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Convention “The Future Begins Here” – 08.24.17

Convention “The Future Begins Here” in Europe, Preparatory Lesson, Clarifying the Intention,” Lesson 0

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The Structure Of The Book Of Zohar

Laitman_151Question: How is The Book of Zohar organized?

Answer: The Book of Zohar is a commentary on the five books of the Torah and is divided according to the sections of the Torah. There are many parts of The Book including the preface.

The Torah describes the states of the upper spiritual worlds. The Book of Zohar describes the same thing, but in commentary closer to Kabbalists. It opens everything to a person.

The Torah is not intended to reveal the upper world to a person; it is simply a record of spiritual states. The Book of Zohar helps a person attain the upper world.

The Torah is a book that tells about all the depths of the management of our world, that is, the upper world, in all its details. And The Book of Zohar is a commentary, which explains what is written in the Torah but in an allegorical way. Therefore, only a Kabbalist can understand it.

But still it is closer to a person, and thanks to it we begin to realize what is said in the Torah itself.

“The Preface to The Book of Zohar” is a volume that describes the basic control system of our world. It is a collection of articles, each of which describes a certain control system, a specific node, a control unit, for our world. The Book of Zohar includes some other articles, such as “Idra Raba” and “Idra Zuta,” which express more internal depths of the system.

It is similar in our world. If we study some part of a car, the power system, for example. We study the carburetor, how it prepares the mixture for combustion in the engine, etc. That is, the work of a particular system is allocated in separate blocks. The same is true of the articles in The Book of Zohar: “Idra Raba,” Idra Zuta,” and “Safra de Tzniuta.”
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/12/17

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What Is Unification?

laitman_936Question: What is unification? Is it a result or a process?

Answer: Unification is a gradual process in which we unite our yearnings for the upper world, for the Creator, for the connection between us above our egoism. It is the unification of our points in the heart in the aspiration for the Creator in spite of the egoism.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/19/17

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“You Will Betroth A Woman”

laitman_543.01Torah, Deuteronomy 28:30: You will betroth a woman, but another man will lie with her. You will build a house, but you will not live in it. You will plant a vineyard, but you will not redeem it [its fruits].

This is about the connection of Zeir Anpin and Nukva.

When Zeir Anpin and Nukva, the male and female parts, fit each other, being in the quality of bestowal, there is a correct connection between them and their progeny are new-born souls.

If Zeir Anpin cannot perform the correct conjugation with Nukva, then wrong progeny are born called “sea devils,” “ghouls,” “devils”—small nasty qualities of a man in this world.

These include envy, jealousy, deception, and meanness—anything directed to the detriment of others. All desires that harm others are generated precisely by the wrong connections of Zeir Anpin and Malchut, which pull a person down because he must work for them.

Question: It is written: “But another man will lie with her.” That is, the desire will still be corrected?

Answer: Yes, but it will be corrected by another force, another intention, and it will rise due to its connection with the correct Zeir Anpin.

And the bad consequences mentioned above arise precisely because you wanted to deal with it. In other words, those parts of Zeir Anpin that will make a wrong connection with Malchut will create souls with all kinds of flaws.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/7/16

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Is There A Good Inclination In A Person?

laitman_547.05Question: Can I distinguish an evil inclination and a good inclination within me?

Answer: No. Initially a person has no good desires; we divide them into more egoistic and less egoistic desires.

Question: But doesn’t every person have a point in the heart?

Answer: Right, but first it must be identified. From the point in the heart, a person must gradually grow the good inclination, which is a “desire to bestow,” like bacteria are cultivated in a petri dish.

Question: Are the good deeds in our world where people help each other and even sacrifice their lives for the sake of others relevant here?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t talk about the level of this world, about those deeds a person carries out due to compassion, habit, or education.

If you leave a child to grow in a forest, he will not do anything good. Yet, if he is educated in an environment that teaches him to distinguish between good and evil, it will create within him definitions and instincts that he cannot help but carry them out because he feels bad otherwise. In other words, he will do everything from egoistic impulses, including the good deeds.

Suppose that a piece of sausage is lying in front of you. A dog can snatch it from the table and eat it, while I cannot do this, even if I really wanted to, because I have a feeling of shame, self-pride. That is how I was taught; I was given egoistic guidance that I cannot violate. This is called egoism.

We could call this good behavior, education, good impulses, yet there is nothing in them except for an ego that takes on a particular framework and therefore feels bad outside of these frameworks and doesn’t go outside of them. In our world, this is called ethics, but we don’t consider ethics to be correction.

Question: What is a good action in the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: A good action is an action that I carry out with my free choice, with the characteristic of bestowal, with an intention for the sake of bestowal.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/12/17

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Does The Creator Have A Mind?

Laitman_631.5Question: Can we say that the Creator has intelligence, a mind?

Answer: This is all in a person. After all, we are not speaking about the Creator . When we say “Creator,” we mean “come and see.” You speak about Him to the degree that you attain Him in your feelings. But it is in your feelings. We don’t know anything about the Creator Himself before we attain Him in our feelings.

Question: If we look at what the Creator has created, at nature, can we conclude that the upper force is probably wise because He created us?

Answer: This is a childish approach.

Question: Does this mean that I cannot say that the Creator is wise according to what I see?

Answer: You can because everything in nature was indeed created wisely and this means that the internal force of nature is also wise, but what then?

Question: Isn’t that a proof for a Kabbalist?

Answer: No. Proof is attainment not the revelation of something on the level of the corporeal world, in our one-sided egoistic attributes and desires.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/12/17

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What Is The Upper Light Made Of?

laitman_562.01Question: What material is the upper Light made of?

Answer: There is no material in the upper Light. We perceive the Light only as the origin of the pleasure that fills us, and we define it from the feeling that is created in us. It is like, for example, the electricity that we perceive as a result of its manifestation in materials.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/19/17

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 8/24/17

Preparation for the Convention “The Future Begins Here” in Europe

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