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An Ocean Of Water Drops

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe correction cannot take place at once; it is done gradually, step by step, since it is about the Reshimot (reminiscences) that remained after the shattering. It is the correction of the shattered vessels that must first each be clarified. Before that, there must be the clarification of the first vessel in order to build the next big vessel on top of it and then the next vessel, which is even bigger.

It is because everything is shattered, and the shattering can be corrected only in small parts, each part individually according to its level of shattering. The whole spiritual structure is made of discrete vessels that are connected by so many ties that they become one integral analog system.

It is like water that is made of separate drops, each of which is connected not only to the drops next to it, but to all the other drops, and not through other drops but directly. If you are in the world of Atzilut you are directly connected to Moses and to Rabbi Shimon.

So there is a difference in how the vessels are corrected after the shattering. It seems that we are connected to some friends by chance, thus joining some spiritual system and some Light. But by that, we activate an infinite number of ties. So the correction is gradual since it requires our clarifications.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/5/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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Weekly Torah Portion 10.10.12

The Book of Zohar, Weekly Torah Portion, “Ha-Shavua” Selected Excerpts

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Every Lesson Is A Contact With Ein Sof (Infinity)

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf during the lesson you hold on to the right intention, you would feel a great spiritual filling during this time. It is all according to the customer’s desire: What you want is what you get. A great Light is revealed during the lesson and it is a pity if you don’t use it.

A spiritual filling indicates that your previous raw desire is being attracted to spirituality, like GE. Then it connects with the desires of others, with AHP, that portray the Creator for me so that I will fill Him. This is what fills me; I am filled by bestowal. Just like a mother who is happy when her baby eats, wiping his round cheeks with pleasure. The fact that she filled him is her filling.

It is the same with me; I have no other goal in life but to fill the friends. By filling them, I fill the Creator. I use my vessels to fill their needs, to provide them with what they want. They want to advance towards the goal, to feel its greatness, and I provide them with that. I only evoke them positively: increasing the greatness of the goal and of the Creator by acting like the Light with regards to the vessels.

You should leave the lesson with great joy for having been in contact with the eternal infinite system, in contact with the Creator. Even though, in the meantime, this contact is unclear and unexamined, I still come out with a plan of what I am going to do from this moment onward. We should renew the fixed plan each time so that it will be relevant for each specific day. I have to decide what I am going to do every day until the next lesson.

I change my plan according to the new awakening, the new attitude, both the physical and the internal. Try it and you will see that it is a varied change, which takes place in a different manner each time. Every day is different from the next and not like it seems today. We will be impressed by every point in our advancement, each time as if it is the whole world.

I must pass all the personal awakening I received during the lesson to the society so that it will grow to the size of the whole society. I want to pass all this in the form of my gratitude and love to the Creator. If I do that, it will return to me and will increase my desire even more, the awakening will be greater in order to bestow upon the friends again.

This work is in the thoughts and our desire. I don’t need to run after every friend trying to wake him up physically. Internally I must simply explode and externally I must work very calmly so as not to harm the friends. Externally I have to dress in the state of the friend, in his desire, in order to do what is good for him and not what I want.

Even internally you will later relate to yourself and work with the vessels of the others because you will treat yourself only as a machine that serves others. You will have no other interest in yourself.

How can you check if you are working correctly? If you want to awaken the greatness of the goal in the group—general bestowal and love in the group, in all of humanity and love of the Creator in order to delight in it yourself and to make others happy—this is enough to test.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/5/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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A Premonition Of Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe try to perform mutual acts of bestowal and we speak about the love between us although it isn’t there. Yet we still speak about bestowal, about the love of the Creator, about adhesion to Him, about adhesion among us, about connection and unity, in short about the corrected vessel. After the shattering of the general vessel, we speak about its correction. Once there was one soul, and we speak about the reconnection of the individual souls into one.

These talks enable us to be impressed by one another both qualitatively and quantitatively, and gradually all our efforts come together into one whole. Eventually we will create a state from which we will be able to cry out, which means to raise a collective prayer. When people get together, even though they are few, they have many vessels and discernments and so they raise a “prayer of many.”

But this prayer should be aimed at one Source, one goal, to be one. They want to receive the attribute of mutual bestowal, which they imagine as a supreme value, as part of their environment. This attribute, the force that gives birth to and revives everything, is called the Creator, and they want it to be revealed among them according to the efforts they have made.

The attribute of bestowal is not somewhere on the outside. So if the friends try, it will be revealed inside, among them. It is as if it comes to us from two directions: On the one hand there is no vessel, and on the other hand there is no Light, but when the friends try to be together as much as they can, at a certain point both the vessel and the Light are created simultaneously. They cannot exist separately.

We work by requesting, by a common prayer, and so we approach this revelation, the revelation inside us of the attribute of bestowal and love, which is the Creator.

Here it is important to remember that during the preparation phase we don’t discover the actual attribute, but the necessity for it. We don’t know in advance what this attribute is. It is as if we want to acquire it and then when it is revealed, it turns out to be a real surprise and far from what we have thought it would be. It is because it is about something that isn’t part of our nature.

We only need the feeling of necessity, so that we will anticipate and have a premonition of it. Even if it doesn’t reflect the future reality, a person still has to imagine the next state by this game.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/5/12, Writings of Rabash

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The Secret Of The General System

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to examine which conditions and rules and which types of connection should be among us, so that we will generally feel the mutual connection as a spiritual system. In this system everyone nullifies himself and connects with others by incorporating in their desires and impressions, their thoughts and goals, as if they were his own.

Everyone changes and nullifies his desire; it becomes formless. “Personally, I don’t need anything. I want to receive your desires and to fulfill them for you.” This means that I am “dressed” in the form of bestowal like in a new outfit. My desire becomes raw material, a shapeless mass. It has power and potential, but now you are guiding me to where you want, to what is good for you.
This is a “servant of God;” a person that dedicates himself to the service of bestowal. This allows us to be mutually connected with one another in the spiritual network where everyone fulfills only the desire of others.

Then I discover that these are not strange desires at all. Thus I begin to exit myself, and I immediately feel that there is only one general collective mutual desire.

It turns out that the system is harmonious, and this special desire is not typical of the “leg” or the “arm,” or any part that I imagined, but of the whole. I discover that the system has a mind, an internal part. I discover it and receive instructions from it through the whole system and connect to it in a reverse connection.

This is the connection with the Creator, but it comes after I feel the general “body,” the general harmony of the mutual bestowal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/5/12, Writings of Rabash

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The Crisis Spreads To Latin America

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Economic Commission for Latin America): “The weak global economy, mainly due to the difficulties faced by Europe, United States and China, has affected growth in Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2012, the region’s growth will be slower than in previous years, according to estimates presented today by ECLAC.

“In the Economic Survey of Latin America and the Caribbean 2012, launched in Santiago, Chile, the United Nations agency states that slowdown experienced by economies in 2011 carried over into the first half of 2012, and this has brought down the growth projection for the entire year from the 3.7% announced in June to 3.2%.

“According to the document, private consumption has been the main driver of regional growth, thanks to the growth in labour markets, increased credit and – in some cases – remittances. However, the dramatic slowdown in external demand and the downward trend in the prices of most export commodities have made foreign trade the main way in which international crises have been passed on to the region’s economies.”

My Comment: Until recently, Russia, China, Brazil and other countries gloated over the crisis of the “capitalists,” but the world is global and integral and that is why we are together in the same sinking boat, and we must be saved together. Our salvation depends on our mutual help. Indeed, thus Nature forces us to unite before it is too late because otherwise we are facing a world battle.

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Depression: The Disease Of The Century

Dr. Michael LaitmanSurvey (from The European Depression Association): “One in 10 working people surveyed in Europe have taken time off work because of depression, with an average of 36 days lost per episode of depression, according to a new survey from the European Depression Association. This equates to more than 21,000 days of lost working time in this group of people. However despite the size of the problem, nearly one in three managers reported they had no formal support or resources to deal with employees who have depression, and 43% called for better policies and legislation to protect employees.

“Depression is the predominant mental health challenge among working-age people and more than 30 million European citizens will suffer from depression at some point in their life.1 The IDEA survey (Impact of Depression in the Workplace in Europe Audit) polled more than 7,000 people in Europe and found that 20% of respondents had received a diagnosis of depression at some point. The highest rate was in GB (26%) and the lowest in Italy (12%). Among workers experiencing depression, those in Germany (61%), Denmark (60%), and GB (58%) were most likely to take time off work, while those in Turkey were the least likely to take time off (25%).

“The costs of depression were estimated at €92 billion in 2010 in the EU, with lost productivity due to absenteeism (taking time off work) and presenteeism (being present at work while ill) representing over 50% of all costs related to depression.1 In the IDEA survey the average number of days taken off work during the last episode of depression was 36 days, with Germany and GB having the highest (41 days) and Italy (23 days) having the lowest.”

My Comment: In general, depression is the most common disease of our time. Just because it is not fatal and is hidden, it can be easily concealed, and it does not bother society. Where do the current and future unemployed belong? Undoubtedly, with the growth of individual egoism and its transformation into integral egoism that is shown in the interdependence of everyone and everything, depression will grow and turn into the epidemic.

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Feelings Are First, The Mind Is Secondary

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is an integral realization and what is an integral attitude?

Answer: We are speaking about a human being, about his internal work. Our attribute is the ego, the desire to be filled. A desire! Therefore we speak about feelings. These aren’t lyrical emotions as we are used to thinking. We are speaking about our essence.

When I work for industry, for banks or for something else, I want fulfillment, I want to gain something, I want to reach be recognized, I want to impress, it is all feelings.

What else can motivate a person if not feelings?

Having felt this, he begins to understand and to perceive what he feels. The mind develops only according to the development of the feeling and not otherwise. The mind has to develop in order to perceive what a person feels and what he doesn’t, what he still lacks. The mind operates when I feel that I need something; to what extent I am full and to what extent I am not. Here our mental tool develops—in order to attain what we desire.

By penetrating deeply into my emotions, I begin to develop the mind and I begin to feel my mutual system of connection with others and my oppositeness from others. Here I have the chance to rate these feelings and to evaluate them both qualitatively and quantitatively.

This means that a mathematical tool enters my work here, and I begin to measure things accurately.

But then again, these measurements are inside me. If I give certain numbers to someone, he will not understand me; he has to be part of this system. He needs to somehow fulfill it internally and then by this fulfillment, he will feel what I have passed on to him in numbers.
From KabTV’s “Integral World: Formula of an Integral Society” 7/1/12

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A Future That Makes You A Human Being

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Philosophers claim that a person is attracted by the future and is built from the future…

Answer: This is absolutely true. Our whole future picture, the attribute, the look, and the society pre-exist in nature. The concept of time doesn’t exist in nature. Time is a development only with regard to our consciousness. Therefore, the whole future picture already exists in nature and we have to reach it, but the way we reach it depends on our choice.

Question: The choice of different ways to develop appears only when a person feels the instability of a complex system. When it is stable there is no freewill, it doesn’t move.

Answer: No. The option to choose exists only when a person chooses whether to go in the direction the general integral nature shows him or to follow the way his individual, egoistic nature tells him to. He chooses between these two directions, but the goal is one and he will reach it in any case. What will motivate him on the way: Will it be his ego by negative pressures or his desire for integrality by positive attractions?

While yearning for integrality, it is the vision that pulls me forward, the study of the future state, which stems from what I attain today. If I move towards an integral society, then the information, the feelings, and the understanding of what I should reach are gradually accumulated in me. I can already foresee my next steps.
From KabTV’s “Integral World: Formula of an Integral Society” 7/1/12

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