Coronavirus Is Changing Reality, Part 4

laitman_284.07Stages of Development of Humanity: Helplessness and Fear

Question: What stages in our sensory development must we go through? For example, first indifference, then fear, then helplessness, and so on.

Answer: Helplessness works very well. After all, when you are helpless and suddenly begin to feel that you have only one way out, meaning to support each other, then nothing else is necessary.

We are completely dependent on nature which surrounds us. It can do anything with us, except one thing: If we get closer to each other, we will come into good contact with it, and then we will act on each other mutually, nature on us and we on nature. That is when we will be integrally connected by positive connections among each other and with nature.

Comment: I communicate with many people and see that the stage of indifference is already over. When coronavirus first appeared in China, there was complete indifference abroad. Now there is a stage of fear because this is already in many countries.

My Response: I do not think this is already the stage of fear. First of all, people still have food.

Fear is when I see that I will soon run out of food, fear because medical services can no longer cope with so many patients, fear because I just do not know what will happen to me, to my neighbors, let alone to my job and everything else.

In addition, we will run out of the funds to pay people and no one will accept this money in stores because there will be nothing to sell, meaning nothing for which to charge.

When a person can see such states with eyes full of fear, then generally the person is ready to say, “Yes, Yes, I agree to positive interaction with others!”
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Is Changing Reality, Part 4,” 3/12/20

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