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125-Speed Transmission

CongressToday we want to create even a greater unity among us. The preparation period, that lasted quite a few years, has ended. In the past we would not take this challenge seriously. Today the outside conditions in the world, the internal conditions in Israel, the inner conditions within the group, and the inner conditions in everyone more or less are suitable in order to “switch to the higher speed.” The time has come.

Question: Have we already started this acceleration?

Answer: Some people are still in “neutral,” while others are advancing together with us. Everyone determines with what speed he is moving forward by himself.

Question: Can a person measure it?

Answer: He cannot measure it; however, everything is in his hands. How much is he united with the group, with the teacher, with our common actions? Some people are still sleeping, while others put forth all their efforts to get in the process, and from day to day they sense the “extras.” Everything depends on the degree of agreement with this process against one’s desire. Thus, don’t look for loopholes within yourself, but rather you should act.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10.10.12, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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Living For The Body Or For The Soul?

Dr. Michael LaitmanAfter the shattering, under the influence of the informative genes (Reshimot), the shattered desires go through different states detached from spirituality on the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature. And so they gradually understand their state until they finally reach the human level.

Then they begin to understand that something brought them into our world, into a state in which they feel only themselves in a special desire called “body.” It is as if a particle from the upper world was thrown downward and immersed in some liquid in which it has remained.

Now a person is faced with a dilemma: Should he work for this world, for the sake of adding, for the benefit of the body, or should he work for the benefit of the soul? He has to choose one of the options.

Of course the choice isn’t up to a person, but rather stems from the reincarnations he has been through on the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature where he examined his state. A soul that has come closer to its fulfillment is called a “high soul,” and with it a person can already decide to act for the benefit of the soul and not of the body.

In order to act for the benefit of the soul, a person needs this whole world to help him reach the awe of the Creator. Fear is a spiritual vessel, a desire aimed at bestowal. The illumination from above called the “Light of the soul” is dressed into this desire, or more accurately into the intention that is built on top of it.

This intention is built from the depth of the desire (the thickness), a Masach (screen), and Returning Light—which make up a person’s spiritual vessel. Of course it is possible to develop it only from this world when we ascend from it up to the height of 125 degrees.

People who have reached this fulfillment according to their Reshimot come together. The upper Light operates on everyone equally, but if the informational genes are revealed, the Reshimot that are ready for this correction come very close to one another aspiring to connect. As a result a person comes to a group in our world.

But after he comes to a group another law begins to operate on him, which allows him freewill. After all the Reshimot have to be fulfilled in a person’s desire.

Even if it says “I am the first and I am the last” and “there is none else besides Him,” the preparation for this revelation, for the recognition of the greatness of the spiritual goal from the darkness of exile, is totally in a person’s hands.

Here nothing can be done. Whether this load seems heavy or light to a person depends on the height of the goal and on how much a person values the one he serves.

If he disrespects the teacher, the group, and the Creator, then nothing can help him. After all, these three components are inseparable and supreme for a person. If he doesn’t value them, he will eventually divert from the path and leave the spiritual development

If he works on it as he makes every possible effort so that it will save him, it will help him belittle his ego, his corporeal mind, and his life experience that seems to have some value. It is revealed as totally useless before the new states he has to go through, but it will also empower him and give him fuel to advance along this path.

This is only possible if the greatness of the goal, the group, the teacher, and the Creator are more important to a person than his egoism.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/09/12, Writings of Rabash

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The Reason For Which We Gathered Here

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe goal of the society is to raise us to the human level. This is possible only by the greatness of the Creator, which we don’t see in our darkness. But it is in the dark that we can establish new values among us that have no egoistic foundations.

We know that these values are totally unjustified, since otherwise they would stem from our ego. But the spiritual foundation is above the ego, like the Sefira of Yesod that is above the Sefira of Malchut. So everything depends on the foundation we choose: Is it just dust that is totally inanimate or dust from the ground (Adamah) that already resembles (Domeh) the upper, as a man (Adam), similar to the Creator?

It all depends on our priorities and on what we consider to be important. We begin to play with the importance of the Creator, the teacher, the group, the study, and the goal and it becomes a most important and serious game in the group. It is because in our ego, in our desire, we only see darkness. The ego constantly grows, thus increasing the darkness. But if on top of this darkness we develop the greatness of our common goal, everyone in the group receives fuel and energy to advance through the darkness.

This means that instead of advancing by the stick that pushes us from behind, we choose by ourselves to be drawn forward to the greatness of the upper, to the greatness of the attribute of bestowal, mutual help, connection, love, and all the supreme values that are specific to the Creator’s nature.

It is for this purpose that the Kabbalistic group is based, and as such it must keep itself by constantly clarifying its goal, its basis, more and more accurately. The members of the Kabbalistic group are heroes in quality not in quantity. Only people who can really advance this way should join it. Therein lies our strength, because we want to achieve the greatest possible similarity to the Light, to grow in height and not in width.

And this is why we gather here—to establish a society where each of us follows the spirit of bestowing upon the Creator. And to achieve bestowal upon the Creator, we must begin with bestowal upon man, which is called “love of others.” (From “The Purpose of the Society,” Rabash)
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/09/12, Writings of Rabash

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The Creator’s Circle Of Volunteers

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does this world help us establish the intention of in order to bestow? How can we tie our daily concerns, work, and family to the spiritual work?

Answer: First of all, a person should stabilize the correct relations in the group and in the family as much as he can to secure a reliable back, and only then go out into the world.

Here he must think which circle of the world he should turn to, with what message, when, and what state the society is in. Today things change drastically from day to day, and a person has to decide accordingly and not just act thoughtlessly.

But first we worry about group solidarity. Sometimes in order to form group solidarity it is better to go out into the world and to unite by external collective actions that will connect the friends. But first we must worry about the internal actions that are the most important.

It says that Israel (those who yearn Yashar – Kel  -straight to the Creator) are the fewest of all the nations. We should understand that Israel is a kind of a bubble. If a person is included in this bubble he is called a Jew or Israel—all these names that carry the spiritual message. If a person doesn’t belong to the spiritual message he is not called Israel, he is simply a person from Babel.

It is very important that we understand this. If a person takes this mission upon himself, he becomes Israel, and if he doesn’t, then he isn’t Israel.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/09/12, Writings of Rabash

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200 Million Unemployed In The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from World Development Report): “The World Development Report 2013: As the world struggles to emerge from the global crisis, some 200 million people—including 75 million under the age of 25—are unemployed. … Some 1.65 billion are employed and receive regular wages or salaries. Another 1.5 billion work in farming and small household enterprises, or in casual or seasonal day labor. Meanwhile, 200 million people, a disproportionate share of them youth, are unemployed and actively looking for work. … 621 million young people are ‘idle’—not in school or training, not employed, and not looking for work.”

My Comment: This is very soft data. But soon the world will see hundreds of millions of unemployed. After all, as a result of the global economic crisis, humanity will abandon all “excessive” consumption, except what is “reasonably necessary.”

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Unarmed And Not At All Dangerous

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When it comes to building any new systems, the risks that arise during the building process must be considered. Do we encounter this risk factor while building the integral society?

Answer: I think that there is practically no risk here because a person begins to gain a greater and greater sense of being one, integral whole with his surroundings. A person gains a sense of safety, kindness, goodwill, unity, and a lack of anxiety—in short, he feels all those positive qualities he needs and that he only felt in his mother’s arms. Now he will experience these things while being embraced by the surrounding society. There isn’t a more comfortable state than it.

We are not used to this state. We can’t stand it because it’s too sweet and too unfamiliar to us. It’s something to which we have to get accustomed. But over all a person gets a sense of internal weightlessness.

It’s possible that some people would experience uncomfortable states because they are used to being in a state of constant tension, in readiness to attack and kill. However, here you are going for relaxation, for showing others that you are unarmed and that you are ready to embrace them. This isn’t easy. I would say that there is an element of psychological drama here, a revolution, and an inner bifurcation. But overall, I don’t see people having much of a problem with it. All of these things can be overcome and gradually get resolved.
From KabTV’s: “Integral World: Formula of an Integral Society” 7/3/12

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In The Web Of Mutual Connection

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It’s quite difficult to introduce the formula of “love your friend as yourself” into the existing concepts and to explain it in scientific language.

Answer: Why? Say, if not for the present crisis that distracts us from further development, that is, if we continued to develop international commerce and economics, we would arrive at the completely interconnected integral system. In one place we produce something, in another place consume, manufacture, one thing is connected to the other—all the earth is entangled in the network of various mutual connections.

In this event, how could I predict or plan something, and in general, do something successfully? Suppose that we are two businessmen and want to sign a contract. Can we compose it if we don’t take into account the entire network of international connections?

Question: If I have a structured network and I concluded its laws of development, I can predict this development. Here contracts appear and anything else you like.

Answer: No, because it still depends on millions of people like you, if you all cooperate with each other. You are sitting as if in a web!

Then completely different, integral laws operate, and we can’t control them. We don’t control them. Our egoistic mind allows us only to work between us: The third one is unnecessary, and that’s the only way. We can’t grasp the integral system since it’s an analog system where everything is mutually connected, and we can’t work out these kinds of systems.

It turns out that by signing a contract with you, I don’t know how much it will be implemented since at the same time all the others will also sign their contracts, and everyone will become antagonistic. So what should be done?

Only if we rise above our personal interests to one common interest and begin to feel it as personal to us (imagine what level we must reach), only then can we work together like ants in their society. They operate on pure instinct, the general force directs them.

If we come with our intellect to this kind of society, that would be ideal!
From a TV Program: “Integral World: Formula of an Integral Society” 7/1/12

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