Why Aren’t We A Good Match For Each Other?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the course of discussions on integral education questions arise regarding family relations because people are tired of domestic problems and feel that they don’t need families. How can it be explained to a person that he needs a family? What is the benefit of forming this kind of relationship for a person’s development?

Answer: Some time ago people lived very primitively: We didn’t leave our towns, our personal relations and sex were primitive—we didn’t demand anything.

Today people change every few years or even more frequently. We are not satisfied with the same old things. If I married a girl that I liked and that really suited me in my twenties, then in my thirties I no longer like that girl. And in my fifties and sixties I no longer like the second woman. What can be done? We feel that our views differ and it’s not anyone’s fault.

This is the turbulent inner evolution we are experiencing today and this is how rapidly we are changing.

For this reason, no one should impose the idea of a long-term marriage on people, especially given today’s life span. A serious incentive system should be invented in a marriage so that people would see a clear benefit to getting married since they have to override the habits, responsibilities, moral and physical mismatch with the partner they spent ten or fifteen years with. How can this be done?

There must exist a higher idea, something higher than our world, some reward that could only be obtained within a marriage.
From KabTV’s  “Building a Social Environment” 9/24/12

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  1. Dear Dr. Laitman

    There is nothing one prayes for more than true family. People that only want to give to oneanother simultaneously for the sole benefit of the Creator. May humanity be blessed and changed to become part of this family in the very near future.

    Blessed be the Boundless One!

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