What Is Spiritual Attainment?

laitman_284_02Question: What is spiritual attainment?

Answer: Spiritual attainment is reaching a level higher than the egoistic level where all the forces and mutual connections are attained in a totally different state, in a different interdependence between us, in the attribute of bestowal, adhesion, connection, inspiration, and flow, which we don’t understand at the moment.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/12/17

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  1. I see it like this Rabbi, spirituel attainment is Da’at the 49 stage. For this spirituel attainment i could Need you, as the leading kabbalist, as well as the Pope, the patriarch, the Dalai lama, The chief of the Hindus, the Ayatollah Of Iran, all together the spirtuel highest Level Persons in their faith and Religion. Byside all this, i still Focus on the Sukkah, this is my main Goal, the place of the Sukkah and it’s rebuilding, thats my main Mission. So , my spirituell Focus is daily disturbed by several attacks of faithless People, of devils and helpers of the devil, for example i work on a Video for example in which Liberty is mentioned. Next day, and my house is buged, so the People can hear me, even see what i do on pc, all against my rights as a human been, next day when i drive from my home to Dortmund, a lorry is next to me with Merchandising on it “Liberty”. So this way they work everyday, and where ever i am in Germany they attack my psychological like this. So i watched to day TV, a campagne “Are you Chris” in which is aked if i would have Hepatitis C, the same when William was in Germany and they first make Pictures With William & kate, where Kate Show her ellbow, after that they visit a cancer diagnostic and Research Center and make a photo and present it for me in the internet. So whatever they do, they want to make me fear or to be scary, they try in several ways, in different ways to break my Spirit, the Spirit which is be needed to attain complex spirituel pass on the highest, fullending da’at 49 Level. You peoplein Israelare far away, you do not see what they do, you do not even care who is behind the attacks, wether Windsors, HOhenzollern or Rothschilds. Indeed that makes me angry. I have still the sukkah, my Mission in view and Focus, for which the highest form Judaism Spirit is be needed, while i am under attack from creations, which are an obstacle to reach the Goal, which all supreme leaders i named in the beginning of this text have in common. Good News Rabbi, i have the plain to reach the 49er da’at Level, better, i have the 50 Da’at Level, i know that we both together can reach what we want to reach when we start working together, cause there are is a difference, a few steps, between the 47 stage of Chokmah you own, and the 50 stage of Salomo, so to stay 3 stages we have to work out, and so it is in nearly all others bases like Binah and Chesed etc. . I have the 50 stage Da’at, i came on earth only with this stage in my pocket, not even knowing one other base, not to say their different stages. God would not send Moschiach on earth without being the ship to Zadikki paradise. Malkut get a top stage , when Moschiach is King, I come from Kether Elion, thats the place from where i am send, thats why i have the 50 stage of Da’at, cause thats my ticket back. That the way for all People, which have a good heart & Soul.

  2. These People, who attack me, are not true Illuminatis, they are rather babylonians in an Illuminati egypt costume like if they would go to carneval. You understand what i say ? The gods of egypt are no enemies. The babylonians, and Nebukadnezar was in Gizeh too, they are the enemies. They are no illuminatis, they do not even understand the 22 letters of light, although, copying the Illuminati work jews hav done in the past. The babylonians of old, which are not in Irak today, they are not even in Irak anymore since the time of Ali Ibn Abu Thalib, this babylonian wanna be Illuminatis are leaded by the german Hohenzollern and the Windsors, and fore sure, Elisaneth Windsor is the old whore Babylon. This old whore Babylon will fall, the same then her grandson William Nebukadnezar wanna be Zion King Windsor. Thats why i am here, this is my Mission. Sometimes i asked myself if i am the only one in the house of Israel, who knows all this ? Thank God i am Moschiach. Judah forever – forever Judah

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