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My Thoughts On Twitter, 8/19/17


Trump Must Focus on American Unity First @newsmax #Trump #MAGA

From Twitter, 8/19/17

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How To Come To Spiritual Love In The Family?

Laitman_201_01Question: It is written that “A man and a woman, if rewarded, the Shechina dwells between them, and if not, then it is a devouring fire.” What does it mean?

Answer: This speaks of spiritual states not about our corporeal life. It tells us how to combine two forces—positive and negative, that in Kabbalah are called “man” and “woman”—with the help of the middle line. And then they can complement each other and with the right connection achieve perfection and attainment.

If they do not oppose each other correctly, it will lead to a short circuit, and they “burn in the fire.”

Question: Is it possible to achieve such connection and love between two people?

Answer: If each person confronts his egoism, then the two unite in this power of resistance to their egoism and they take the egoism of the other as their own. We need to change: I care about your egoism and you care about mine.

Question: What allows us to annul our own egoism?

Answer: The importance of the goal, that is, the achievement of the connection.

Question: And so we come to spiritual love?

Answer: We are two egoists that want to achieve spiritual love. Each of us compromises his or hier egoism. Then I take my wife’s ego and she takes mine. Both of us care about one another. It turns out that there is something in common between us: a part of me in her and a part of her in me.

Question: What does it mean to take care of the partner’s egoism?

Answer: A husband is ready to praise his wife and she is ready to praise him. Everyone knows all their partner’s weaknesses and habits and accepts them. One has to love all his wife’s faults, her habits, and she should love his because it is important for them to come to love with this common action. The most important thing is the goal: to come to love. The importance of the goal should always be shining for us.

Spouses have to constantly show an example to each other of the importance of the goal. One has to show that he is doing it for the sake of his wife with the condition that he gets the same attitude in return. This becomes a mutual game where each thinks about the other and understands that as a result of this, he will receive from the partner such an attitude that he will never find in any other place.

And then one will feel that this is what he should do. After all, we are egoists, and we want to profit from everything we do. That’s why it’s important to make something beneficial from the marriage.

Question: And if a partner does not want to annul his egoism? What to do then?

Answer: One has to show an example of how he annuls his ego. The example is the most effective tool.
From the Virtual Lesson “The Time of Kabbalah” 6/20/17

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JPost: “Will American Jewry Survive The Great Divide”

My new article “Will American Jewry Survive The Great Divide” was published in the print version of the Jerusalem Post


Ten Sefirot Of A Kabbalist

laitman_250Question: Does a Kabbalist possess the characteristics of the nine upper Sefirot?

Answer: Certainly. All ten Sefirot exist within him. The highest is Keter (the Creator). The lowest is Malchut (himself). The remaining eight Sefirot are the connection between him and the Creator.

Keter is the highest Sefira within which the Kabbalist attains the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/12/17

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Distance In Spirituality

laitman_249.03Question: What is distance according to the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: Distance in spirituality is the difference in attributes between two spiritual objects. If I compare myself to someone’s attributes and resemble him, I get closer to him. But if our mutual attribute has somehow changed, I draw further away from him. It is as if we are in outer space.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/19/17

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The Basis Of The Future Society, Part 2

laitman_933.jpgLiving Laboratory

Human society does not realize how much we are interdependent and what harm we do to ourselves by trying to separate and distance ourselves from each other.

And the true reality is one system with all elements of it completely interconnected at all levels. And we have an opportunity to see this inside human society.

The group is a laboratory where we study nature as a single organism. This means that people gather and start learning how to be together. If they can get closer to each other despite their egoism and awaken the force of unity, love, participation, and sympathy within themselves, then a special bond will arise between them.

It is desirable that the group is not mixed so as not to confuse us with the relationship of the sexes. It is better to have only men or only women in it of about the same age, status, and education so that it would be easier for them to understand each other.

The smaller the differences will be, the easier it will be for us to work and continue to approach each other more closely in this experiment that we want to perform on ourselves.

As we approach each other, we feel a joint desire for unity between us, a common force that can influence us. We will find that apart from a personal and egoistic desire that everyone came with initially, another common desire is born, which is called the “group.”

Before that, we were a simple gathering of people. But we become a group when we create and build something that relates not to everyone individually, but to all of us. Without this new power, which we reveal in each other, there would be no group. It is not possible to remove any member of the group and retain this force.

That is, we all depend on each other and we want to unite in such a way as to achieve this power of unity, which already works outside of us, above our level. This force does not belong to either of us—it is common. So we create an additional force that did not exist before.

A group in which we all are united and everybody annuls his egoism for the sake of others, wishing only good to one another, produces one new common force, which is called the strength of the group.

We feel related to this power. We no longer perceive ourselves individually and egoistically as we did before. This perception disappears and we do not want to remember it, but we try to learn only this common force. After all, this way everyone includes everyone else.

For example if there are ten of us, then each gets ten times more power than we formerly had. And then in the ten, the force is multiplied, 10 x 10, that is, 100 times more.

And this is only the beginning because by working on our connection, we multiply this common force more and more. It is interesting that this common force is no longer egoistic but altruistic, which is the force of mutual bestowal. After all, everyone has come out of his egoism toward others, and that’s how we give birth to the power of bestowal, the power of love and unity that is outside man.

This force exists in nature beyond our egoism. We suddenly give birth to a new creation—called Adam, Man, and not every one of us, as he was in his animal existence before.

Adam is a spiritual body, a force, not matter. We all feel that we exist within it, within this desire. With the help of this new force, created by us, we can explore a new reality, that is, can find out what we feel in it and how we can live in it.

We find ourselves in a completely different world, because we felt the world within our egoistic desire. And having risen above individual egoism and creating one common great altruistic force, we see a different reality in it, which is called the upper spiritual world. We acquire a new common mind, new sense organs and properties, and feel ourselves in a new dimension—not egoistic, as now, but in a world of love and bestowal.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/4/17

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Do We Know Our Thoughts?

laitman_764.3Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation: It is important to make such a correction that no person will demand his needs from society. Instead, there will be selected people who will examine the needs of every person and provide for every single person. Public opinion will denounce one who claims something for oneself, such as today’s thief and scoundrel. Thus, everyone’s thoughts will be devoted to bestowal upon one’s fellow person, as is the nature of any edification that calculates it, even before one feels one’s own needs.

Question: Who will be inquiring about the needs of each person?

Answer: No one. Today we are in physical communication with each other. However, when our connection moves to the level of thoughts and desires, they will be understood by everyone. All thoughts of the mind and desires of the heart will be revealed to everyone, and you will begin to feel them, to feel this degree.

Question: Once you asked me: “Are you ready to have your thoughts broadcasted right now?” And I thought …

Answer: There is nothing to think about. Today, a person does not know his thoughts yet. If they really were revealed to you, you could not endure them because of the horror. Everything is not that simple; we must prepare for this.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/5/17

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