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When Did the Point in the Heart Originate?

115.06Question: Can you briefly explain the benefits of egoism? How did it lead us, and to what stage did we reach where it already became poison for us? Has it been helpful all this time?

Answer: Since ancient Babylon, egoism had to be remade. Abraham called for this, but no one could hear him then because there was no point in the heart in people. It wasn’t that it didn’t wake up, it wasn’t in them. It manifested itself only in a certain number of people, in those 10,000 to 20,000 Abraham took away from Babylon.

I give such figures because the great 12th century Kabbalist and philosopher Rambam, a researcher of the era of Abraham, writes in his writings that tens of thousands of people left Babylon with Abraham.

Abraham wanted to correct everyone, but it did not work out because only a few had the primordial point in the heart, the desire to rise above the corporeal level of existence.

We can say that initially it originated in only one person, Adam, and then through him it began to spread like a virus to others. For 20 generations it reached such a state where in Babylon, under Abraham, tens of thousands of people were infected with this spiritual virus. They joined Abraham and he led them away from Babylon. The rest of the Babylonians were left without this point.

As Abraham’s group was isolated from everyone, they developed it in themselves first under his leadership and then under the leadership of Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph, and David.

This continued until the destruction of the Second Temple when they completely fell into the same state as all the other Babylonians who had spread and multiplied all over the world by that time.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Evolution of Humanity” 11/16/13

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The Constant Growth of Egoism

115.06The three developmental stages of the Jewish people are symbolically called the forefathers—Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob or the right, middle and left lines. Sometime after leaving Babylon, this society needed additional development, which can only happen when greater egoism is revealed, is corrected, and it is risen above even more.

In the past, Abraham pondered how the absolute quality of love and bestowal could be reached. Later, he revealed this problem and found the solution: there needs to be a constant growth of egoism above which his group, this small nation, will keep rising.

Therefore, the next stage of development required an increase in egoism within this group and the revelation of its second stage (the first was revealed in Babylon), over which they needed to rise.

But it is not that simple. At first, egoism grows and everyone takes it well, falls into it, and begins to work with it. That is, all kinds of selfish motives dominate, influence, and subdue people. They try to rise above them by adhering to the same methodology, the ideology of Abraham, to unite and care for each other rather than for themselves, as much as possible.

The Torah (Bible) mentions this struggle, about the nation going through the Egyptian states, how they fought among themselves and together against their ego, against the Pharaoh, the new level of egoism that continually broke out between them.

Abraham’s group was in Egypt for 210 years. This is a conditional measurement of units of time, just like the four stages of direct light at the foundation for the four-letter name of the Creator, that is, a formula in which there are always four components of successively developing stages.

Therefore, the egoism that manifested in them consisted of four stages, and the time of the Egyptian exile it was called 400 years. In fact, it lasted 210 years (conventional units), and the remaining exiles fell to 190 years.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. History of the Jewish People” 5/4/14

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The Spiritual Development of Abraham’s Group

747.01The four stages of transition from one level to another are mandatory according to the condition of the ten Sefirot or the four-letter name of the Creator Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey. The Creator is the entire nature, its four levels of development, and the transition from the previous state to the next one. And so it is between all steps and within each step.

If there is a transition, it must necessarily go through these four, even in the smallest stages of development.

Therefore, there are four states of development, moving forward. The first is a partial exit from the absolute animal state to the human level. Man is a movement toward solidarity, connection, the property of bestowal and love, but still in its initial state.

So it was under Abraham when he led 5,000 people out of Babylon and organized his first Kabbalistic society. That is, this was a spiritual society in which people treated each other as equals although all of them were different, and everyone cared only about each other and society but not about themselves. In principle, this was their ideal.

Upon this basis Abraham led those who were ready to advance toward this ideal out of Babylon.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. History of the Jewish People” 5/4/14

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Focus on New Values

560Question: How were the interconnections in ancient Babylon arranged? What were the people doing there?

Answer: It was an ordinary, primitive society. They lived very simply. Babylonians ate mainly fish, as they lived in a valley at the confluence of two rivers: the Tigris and the Euphrates. They grew buckwheat and some wheat.

In principle, the birthplace of wheat is Israel. But the very first time it appeared was in ancient Babylon, as noted in the documents. The Babylonians baked barley bread, ate fish, garlic, olives, and olive oil, and drank water and wine. That was enough for them.

Question: And what did they do in general? Did they exist like animals?

Answer: Man did little in general, except for the last hundred years when he suddenly began to work according to the current system.

In those days there was a lot of unproductive work and everything flowed slowly and calmly. This was the case in all countries. And what did Indians do? What did Asians or Africans do?

It is nowadays that everything goes by minutes and charts because it is even better if the mechanisms work without stopping, and therefore, the problem of unemployment has naturally arisen. It had never happened before because people did not work at such a pace.

Even 150 or 200 years ago, what did man do? How much could he produce in a day and at what pace did he work? Naturally, in the world there was no such abundance and overproduction (with which it is not clear what to do) as there is now.

Comment: I remember that back in the days of the Soviet Union, there was a very narrow assortment of goods. And then American, Chinese, and Turkish products appeared, the range expanded.

My Response: It was all very good and attractive for a time. And today, both men and women are dressed in “rags,” walk in sneakers, and no one pays attention to beautiful, decent clothes. It even becomes somewhat provocative because it shows how empty you are inside if you are so dressy on the outside. Even at all sorts of diplomatic receptions, everywhere.

A university teacher gives lectures almost wearing shorts. Where is this polish, jacket, tie, and white shirt? Not to mention the students at all. In the 50s and 60s, there was no such thing as a student not wearing a suit and tie. I remember myself! I had to dress like this. And today…

But all this is correct because the focus is changing for different values, from external to internal. Now a person is not judged by appearances.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Ancient People and Cultures of the Past” 3/8/13

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The Key Point of Human Development

214Question: What are the key points of the development of humanity, in which it has the opportunity to make some kind of choice?

Answer: The main point is the search for one’s own path, which started several thousand years ago by representatives of the nations of the world in ancient Babylon. As a result, they realized that all of nature is aimed at making humanity one.

They partly accepted this condition, although they consisted of many different small nations. But one of the wise men of that time, Abraham, the son of Terah, the spiritual leader of the Babylonians, rebelled against his father and began to preach that the essence of the development of mankind is to unite so that all people become one nation.

Since that time, a study called Kabbalah was created. It explains how we can unite together as a single nation. And although it has been going on since those ancient times, it still remains only an idea, a dream, a philosophy, nothing more.
This idea has not yet begun to approach people, and they have not yet begun to adapt it in themselves.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 6/24/22

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Despite Egoism

275The problem with humanity is that we should have invented some developmental goals for ourselves earlier, but now we can’t because the next degree is not in the same direction and perspective as previous levels of development. Previously, we developed instinctively, under the pressure of nature, and everything was fine. In a way, we sort of thought, sort of did, sort of even made revolutions. In fact, it is not “us” at all.

There is no freewill here, but it seemed so to us because the development took place according to growing egoism, which was constantly increasing in us. We were just looking for the best way to realize it. And so we realized it, some this way, others that way, in accordance with their internal natural data, which we call mentality, a particularity.

But now we must ascend to another degree and, contrary to our egoism, build a connected society, something that was not done in Ancient Babylon. Then we were given the opportunity to settle apart from each other, and therefore, we did not need to dock together.

And now we have come to the need for full communication again. Absolutely complete! But we have it one-sided, economic and egoistic. We need to make it different exactly according to the condition of ancient Babylon, as Abraham told all Babylonians, all people on Earth need to get together and be friends, to become “as one man with one heart,” one desire, one family.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Organic food” 10/21/09

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Stick To The Creator

594Question: Question about the truth. Where is it?

Answer: Truth is the best state of creation because, with regards to creation, we can speak. The perfect state of creation can only be in full equivalence with the Creator.

If we take, for example, a foil and begin to apply it to some statue, then the full equivalence, the full form, the absolute form that the foil will take when it is completely dressed on the statue will be the truth, the verity. Such is its state.

Question: Does it mean that we, dressed on the Creator are the truth? Then, do I need to know what the Creator is?

Answer: Of course! What the Creator is. You do need to attain some element of the truth to measure everything relative to it.

Question: But what is it? What does it mean that I dress on Him?

Answer: To be dressed on the Creator means complete equivalence to the Creator. Relative to us, we cannot give this any other practical definition.

Question: What is the Creator?

Answer: The quality of bestowal and love emanating from my absolute egoism. It is when our complete egoism, precisely created by the Creator, is totally, to the full extent like the Creator.

Question: Does our egoism become material?

Answer: Yes, it becomes a foil dressed on the image of the Creator.

Question: Do I take my egoism and start sticking it on the Creator to become like Him?

Answer: Yes, part by part. In this way, you conclude that, in principle, this is the only thing you need.

Question: What does my egoism turn into? What does the foil turn into if it is stuck in such a way?

Answer: Into the form of the Creator. That is why you are called Adam—like the Creator. That is, this material from which you are created, you must put it on the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/7/22

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The Soul Of A Jew

294.1Question: Will the soul of a Jew always be a Jew?

Answer: Yes, because these are the souls from Babylon who aspired to unite with each other and to unite with the Creator. They responded to this call because they belong to the thinnest, upper part of a single soul.

But with the collapse of the First and Second Temples, they fell from this spiritual level and mixed with all of humanity. We see how this mixture has reached such proportions that on every point of the globe they cannot forget about this small number of people, decide who they are, what they are, or what to do with them.

As a result, we come to a state where, through the revelation of Kabbalah, this group of people will be forced to rise again to the spiritual level and show the whole of humanity the same example that the rest of the Babylonians could not accept in ancient Babylon.

The Jewish souls cannot change because they are different in their root. They correspond to Galgalta ve Eynaim, the part of the common soul that is engaged in the implementation of correction. And the rest of the souls adjoin it and also engage in mutual correction, but with the help of the upper light, which they receive through this upper part.

This is by no means a disregard for the peoples of the world or a preference for some over others. It is just the way things are. By the way, as a result of the mixing of the Jews with the peoples of the world during the spiritual exile, the same states arise in other peoples as for the Jews, and they also rush upward.

We see such examples that took place in the ancient world. These are: Rabbi Akiva, Onkelos who gave us the Aramaic Targum (translation) of the Torah, and others. That is, there were souls who in past exiles received a spiritual gene from Galgalta ve Eynaim, were able to adapt it, and use it even better than the Jews.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up, Reincarnation” 5/3/10

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According To Spiritual Laws

947The Jews are the people who left ancient Babylon, adopted the Kabbalistic method of existence, and settled down according to this method.

The Romans and the Greeks are parts of Babylon that took a different path and settled down according to their egoism. This is described in the books of the historian Flavius Josephus who lived in Rome and wrote Antiquities of the Jews.

Rome developed absolutely materialistically, in complete contrast to Jerusalem, because the Jews lived according to certain laws that were set originally from Abraham.

They were taught how to behave in the city, in the family, and in their circle, and also how to strictly observe the code aimed at equality, respect for each individual and his development. There was no difference between a poor man’s son and a rich man’s son. Each received the same education.

There was no such thing that a girl from a poor family without a dowry could not get married. This was always the concern of the whole community or city. Not a single girl, neither poor nor rich, remained unmarried.

All this was spelled out in the laws and was very clearly carried out because these are spiritual laws that speak of a maximally corrected society.

The king had to give an account to his people. In the Psalms, King David seems to cry to the Creator, “Look what I have to do as a king: judge and participate in all the showdowns. I am obliged, obliged, obliged…”.

The roots of this ideology originate in the spiritual where everyone is equal and interconnected and each completely determines the position and condition of each other.

Therefore, there is no small and there is no big, everything is a circle, a ball.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Formula of the Creator” 7/18/10

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Kabbalah Is A Tool For Achieving Happiness

214The method of Kabbalah came to us from the distant past, from Ancient Babylon, when we were all there in the same situation as today. But their global crisis was small because there were only several thousand people on Earth. They also discovered a connection and at the same time mutual hatred among them. And they also did not know what to do. That is when Kabbalah appeared.

Question: Why could it not be fixed in those days?

Answer: Because their egoism was not sufficiently developed. In addition, they had someplace to move to get away from each other, and, like insects, they scattered all over the earth. Today there is nowhere to go.

Comment: But today, there are many who are also trying to find a way out and say that we will fly to another planet, to Mars, or somewhere else so as to not unite with each other.

My Response: It will not bring anything. We need to get settled here. The other planets are not for us. It is a fantasy to say, “Apple trees will bloom on Mars,” and although that is good, no one needs it. God willing, they will still bloom on Earth.

Question: Why does Kabbalah only speak about the purpose of creation and about the program of creation?

Answer: What else can a person talk about? Only about the next day and what he should achieve. Simply give him the tool to achieve happiness. Here is your state, here is your tool, and here is your goal. Look how beautiful it is! Go ahead!

Question: But why doesn’t any other method take a person to an upper level?

Answer: Kabbalah connects us with the upper force that created us, governs us, and can correct and pull us to itself. Other methods do not have this power.

Moreover, Kabbalah is a science. It has nothing to do with beliefs, religion, or anything else. It simply gives a person the opportunity, strength, and knowledge to raise oneself to the level of the Creator. It is real.

The science of Kabbalah describes in physical and mathematical terms and progressive actions how a person must constantly change himself. It gives him a connection with the source of life from where the upper light that governs us descends to us and which we must attract more strongly to ourselves so that it corrects us. It revitalizes us, gives us a purpose for existence, and waits for us to start applying it for correction.
From KabTV’s “Close-up. Partnership Agreement” 4/7/10

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