What Is So Unique About The Coronavirus?

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 3/20/20

The coronavirus pandemic we are now experiencing will go down in history as a very unique period. A state of emergency around the world and the paralysis of our economic and social structures have come about all due to one tiny and hardly visible virus.

Other than the coronavirus’ health risks, it endangers the systems that human society was constructed on. It makes no distinction between economic and social status, whether one is a simple worker or a president.

If we thought that we had strong economic and social infrastructures, we quickly saw that a microscopic virus could pull the carpet from under our feet. Countries left, right and center are closing their borders and requesting their citizens to stay at home other than leaving for essential needs.

Therefore, we see how one little virus came along and dismantled the materialistic connections that we created between us, connections based on making money, exploiting and competing with each other.

The Coronavirus: An Example of Human Imbalance with Nature

Nature constantly aspires to restore balance: a state of well-oiled interdependence based on everyone considering the common benefit of all. Our egoistic nature, on the other hand, opposes such mutual consideration, as the human ego strives to use anybody and anything in order to benefit itself.

It follows that we brought about this virus by driving our egoistic connections to unparalleled heights. Consequently, a biological particle surfaced that has the strength to shatter our egoistic connections.

Other than the coronavirus, we encounter countless problems on personal, social, global and ecological scales in the modern world, and it is all due to us trying to build our success on the ruin of others.

In recent times, the human ego passed all limitations. The integral mechanism of nature could no longer bear the soaring levels of exploitation, manipulation and abuse among us humans, and it thus reacted with the coronavirus.

In nature, the human level is its most influential. It affects physical and biological connections on its lower animate, vegetative and still levels. As such, negative human connections give rise to negative feedback toward humans from biological phenomena at lower levels.

However, pandemics are nothing new to our world. We experienced many more deaths in other pandemics of the past, when the ego was much smaller than it is today. We have been though pandemics so relentless that they even discarded with populations of entire cities. Moreover, the coronavirus’ mortality rate is relatively low, and by comparison, the seasonal flu has caused more illnesses and deaths. What, then, is so unique about the coronavirus?

What Is So Unique about the Coronavirus?

The coronavirus’ uniqueness is that, despite the highest level of progress that we have ever achieved in our world, it shows us how we are unable to get our life in order.

With full material well-being, we lack positive human relations. And we can only point the finger of blame on ourselves, or more accurately, on the egoistic human nature involuntarily lurking beneath our every thought and action.

Through the revelation of the coronavirus, nature shows us that we need only cure the ego, i.e., that we need to change our approach to the world from “how can others benefit me?” to “how can I benefit others?” That is the deeper meaning behind the pandemic.

We live in a global and integral world, and the coronavirus pandemic clarifies that our ego-based connections in an interdependent world are faulty and dangerous.

Nature has brought us to the realization of our total dependence on each other. From this realization, we are given time to examine how can we relate to each other and to nature differently, with attitudes of mutual support, encouragement and consideration replacing those of exploitation, manipulation and abuse. If we use the time we have now to impact this shift, we will come out of this pandemic into a new and balanced world, and experience our global interdependence harmoniously.

(Reuters: University of California, Berkeley Professors Lisa Wymore (L) and Greg Niemeyer look at the Zoom screen showing students in their online Collaborative Innovation course in Berkeley, California, U.S., March 12, 2020. REUTERS/Nathan Frandino)

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When Will Coronavirus Disappear?

laitman_592.04What is the reason for the spreading of the coronavirus? We must understand that this is a reaction of nature. Nature obligates us to realize that we are in an integral system.

If we disobey the laws of this integral system, its basic law of mutual responsibility, which connects together all parts of the system, then the system responds with blows.

So far this is just the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic and we must take it and other viruses that are yet to be revealed as a signal of our incorrect connection with each other.

We must learn that we exist in the integral system of nature where all parts are connected with each other and there is only one disruptive force in the entire system—the human being.

We must correct ourselves because nature will nevertheless force us to improve our relations with each other until they become so good that the virus will disappear.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1212 —Mutual Responsibility,” 3/10/20

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Feel The Force Connecting Us

laitman_264.01Each of us receives an initial desire for the revelation of the Creator, which is called the point in the heart. But this point itself is unable to cope with anything; it cannot perform any action. All we can do from the very beginning is to annul our egoism as much as possible in order to connect with our friends.

We await the Creator to make this connection between us. And as soon as I feel connected with my friends, right there, in this mutual connection: “Me with my friend and my friend with me,” I feel this force connecting us—the quality of the Creator, the mutual bestowal between me and my friend. Thus, we reveal the Creator.

It turns out that what is in each of us doesn’t matter, but what matters is between us—the network itself is more important than the nodes of the grid. Although the network is created on the basis of the nodes, to achieve the goal of merging with the Creator, the grid is much more important.

There is only one soul in the world, and this soul is in its entirety found in every person of Israel (Yashar-Kel), which means “straight to the Creator,” that is, in everyone who is eager to practically reveal the upper force, the source of his soul.

How is it that each of us can feel this whole soul completely even though there are billions of people in the world? Each person, each part of the soul, in proportion to its connection with others, begins to attain the same common soul. Until a person unites with everyone, he does not recognize this soul but only some part of it. But, having revealed all the connections, he will feel the whole upper light, like Adam HaRishon, the only soul created by the Creator.

Now I do not feel it only because there is the force of the shattering in me, which prevents me from feeling myself in the corrected, perfect, unique state. Because of this inner shattering, I seem to be unconscious, as if in a dream, and should wake up from sleep. Now we are separated from the real reality, and when we wake up at the end of correction, we will realize that we were in a terrible dream.

The inner power of the shattering separates each one from the rest and keeps everyone in a dream. But when we begin to work on our correction, we attract the upper light, which awakens us. And then we return from sleep to reality and feel the true life, realizing that we all relate to one system, one soul.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/19/20, Only Through The Ten To The Creator

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The Global Pandemic

laitman_294.2We live during a very special time, which will be remembered in history as the “coronavirus pandemic.” The worldwide emergency has been that has become global. And it is all because of one tiny virus. One can hardly see it, yet it has managed to produce an enormous revolution and paralyze our entire life.

Besides the danger that this disease entails, it destroys all systems that human society is built upon. The virus threatens everyone from a simple worker to a prime minister.

It seemed to us that the structures we built were powerful and unshakable, but it turned out that a microscopic virus can undercut the entire system at the root. Countries are closing their borders and asking their citizens to isolate themselves for a long period of time. The entire world is hiding at home and locking itself up.

So what is happening? Here comes one little virus that breaks all profitable connections that we have built between us so that we make money from others, exploit, and compete with each other. Obviously, this was not a good state because nature always aspires to restore the correct balance inasmuch as it is able to withstand our egoistic nature that strives to use everybody.

It follows that we engendered this virus ourselves by driving our relationships to an unprecedented egoistic level. Consequently, there appeared a virus, a biological particle able to break down all the egoistic relationships we have built.

There is no end to strife in the modern world where everyone wants to use the other or even destroy him. Egoism has crossed all limits and as a result, the virus appeared. The integral mechanism of nature could not bear such a level of human interactions and it has reacted with the coronavirus.

The lack of positive connection between people gives rise to the biological phenomenon at the lower level. Human relationships represent the highest degree of nature that affects the physical and biological connections below them.

Epidemics are nothing new to our world. In the past, the epidemics were so severe that they emptied entire cities. What is so special about the coronavirus? The mortality rate is not that high; inevitably a certain number of people die every year the seasonal flu.

But the problem is that despite the highest level of progress that we have achieved, we are unable to get our life in order. With full material well-being, there is the the lack of positive human relations. That is why we cannot build a normal society and educate our children correctly.

It is all the fault of the human ego. Nature shows us that only our egoism needs a cure and that is why it reveals the coronavirus for us. This is the inner meaning of the crisis.

We live in a global world and the pandemic makes it clear that our global connection might be dangerous. However, we have no choice: human development brings us to the realization of our connection and total dependence on each other.

By trying to thwart the pandemic, the countries are trying to close themselves up and isolate people by breaking down the connections. But ultimately, we will only realize that it is impossible because by this we doom ourselves to a miserable life as if returning to primitive times.
From KabTV’s “New Life, 1211,” 3/10/20

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“Coronavirus: Opportunity To Change Our Social Infrastructure” (Thrive Global)

Thrive Global published my new article: “Coronavirus: Opportunity to Change Our Social Infrastructure

If we help and support each other, we will have what it takes to make it through this transitory period into a whole new, balanced and harmonious world.

An empty Times Square is seen following the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in New York City, U.S., March 18, 2020. REUTERS/Jeenah Moon

We can find many reasons to complain about the disruptions in our lives since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. However, if we take a closer look, we will see that we are in the midst of a rare opportunity to change our social infrastructure for the better.

The coronavirus’ worldwide rippling effects have provided us with a unique perception test: Whether we view the coronavirus pandemic as crisis or opportunity, disease or medicine, virus or vaccine, isolation in our homes or new stage of human connection, depends solely on our attitude.

Nature develops everything and everyone to more and more connection. As such, nature’s innate quality aims to mend and heal any tears and divisions that surface within it.

The parallel races we were running for excessive consumption, materialistic status and exploitative power, where we had setup our lives to outcompete others in one or all of those areas, came to a sudden halt with the onset of the coronavirus.

If we thus step back and view humanity as a single organism for a moment, we can then see how the coronavirus came not as a disease, but as medicine: to heal the body of humanity from the egoistic, consumeristic and materialistic addiction of its cells—us.

However, since we became accustomed to looking through narrow egoistic lenses, where we each seek self-benefit at the expense of others, creating and abiding by social infrastructures that function accordingly, we then find it very hard to see the positive impact of the restrictions that the coronavirus has brought to our lives.

We perceive nature’s positive influence as negative due to our opposite mindset: nature functions integrally, as a single interconnected whole, whereas we perceive individually, seeing ourselves as separate beings from other people and nature.

Also, where nature acts to benefit the whole creation at every moment, leading it carefully and gradually to a state of total connection and homeostasis, we act in an opposite way: selfishly taking into account only whoever and whatever we need for our own benefit and comfort.

There is thus no negative action or attitude in nature. What we perceive as negative is due to our opposite negative and egoistic form to nature’s positive and altruistic form.

Therefore, if we view the coronavirus as nature giving us its medicine—an opportunity to connect more positively among each other and realize our newfound global interdependence in a mutually encouraging way—then we will be able to create a happy and healthy world for us all.

Understandably, in the beginning it is expected to be difficult to overcome the barriers we have established between us. But if we help and support each other, we will have what it takes to make it through this transitory period into a whole new, balanced and harmonious world.

— Published on March 19, 2020

The Land Of Israel: Dispersion And Assimilation, Part 4

laitman_747.01Egoism’s Impulses

Comment: During the time of the First Temple, the schism between people gradually intensified. The people, like its spiritual leaders, were constantly faced with a choice: either to live by the method of Moses, which he received at Mt. Sinai, or to adopt the lifestyle of their neighbors.

Interestingly, throughout history Jews have always tried to be like their neighbors.

Answer: To be like means to reject living above one’s ego and existing within egoism, like all other nations. Of course this inclination exists inside each of us because it is a natural internal impulse of one’s egoism. Since egoism keeps growing, it follows that such impulses are constant.

Thus, when we are talking about assimilation, “to be like other nations” means to use egoism for oneself.
From the perspective of Kabbalah, the “nations of the world” are our egoistic desires, while “Israel” is the altruistic desires. As a result of this, there are both kinds of people in the world.

Concerning nationality, any person who begins to correctly balance their egoism can become a Jew.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of Development of The People of Israel,” 7/8/19

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How Names Are Given To Phenomena And Objects

laitman_961.2Question: When I reach a state higher than the one I am in now, will I be able to give my name to this state? Or will I only reveal the names that we study in Kabbalah?

Answer: That is correct. You will reveal these states as they are called in Kabbalah. You will look, say, at a wine glass and say: “Oh! This is called a wine glass. Wine-glass.” Actually, you never knew this word before, but when you see this object, you will understand what it is called.

And this is so with everything that you find at any degree of any world. This is where the name comes from in Kabbalah. Only from attainment.

In our world, names are given from the attainment of the root and the branch. Since everything that is at the level of our world comes from the upper world, the Kabbalists, knowing these roots, gave names to the objects of our world. Therefore, this is how terminology in our world came about.

All this is described in Kabbalistic books. In fact, this was done by Adam 5,780 years ago.
From KabTV’s Fundamentals of Kabbalah,”1/5/20

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New Life 306 – Social Impact

New Life 306 – Social Impact
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

All human beings live in a connected network where even thoughts move from one to another without words. We constantly check ourselves in relation to those around us with the aim of feeling more secure in society. Today, various stakeholders want to channel the masses through media, culture, books, and movies. Revolutions are being brought about deliberately through these forms of social influence. We can create a positive social impact when we connect with one another based upon the principle ”love your neighbor as yourself.”
From KabTV’s “New Life 306 – Social Impact,” 2/27/14

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