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Let’s Share The Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The particular and the general are equal. If I connect with one person, then the general is incorporated in me. So why do I need so many friends?

Answer: It is said: “In the multitude of people is the King’s glory.” First it is easier for you to check yourself whether you are really connected to someone or just attracted to him egoistically. It may be that there is just a usual connection between you based on common attributes or interests.

Besides, don’t think that it is easier to connect with one person than with ten people for example. On the contrary, it is much easier to connect with ten, since you are impressed by the greatness of the self-annulment of each individual, of their mutual concern and their desire to achieve the goal together. By looking at them you are “ignited” and you burn with envy.

But if there were one person before you, how could you see his actions in relation to you and not in relation to other friends? You are a captive of your ego and so you cannot see the desired effect.

So it is desirable to be in a large environment. On the whole, the minimum of a majority is two, but still it is a minority, since it is very little and this case you will have to work very hard.

Actually, it isn’t a question of quantity. What’s important here is that you annul your ego, so that you will begin to see everything that is external to you as your own. You annul the boundaries and you are already outside your body. It is as if your desires are pouring outside and include the whole world inside.
From the 1st part to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/12, Writings of Rabash

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A Cake With Cream

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It says, “He who prays for his friend is answered first.” This is actual Lo Lishma (not for Her name); it is total egoism, simple absolute egoism.

Answer: Of course, in the meantime you advance egoistically and your ego grows, but you see that each time Pharaoh is getting tougher and tougher, “since I have hardened his heart,” and that is a good sign.

Question: How can I grow from hate to love and not to self-suppression?

Answer: It is impossible to build love without hate and envy. All the negative discernments are eventually implemented in love and you need each of them. After all, what is love? On what foundation is it firmly established? It is over the ego in the vessels of receiving, in perceiving others as close.

Annulment doesn’t mean that everything is annulled. Hate is never annulled, it is preserved in its full intensity, and it is exactly on top of it that you build love. It is as if you cover this whole “Mt. Sinai” (a mountain of hate) with cream and you get a cake called a “Mountain of Holiness.”

This means that the hate is inside. The gap between the Creator and the created being remains since otherwise the created being wouldn’t exist.
From the 1st part to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/12, Writings of Rabash

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Envy Is Useful When It Increases Wisdom

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt all depends on how a person looks at life and what he wants from it. If he wants to attain the spiritual goal and that’s the most important thing for him in life, then all the means that help him reach this goal are good. It turns out that they are on the same upper spiritual level as the goal itself, since by them he builds the final state and through them fulfills the goal.

So in our daily life in the egoistic world, a person usually hates those who envy him and sometimes also hates the attribute that evokes the envy in him. On the plane of the spiritual work, however, we look for how to evoke the envy in us by ourselves. As it says: “The envy of writers will increase wisdom.”

Authors (Sofrim in Hebrew) refer to those who want to count (from the same root in Hebrew) their achievements and who advance by envying the advancement of others. Such a person, therefore, respects and values the friends and loves them; he loves the environment that allows him to constantly envy the success of others.

The greater others seem to him and the more he humbles himself, the more he sees that they are attracted to the goal, that they devote themselves to the work, that they try to overcome all the obstacles, and to what extent they are more connected to each other than he is connected to them. His whole perspective of the friends isn’t aimed at annulling them, but actually at raising and appreciating them even more.

By that he gains new powers and develops new attributes. All this existed in him from the start, of course, since everything is included in the point in the heart, which is the root of a person’s soul and which includes all the information about him, like in a drop of semen, Reshimot (reminiscences).

A person, however, has to develop this point. So when he envies the friends and sees their persistence and loyalty, the powers they exert despite their fatigue, the fact that they don’t allow themselves to waste time, the fact that they get up very early to come to the lesson—all this fills a person with new powers and develops the attributes in him, thus allowing him to advance.

We should reach great envy. As it says: “Envy, lust and honor take a person out of the world,” into the upper world. Let’s hope we will succeed in achieving the right great envy.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/12

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Fine Tuning To The Elusive Frequency Of Happiness

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: On what does our sensitivity to awakening that is activated from Above depend?

Answer: We are constantly awakened from above, and if you only knew to what intensity! But this manipulation is done at a frequency that we don’t feel, like ultraviolet or infrared radiation.

In order to feel this wavelength, I need to calibrate my hearing via the group. Otherwise I won’t hear anything. If I correctly organize the group, thanks to this, I receive opportunities to listen, to feel the upper influence.

Everything depends on how I awaken and support the friends, how I treat them, and worry that they receive spiritual revelation. We need to help also on the corporeal level, but mainly to raise their spirits, to inspire them about the importance of the goal and the Creator. If I gently worry that everything will be for the other, I myself am impressed from them and advance together with them.

There is no other way to advance, only ”the detour,” the alternate route through the group and not directly.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/14/12, Shamati #47

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Embracing While Sobbing Fiercely

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, Shlavey HaSulam (Steps of the Ladder), Article, “The Love of Friends”: And although a person receives some thought and desire that he should leave his self-love, which comes to him by hearing what writers and books say, but this is a very small power, that doesn’t always illuminate this opinion for him, so that he will be able to consider it or use it permanently…

Question: Is the power of Kabbalah books so small?

Answer: Of course. It doesn’t depend on the books but on the person himself, or what we call the “user.” A person will not succeed by himself even if he has the source of the whole Book of Zohar. Nothing will help him, because by himself he has no vessel. His success doesn’t depend on the books but on establishing an attitude to others.

There are two forces active in nature: the desire to enjoy (to receive) and the desire to bestow. The desire to receive is the created being and the desire to bestow is the Creator. The created being is in the desire to receive here in our world. If he wants to be in the Creator’s world, he has to acquire a desire to bestow, which means to switch to the second nature.

In order to do that, two factors must be activated:

1. Connection. In our world a person connects with others in order to reach the second nature.

2. The Light that Reforms. It illuminates only in response to the efforts of a person who wants to connect with others and to acquire the nature of bestowal.

Besides that, we should aspire to bestow upon the Creator, although at the beginning we are not required to have such pure intentions, which will come later on.

So there is the necessary means in our world: the group that enables us to build an “infrastructure” among us, the right relationships, a vessel, albeit still flawed, but that demonstrates our desire to be corrected. Of course we discover that we cannot and don’t want to connect, that we are repelled by one another. We reveal the evil inclination and not the blissful feeling of brotherhood and complete joy. Brotherhood: On the contrary, we have to connect, sobbing fiercely about the extent that we hate one another! Embracing although we shudder with repulsion.

It is very good since by that you discover the shattered vessel. Then you will have the reason for crying and calling for the help of the Light that Reforms. And it comes because you study from the books of Kabbalists and want to go through the states they go through.

Thus we move from the level of the love of the created beings to the love of the Creator. Rabbi Akiva said “Love thy friend as thyself, it is the great rule of the Torah.” But that isn’t the end of the road yet. When you reach the first level of love, you worry about the fear: “Will I manage to love more? Won’t I lose what I have already acquired?” You have to act “from the other side.” After all, there are always two lines in the spiritual work and you are in between. So make sure that your love is accompanied by fear. Evoke the attributes of judgment—it is impossible without them.

Then, when you reach fear, you will acquire the “middle line”—the wholeness called bestowal or faith. This is already the end of the work, the fulfillment of love.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/14/12, Writings of Rabash

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The Salvation Of Israel Is In Its Mission

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The U.S. media recently exposes Israel as an enemy of America or as its partner, even as the organizer of the September 11 attack; Obama clearly favors the Arab lobby, including its representatives in various organizations. What is your opinion on this matter? By the way, I am not a Jew, but your old student.

Answer: Many years ago, I wrote an appeal “The Threat of Destruction” in Israel, where I pointed out that the salvation of Israel is in fulfilling its purpose: to show the world the vision of prophets in building a new society, based on “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

There is no other force to hold the country, and it is not because it is against the wishes of our neighbors or enemies, but because it is against the plan of Nature/the Creator. We must once again become the people of the Bible, as prior to our fall 2,000 years ago from the level of love to the level of hatred. The global crisis awaits this example as its solution.

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“Kissinger, US Intelligence Community Endorse ‘World Without Israel’”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from PressTV): “According to news reports, Henry Kissinger and sixteen American intelligence agencies agree that in the near future, Israel will no longer exist. The New York Post quotes Kissinger ‘word for word’: In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.

“‘Kissinger’s statement is flat and unqualified. He is not saying that Israel is in danger, but could be saved if we just gave it additional trillions of dollars and smashed enough of its enemies with our military. He is not saying that if we elect Netanyahu’s old friend Mitt Romney, Israel could somehow be salvaged. He is not saying that if we bomb Iran, Israel might survive. He is not offering a way out. He is simply stating a fact: In 2022, Israel will no longer exist.

“‘The US Intelligence Community agrees, though perhaps not on the precise 2022 expiration date. Sixteen US intelligence agencies with a combined budget over USD 70 billion have issued an 82-page analysis titled “Preparing for a Post-Israel Middle East.”

My Comment: I am aware of these materials. Kabbalah says the same thing. But only on condition that Israel does not fulfill its mission “To show the entire world the way out of the global integral crisis” in which the whole world is plunged and rolling steadily down. The world has no means of escaping this fall. The fall threatens not Israel, but the world.

Kabbalah says that if the world does not realize that only through unity, rejecting all their weapons for the sake of salvation, it can save itself, then it faces not only a world war, but a global war! Salvation is in universal unity and in accordance with the ancient teaching of Kabbalah that was prepared for us in advance in Ancient Babylon, the mother of our civilization.

Initially this unification must be realized by its carriers—the Jewish people. For this, they were given a chance to establish a state and experience the hatred of the entire world in order to push them to implement this project.

Not much time has been given. We can see this by the threatening fall of the world and the impotence of humanity to cope with the looming threat of the “general world clash.” It all depends on the awareness of what is happening and the absence of another way of solving the total negative world connection, global and integral.

We, the holders of Kabbalistic knowledge, strive with all our might to make the people of Israel, the Jews around the world, and humanity become aware of the causes of what is happening with all of us: Our world must rise to the next step of its development. It must become similar to Nature, its only managing force, the Creator. This is possible only in our complete unity. If this does not happen, not only Israel, but the whole world will cease to exist and only small groups, remaining from humanity, will unite and become a new corrected humanity.

So, we have before us two ways, and it depends on us how the biblical prophecy will be fulfilled.

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Why Aren’t We A Good Match For Each Other?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the course of discussions on integral education questions arise regarding family relations because people are tired of domestic problems and feel that they don’t need families. How can it be explained to a person that he needs a family? What is the benefit of forming this kind of relationship for a person’s development?

Answer: Some time ago people lived very primitively: We didn’t leave our towns, our personal relations and sex were primitive—we didn’t demand anything.

Today people change every few years or even more frequently. We are not satisfied with the same old things. If I married a girl that I liked and that really suited me in my twenties, then in my thirties I no longer like that girl. And in my fifties and sixties I no longer like the second woman. What can be done? We feel that our views differ and it’s not anyone’s fault.

This is the turbulent inner evolution we are experiencing today and this is how rapidly we are changing.

For this reason, no one should impose the idea of a long-term marriage on people, especially given today’s life span. A serious incentive system should be invented in a marriage so that people would see a clear benefit to getting married since they have to override the habits, responsibilities, moral and physical mismatch with the partner they spent ten or fifteen years with. How can this be done?

There must exist a higher idea, something higher than our world, some reward that could only be obtained within a marriage.
From KabTV’s  “Building a Social Environment” 9/24/12

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10.17.12

Preparation to the Lesson

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Volume 3, Part 8, Item 31, Lesson 17

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