“Aliens” From Ancient Babel

Dr. Michael LaitmanHumanity is a collection of the parts of the existing desire to receive. Generally these parts are divided into the “seventy nations of the world.”

Besides, there is a desire to bestow that is external to our reality, the Godly part from Above, the attribute of bestowal. It was first revealed as the “point of the heart” of Adam HaRishon (first man), and later was revealed in the twenty generations that lived from Adam HaRishon to Abraham.

When it came to Abraham, this desire rose to a higher level and he began to publicize the method of the correction of the egoistic desire by the “point in the heart.” Then suddenly thousands of other people were discovered in ancient Babel with this inclination. When Abraham gathered them, they separated themselves from the environment of the Babylonians and moved to the Land of Canaan. The purpose of this transition was so they would unite as “one man in one heart.” This is what each one’s “point in the heart” demanded.

Thus the group that is led by the spark and which acts according to the attribute of bestowal and doesn’t belong to this world, which is absorbed in the desire to receive, was created. Abraham’s followers seemed to be ordinary people but they belonged to the spiritual world. They were like “aliens” in their attributes, their attitude; everything among them was infused in mutual bestowal, which means that it matched the attributes of the upper world.

This is the reason that the people of Israel are not part of the other nations of the world, with the seventy different desires to receive. It is a separate special desire aimed at bestowal.

Later in order to increase this inclination of bestowal, the children of Israel received the hardening of the desire to receive, called the “Exile in Egypt.” In Egypt something special happened—Abraham’s group entered this vessel, “absorbed” its desires, and left it. First it only had GE and now it received AHP.

When they left Egypt the children of Israel received an addition to Abraham’s method, called Moses’ Torah, which enabled them to correct the “Egyptian” ego. When they corrected it, they created a wonderful spiritual vessel called “the First Temple.”

But later this vessel was shattered because of the connection with external vessels, desires. After all, the First Temple that the children of Israel built was only their own corrected vessel, their own end of correction. They turned into bestowal the whole desire to receive they took from Egypt and absorbed into them. It was only part of the work, and then they fell once more from their level and got closer to the nations of the world in the “exile of Babel.”

Then the sons of Israel finally sank into the vessel of the nations of the world, in one last exile, which lasts until our days, in order to mix with them.

As a result, everything is mixed in our current world: There isn’t the smallest part of AHP that doesn’t contain GE, and there isn’t the smallest part of GE that doesn’t contain AHP. The ten tribes that disappeared during the time of the First Temple also added to that. There are no more vessels of GE or of AHP in their pure form if we speak about the internal essence and not about external expressions of the “genes.”

Now comes the next stage, in which we have to differentiate the parts of GE from AHP, to raise them and to correct them. Then we have to correct the parts of AHP that are in GE and then the parts of GE that are in AHP, and finally just before the end of correction the true AHP. This is the process.

GE is the people of Israel as we see it. In the second stage, its correction will influence the AHP that is in GE and then it will be the turn of the parts of Israel that are in the nations of the world, and the pure AHP will be corrected at the end.

"Aliens" From Ancient Babel

From the 3rd part to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/19/12, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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