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TV Program “Foundations Of The Integral Society” – 10.28.12

TV  Program “Foundations of the Integral Society

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How Can You Meet The Invisible One?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the “Creator?” What is the meaning of His greatness with which I have to impress my friends?

Answer: The Creator is the property of bestowal, love, connection, and the rejection of personal interests. Reaching such properties is the first step on the path towards similarity with the Creator.

Do you see or feel the Creator now? No! Why not? It is one of the properties that governs everything and does everything, but it does not reveal itself. As a matter of fact, it does not have an individual manifestation. It is not such an individual like you who occupies place in space and wants to be noticed by everyone. The Creator is the opposite property. Therefore He seemingly does not exist…

Do you want to reveal this empty air? For this purpose you also have to become little “airy.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/26/12, Writings of Rabash

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Above Ein Sof (Infinity) There Is The Giver Of Ein Sof

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe can never imagine and appreciate the upper level since it is a new dimension each time and we enter another world. All our inner data change, our elements change and each time it is as if a new creature, a new creation. This is how the new Reshimot (informational genes) are revealed.

So how can we summon our advancement and think about the Creator’s greatness, about the height of the next level in comparison to the one we are on now? This is why we work indirectly with the help of the environment, by being impressed by it and receiving new values from it, so that a person can imagine bestowal as a connection and love above his ego.

Thanks to the environment, we can somehow depict this picture to ourselves, but in order to advance, we have to demand more from this picture, the uppermost level, which is two levels higher than the one we are on. If the next level is already Ein Sof for us, how can we imagine something that is above Ein Sof?

However, we must imagine that the highest level, which means the revelation of the Creator, is even higher than anything I can imagine. It is then that my appeal to the Creator is right. It is because the upper level is the same state that I want to attain. The level that is above is the one from whom I ask for help to attain the upper level.

I turn to the one above the upper in order to attain the upper. If I present my appeal this way, then it is exactly on a straight line aimed at the Creator. I want to attain the level of bestowal, connection, love of others, and adhesion. But in order to attain this, I don’t turn for help to some unknown factor, but straight to the Creator. Everything is connected in the upper level to one whole: Israel, the Torah (the Light that Reforms), and the Creator.

Israel is me, the one who attains the upper level by the Light, which I receive from the Creator, who is on the uppermost level, but who “comes out” to meet me on the next level. If we have this arrangement we can be sure that we are on one straight line.

The important levels for us are the lower (the current level), the upper, and the uppermost. This is the order of the levels.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/25/12

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Economists Need To Abandon The Usual Theories

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Andrew Sheng, President of the Fung Global Institute, adjunct professor at Tsinghua University, Beijing, Xiao Geng, Director of Research at the Fung Global Institute): “Given the crisis weighing down the world economy and financial markets, it is not surprising that a substantive reconsideration of the principles of modern economics is underway. …

“The British economist Fritz Schumacher understood that human institutions, as complex structures with dynamic governance, require systemic analysis. He defined meta-economics as the humanizing of economics by accounting for the imperative of a sustainable environment; thus, he included elements of moral philosophy, psychology, anthropology, and sociology that transcend the boundaries of profit maximization and individual rationality.

“Similarly, Eric Beinhocker, at the newly established Institute for New Economic Thinking, argues for ‘a new way of seeing and understanding the economic world.’ Such an approach requires incorporating psychology, anthropology, sociology, history, physics, biology, mathematics, computer science, and other disciplines that study complex adaptive systems.

“We believe that the framework of ‘micro-macro-meso-meta-economics’ – what we call ‘systemnomics’ – is a more complete way to analyze human economies, understood as complex living systems evolving within dynamically changing complex natural systems.”

My Comment: This is a move in the right direction. Really, it is not simple for economists to change their approach of “maximum profit at any cost” to some unaccountable values, such as connection, care, and love. They will have to develop a system of complete interconnectedness of humanity engaged in meeting its reasonable needs, from the point of view of the rational economy, the maximum output with the minimum cost and destruction of society and the environment.

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The “Left Line” In The Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does the revelation of the left line in the group indicate?

Answer: If the true left line is revealed in the group, it isn’t so bad, since it can be revealed only after there is already a right line, only if we have prepared ourselves to receive the hardening of the heart, troubles, problems, conflicts, and disagreements.

Everything may happen in a group, but a left line always comes in contrast to the right line and it indicates that we can perceive and imagine it correctly. We have to understand that the Creator is turning to us and hardens Pharaoh’s heart. He does that in order to seem greater to us and to help us know Him.

The Creator is the middle line, pure bestowal, love. So we understand that the problems that are revealed among us are sent in order to advance us towards the goal. It turns out the left line opens the straight road to ascent! It is the most important component for ascending, since we grow to the same extent that we feel the hardening of the heart.

It is like Pharaoh who grew ten times larger before every plague of Egypt, before we leave for the next level. This is already called “redemption” and the exodus from exile. That’s the way it works.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/24/12, Writings of Rabash

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About The Benefit And The Harm Of “Good Intentions”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There is a new global phenomenon, a sort of “time banking.” They receive investments not in money but in work hours. For example, someone invests in hours of gardening and another donates an hour of teaching math and so on. Could it be that humanity has identified the problem of inequality, when a person’s abilities determine his wellbeing?

Answer: I don’t think that this is the right way to go. As usual lack of understanding leads to distortion.

A professor can do things that are a thousand times greater than a plumber, for example, and a million times greater than a simple worker. He can build an instrument, for example, or invent something that millions can use.

In spiritual terms on every level there is a state of Hafetz Hesed, but these states are different and each is on a different level. You build bestowal above your desire to receive and someone else above his desire to receive. So you are not equal.

People who exchange services according to this formula, annul competition and ignore the desire to receive, and yet, without it, it is impossible to exist. It seems that everyone is generous and all is divided equally. But history proves that all the attempts to create artificial equality lead to collapse and even greater competition. So such ideas will not succeed in the long run.

The true advancement is in three lines, not in one. It is a great wisdom, which can only be received from Above with the help of the Light that Reforms. It isn’t simple. The middle line cannot be conveyed from one to another. It needs someone who understands how to manage it from Above. You connect to him and learn from him and attain his approach—only then will you be able to act on your own.

Eventually, no one will understand why the “time bank” will suddenly go bankrupt. People will check themselves and look for reasons and will then come to us and beg for help. They will understand that there is a special “patent” here, although they don’t quite know what it is yet. “You have something that really works,” they will say. “So lead us to it!”

There are quite a few such initiatives that people have to go through. Otherwise humanity will not feel helpless and will not cry out from the level it is on—like the outcry of the children of Israel in Egypt.

Then humanity will realize that the solution that we offer stems from the Creator. They will come to us because we have a connection to the spiritual root that is drawn through the wisdom of Kabbalah. This is what will attract them. Today they are repelled by it and tomorrow they will be attracted out of despair, out of an internal breaking point, when they try to reach bestowal their own way and fail.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/24/12, Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah)”

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The “Arab Spring” Has Been Replaced By Autumn’s Disappointment

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from the Pew Research Center): “…A national survey by the Pew Research Center finds increasing public pessimism about developments in the Middle East. …

“Doubts have spread about the political direction of countries swept up in the Arab Spring protests that began almost two years ago. Nearly six-in-ten Americans (57%) do not believe the changes in the Middle East will lead to lasting improvements for people living in the affected countries, up sharply from 43% in April 2011.

“And a majority of Americans (54%) continue to say it is more important to have stable governments in the Middle East, even if there is less democracy in the region.”

My Comment: Perhaps, it is not too late to stop, and even in the summer of 2011 they tried to provoke unrest and revolution in Israel. Americans are not doing well in planning the future. The USSR collapsed and ruined all the socialist countries. Today, we are witnessing the sunset of the US. Russia is gradually undergoing restructuring, but will the US be able to change to a new format? Nature has presented a challenging task of transition to an integral world. Difficult times are ahead. For the time being, flexibility of thinking is not seen in any country.

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Effort And Advancement

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A question arises constantly as to whether or not I’m putting in enough effort because I constantly feel that I’m not working enough.

Answer: Naturally so, and this is very good. You have a constant opportunity to advance, which doesn’t depend upon me. Moreover, your work is measured as the sum total of your actions and the actions of the group as a whole in order to discover among you the point of higher power, the center of the group, its spiritual and moral center, its future, and the source of its strength, with the help of which the group and each individual member changes themselves toward greater integration with others.

In an integral group, people do their own work and pull themselves up on their own. The teacher observes from the sidelines. He organizes the seminars and sets the topics. He leads the students and guides them in a way that, from seminar to seminar, from one lesson to another, they really begin to see their advancement. This advancement can either be in the form of a revelation of greater evil or in attaining some degree of good.

Question: Is this working ability and effectiveness also determined by the group’s integral interaction?

Answer: Yes, by this alone. Nothing depends on the teacher. He acts like a supervisor. If anything can be added, he adds it. If not, then he waits patiently.
From KabTV’s “Building the Social Environment” 9/25/12

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I Run The Whole World!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is there a place in the integral system for a person’s individual work?

Answer: A person’s individual work is how he makes himself an integral part of the entire system. His individual work is enormous.

Being a small wheel of the general system, he should see the entire mechanism in front of himself, how he starts it and how everything depends on him. He must perceive this whole mechanism as perfect, depending only on him.

That is, his personality is not lost, but, rather, it becomes unique.

He is the only one that runs the entire world.
From KabTV’s “Building the Social Environment” 9/25/12

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