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Weekly Torah Portion 10.22.12

The Book of Zohar, Weekly Torah Portion, “Ha-Shavua” Selected Excerpts

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The Group Is My Home In The World Of Infinity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is a group?

Answer: A group is the vessel, that part of Malchut of the world of Infinity that is disclosed to a person now as a place from which he could begin his connection with all the souls.

These are the individual souls that are closest to him. And when he reveals this connection, he will see that everything belongs to one vessel, one soul.

In the meantime, only this part is revealed to him so it would be easier for him to join it. He does not even need to connect with the entire group; he can choose a few people to whom he feels closer.

We operate under the control of informational genes, Reshimot. According to the kind of Reshimot that are revealed in us, we look at people around us and see who matches us and who does not.

We think that this is determined by the physical genes and hormones, but really, it all depends on our internal Reshimot. Even unconsciously, we attach great importance to every detail, choosing by the form, smell, and behavior of the one who matches us more or less.

It seems to us that we choose simply by external qualities, but no, our internal Reshimot speak in us. Usually, we look for “complementary,” qualities that complete us. This happens in everything, beginning from ordinary, earthly love, friends, and as well in a Kabbalistic group where deeper, richer Reshimot are revealed. However, the same principle acts everywhere.

Thus we come to the group. But when we try to connect in it, a problem arises because these Reshimot are broken. We cannot just connect under these Reshimot, completing each other. The lack of agreement between us begins to emerge. On the one hand, I like these people and understand them. On the other hand, something interferes and divides us. We need to work above these disturbances.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/21/12, Writings of Rabash 

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A Snapshot Of Internal Relationships

Dr. Michael LaitmanA spiritual Partzuf is a manifestation of one’s attitude (or desire) that is focused on one’s neighbor. “The neighbor” is either somebody that one senses inside himself after he corrects his attitude or it is the Creator Himself.

A Partzuf reflects the degree of one’s bestowal and its “shape.” All Partzufim (Aba, Ima, YESHSUT, Tvuna, Zeir Anpin, Nukva, Atik, Arich Anpin) denote various forms of relationships and different systems of connection.

A Snapshot Of Internal Relationships
A Partzuf is a system of connections between the Creator and creation. The Creator is called Keter and creation Malchut. The rest of the Sefirot stand for the properties of bestowal that come from the Creator; creation’s task is to acquire (copy) these properties. A special form of connection that is imprinted in a snapshot is called a Partzuf. It’s a unique type of relationship between the giving force and the recipient, meaning either between two people, or between a person and the Creator.

Out of His general desire to give, the Creator transfers to us eight effects: Hochma, Bina, Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzah, Hod, and Yesod. Our personal properties and the desire to receive allow us to perceive His bestowal at the level of the last Sefira (Yesod), which is the place of assembly of all bestowing qualities; after we attain it, we act accordingly.

We sense ourselves and our desires to receive pleasure as pleasant or unpleasant. If we feel bad, it means that the entire system acts in a way that doesn’t allow us to trace who particularly is responsible for our pain. It seems to us that all our sufferings are the fault of others, and suddenly, we discover the entire world around us.

If one begins correcting oneself by making an effort to justify the Creator, or one tries to love his neighbor, and by doing so attains the Creator (meaning one sets the right relationships with the external world), then one discovers that everything is pre-arranged solely for his own benefit. One begins changing oneself so that at every given moment of his life he can regard everybody as wonderful, kind, and positive.

For that, one needs to constantly change oneself; it will eventually correct him. If we want to see the world as a perfect place, we have to perpetually change ourselves and correct our egoism to be adequate for a new perception of the world. It’s called “loving one’s friends”: We continually strive to maintain harmonious, loving and caring relationships with others, which will eventually lead us to the Creator. This mechanism constantly changes us. One continually keeps altering internally, but at the same time, one should retain a vision of his friends as great. If he manages to act so, one certainly self-corrects.

This is the way one works on the structure, on his Partzuf, which connects him with the Creator. It’s not perfect as of yet, so one doesn’t sense a reciprocal connection within this structure as between two people who are in love with each other: “I am for my beloved, and He strives to be with me.” However, one has to grow up into this condition.

Look at what great possibilities for work that the group and the environment give us. It’s totally enough if we perpetually test ourselves by asking, “What do I think about them? How do I support my friends? How do I connect with them? Are we together or not really?”

Everything is right in front of us; there’s no doubt that it’s oriented directly to the Creator. It happens automatically, since He is behind it all. One can be totally confident of this fact; there is no need to check it out. Of course, one has to maintain the right intention towards the Creator, since the final action is already included in the initial thought, so we have to direct ourselves toward the Creator in the first place. However, we have at our disposal a wonderful tool for measuring that clearly demonstrates to us what we are supposed to do in our current state.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/14/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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The Middle Line Is The Straight Road To The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe internal work begins when I begin to control myself. I have to examine how long I am in the right line and how long in the left line (Baal HaSulam says that we should dedicate twenty-three-and-a-half hours a day to the right line and the remaining thirty minutes to the left line).

I have to decide what line I am in and not be thrown from side to side by the states that come along. It can’t be that as long as I am in a good mood I will be in the right line and the moment it’s interrupted I immediately fall to the left line. By myself I have to try to “awaken the dawn and not that dawn awakens.”

This means that the way to be human begins from a person’s work on himself, from his attempts to be above the two lines and to hold the two reins in his hands. Thus he advances correctly. The main thing is the efforts, although we can’t estimate how successful they are according to our knowledge.

If we work this way, we come to the recognition that we can’t keep ourselves above the states that throw us downward and upward like helpless babies. One time we are captives of the left line, of Pharaoh, and another time we belong to the right line, to the Creator, but we don’t agree to that; we want to be independent so that we’ll be able to adhere to the upper force and resemble it.

This means that both the left line and the right line have to be part of us so that we’ll sculpt our image from them. Thus we reach a prayer as we see that we can’t create the middle line by ourselves and that it isn’t born out of the simple connection between the left line and the right line. We need the upper Light here to come and show us how we can integrate the first two lines, how we can connect them.

After all, it isn’t simple and there’s a need for a special multi-sided, multi-layered connection. The vessels have to connect the Lights in every cell, in all the tiniest particles. The right line, the Light, determines the right connection with the left line. The left line provides the matter, the desire, and the right line gives it its form, and so a very complex structure is born of the two.

The matter of the left line is raw material, like stem cells that belong to the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature and the human levels, and the Light that comes from the right line knows how to make different forms of connection of all these cells. Like a form in which all the matter is made of the same basic particles (electrons, protons, etc.) but the complexity of the connection between them determines all the richness of the different atoms: 126 elements on the periodic table from which all the forms of the still, vegetative, and animate nature are built. A human being is already above them, since he includes the system of forces.

So we first have to understand how important the influence of the environment is: the teacher, the group, the study, meaning the factors through which we receive the Light that Reforms. Our purpose is to ascend above all the states that we feel. Since all our attempts to ascend above our mood are eventually doomed to fail, we despair of our own powers and realize that we need both the support of the group and help from Above. It’s very important to ascend above our state, above the two lines, since it immediately places a person at the starting point on the straight road to the Creator, at the middle line.
From the 1st part to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/18/12, Shamati #212

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USA: The Rise Of The Anti-Islam Campaign

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from National Post): “An inflammatory ad equating Islamic jihad with savagery was posted Monday in 10 New York City subway stations, even as much of the Muslim world was still seething over a California-made movie ridiculing the Prophet Mohammad.

“The ad, sponsored by the pro-Israel American Freedom Defense Initiative, appeared after the Metropolitan Transit Authority lost a bid to refuse to post it on the grounds that it violated the agency’s policy against demeaning language. In July, a federal judge ruled it was protected speech and ordered the MTA to place the posters.

“The ad, featuring mostly black-and-white lettering on 46-by-30-inch (117-by-72-cm) cardboard posters, will remain posted for a month, MTA spokeswoman Marjorie Anders said. ‘In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man,’ the ad reads. ‘Support Israel/Defeat Jihad.’ …

“Despite the controversy, most subway riders who passed the ad in a tunnel at the Times Square station Monday failed to notice it. Those who did were generally critical.”

My Comment: It is better, of course, without mentioning Israel, but apparently there is nothing you can do, it’s fate, the media do as they choose. But the U.S. flirtation with the Arab spring were known in advance, as well as their provocations in protest activities in Israel (see Protests As A Manipulation Of The World).

Also, it was known in advance about the failing politics of the U.S. Department of State against Israel; if not in tactics, than in strategy. The course of the US Department of State to eliminate Israel, as a state, will lead to the elimination of the USA because it interferes with the plan of nature in the correction of the world.

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“UN Warns Of Rising Food Costs”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Guardian): “The UN has warned of increasing meat and dairy prices in the wake of extreme weather in the United States and across large parts of Europe and other centres of global food production.

“According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in Rome, global wheat production is expected to fall 5.2% in 2012 and yields from many other crops grown to feed animals could be 10% down on last year.

“’Populations are growing but production is not keeping up with consumption. Prices for wheat have already risen 25% in 2012, maize 13% and dairy prices rose 7% just last month. Food reserves, [held to provide a buffer against rising prices] are at a critical low level.’

“The NFU president, Peter Kendall, said: ‘There are many farmers who are down 25% to 30% on the wheat crop. In some cases you looked from the outside and you thought, this crop will do over four tonnes to the acre – and it’s been struggling to do three and some cases two tonnes to the acre.’”

My Comment: We are opposite to nature in everything, and nature does not forgive that. A human being imagines himself above nature, outside of it, and now he will discover its tragic mistake in a very hard way; he is the worst of all the creatures because he wants to use everything for his own sake, not taking into account anything and anyone.

Nature will have to teach him to become a human being, then he will understand that there is a supreme intelligence that rules the world and leaves him, a human, the freedom to become reasonable, and if he does not want to, the time has come to force him to study and correct himself.

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Connected By Hate

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn order to get rid of all our troubles we have to be in contact with the original general thought that operates all of nature. We implement it by our internal vessels, by the right connection between people.

Today we radiate “waves” of bad influence by our mind, by the force that is aimed at our desire—real “viruses” of control, of using others, etc. When they are transmitted from one to another these “viruses” lead to different negative phenomena. I infect others and then this infection comes back to me in multiples. Eventually everyone suffers from a collective polluted space in a humanity that is in a network of mutual hate.

This is the system in its current state: hate, rivalry, envy, lust, pride, domination, and an eternal urge to use everything for my own good.

What should we do? We should look for ways to change this system according to the principle of: “Don’t do onto the other what is hateful to you,” and “love thy friend as thyself.” With the help of the teacher and the right environment, you will begin to change your thinking and to turn your thoughts in the right direction for the good of the world. These thoughts will begin to spread in the world like waves—this time as beneficial “viruses.”

Why viruses? Because they penetrate others without their knowing. It is as if you manage others by the good intention of your thoughts and it changes them for the good and not for the bad.

Thus you make the world much healthier. After all, a particle of the “spark” that created the universe flickers in you and you become its “representative;” you operate it. It operated humanity and now humanity operates it by using this Light, the upper force.

Question: Can the beneficial viruses break through my egoistic shield and make me an altruist?

Answer: No, this is only part of the idea. No one takes your freewill from you. The external thoughts that are supported by other factors in our relationships, like the media, family relatives, acquaintances, etc., don’t force you, but only help you come to a decision. They have a positive impact and gradually from different sources, they bring you the message that the root of all our troubles, whether it is the economy, ecology, financial issues, health, divorce, drug addiction, suicide, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.—is in the connection between people. This connection is unbalanced: Everyone wants to deceive others although they should in fact keep the balance between them.

You gradually internalize this message and then you receive a certain blow—for example, in your business or some illness, or perhaps your kids get involved in drugs and prostitution. There are enough opportunities to reach our weak spots. Usually it is impossible to solve these problems with money.

Then you begin to think about your life: “How can I correct it? How can I balance the troubles? How can I sweeten the situation?” Gradually you begin to realize that the real reason for what is happening is the lack of general balance in human society; therefore, there is a need to balance things.

Question: Suppose you “bombard” me with positive viruses. But I also produce egoistic viruses. So why are your viruses stronger than mine?

Answer: Because we are operating with nature. There is a general plan, and we implement it and promote it. It is easy for us, since we operate according to the upper mechanism. You, on the other hand, are going against it, against the current. So your troubles increase each day until you finally go totally “bankrupt.”

Finally, if we use this world’s terminology, we have to reach the whole system, the balance between us and all of nature: the still nature, the vegetative and the animate. The two forces—the positive and the negative—have to connect inside me to their full height, in balance and mutual support. They don’t annul each other and don’t leave me in the middle; no, I use both of them positively, to bestow upon others. This is the true balance.

Then I will be like the original spark; I will consciously connect to the general plan of nature and return to my root—to bestowal and love.

Question: Can this love help us cope with our troubles and problems now?

Answer: Of course, since it contains all hate in it—it doesn’t annul it, but rather contains it.

First, I discover the ego inside me, evil in its full height—which means the desire to use others for my own good. I want to extract from others as much as possible, and it helps me understand them profoundly. Ideally, I have to know them profoundly, to the last cell—in order to professionally extract all the “juice” from them, to use them to the fullest, and then to discard them. This is what the ego aspires for. If it didn’t exist I couldn’t contact anyone. The ego helps me “swallow” the other and to fully understand him.

Now, on the contrary, I want to help you and to bring you presents, so how could I manage without the ego in this bestowal? In fact I continue to use all the viruses, but I turn them for the good. The evil inclination becomes the good inclination.

Today, the same thing is happening all over the world, which has become integral thanks to the ego; we discover the inseparable mutual connection and at the same time the negative connection that actually destroys and kills us. The EU is torn to pieces but cannot disintegrate. We are desperate, but there is nowhere to run: It is impossible to cut off the strings. There is only one solution—to correct the connection among us if we cannot escape it.
From a “Talk About a New Life” 10/10/12

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Unbreakable Cycle

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At today’s lesson you said that during the 24 hour day there is definitely someone on Earth who is studying Kabbalah. Why is it so important?

Answer: This is very important. We see it.

There was a great Kabbalist in the 16th century, Ramhal, who had a group in Padua, Italy. We have notes from the members of this group and their diaries. They studied in sequence so the studies would not stop. Each subgroup studied for 5-6 hours, and the rest of the people went home, to work, or to sleep. Thus the cycle of their studies never stopped. This is important when you feel that you are working constantly for the same goal. Even when you are absent others are working instead of you. It gives a special effect.

This helps all of us and this is very important because there are always people in the world who are studying according to our system.
From the Virtual Lesson 10/14/12

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Acceleration By Impeding Or Pushing Forward

Dr. Michael LaitmanSo far, we are unable to play the game customary among the Kabbalists of the past, who were way above the Machsom. As opposed to us, they pretended that they were not at all concerned about bestowal since they were already in it. By acting so, they were giving each other a chance to feel the depth of the desire before it even appeared to them.

Acceleration By Impeding Or Pushing Forward
In order to ascend to the next degree, one has to correct the additional portion of the desire that has already been revealed to him. In the beginning, it appears to us as darkness or evil. At any given step, an egoistic side made by the Creator shows up first. The second condition, “I created the Torah as a spice to correct it,” comes next.

If a person asks for correction, the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) descends to him from the next degree and corrects him in response to his MAN.

If our ascent is a result of the revelation from Above of the evil inclination made by the Creator, then in order to accelerate our advancement, we can pretend that spirituality doesn’t mean a thing to us. If we act so, each of us will have a chance to overcome this disdain. It’s because when I receive such hardening of the heart, I want to escape spiritual work. So my friends deliberately concoct this internal condition for me in order to accelerate my advancement. This is the game we all will play after we enter spirituality.

Meantime, this state is still ahead of us. We don’t play the “adult games” as of now, but on the contrary, are inspired and have high spirits. I play in front of my friend as if I already have reached the upper degree. I have to demonstrate to him that everything is great, so where are you? It’s as if I urge my friend to rise as fast as possible.

The beginners have to be very cautious of their words and of activities that don’t excel the goal. Thus, we all have to inspire each other by the greatness of our spiritual purpose. We never work against the power of bestowal by enhancing others’ resistance, but rather push each other towards bestowal. Therefore, we have to be very cautious and by all means avoid being light-minded.

All our activities and conversations as well as the games we play with ourselves or with our friends (whether internal or external) have to be strictly oriented towards the goal. As little children who want to grow up and become adults, we should never make obstacles for each other. We should only push each other forward by setting the right example.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/10/12, Writings of Rabash

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