it did, in a very dramatic, cunning, caring and rigorous manner.

We looked like siblings fighting over our toys, and then nature, like a strict parent, ordered us to stop our quarrels, go into our separate rooms, think about how we were misbehaving, and how we should behave toward each other when nature lets us out again.

I thus hope that we will treat the period we are in seriously, that we will use the time we now have to realize our tight interconnectedness and interdependence among each other and with nature.

The coronavirus helps us see just how equal we are. It makes no distinction between rich and poor, boss and worker, famous and unknown — we are all equal in the face of this blow.

I understand the complications we have in seeing all people as equal, because we have been raised to categorize and class people in certain ways, but we have no choice: Nature shows us through this virus that it considers us all as equals, and we would be wise to try and see ourselves the same as how nature does.

Even multi-billionaire elites who escaped to their private islands and underground bunkers are still unsafe from the coronavirus. The virus appeared in many places where we still have no understanding of how it could have possibly done so. Therefore, even in such getaway areas, people are prone to the virus as is everyone, because there is a completely different reason for the virus’ presence than we can currently comprehend.

Therefore, the sooner we relate to everyone as equal — caring about all people in the world as much as we care about ourselves — we will then very quickly rise above this blow nature sent us, and progress to more and more connection among each other in calmer and more peaceful conditions.

Layered Revelation Of Points In The Heart

Laitman_198Question: Are there any statistics on points in the heart per capita today? For example, in Sochi there are 300,000 people. How many more people do we still have to discover there with a point in the heart?

Answer: You just answered your own question: 300,000. Only this won’t happen immediately but gradually and in layers. First, individuals more sensitive to the sense of the meaning of life or its absence will open up, then less sensitive ones, etc., until the most insensitive will say “What is the meaning of life? We want to reveal it.”

They will say so because they will feel a sense of eternity without fulfillment. Indeed, on one hand, the feeling of eternity, and on the other hand, the lack of fulfillment that causes a terrible longing in a person.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/9/20

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A House Needs A Wise Woman

laitman_531.03We see that the role of women is growing in the modern world: women are becoming stronger and gaining more and more influence. They are more in control of their desires and more goal-oriented.

The weakness of women is in the fact that they need male support to realize their goals. But as soon as women receive such support, they are able to complete an execution that men are incapable of.

I hope that in the future women will have a greater access to world leadership in the correct and natural cooperation with men. The world will then cease to be as primitive and corrupted as it was when led by men while women were staying at home taking care of children and households. We see that what is happening now is the opposite: the further the world moves toward the end of correction, the more power women gain.

Every man is afraid of his wife. It is because a woman takes care of the house, she rules it. It is a characteristic feature of our time. Rabash joked, saying about someone: “This is a righteous man; he is not afraid of anyone except the Creator and his wife.” And there is truth in it indeed.

Now in many cities women have been elected mayor. Why not? If a woman can control a house, then she can well control a city. A man is more distracted and not very suitable for this role. A man is stronger, but a woman is more reasonable and able to support different systems at the same time.

Just as she copes at home with all her responsibilities at the same time: laundry, meals, children, and a thousand different things on top of it; and everything is in order. Try to remove a woman from the house so that a man runs the whole house alone, and within a week the apartment will turn into a garbage dump.

So it is written: “A woman is a house.” But is not a country and the world our home? A woman lacks only male support, and everything will be settled. I am sure that if women were at the head of all governments, they would establish peace in the world. No matter how difficult it would be for women to agree with each other, they would come to an agreement, because a woman is ready to agree and incline herself for the sake of achieving peace.

Men and women should feel like equal partners, each one reasonably perceiving their role and knowing that if, by virtue of the qualities given to us by nature, we replenish each other to one complete perfection, then this will be a correction.

It is written in the book “Sefat Emet,” in the portion Pinchas “About Adam it is written that two creations were created, that is, it is in man’s power to attract the glow from the future world. Male power draws the soul from the upper world, and female power completes the action of correction in this world.” A woman is a vessel receiving the illumination, and the strength of a man is in order to attract this glow from above for the sake of bestowal, that is, by means of intention.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/8/20, Lesson on the Topic “International Women’s Day”

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