What Is Hatred?

laitman_570Question from Facebook: What is hatred?

Answer: Love and hatred are forces that drive a person and manage the world. What I suffer causes me to hate the source of suffering. What I enjoy causes me to love the source of pleasure. This is how these forces are expressed in our egoism. I appreciate everything only according to whether I feel bad or good as a result of whatever I encounter, as a result of the filling.

Comment: A person is usually intimidated and shaken by the word “hatred” and regards it as a very extreme situation like war or murder.

My Response: A person has to ascend a bit to the philosophic level, because we are part of nature in which there are two feelings, love and hatred, or pain and pleasure, which constantly manage us, and if it weren’t for these two opposite phenomena, we would not be able to exist. We would not be able to feel life if it weren’t for the constant feeling of love and hate.

Question: Why do you often say that true hatred exists only on the way to love?

Answer: Because that is what it is meant for. If our desire to enjoy is not filled, then we suffer, and if it is filled, we enjoy. This is what everything is based on.

It is very simple: there is a small cell and if we don’t fill it, it suffers and hates the source that doesn’t fill it. It wants to change it, convert it, and destroy it, as long as it doesn’t suffer. But if a source that fills it emerges, then the attitude toward it is called love.

There is nothing but that.

However, there are still various systems of memory and restoration systems, which build the relations between us.

Question: Does that mean that we constantly feel love and hatred toward the Creator?

Answer: Everything that we feel in the corporeal world is what we feel toward the Creator because there is none else besides Him. Everything around us are His revelations with regard to us. He sends us a feeling of suffering or of pleasure toward which we feel hatred, repulsion, or the opposite, attraction and love.

Question: If we hate someone, does that mean that we hate the Creator?

Answer: Of course, because there is none else besides Him. He is the one who organizes everything for us; all our calculations should be made only with the Creator.

If a person begins to focus himself only on the Creator and understands that only He exists before him, everything will be peaceful and good, since he knows how to manage his relations with the Creator. He knows what he has to do so the Creator will be felt as good, fulfilling, loving, and kind with regard to him. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah is about.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/18/16

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