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World Kabbalah Convention 2017 in Tel Aviv


The surrounding world is a projection of our egoism. Don’t like the world? Then correct your own ego – not your shadow!

Instinctively, Trump opponents understand the need for change. They’re not ripe for it psychologically, and desperately cling to the old.

Reality check: when Trump calls a spade a spade, not being politically correct, could it be that we’re just not ready for it?

Liberalism led to Political Correctness. Since it’s feeding on our egoism, it is now overblown. It hinders us and needs to be replaced.

In the old world we used to lie to each other and not call a spade a spade. Trump reveals who we really are—that’s why we don’t like him.

Society’s development is driven by egoism, so contradictions will intensify. Kabbalah teaches how to connect in spite of contradictions.

Trump undermines the old world management system, which is dying, rather than being temporarily replaced. That’s why it keeps resisting.

Michael Laitman: Ultra “Liberal” Self-Righteousness, Or, How Jews Invoke Anti-Semitism


Ultra “Liberal” Self-Righteousness, Or, How Jews Invoke Anti-Semitism Antisemitism:


Michael Laitman: A Sober Look at Trump’s Immigration Ban and Its Protest MuslimBan


A Sober Look At Trump’s Immigration Ban And Its Protest MuslimBan


The world doesn’t realize: social development can’t be stopped. Trump might just be replaced by one who’s even more right & anti-liberal.
From Twitter, 2/5/17

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