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My Thoughts On Twitter, 2/7/17


Trump wants to replace the elite and make America strong. The revolution is bloodless, yet the thirst for revenge could lead to civil war.

Unknowingly, people hate Jews specifically because they refuse to produce the positive force of nature and thereby balance human egoism.

Humans are egoists, yet the Torah demands to “love thy neighbor” by extracting the positive force of unity from nature. Jews can do this!

The Jews who are for and against Trump should try to unite above their differences. Otherwise, hatred will destroy both sides.

In nature, opposites don’t destroy each other. They complement each other to create a new level of life. We must learn this from nature.

The uniqueness of Kabbalah is that it can unify opposite qualities (views, desires, goals) of people, parties, and nations into one whole.

Why Jewish Political Activism Leads To Anti-Semitism


The world is getting increasingly anxious. My advice is to do whatever it takes to calm it down.

The World vs. Donald J. Trump


Ultra “Liberal” Self-Righteousness, Or, How Jews Invoke Anti-Semitism


The new era will be psychologically different from the old: direct, based in problem-solving, and despising political correctness.

Political correctness, humanism, liberalism & democracy-have become absurd. At this point they hinder themselves & cause their own death.
From Twitter, 2/7/17

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What Is The Easy Way Of Correcting The World?

laitman_944Question: Is the Light that our world group can draw enough to correct the world, or must we keep expanding our group?

Answer: If we keep expanding our world group, we will be able to reach correction sooner, and the correction will be easier because conveying an intensive Light through a small group is a big problem.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/21/1

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The Predictions Of Futurologists

laitman_627_1Comment: There are many predictions that are not made by people with special properties but by people called futurologists, or people who have a fertile imagination, like science fiction writers.

Answer: Futurologists are people who, based on science, technology, and the progression of various strata of humanity, predict a general trend for the next 50 or 100 years.

Comment: Futurologists predict that by the year 2030 robots will have been invented that will connect our brains directly to a data cloud, and it will be possible to print both food and houses on 3-D printers.

Answer: In the future we will print everything on printers, there is no problem. It is possible to load a printer with palm oil and it will issue sausages, cold cuts, dairy products, porridge, and everything else.

Question: They say that in another 20 years, toward the year 2045, a unique revolution will begin, meaning that an artificial brain will transcend the biological brain. Will an artificial person have a soul?

Answer: There is no connection between the soul and the brain.

Question: If a robot were to sit next to a person and manage a program, what would a person do?

Answer: I see how people talk with a computer today, so why would he not talk with a smart robot and exchange information with it?

Question: Do you mean just rational information?

Answer: This would not only be intellectual information but even emotions. A regular person is a mechanism whose actions and responses can be completely calculated and predicted because all of these are not found in a spiritual space; there is nothing here that cannot be predicted.

We can create machines that could communicate with us splendidly, instead of people. Likewise, as we would want, according to how we would direct them and the data that we insert, they could be lyrical, rigid, or romantic, directed toward musical or psychological communication, etc. They could be integrated and composed of different kinds of characters.

Comment: This would be more attractive if they would be faithful friends, good friends….

Answer: It depends on how we program them; after all, they could also be the opposite, very cruel.

You would go to the store, choose a robot for yourself shaped like a little dog or a tough friend. Why not? They don’t have to be shaped like a person. There are no limits.

A person reacts to everything that happens in the world just like every beast. The nature of the still, vegetative, and animate is absolutely capable of being programmed. So there is nothing secret in a person, nothing that is sublime. But on the next level he begins to attain the soul, meaning “a portion of the divine from above” (Job 31:2). Then he is no longer a person but what is called an “ambulatory soul.”
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/1/17

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Fear Is A Lack Of Fulfillment

laitman_547_01Question: Fear is a very strong emotion. How can I cope with it?

Answer: By using the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light). All of our emotions are positive or negative fulfillments of our desires, and fear is a lack of fulfillment.

It is the fundamental component of our sense of life, the world, and it comes from empty desires. When we are fulfilled, fear disappears, and when we are empty, the feeling of worry and insecurity appears.

There are close to 800 kinds of fear in the world. It is a very serious feeling of empty desires, called a Kli (vessel).

It is possible to cure fear with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah, but to do this we must study it systematically and most importantly to study in a group! The empty desires will rapidly be filled then, and negative emotions will be replaced by positive ones.

So the most useful thing possible to hope for is working in a group since it is very difficult for a single person to achieve such a state. It is very easy to arouse the Ohr Makif in a group, and without a group, it is very difficult.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/21/16

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The Wisdom Of Kabbalah About Depression

laitman_532Question: Many people including youth and elderly people suffer from depression today. For some reason it is considered a mental illness. Is there a solution to depression according to the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: There is a solution. Depression is the result of our unsatisfied desires. A person has nothing but desires; if these desires are fulfilled, we feel joy. If they are partially fulfilled, we feel partial dissatisfaction, a state we are in all the time and which we have gotten used to.

We try to neutralize this dissatisfaction in different ways: by watching movies, playing football, taking pills, using drugs, etc., and thus somehow we keep ourselves afloat.

There are modes of depression in which we feel a deep black, gaping emptiness inside us, and we don’t feel any filling in the present and don’t feel that there will be any in the future either, which is indeed a difficult situation.

A person usually lives with hope for the future. He plans ahead to go on vacation, to go fishing, to play football with friends, etc. A person is usually occupied with thoughts about food, sex, family, wealth, respect, knowledge, and recreation. We have invented all this in our world as a distraction so we will be able to exist in this life. But when it is all swallowed by darkness, a person is in a serious mode of depression and is ready to die. With regard to this it is written: “my death is better than my life.”

The moment a person begins to feel such modes of depression, he asks himself about the meaning of life: “Is there no meaning to life in this world?” Such states lead him to the wisdom of Kabbalah. Therefore, it is practically impossible to reach the wisdom of Kabbalah without feeling depressed because it is a question of the meaning of existence.

If a person finds meaning in actions like sleeping, eating, traveling, and in general finds pleasure in something, the question about the meaning of life does not emerge in him. It is as if he is fine, but this meaning in life is on the animate level. If a person is not satisfied by such actions, he reaches the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Therefore, the first question a person asks as he comes to the wisdom of Kabbalah is: “What is the meaning of life? How can you fill this life? What is the point in this life?” It is actually the pointlessness that develops a person because our entire development is only under the pressure and suffering of the desire to discover and attain something. A person feels that he lacks something, but in fact he lacks the meaning of life.

After all the revelations throughout human history, the question is: “What for? Why? What is the meaning of all this?” Eventually it should bring us to the revelation of the true meaning of life.

We should understand that our world is merely a springboard from which we have to push ourselves and ascend to the next dimension that is right here in this world. We transcend to the next dimension while living in our corporeal body, while living in this world with a family, a job and everything else, and at the same time, we begin to attain the next world. This is the true meaning.

The system pushes us to search for this meaning and there wouldn’t be anything without it. And so our ego is called help against because it is actually the empty ego that pushes man in the right direction.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/2/16

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Everything Proceeds From Spiritual Roots

laitman_746_02Question: Why do we need Kabbalistic geography? Is it related to the geography of the corporeal world, which is about coordinates, landscapes. etc.?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah explores and teaches everything that stems from the root of creation. The root of creation is the four phases of the spreading of the Direct Light, which means the first ten Sefirot. When the Light began to bestow a point inside it, the first phase appeared and then the second phase, the third, and the fourth, then there was a restriction and everything continued to develop.

The Light that spreads affects the desire that appeared in it, the desire to receive, to enjoy, to be filled, and the desire began to change accordingly.

Since on one hand, the Light carries the filling , and on the other hand, the attribute of bestowal, which is its essence and conveys them to the desire, two reactions occur in the desire. The first is that the created being enjoys the filling of the Light because it is opposite from the Creator so that it can receive pleasure from Him. The second is that the desire gradually resembles the Light and perceives its character and attributes, which diminishes the desire to enjoy in it.

All the next levels of the development of the created being stem from the emergence of these two opposite attributes in matter, in the desire to enjoy. The created being develops through five worlds by being divided into an external part called “the world” and an internal part called “soul.” It thus develops until the lowest point in its spiritual evolution.

Then there is a transition to the level of our world and the spreading of its matter, which is a mark of the spiritual world. And the matter of our world is a matching replica between matter and the spiritual forces.

Therefore, whatever happens in the spiritual world in the coordination between the forces, happens in our world in the coordination between the different parts of different matter. This leads to a very interesting phenomenon: on the edge of some galaxy, the tiny quite unimpressive globe appeared. And despite what we know about the universe and that the Earth is somewhere on the side, it is actually at the center of the universe from the perspective of the impact of the upper forces in our world.

Of course we don’t feel that because we don’t have the scientific instruments that enable us to perceive it, but Kabbalists tell us about this.

Then the oceans, the seas, the continents, islands, and huge areas of plants and animals, the underwater world, and eventually man, who historically settled all over the earth and now covers the whole globe, appeared on the surface of the Earth.

The existence of the continents, oceans, natural areas, four races of mankind, numerous nations, different ethnic groups, and everything else stem from the upper spiritual root.

The coordination of the spiritual forces in the spiritual world is revealed in our world in the form of a corporeal seal, including the earth and everything on it, including us. If we take our small system, which includes the sun, the moon, and the different planets, the Earth and everything on it, the wisdom of Kabbalah describes everything in a very detailed way. It even tells us about hidden places in the universe, which we have only recently discovered, and sometimes about things that one can only guess that they exist and which we will probably discover in the future.

Generally speaking, geography, as well as astronomy, is fully described in the wisdom of Kabbalah. You can also find the roots of geology, and anthropology in Kabbalah books because there is nothing new under the sun and everything spreads from the upper root to the lower branches, to its outcome.

Because there is only the coordination between forces in the upper root, it creates the imprint of these forces and the connection between them in the matter of our world, and this is actually the reason that we can describe the upper spiritual forces through the objects in our world and by the interaction between them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/14/16

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New Life 808 – Between Liberalism And Judaism

New Life 808 – Between Liberalism And Judaism
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

Man is the crown of creation because his desire is the greatest. His desire is an egoistic desire, which means he enjoys at the expense of others.

The ego buries us in this world, but we have been given an opportunity to ascend above it to an infinite unlimited world.

5,777 years ago, a scientist named Adam, whom we call First Man (Adam HaRishon), discovered that it was possible to ascend above our nature and developed the method for correcting man and society. Kabbalists who followed him continued this method, but as the generations descended, the Jewish people distorted the method of correction and now it is only empty words. Judaism today is built only on externality without the internal correction that is found only in the wisdom of Kabbalah.

We are facing a revolution that Adam HaRishon predicted 5,777 years ago, a revolution in which relationships of exploitation and egoism will change to relationships of connection and love. We have to lead all of humanity to love of others, to the feeling that we are all one, to the feeling of the upper force.
From KabTV’s “New Life 808 – Between Liberalism And Judaism,” 1/3/17

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 02.07.17

Preparation for the Lesson

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Lesson on the Topic: “Ester ve Gilui (Concealment and Disclosure)”  

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Giving of the Torah,” Item 1

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