Ten Sefirot Of A Kabbalist

laitman_250Question: Does a Kabbalist possess the characteristics of the nine upper Sefirot?

Answer: Certainly. All ten Sefirot exist within him. The highest is Keter (the Creator). The lowest is Malchut (himself). The remaining eight Sefirot are the connection between him and the Creator.

Keter is the highest Sefira within which the Kabbalist attains the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/12/17

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  1. Rabbi thats pretty right, thats why i Claim to get crowned as king of Israel in the Synagoge opera victoire, cause i am HaMelekh HaMaschiach, I am the king of malkut, and i can guide you through the tree, i am very good in Chesed, Chokmah and Da’at. Indeed, how i explained you before, i also own the 50 step of Da’at but not all lower stages in each bases, cause i came naked sended by Hashem , from Kether Elion. There is no Connection from Chokmah and Binah , that you can direct visit Kether Elion ( God ) , you Need to have the 50 stage in every base, thats makes alltogether Da’at 49 stage , plus my 50 stage Da’at , then we come to paradise. There is no other Option.

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