JPost: “Will American Jewry Survive The Great Divide”

My new article “Will American Jewry Survive The Great Divide” was published in the print version of the Jerusalem Post


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  1. Rabbi, i just read you’r ecomment from the Jpost from this week. Let me tell you one Point concerning Salomo, who says Love covers all crime or violance. Schlomo could easy speak like this, cause he raised in the kingdom of Israel, which his father has stabilisize with violance. King David was a violant man, he killed Goliath and further 9.999 other enemies. Thats why People still say : Saul killed 1.000 , but King David 10.000. David is the greatest warrior Israel ever had, his violance and fight abilities made it possible that Schlomo grew up peaceful. Understand, Schlomo was a brilliant leader, but different to his father. The most People feared King David in case of his fight abilities and his character as a dangerous warrior, Schlomo was not like this, but he compensate this with an ultimate ability in Chokmah, Widsom and Binah, INtelligence, that the People feared him in case of this abilities. Thats made him a great King, but without the fight abilities of his father David, Salomo had never been a King. Now a word to the disapora, esspecially the USA Diaspora. They are a congregation Goys. They all know that Moschiach is on earth, but it Plays no role for them. If they would be interested in redemption, they would say , lets Annex the Westbank, send the palastinians over the border to Syria, they have place for 4 Million cause 4 Million fled to europe. Then we would have enough place for the Diaspora to return to Israel, even into the Westbank. But even if the entire Diaspora would return to Israel, woul they understand to stop worshipping Baal and Baal Sebub, no they are all goys, in Israel and in the Diaspora. It Plays no role if they get slaughtered by nazis or not, they are goys, their lifes Count nothing infront of God. Is this not a sad Statement itself ? Yes it is , esspecially if it is written by the Hand of Moschiach ben David, who is come to save the Israelites, and understand his People deseerve to rest in hell but not to get redeemed to Zadikki paradise.

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