What The Coronavirus Teaches Us

Dr Michael LaitmanHumanity has come a long way in its development and has reached the point that it begins to feel like one organism. We need to thank the coronavirus for bringing the whole world to such unity. If this epidemic drags out, then humanity will discover that we indeed belong to one system, and we are all dependent on each other.

So far, this dependence is expressed in the fact that from fear of infection, I close myself off from others and disconnect from the negative connection.

But let’s start revealing positive dependence. If we connect correctly, we will begin to produce positive viruses. 

Right now nature is unveiling harmful viruses to us as the revelation of evil. But then we must continue this process for the realization of goodness, we will find out that by uniting with one another, we can achieve tremendous success.

The main solution is not in the cessation of air flights or revival of a paralyzed economy, but in the connection between people. The virus will begin to disappear if there is at least a slight shift toward unification, and then we will see that we don’t want to break ties with each other because we want to connect. And we want to contact each other not to wander around the world again from end to end, but because we want to connect with people. 

The previous connection was poor, but now we will build a good connection. It is this medicine that we want to use in this critical condition: to restore our connection, but on a whole different level, being kind instead of using one another. By virtue of our connection, we defeat any evil, any virus, and come to a good life.

Nature will lead us to this goal anyway, and if we ourselves are willing to move toward it, we won’t have to get infected with different viruses along the way. It all depends on our request for the correction of relationships between people. This knowledge should be spread throughout the world in all forms: in thoughts, conversations, and actions. And then the higher power, nature, will do its job. A higher power binds all parts of creation together. And we want to correct the human level where the shattering occurred, return it to its unity so we can see it in its true form not distorted by our selfish vision. By correcting ourselves, we correct reality.

The coronavirus reveals our negative dependence on one another to us. First, we discover that we are unable to survive without working together, without earning from one another. It should be clear to everyone that each of us is being sustained by the whole world. But all this can be continued only on condition that our connection becomes positive. A negative connection destroys humanity and we cannot continue to exist in this form. The world will fall into such a state that a person will have nothing to eat or breathe.

Imagine how beautiful life will become if humanity is united, like all other parts of nature, inanimate, vegetative and animate, into one integral system where everyone includes all others in himself. Where can we get a force that will unite us into one organism, sew and glue us into one system? It is obvious that in such a perfect system everyone will feel good. Of course, if it becomes clear to us that a kind look at another person immediately cures us of the coronavirus, everyone on earth would instantly become righteous.

But this is not what the higher power requires of us. A person needs to realize that he should strive for bestowal, not for selfish gain, think about others, not about himself. And when everyone feels good, then he will too stop being sick.

In the meantime, while the epidemic continues, we have something to learn from this…
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/11/20, Baal HaSulam,“The Peace.”

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