America Welcomes Its New President, Part 2

laitman_629_4Question: How do we reconcile the two camps American society has split into because of the new president?

Answer: They can’t be reconciled. The part that has currently received power and strength will create a new system and begin to govern. The second part that calls itself Democrats will have to comply with their governance.

We shouldn’t regret it. After all, what good has Obama done during his entire presidency? He arranged the Arab Spring and blew up the entire Middle East so that crowds of refugees flooded Europe.

Look what Obama did with Europe. Show me one place where he brought a benefit—there isn’t one. However, the huge lie that media channels were spreading about his activities led to the fact that he was re-elected for a second term. This only shows that the world is susceptible to any lie.

Now the situation will change slightly. It’s a miracle that Trump was able to come to power, and the opposition, the ultra-liberal force, demonstrated the impossibility of continuing in the old way.

Of course, Trump is still very far from the corrected society of genuine democracy and pluralism. It’s just the tendency toward correction of the people, society, and the world. The governments of Obama and Hillary Clinton intended to destroy the world and dominate through the destruction, but this will never work.

They also destroyed America, it has lost all of its industry. Even a small change in law could have produced dramatic improvements, but they acted in the opposite way and were pushing the country into the abyss.

We can say that the part of the population that voted for Trump managed to come round at the last moment and say, “Enough!” These are the people associated with the work, with the earth, and with religion and they understand how dangerous the current situation in the country is.

It is only called democracy and liberalism. Democracy means the power of people, but where was this power of people? Liberalism exists only as a philosophical concept, but in practice it translates into total anarchy where everyone does what he wants.

In the Torah, a system where everyone does as he pleases is defined as the most vicious. After all, this means that egoism unfolds without any restrictions.

We have come to this state in all fields of human activity, in food, sex, and family. It is impossible to leave egoism without any reigns.

Question: In Europe, the right-wing forces are meeting at the moment and they plan to follow Trump’s example. How do you see the future of Europe?

Answer: It would be good if these changes will happen in the middle line, otherwise Europe awaits a fascist regime. Baal HaSulam warned that further development can go either toward the correction of the world or towards fascism. And we see that his predictions are coming true.

So goes the recognition of evil; slowly people recognize the evil of human nature and the necessity to correct it somehow. At least they are coming closer to the truth. The correct direction becomes revealed a little.

So far no one talks about the correction of a person because there is no method that makes it possible to do this. Therefore, they only think of how to correct the system that controls egoistic people and not about correcting a person.

Yet, Kabbalah says that it is pointless to correct the system, only a person has to be corrected because he is the root of the entire evil. This is the whole difference.

Gradually, they will realize that it is impossible to build a good system. Who could create it? Trump is certainly better than Hillary Clinton and Obama and this is a step toward the correction of the world, but the correction can’t be realized through him.

Question: Presently a congress of the European right-wing forces is being held in Germany. All right-wing leaders were unanimous in their desire to return to the care and strengthening of their own countries.

Answer: This is understandable because the integration is over. It was wrong from the beginning. Twenty years ago it was clear that it was destined to fall apart. Therefore, it is time to finish with it before it collapses completely and to save what is still possible to save. The world was on the brink of an abyss, facing a new world war, but stopped at the last moment.

Although it is not clear how much of his program Trump will be able to implement. He will not be able to separate America from the world and return industry to it. Most importantly, it is an internal problem that split America into two parts. After all, the new generation is very spoiled and accustomed to live on welfare. It is necessary to undertake the education of a large number of people.

What kind of work can be given to people who have been unemployed for twenty years? They don’t know what work is. They have led a free lifestyle and have done nothing else. It is impossible to make them work. We have to start with education.

Trump should give Americans an integral education and make them an example for the entire world. Let’s hope that he will suddenly get this thought in his mind and the desire in his heart.

The world shows every day that it is more and more ripe for correction. It is obvious that the world needs change, but no one yet knows where to make them.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/11/17, Lesson on the Topic, “Mismah Arisa,” (Arosa Document)

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