“UN Warns Of Rising Food Costs”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Guardian): “The UN has warned of increasing meat and dairy prices in the wake of extreme weather in the United States and across large parts of Europe and other centres of global food production.

“According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in Rome, global wheat production is expected to fall 5.2% in 2012 and yields from many other crops grown to feed animals could be 10% down on last year.

“’Populations are growing but production is not keeping up with consumption. Prices for wheat have already risen 25% in 2012, maize 13% and dairy prices rose 7% just last month. Food reserves, [held to provide a buffer against rising prices] are at a critical low level.’

“The NFU president, Peter Kendall, said: ‘There are many farmers who are down 25% to 30% on the wheat crop. In some cases you looked from the outside and you thought, this crop will do over four tonnes to the acre – and it’s been struggling to do three and some cases two tonnes to the acre.’”

My Comment: We are opposite to nature in everything, and nature does not forgive that. A human being imagines himself above nature, outside of it, and now he will discover its tragic mistake in a very hard way; he is the worst of all the creatures because he wants to use everything for his own sake, not taking into account anything and anyone.

Nature will have to teach him to become a human being, then he will understand that there is a supreme intelligence that rules the world and leaves him, a human, the freedom to become reasonable, and if he does not want to, the time has come to force him to study and correct himself.

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