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The Method Of Correction, Part 8

laitman_933When a Friend Is Always Before Your Eyes

Baal HaSulam, “The Love for the Creator and Love for the Created Beings”: After all one certainly loves oneself with all one’s heart and soul and might, but with regards to the Creator, one may deceive oneself; and with one’s friend it is always spread out before his eyes.

The law of correction of relating to a friend is even more important than relating to the Creator because this is how one can draw closer to Him. I cannot imagine the Creator, but a friend is constantly in front of me and I can clearly check how I relate to him.

Remark: Baal HaSulam writes that the method of correction of the egocentric perception of the world, with one’s concerns about self-gratification and fulfillment, has been given to the whole nation, which was a collection of representatives from the different nations in Babylon.

My Comment: They were given a condition that everyone had to accept the principle of “loving your neighbor as yourself” as a means of achieving adhesion with the Creator.

At that time, ancient Babylon was experiencing decline, which is called the “Babylonian tower.” Egoism had suddenly soared, hatred toward each other broke out, and people became unable to coexist peacefully with each other, which lead to the destruction of the Babylonian empire. The same thing happened during the time of Rabbi Akiva at the time of the destruction of the Temple.

Question: Have we been given self-love so that we would realize to what end we should love a friend, take care of him?

Answer: Of course. Only through the opposite can you understand it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/7/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 4/30/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

It is written in the Introduction to the #Zohar (item 71): If the outer part of the nation strengthens and lessens the inner part of the people of #Israel, the Kabbalists, then the outer part of the world nations, the vandals, intensify and annul their inner part, the righteous of the nations.

I’m personally acquainted with Dr. Guy Bechor and agree with him.
There is hope that the #Jews will understand that there are only two paths: to perish from the hatred of the people or to lead the correction of the world. The decision is ours. Anti-Semites are not at fault.
Blame those who can change the fate—the Jews!

Evil and Good come into the world for Israel (see Talmud, Yavamot 631) and through Israel they act upon all nations of the world.
Israel’s behavior determines whether the world is governed by good or evil.
Observance of unity (mutual guarantee) in the nation and between it and the Creator determines the state of the world.

Nazism is a product of democracy and socialism that have discarded faith and upbringing. Hence in our time it is developing in every country, starting with democratic states. If the nation of Israel doesn’t set an example of unity for the nations, this will lead to World War III.

The hatred of the nations toward Israel comes from its mission to correct the common soul (desire) Adam for all, egoistic after the fall, desire to receive above the desire to give. By correcting its egoism, Israel will change the world nations’ bad attitude toward it for good.

In the general system of souls (Adam), Israel (Lirosh), head of the system, lays the foundation for growth of the whole system, the duty to develop correctly and lead all the nations of the world in the development of soul, until full correction in similarity to the Creator.

Isra-el means Li-Rosh, the head of the system of souls. They are the first to receive the signals and pass them on to the nations of the world. It is impossible to do without them, everyone depends on them. The system is purposely broken by the fall – egoism so that the nations of the world would obligate the people of Israel to carry out their mission.

The volume of the world debt of $243 trillion is 3 times the #GDP of the planet.
If it blows up it will result in crises, the system of connections will get out of control.
Solution: The Torah instructs us to write off #debts.
And since the entire #economy is egoistic, it should be limited to sensible #consumption.
From Twitter, 4/30/19

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The Pioneer Nation

laitman_749.01All creations must attain unity—this is the final state of evolution of the entire creation. Evolution is constantly progressing, taking us through the stages of revelation of evil.

Eventually, everyone must comprehend the advantage of Light over darkness, and after passing through all the forms of separation, desire to rise above their egoistic nature. Revelation of evil leads us to unity.

There were always some people who understood the virtue of unity, being altruistic by nature. However, in our day and age, nature is giving us practical evidence by becoming integral and tying up the whole world into a single network. Egoism is becoming global and it is connecting us all to each other. Whether we like it or not, we have to unite in order to disallow the force of separation to reign endlessly.

By studying Kabbalah, we learn that the obligation to unite comes from nature itself, from the sin of the Tree of Knowledge. The entire creation was made as one soul that was later purposely broken into many separate parts.

We don’t have a choice. We must rebuild and unite the whole creation. This is the state that both the Creator and people desire. Those who understand it are called Yashar Kel—straight to the Creator—because the upper force, the Creator, is the self-contained nature that is united, integral, and global. In order for us to achieve adhesion with the Creator, similarity of form, we have to become like Him, rise above our divisive egoism, and begin to unite.

We are not socialists or communists, nor humanitarians or biologists observing examples of unity in living organisms. Proof of the necessity to unite is presented to us by the science of Kabbalah, and we are constantly revealing the need to achieve it in our consciousness and feelings.

By nature, we are the biggest egoists because those who come to Kabbalah have the biggest desire. But along with it, we understand that we have to become similar to the upper force in order to achieve the meaning of life. That is why Abraham, from all of humanity, chose a group that became the people of Israel, whose foundation is love of others as oneself, the great law of humanity, nature, and the Torah. We have to consider ourselves a group of pioneers from all around humanity, who are trying to realize this great law of nature—the love of others—and implement it so that we can pass it on to everyone.

The responsibility of the people of Israel is to be the first to reach unity because they are called upon to realize the law of love of others and serve as an example to the rest of humanity, that is, to be “the Light unto the nations.” Philosophers and the founders of the State of Israel also spoke of unity. However, they did not take it from the science of Kabbalah, the structure of nature, but from their internal, instinctive understanding.

Kabbalah says that unity is the law of nature and that first of all it applies to the people of Israel. Baal HaSulam writes that we have received the right to return to the land of Israel, breaking from the rule of the nations of the world, only to fulfill our purpose: to realize unity and show this method to the nations of the world and become the Light unto the nations.

In anticipation of Israel’s 70th anniversary, let us hope that the people of Israel, especially those who live in the land of Israel, will understand the purpose of their existence. For if we do not realize the law of love of others as yourself so that we can serve as an example to the world, then we have no right to exist.

This is a very important point. It is the only reason for a person to live in the land of Israel. Otherwise he has no right to be called “Israel” and does not belong to the nation of Israel.

The State of Israel will have the right to exist only if we work on realizing our common responsibility to become one person with one heart, “all Israel are friends,” to the point of fulfilling the law of love of others as the basis of all existence.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/07/18, Lesson on the topic of “The Israeli Nation’s Duty of Unity”

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Resistance To The Wisdom Of Kabbalah, Part 1

laitman_259.01We see that humanity develops under the influence of two forces: support and opposition, pros and cons, driving force and resisting force. It is natural for any development that there is expansion and contraction all the time, like inhale and exhale.

At any given moment, these two forces act because the right development is impossible without a balance between them.

Kabbalah and Kabbalists develop according to their generation. Sparks emerge in the broken vessel of the soul. These sparks are ready to resurface from the fragments of the soul, and they demand correction.

People in whom such sparks awaken feel the need to reveal the purpose of creation, the upper force, the Creator, and to learn about the universe. They seek to rise above ordinary life so as not to remain within their broken desires but to live just for the sake of the spiritual sparks.

Although these sparks are broken, a person feels that they need to be revived. Therefore, there are many forces inside a Kabbalist: sparks, spiritual genes (Reshimot), and desires related to correction, that is, the properties of bestowal.

This process began with the first man Adam. And then more and more people, from those who felt the need to discover and comprehend the purpose of creation and to belong to the upper power and the upper system, joined him in each generation. So, from Adam descended the entire line of Kabbalists who developed the method of revealing the Creator to the created beings in this world.

Kabbalists were those created beings who revealed the upper force. And since spiritual sparks and desires awakened in many people, Kabbalists also spread the wisdom of Kabbalah, which evoked different reactions.

And even a simple study of Kabbalah awakens two opposing forces in a person: the desire for and against the revelation of the Creator. After all, a man is a broken desire to enjoy, an egoist, and inside of him is a spark that demands a gateway to another dimension, to another level—the intention to bestow.

This spark refers to a different life, a different world. Therefore, a Kabbalist has two inner worlds: sometimes he is dominated by the force of bestowal and sometimes by the force of reception. He always goes through ups and downs as two of these opposing forces constantly work in him: sparks and broken desires demand their realization. In this way a Kabbalist develops, sometimes in the right and sometimes in the left line.

The same rule applies to a person and his environment. Abraham, the first Kabbalist who began spreading Kabbalah to the masses, met with strong resistance from his father Terah and his entire former school, as well as from the ruler of Ancient Babylon, Nimrod. The resistance was so strong that he had to leave Babylon.

Resisting Kabbalah is natural, because nothing develops without it. We see in the example of the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels of nature that the whole evolution happens as a result of struggle, and it couldn’t have been otherwise.

Therefore, Kabbalists are patient toward Kabbalah’s opponents because they realize that they receive them from above and that it is the Creator who organizes all these protesting forces. But at the same time, as representatives of the force of spiritual development, they need to resist material and egoistic development.

Opponents of Kabbalah fight it in every possible way, but Kabbalists understand that all this resistance is arranged by the Creator who controls these forces, and therefore, the answer to it must be appropriate. In the end, we need to act for one purpose only: to reveal the Creator to the created beings in this world, which is the goal of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Kabbalah is revealed for this very purpose and it is impossible for one to unfold without the other, as progress and resistance are based on each other.

Therefore, one must treat Kabbalah’s opponents rationally, realizing that from the moment the Light created darkness, that is, when the altruistic desire created the egoistic desire, these desires were opposite to each other, but they must develop together. After all, the Light also develops when it enters the creation, organizes it, and builds up more and more diverse connections in it.

Therefore, one must treat all criticism creatively, with understanding. And although the opponents of Kabbalah brought many misfortunes to Kabbalists, on the other hand, all these forces act according to the program of creation.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/24/17, Lesson on the Topic: “The Resistance to Kabbalah”

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Abraham’s Discovery

laitman_740.01The Creator is the quality of bestowal and love. He is absolute. And only in this way does He manifest to us. In order to be revealed to His creatures and to make them similar to Him, He created them opposite to His nature, as it is written: “I created the evil inclination.”

However, although He created us as evil creatures that become more and more egoistic every day, at the same time, He gave us an instrument for correction. The only problem is that all this happens gradually according to the laws of nature.

Nature develops according to the laws of inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human organisms. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, a person differs from an animal not by walking on two legs with an uplifted head (after all, an ostrich also walks on two legs) and not by the ability to think. He has an aspiration toward the purpose of life that distinguishes him from animals.

This is a clear desire to know the purpose of life, the question about its meaning: “Why and for what do I live? What is defined in nature as the purpose of my creation and existence?” These questions really worry some people. However, while they ask these questions, they do not know how to answer them.

The first person who attempted to answer this question 5,777 years ago was a man called Adam, who through his thoughts, feelings, inner aspirations, and deep scrutiny penetrated the secrets of the universe and wrote a small book about it called The Secret Angel, which has survived until our time.

Thanks to this discovery and work on himself, he began to correctly use the forces of nature for his development and he was called Adam. “Adam” from the word “Domeh” (like) the Creator.

Many people in different generations after Adam used his method. It went through 20 generations of his disciples and then reached Abraham, who lived in Ancient Babylon and at first was a preacher of the not-quite-correct approach to nature. He believed that spirituality is divided into many gods that should be worshipped.

However, later he discovered that all these many opposite forces of nature that act independently and even have some positive and negative interactions between them, like various ancient Greek gods, in fact, come from one single mind and force.

This mind we must explore, reveal, and approach, and then a person will know and understand what the meaning of life is. Abraham believed that otherwise all the centuries that had passed since Adam were unremarkable and useless.

In principle, we explore different forces that really do exist. However, they do not have a common base (source) and it is necessary to reveal it. This is what Abraham did.

He discovered the unified force of nature above its other disparate forces, which at that time all the people worshipped, including himself until he discovered this single force.

When he explored it, it turned out that it is absolutely good and unified. This is exactly what Abraham started to explain to the Babylonians.

It seems to us that there is no difference between polytheism and monotheism. However, monotheism means not worshipping one force, but becoming similar to it. The fact is that when a person, in fulfilling his destiny, strives to become like it, at the same time, he changes himself, his behaviour, his view of life, and builds social relations in accordance.

By changing himself, he changes the world, society, and his family. He creates everything according to one single pattern that he receives from above by attaining, explaining, embracing, and exploring the upper force.

In principle, this is what Abraham did. He tried to explain everything to his students and they followed his path. Thus, a group of people was organized called the people of Israel, from the word “Isra-El” (Isra – straight, El – the Creator), who were directed straight to the Creator. In other words, this is a group that is directed to the exploration of the good, unified force—the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/4/17

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The World At The Crossroads, Part 2

115.06Beginning with the very first shattering—the so-called sin of Adam, “the first man,” which was planned in advance—humanity gradually began to realize that the reason for all its troubles was the separation caused by human egoism.

Although egoism was relatively small then, it still took a long time prior to Abraham’s arrival before they began to unite to overcome the crisis that had erupted in Ancient Babylon.

The broken ego that had divided the people showed them how destructive separation was and that there was no other solution besides uniting.

After Abraham had revealed that unification is the path of correction and had begun to explain it to the others, those who understood him formed a group, which was later called the people of Israel, which means directly to the Creator, or Yashar El. This group held on to unity as the only means of achieving salvation for the entire human race and, in general, for all of creation.

It took a lot of time—from the first man Adam all the way to Abraham—before humanity was ready to learn that unity is salvation. At first, the connection was natural and all the people lived together as one. But then suddenly separation began to develop and they felt how destructive it was.

They were able to compare how much better it had been living with the natural connection that had existed between them while egoism was still relatively small and the great state of egoism that led to many problems such as separation and arguments. It all ended in ruin. Therefore, they agreed to work for unity so that “love covered all crimes.”

However, it needs to be clear that the crimes being committed were small then and egoism was small too, so it was not as difficult for them to unite as it is today. But at that time, they already understood that there are two ways to the final unification, which humanity must eventually achieve.

After all, this is the purpose of creation, pre-programmed in the original design. But you can come to it in two ways: by the Light or through suffering. They had managed to understand this back then and had begun to implement Abraham’s method.

It is clear to everyone that egoism spoils our lives and that we need to do something about it. Every nation has its own way. There are methods of reducing egoism through special education as well as all kinds of oriental practices such as Confucianism and morality-based traditions. Religions also urge man to be humble and calm and they try to tame egoism by promising him heaven or hell.

All these methods worked for a while but, in the end, people are leaving religion. Egoism grows so fast that morality and religion are no longer able to restrain it. And the method of Abraham is a general method of correcting egoism, directed not at its destruction, but at its correct use. This method belongs to everyone, as Abraham said, “Who is for the Creator, come to me!”

That is, we need to unite and within this connection we will reveal the upper force that will support us and lead us forward, returning us to the purpose of creation and its foundations. This is a very special method that is only realized if people are ready for it. And, at the end of our development, everyone will be ready for it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/21/17, Lesson on the Topic: “Europe at a Crossroad”

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The End Of The Tower Of Babel

Laitman_115_05Question: Modern innovations and studies say that the period of the Tower of Babel has ended, meaning the lack of understanding of languages. Soon there will be headphones that will translate all languages and we will communicate easily.

What will communication like this provide?

Answer: This kind of communication will make it possible for us to feel the whole world as one global whole, without borders, not in the full sense of the word, but at least partially. This is because in spite of everything, language is a very big limiter of communication between people.

Question: When will the Babylonian division actually cease?

Answer: It will be when people will feel that they must rise to the next level of self-awareness.

Question: Are there languages there or not?

Answer: There are no longer any languages there.

Imagine that a gigantic spaceship is hovering above us surrounding the entire globe and hiding the sun from us.

How would we behave in a situation like this? Would we fight, argue in parliaments, think about who is going where? Would we begin to think about who is plotting against whom here on the face of the earth while a gigantic black machine is hovering over us, hiding the sun from us while we are found in total darkness about everything that is happening to us?

It is possible to understand how this could unite people…nobody will plot against anyone. What do I care about the other? After all, I see that this is the end.

Question: And then languages will disappear?

Answer: Everything will disappear. We will begin to search for a way out of the situation and “aliens” will declare: “We will talk with you only when you all become a single whole. Unite; we will wait. Meanwhile we will be hovering over you.”

We will wait, but how long? “It could be another 500 years, it makes no difference. We are above you. And every year that passes with lack of unity among you, we will get closer and closer, we will arrange situations like these for you that will whip you from behind. That is how we will help you.”

Question: This scenario would happen with suffering. But what is the truth about the absence of language, the lack of division into languages?

Answer: We will be able to make better use of getting closer and closer to each other, meaning that we will truly unite so everyone will be like brothers in a single family, without language and without distance. In such a situation, communication could be arranged that erases all differences.

But I don’t think that for this we need to put headphones on our ears, we will feel each other; there will be no need for words. We will begin to talk by means of the heart.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/12/17

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Language Without Words

laitman_527_02Question: The anniversary of the birth of the language Esperanto was celebrated recently. Esperanto was an attempt to construct a language that would unite all people. It was a great idea and a good try, but in the end, it achieved nothing. Why? It seems that the intention was correct: for all to speak the same language.

Answer: What for? It’s unnatural.

At one time, when we were closer with one another, we spoke the same language. That was in ancient Babylon. And then, with rise in mutual rejection, we suddenly started to speak in different tongues. This was the “destruction of the Tower of Babel,” when people internally stopped understanding one another.

They internally distanced themselves from each other with their different aspirations; their interconnections with each other became estranged and that’s why they stopped understanding each other to such an extent that they starting speaking different languages. All the languages of the world came from that. And that’s why they all went their separate ways. That’s how we live to this day.

Question: Then why not have a language that unites everyone? By the way, two million people speak Esperanto.

Answer: None of them speak it. These two million are spending time with each other like any other common interest group.

Nothing will come of this until people begin to feel that they should once again become one, that they have a common base, a common goal. Then they will find that is a common language that they will be able to speak.

The inner language of a person will be revealed, people will simply understand each other, even without words, internally translating the thoughts of one another. That language will definitely appear! But only after humanity decides that it wants to be united. At the root of the shattering that occurred in Babylon was egoism. If we begin to rise above it, we will once again unite in our mutual understanding of each other. No language is needed for that.

That’s why Esperanto will not give you anything. It’s that same Babylon with different languages. Out of all that same confusion they made a new “salad,” which only reminds us about the past, the shattering, and the distancing from each other.

Question: If people really want to unite, to become one whole, then the language will appear by itself?

Answer: Yes. They must concern themselves only with their spiritual, soulful, connection to each other, and then they will know in what language to communicate.
From KabTV’s “News With Michael Laitman,” 7/27/17

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What Language Did The Babylonians Speak?

laitman_933.jpgQuestion: What language did people in Babylon speak and write?

Answer: Babylonians spoke Aramaic. We use this language in Kabbalah along with Hebrew. Only those who attained the upper world spoke Hebrew because it is the language of light, and Aramaic is the language of the Kli (vessel), meaning desires that reveal the light.

Both languages are completely identical and at the same time completely opposite to each other. Let’s say “light” in Hebrew is “Ohr,” and night in Aramaic is “Orta.” That is, both languages use the same word but with completely opposite meaning.

Question: What language did Terach, Abraham’s father, speak?

Answer: Terach spoke Aramaic, and Abraham switched to Hebrew. They knew both languages.

As modern publications confirm, from these two ancient languages, which complement each other, a global script developed. After all, both languages are built on coincidence of two forces, bestowal and reception, plus and minus. Precisely from there came the horizontal and vertical elements of the letters that are the basis of the writing in any language.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/22/17

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The Method Of Nimrod And That Of Abraham

Two MethodsBaal HaSulam, “The Freedom”:  Separation between people is the source of every calamity and misfortune.

But with concepts and ideas, it is the complete opposite: Unity and lack of criticism is deemed the source of every failure and hindrance to all the progress and didactic fertilization. … The more contradictions there are between opinions and the more criticism there is, the more the knowledge and wisdom increase and matters become more suitable for examination and clarification….

Thus, evidently, the whole basis of physical success is the measure of unity of the society, and the basis for the success of intelligence and knowledge is the separation and disagreement among them.

In ordinary human society, the more peace and agreement the better, as between good kids. But if we want to grow, this growth is possible only if contradictions, mutual criticism, and disagreements intensify too, and at the same time, “love should cover all transgressions.”

We have to understand that we argue only because bigger desires are revealed in us, which prevent us from uniting with each other. Consequently, we demand unification above all disagreements.

An ordinary connection is possible in a family or among primitive peoples who existed before the Babylonian shattering. In ancient Babylon, many nations used to live as one family and spoke one language.

But all of a sudden, egoism sprung and it turned out that their desires contradicted each other. They began to quarrel, which resulted in the construction of the Tower of Babel. Two methods to solve this problem emerged since then. The first method was proposed by Nimrod who said: “Let’s divide and disperse in different directions, as far as possible from each other.”

Later on, egoism in us grew even more, each group started fighting again, and we divided further. New fights led to new separations. And so we arrived to the contemporary world where everyone lives for themselves and do not want to see anybody near them. Cell phones and computers—that’s all we need. We want to be left alone in our homes and not to be bothered by anybody.

Soon, food will be delivered to us by helicopters, biomass with any taste on demand, so we don’t even need to leave the house. This is Nimrod’s method, which came into being in ancient Babylon and has reached its final manifestation nowadays.

There was also the method of Abraham, who taught to unite above all these disagreements. That is, differences in opinion should remain and the more they are revealed the better, the stronger is the connection that could be built.

The followers of Abraham, who called themselves the people of Israel, succeeded in reaching the peak of unity called the construction of the First Temple. But they were not able to hold on to it. This was not possible since and they had to go through shattering and disperse among the nations of the world in order to pass to them the willingness to unite.

According to the method of Abraham, the disagreements remain but “love covers all transgressions.” Thus, we come to true freedom, when we are free from the rule of the angel of death and rise above it. Specifically due to egoism, we unite with others on an ever higher level.

Thanks to unification above disagreements, we start to understand, to feel, to attain the difference between darkness and light, which gives us the sensation of spiritual reality, although we ourselves are completely corporeal.

This is the essence of Abraham’s method. There are no other methods but these two: either distance from each other, according the method of Nimrod or unite above differences, according to the method of Abraham.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/3/17, “Education for Concession”

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