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Book Written On The Heart

laitman_602_01Question: Why did many great Kabbalists not write any books at all?

Answer: There usually are two types of Kabbalists according to the nature of their soul: souls from the Inner Light or from the Surrounding Light.

For example, Rabbi Shimon didn’t write The Book of Zohar by himself but through his disciple Rabbi Aba who could disclose the words of Rabbi Shimon in such a way that throughout generations only those who were ready for it understood it.

Look what secrets are hidden in the writing of Kabbalistic books where a Kabbalist writes and knows that some person will appear in two thousand years who will be permitted to understand this text, and only to a certain place and no more.

Question: How did Kabbalists manage to write such books?

Answer: The thing is that we all are in one upper system that is called First Man, – Adam HaRishon, Adam, one soul, and a Kabbalist can control this system. And we are his spiritual offspring; therefore, he can determine everything for us. The one who goes in front determines the path of the following generations.

A Kabbalist doesn’t just record the text of the book, but creates crosspieces in the system of the common soul. Thus, he establishes the channels for the transmission of the upper Light for all future souls that are yet to be revealed, which will flow to them and fill them.

This is what is called writing a Kabbalistic book, as it is written, “Write on your heart.” The text on paper is just symbols through which we can connect with the book according to our desire.

If you see a book that you absolutely can’t understand, but you want very much to understand it, then your desire reaches the inner mechanism of creation through the letters and you connect to the source of the Light that begins influencing you.

Question: Will I feel what is happening to me?

Answer: Definitely! The inner screen will appear in you, on which you will see the entire spiritual world. Everything written in the book will appear before you as if on a theatrical stage.
From the Virtual Lesson “The Time of Kabbalah” 6/13/17

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How Can We Fill The Desires Of Billions Of People?

laitman_929Question: There are two forces through which nature or the Creator operates: the force of receiving and the force of bestowal. A lot has been written about the force of receiving, but what is the force of bestowal and how is it expressed?

Answer: The force of bestowal is expressed when instead of feeling my own desire and filling it, I feel the desire external to me, someone else’s desire, and fill it.

Question: If that’s so, will I feel the desires of eight billion people and will want to bestow unto them as if they were all my friends?

Answer: How can you bestow unto them? What have you got to give?

Comment: At least a positive, kind attitude.

Answer: No, you have to connect to the Creator and become a conductor of the upper Light in order to fill their desires.

Question: What does the Creator fill them with?

Answer: With Light. You have to attach their desires to you and want what they want, ask the Creator for a filling for their desires inside you, fill them inside you, and then they will be detached from you.

This is the work a Kabbalist performs. Thus, a person attains a whole eternal system, and by his incorporation in it, he brings the system to the next level of wholeness.

Question: And what do people want? After all, they have thousands of desires.

Answer: It doesn’t matter. The fact that in our world they want billions of things makes no difference. They want the Creator’s Light.

Question: Does all that have to be done only in one’s thoughts or does something physical have to be done for them?

Answer: You don’t have to do anything physical. You should only work on them internally and they will not even feel how you fill them.

Along with working on them, you first and foremost fill yourself, because first you receive and then pass it on to them. When you fill them, you also prepare them for the same independent work that you perform on them.

Question: Will a person who conveys the Light become worthy of it at a certain point?

Answer: It is a person’s fate. It is his state in the general system of the souls. There are souls that connect; there are upper and lower souls; there are those who determine; there are those that complement, etc., and there are simple souls.

But this is meaningless since eventually there will be no difference between us. Everyone will attain the same thing to the same degree. But as long as we have not corrected everything and have not filled each other, there are upper and lower souls and many other types and many differences.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/12/17

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Russian Canadian: “I’ll Find You On The Edge Of The Earth”

The Toronto newspaper The Russian Canadian published my article “I’ll find you on the edge of the Earth“ (page 15):


Walla: “Who Owns The Temple Mount? For Causeless Hatred We Pay Dearly”

On the largest portal Walla published my article “Who Owns the Temple Mount? For causeless hatred we pay dearly“:


Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 1/29/17

Laitman_917.01Question: I am very lazy. How is it possible to not be lazy on the spiritual path?

Answer: Laziness is a wonderful characteristic that keeps a person from carrying out superfluous actions. Use this characteristic correctly and you will succeed.

Question: Why does my husband study the wisdom of Kabbalah? I don’t understand and I don’t want to let him study.

Answer: You just don’t understand what it is. You are not yet given the opportunity to learn this higher knowledge but your husband has been. When he studies the wisdom of Kabbalah, he also earns spiritual advancement for you. So do not bother him. Don’t envy him; after all, he is your husband.

Question: Is there another, deeper perception of the world beyond the Machsom (barrier)?

Answer: Crossing the Machsom makes it possible to perceive the world through the characteristic of bestowal, which appears in you with the crossing of the Machsom.

Question: Could it be that the Machsom is a lie and doesn’t really exist?

Answer: When you discover it, you will be able to answer that question. Kabbalists write that it does exist; therefore, we yearn to discover and attain it.

Question: On which level is it possible to feel that there is no difference between self-fulfillment and the fulfillment of others?

Answer: It is in the characteristic of Bina in which you will want to fulfill others and not yourself and will fulfill yourself in this way.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/29/17

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Trump And The Media

laitman_263In the News (Forbes): “Despite President Donald Trump’s relentless attacks on the ‘fake news’ media, a new poll from Quinnipiac University finds that more Americans trust the media than Donald Trump.

“A majority of Americans, 52%, said they trust the news media over Donald Trump to tell the truth about important issues. Only 37% said they trusted Trump more. …

“Americans remain divided over Trump’s self-declared war on the mainstream media, but for now support for the press is holding steady.”

Question: Do you believe that this mistrust will keep growing?

Answer: I don’t know. Trump may establish a very interesting connection between himself and the world. He uses Twitter and this is what he resorts to. He doesn’t need anyone; he doesn’t need the media. He dares to speak out against them and he makes his views public. This means that he has annihilated all the media: “You can say whatever you want but I say differently,” and that’s it.

Question: This is why the media hates him?

Answer: Of course they hate him. He’s killing them. Nothing has changed and nothing has been harmed the way the media has been harmed. Thus, he did a great and powerful service to all of humanity.

Comment: CNN is, after all, an empire. We are speaking about billions of dollars!

My Comment: Whereas Trump says: “I don’t want to speak to you,” which means that everything they say is naturally aimed against him, but people must not believe it. No one before him, no president nor any other celebrity, could say such things about the media.

Comment: I would like to draw your attention to the fact that CNN has already been pushed aside. The press is already saying: “Trump tweeted…”

My Comment: Yes, and that’s wonderful. All these terrible sources of the evil of mankind, which are called the media, are in fact tools to massively make the public dumb, and they are gradually being defeated. They have merged with governments, with tycoons, and they are already called the fifth rule. I hope there will not be too much “bloodshed,” and that everyone will see that the media has learned that they have to change first.

Question: Does this mean that the government and the people will connect directly?

Answer: Only directly. No one will believe the press or the TV channels, nothing.

Question: What type of connection does nature demand of us?

Answer: Nature demands an absolute connection between all of mankind to such a degree that the internal force of nature called the Creator will be revealed between them, so that they will understand the whole physiology of the rule of nature, its internal essence, its plan, its goal, and will work together with this immense force.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/12/17

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 182

Laitman_022Question: Is it necessary to convert all physical fear to awe of the Creator? How does one do this? Is it enough to say, “There is none else beside Him” (Deuteronomy 4:35), the good and beneficent?

Answer: All of the work must be done in a group, and then everything will work out and succeed!

Question: Is “bestowal for the sake of bestowal” the primary state? What must a person who studies and is a member of a group of ten do to move to the next state?

Answer: Bestowal for the sake of bestowal is love without any intention of gain, without any result for myself. This is the level that is acquired under the influence of the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light).

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 8/6/17

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