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My Thoughts On Twitter, 8/25/17


Multiculturalism, #liberalism, democracy are only truly possible with Ohr Makif, when aspiring to unity above individual ego!

Kabbalists battle the egoistic world and its aggressions. At the peak of doubts (Mount Irurim) they enter the Creator’s Temple to meet Him.

Europe’s rabbis are once more against Jews leaving Europe—let’s hope they’re not too late this time… #holocaust

All the solutions by any governments are compelled by the ego, save for one: to hold a universal #educational program, “Learning to unite.”

#Europe: renounce the “values” of tolerance, multiculturalism, liberalism to stop the migrants, or be taken over.

The ego keeps growing and renewing. This is why humanity can’t learn from mistakes of the past, so fascism is rapidly growing again. #world

Kabbalah: the #crisis starts the world’s correction. But will we continue the correction or suffer another round of fascism and world war?

People agree that the ego is the cause of their hardships. But, thinking that it cannot be corrected, they keep #suffering from it. #wisdom

The growth of the ego begets a sequence of social orders: slavery-feudalism-capitalism-socialism/liberalism- #fascism -last generation.

Soon #EU will start thinking how to guard against terrorism. But you can’t build a wall like on the Gaza border—they’re already inside!

#Trump: Make America great again!—But this is an egoistic goal. Make America good (an altruistic goal), and America will become great!

From Twitter, 8/25/17

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We Are Killing Sperm

laitman_566.02In the News (BBC): “Researchers assessing the results of nearly 200 studies say sperm counts among men from North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, seem to have halved in less than 40 years. …

“Dr Levine, an epidemiologist, told the BBC that if the trend continued humans would become extinct. …

“‘If we will not change the ways that we are living and the environment and the chemicals that we are exposed to, I am very worried about what will happen in the future,’ he said.

“‘Eventually we may have a problem, and with reproduction in general, and it may be the extinction of the human species.'”

Answer: In the 18th century there were about a billion people on the whole Earth. Two centuries have passed and we have become 8 billion. For what? Instead of 8 billion we can become one billion again or even less.

Question: Do you believe that this is how nature regulates the number of people?

Answer: Everything depends only on us, on our state. We are the ones who are killing ourselves and, of course, killing life, killing sperm.

Comment: They say that the reason for that are the chemicals and fertilizers we use, obesity, smoking…

Answer: No, these are already the outcomes. Everything happens as a result of our killing ourselves. It is as if we don’t want to live, don’t want to exist; we agree with the negative force in us, with our negative nature, and allow it to drive us to extinction.

Question: Could there suddenly be a change?

Answer: No, “suddenly” can’t happen. This can happen only if we recognize our evil nature and realize where we can find the positive force to correct it.

Question: Do you believe that everything that happens, including the decline in the number of sperm cells, is happening for one goal?

Answer: It is only in order to bring us to the recognition of our evil nature, of our egoism, and to oblige us to draw the positive force of nature, which exists and is waiting for us to use it.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/27/17

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Hatred Of People

laitman_236_02Question from Facebook: How can my hatred of people be explained?

Answer: This is a natural human characteristic!

There is no need to be alarmed by it or to apologize for it. In the wisdom of Kabbalah, it is simply written: “Go to the craftsman who made me” (Ta’anit 20b), He will correct everything. Depending on the degree of disagreement with what He has done with you, you must turn to Him. It is not your fault that the Creator made you this way, you need to turn to Him so He will change you, and if you ask to be changed so that you will be better, then you will have a connection with Him.

After all, the Creator intentionally created you as evil full of all kinds of corruptions, so if you ask Him to change you, ask only for that; this is what He will do. He was created for this. He is waiting for you to ask. He intentionally created all the evil in me so that I will ask to change all this for the better. In this manner a mutual connection is formed between us; understanding, closeness, common goals, and common work are created.

Question: Can you give an example of a request like this?

Answer: Suppose that I love to steal and I have been caught many times. They beat me and put me in prison, and I come to the conclusion that this was causing me harm.

I begin to ask the Creator that I will stop stealing, and I see that this doesn’t really help me. I think about why this is so. It is apparent to me that I am not asking to be better; rather, I am asking that it will be better for me, and He is not so helpful with that. But if I ask to be truly changed in the direction of goodness, He will help me. That is, everything depends on the degree to which my request is “clean,” how general and detached it is from my egoism.

Question: When I ask for things to be better for me, there is no answer, and when I ask to be better, there is an answer?

Answer: Yes. This is so because when I ask for things to be better for me, but not through “theft,” in fact, this is also theft. He will not help with this. When I ask to be transformed to be better in my relationships with others, when stealing from others hurts me, everything will work itself out.

In other words, if I hate someone, I ask the Creator to correct this characteristic in me into its opposite characteristic.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/3/17

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Why Do We Study Kabbalah With Others?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I like to study alone, but I’ve heard that one needs to study Kabbalah together in a group. What is the benefit of studying together?

Answer: We know that working together is very beneficial for achieving a significant result. It is no wonder that big firms employ many scientists and engineers to work on large-scale projects and major constructions. One person is not able to solve large, global problems. Kabbalah sets a major task for itself.

That is why after beginning to study Kabbalah a person gradually realizes the need to study in a group. After all, everyone, based on the special root of his soul, represents a specific quality.

Gradually students begin to connect their parts, their souls, until they assemble them into one beautiful mosaic. It is like a Lego or a puzzle that they put together and then they see the whole picture. And the whole picture appears only due to the connection between the students.
From the conversation “Answers to the questions of beginners” 7/24/17

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A Heart And A Point In The Heart

laitman_527.02Question: What is a heart in the wisdom of Kabbalah and in what way does the point in the heart differ from the heart?

Answer: The heart is our egoism,  and the point in the heart is the impulse toward the Creator, toward the quality of bestowal, that is latent in us from the start. Otherwise we would not be able to perceive the differences that are happening in us.

We are composed of two parts: a heart and a point in the heart. Within these two opposite characteristics, we can begin to see the direction of our development, how we can rise above our heart toward the point in the heart or the opposite.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/2/17

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 187

laitman_559Question: The recognition of evil in me is the recognition of my egoism. The recognition of something can happen only by our recognition of the differences; how black I can perceive black depends on if there is at least a bit of white in the background.

We can begin to be aware of, to know, and to perceive the Creator, that is, the attribute of bestowal, only if we recognize and are aware of the evil in us. Otherwise we will not be able to perceive and to recognize the attribute of bestowal.

But how can we recognize and perceive the evil in us (our egoism) if all that is in us, all that we perceive in this world, is egoism and nothing else? Please explain, how do you suggest that we recognize our egoism?

If we can recognize and perceive the evil in us, we will be able to justify the Creator with our heart. Otherwise it doesn’t happen and there is only an imaginary movement forward.

Answer: This is actually why we need the upper Light (the Surrounding Light)!

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What Should We Waste Our Lives On?

laitman_549.02Question: Do I have to give up my corporeal goals in order to attain spirituality?

Answer: What corporeal goals are talking about? Live in peace and that’s it. We all see where the world is coming to anyway.

A person should provide himself with the basic necessities in order to lead a normal life and dedicate everything else to his spiritual development. What else should we waste our life on?
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/12/17

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Convention “The Future Begins Here” In Europe, “Day Three” – 08.27.17

Convention “The Future Begins Here” in Europe, “Partners with the Creator,” Lesson 7

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