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My Thoughts On Twitter, 4/2/17


Exodus—How We Became a Nation, and How We Stopped Being One #Passover
From Twitter, 4/2/17

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JPost: “Jewish Self-Hatred Is The Leaven We Must Clear Out”

The Jerusalem Post published my new article “Jewish Self-Hatred Is The Leaven We Must Clear Out

If there is any hatred more enigmatic than antisemitism, it is Jewish antisemitism. Our self-hatred is a sinister, undying fountain, but it will not dry out until we find its trigger and defuse it.

History is replete with examples of Jews who hated their people so vehemently that they dedicated their entire lives to its destruction. The rebellion of the Maccabees, circa 160 BC, was first and foremost against Hellenized Jews rather than the Seleucid Empire. Likewise, the commander of the Roman armies that conquered Jerusalem and exiled the Jews was Tiberius Julius Alexander, an Alexandrian Jew whose own father had donated the gold and silver for the Temple gates that Alexander shattered. In fact, prior to the ruin of Jerusalem, Julius Alexander obliterated his own Jewish community of Alexandria, causing “the whole district [to be] deluged with blood as 50,000 corpses were heaped up,” according to Jewish-Roman historian Titus Flavius Josephus. Similarly, during the Spanish Inquisition, the chief inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada was of recent Jewish descent, but that did not abate his zeal in expelling and killing the Jews. And just this past century, the Association of German National Jews supported and voted for Hitler and the Nazi Party.

Indeed, George Soros and Noam Chomsky did not invent Jewish self-hatred, a.k.a., Jewish antisemitism. In fact, the past week has seen a galling parade of this mania. First, we learned that the majority of JCCs bomb threats had a single perpetrator and that the felon was not an alt-right zealot or a Muslim extremist, but a 19-year-old Israeli-American from Ashkelon, a small town in southern Israel. Next, we saw the scores of self-righteous Jews protesting Vice President Mike Pence’s speech at AIPAC, claiming that if there is no peace for the Palestinians (who declare every other day that they do not want peace with Israel but its destruction) then there will be no peace for Israel. And third, while the state of Israel and some Jewish organizations have finally mustered enough international support to hold an anti-BDS conference at the UN General Assembly Hall, the BDS movement itself is rife with Jewish activists and Jewish organizations that support it, such as J Street, Jewish Voice for Peace, and Jews for Justice for Palestine.

Indeed, Jewish self-hatred seems to be an undying fountain of sinister ingenuity. If there is any hatred more enigmatic than antisemitism, it is Jewish antisemitism.

How We Became a Nation

In September 2014, I wrote an article in The New York Times titled “Who Are You People of Israel” that talked about the unique origin of the Jewish people and the reason for antisemitism. Following numerous requests to elaborate on the idea of Jewish unity as the solution to antisemitism and the sources I relied on to support my view, I wrote a more elaborate essay titled “Why Do People Hate Jews.” The essay quickly became a mini-Internet site that contains, in addition to the essay, a video clip explaining the ideas and a free copy of my book, Like a Bundle of Reeds: Why Unity and Mutual Guarantee Are Today’s Call of the Hour. Under the constraints of a newspaper column, I can only offer a brief explanation, but you are welcome to follow any of the above links for more details.

Evolution Has Reached The Home Stretch

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom the “Crisis and Resolution” (Lecture in Arosa 2006)

Since the activity of the world’s altruistic forces will be leading the world towards equilibrium with nature, it will receive natural support in the form of reduction of all manifestations of the crisis. Nature sensitively reacts to altruistic changes within man, because they make man increasingly similar to it. This increasing similarity to nature will lead to the transformation of the surrounding nature and society.

Man by his correction affects the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature that rises and falls together with him.

Therefore, as soon as we begin to correct society, we correct the general system, and the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels come into balance. After all, their imbalance is only the consequence of the First Man’s sin because of which our development is still egoistic.

Question: Is the crisis really going to subside or will we just learn how to cope with it?

Answer: We will feel that the crisis subsides, disappears and we can continue to exist in a calm and balanced way. The final correction must come at all levels, including this world. And then this world will begin to disappear because there will be no egoism left and everything will be for the sake of bestowal.

The material form in which we see the world is manifested today as a reflection of our egoism. And if egoism doesn’t exist, we won’t see this world. By converting our desires to bestowal, we will see their reflection, that is, the upper world.

We will continue to exist in it until the upper world also rises to the world of Infinity. We don’t know yet what will happen next, but we’ve already reached the final stage of this process.

Question: How can you explain that nature will calm down just because human society will correct itself? What is the relationship between them?

Answer: Nature aspires to balance, and if man corresponds to nature, this will lead to a general balance. All nature is equivalent to the upper force, to the form of the Creator. Therefore, if we wish for our qualities to merge with the upper force, thereby enlivening the entire system, then all the levels—inanimate, vegetative, and animate – change.

Of course, nature will calm down, but first man has to change. Any other attempts to correct the ecology won’t help. We destroy nature precisely by bad relations between people, they are the only cause of global warming, eruptions of volcanoes, and earthquakes.

We need to go with the flow of nature. The world must correct itself, and it advances to correction by the way of natural evolution. So let’s join this process, and then we will foster correction and go by the quick and good path of the Light instead of the long path of suffering.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah LessonLesson on the Topic, “Mismah Arosa,” (Arosa Document)

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 4/1/17


Book of Zohar, Bereshit 119: “Wars shall start from the north aimed at destroying #Israel . It shall be its time of misery and redemption.”

Creation is a hologram, because everything and its every part comprise the 10 Sephirot. This has been known for 5779 years! #quoteoftheday

Upon actualizing #Kabbalah, the method of attaining the Creator, man attains the Creator and exists EVERYWHERE, transcending time and space!
From Twitter, 4/1/17

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Oscars Against Trump

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Virtually the entire award ceremony of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which presents the Oscars, was internally devoted to bashing Trump.

The host, Jimmy Kimmel, famous American actor and producer, said: “This broadcast is being watched live by millions of Americans and around the world in more than 225 countries that now hate us. As you know, and I don’t have to tell anybody, our country is divided right now. I’ve been getting a lot of advice. People have been telling me: “It’s time to bring everyone together. You need to say something to unite us.” Let’s get something straight, off the top, I’m not—I can’t do that!”

What can be said about the division of the country because essentially, this is the first time in the history that something like this is happening in America?

Answer: I would say that this is happening in the entire world.

The world is beginning to understand where the completely irrational liberal recklessness, when everyone can do anything they want, has brought it to. I can do whatever I want and how I want, no one can tell me what to do. Essentially, I am not a member of society because I can act according to my own cannons, and you can act according to yours; do what you want and don’t interfere in my business.

Such a society makes the integral, global humanity impossible. We’ve reached a state when everyone wants to be a liberal, and by this is they mean, “Don’t interfere with me.” The so-called political correctness and freedom of speech give everyone the right to say whatever they want.

Unlimited permissiveness, irresponsibility, and lack of any kind of upbringing in schools, universities, and everywhere else brought us to what we have now in Hollywood.

If Trump understands that his task is to educate the American people, limit the influence of negative elements, strengthen the spirit, unite, then of course… What he says, is right. Will he be able to achieve it? I don’t think so. This will be very, very difficult. Even though the program sounds nice, it’s incorrect.

It is good in that it has nice plans. As it is said, “I love the grandeur of our plans.” We have been through this already. But Trump does not and will not have the means by which to realize these plans because ultimately he is…just Trump. Because what is really needed here is a methodology derived from nature. In order to save everything, the upper force is needed.

If he realizes that Kabbalah has it, the world will be able to pass this critical point and move on toward its goal by the right path, not the left, because the left involves the world war, in which few will survive. But they will survive only in order to complete the correction.

The fact is, tremendous suffering decreases the need for large numbers of people. Thus, in case of great suffering, instead of eight billion, the remaining eight million will be enough to resolve the problem. Because the entire world spins only in order to unite one collective soul, which was shattered in the beginning of its creation.

We’ll see how it goes. We have to fulfill our function. So far Trump is saying and doing the right thing, and in general, it is up to him.

All of this will spin through the Jews, and it will not be pleasant for them. They are now splitting into two camps, and there will be no peace until they unite among themselves and begin working together to correct humanity, in general.

Jews must rise above everything that is happening between those who side with Trump and those who side with Obama or Clinton, and unite among themselves for the benefit of correcting the world. If we make it, then yes. If not, we will have Nazi Germany again.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 03/01/2017

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Appreciate Life

laitman_760_3Question: Does the existence of our world have value?

Answer: The existence of our world has very great value because only within this state is it possible to achieve correction.

Therefore, I highly recommend appreciating life and the opportunity that has been given to us. Who knows if there will be another opportunity like this and when?
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/6/16

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Love – A Union Of Desires

laitman_938_02Question: Why should I love? Who should I love? What is love?

Answer: Love is the connection of my desire with other desires. Since all of us come from one desire called Adam, the discovery of the upper world is summed up by the combination of separate, isolated desires that reject each other. So, to the degree of the union of these desires, we begin to perceive the upper world.

Comment: It is often very difficult for a person to define a feeling of love or hatred. As long as he is not in the upper world and is within the framework of our world, all the stereotypes, routines, and models of this world influence him.

Answer: Therefore, a person cannot go out to the upper world until he overcomes his rejection of other people.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/27/16

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The Flow Of Souls From Place To Place

laitman_571_01Question: What does it mean that part of the general soul is clothed in a female body? What is the uniqueness of the correction if it is clothed in the feminine part?

Answer: There is no concept like this! There is a constant flow of the state of the general soul from male to female, from female to male, including the men and women in our world.

A soul is something amorphous that floats between everyone, or you could say that this is what we are floating in. There is a single soul for everyone.

In spirituality, if I want to bestow to someone, to the Creator or to another person, I am called male (a man) and if I want to receive, then I am called a female (woman). Sometimes I am a male and sometimes I am a female. In our world, we are precisely divided into men and women; whereas in spirituality, everything depends only on us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/4/16

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Taste In Spirituality And Corporeality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In our world, we all feel the same taste from certain foods or drinks. No one can say that sweet is bitter. Is it the same in spirituality, or is everyone’s experience individual?

Answer: In our world, we have a certain agreement on how to call a specific taste. However, how do you know that you feel the same thing as the other?

Question: And in spirituality, is there such consent?

Answer: Yes. The Kabbalists write Talmud Eser Sefirot, and other books on the attainment of the Creator because they have very precise and matching sensations, unlike the ones in our world. For example, if I recorded that on a certain level I sensed certain attainment, then you will feel the same sensation upon reaching that level.

Question: Do Kabbalists feel the same taste if they are on different levels?

Answer: Of course not. The fact is that in the spiritual world we can measure our sensations, but each one will feel them differently, proceeding from the root of their soul, from their vessel (Kli).
From KabTV’s Lesson in Russian, 11/20/17 

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