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Tuning Into A Wave Of Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: By seeing the friend’s deficiencies, I actually see my own flaws. How can I identify the corrected state in the friend?

Answer: The work with the group is diversified and is carried on until the end of correction. What is more, my view of the group changes constantly. Even if there are only several people in the group, if I see them as great, if I see them as if there is nothing else in the world, as if they are all of my reality, the group becomes great in my eyes. Everything depends on how I value it, and how important it is to me. It is like a child for whom his father is the best in the world. Here the quantity and the quality are mixed.

Then I advance, and if I get close to the friends, I see the upper system in them, in which I have to be incorporated.

Just like the universe, with everything in it, the group includes all the spiritual worlds and new souls join it all the time, and it is actually the world of Ein Sof (Infinity). All the worlds are revealed in it as a system that connects us. By getting closer to one another, we shrink and “fold” them upwards, until they become the world of Ein Sof.

Accordingly, I begin to see the friends and reality differently. Now I identify the opportunities I am given; I begin to manage myself and reality by holding on to the direction of the same goal. I “lock” myself on it and yearn for such a mutual connection among us, which creates one desire. In it, according to our similarity to it, we will discover one force.

Thus I advance, by using myself, the group, and everything that is among us in order to attain this goal. I don’t have to leave the group; in it I discover everything: the Kabbalists, the souls, the spiritual Partzufim, the worlds, everything is connected and is included in it. This is what a person discovers according to his advancement.

Question: Does that mean that the group “transmits” in the frequency range of bestowal and only I, being uncorrected now, receive other egoistic frequencies?

Answer: That’s right, we are not tuned to the frequency of bestowal yet. It says: “One judges according to his own flaws.” This refers to all my senses; they are not real yet and in the meantime the egoistic desire operates in them and so instead of the right picture, I perceive and feel the blurred illusion of this world.

By correcting my feelings, I will see a different reality, but again it will be perceived and stabilized by my five spiritual senses. Until the end of correction, it will also be limited by the spiritual frameworks of the five Sefirot, the Partzufim, and the worlds. In the spiritual world, the perception is also only in matter and in form dressed in matter. It seems to us now that the moment we enter spirituality all the partitions will fall, but it isn’t so. There too a person attains everything in vessels, in his limited desires.

It is true that he attains the connection between different phenomena and that fills him, but the filling is also relative. But as for the perception of the true and whole reality, it comes at the end of correction and we don’t know what it is like…
From the 1st part to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/18/12, Writings of Rabash

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The Mysterious Puzzle Of The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to connect in all our desires in order to attain the goal, the connection among us, about which we know nothing. It is a puzzle that the Creator gives us and we have to try to put it together.

We try to connect as much as we can, but the Creator has to help us come in contact with one another. We cannot touch one another by ourselves and what is more to connect. The Creator has to be the attribute of bestowal among us that will tie us together.

The closer we get to one another, the greater rejection we feel, like two positive or two negative poles of a magnet, the more you try to get them closer mechanically, the more they are rejected from one another by the magnetic field.

So what should we do? The Creator has to be the glue here. This means that the force of bestowal has to be greater than the force of receiving, and then we will adhere to one another and will not neutralize the force of rejection but start using it. There are no such examples in our world, but in spirituality the force of rejection becomes the force of attraction.

We don’t understand how this can be. You still have the force of rejection, the ego with its desire remains, but it works in the opposite way. There is nothing like that in our world and so we don’t understand how the force of rejection can operate as the force of attraction. In order to do that we need a special attribute called the Light that Reforms which suddenly allows the force of rejection to add itself to the force of attraction and connection and by that it doesn’t annul itself and doesn’t become an opposite force, but remains the way it is.
From the 2nd part to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/18/12, The Book of Zohar

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The Jerusalem Post: “Our Higher Root Cause”

Jerusalem PostIn the News (from The Jerusalem Post):It is time for “Jewish” to mean hero; a hero that knows himself, that knows how to overcome his own ego and to love others, teaching others how to do the same.
It is in these stressfully precarious times, with a growing, world-enveloping economic crisis and the looming threat of Iran, that I found myself in a very interesting meeting. A meeting so delicate and intensely profound that it brought me to wonder in awe about the future we are all about to be living.

“Maybe it will be completely terrible and chaotic, politically, financially, socially and ecologically – but maybe not. Maybe we’ll pull through and find it to be uplifting and transforming.

“I found myself sitting together with my old university professor, the big-hearted and wise psychologist Dr. Kalman Kaplan, an expert in Biblical Psychology and the author of the TILT: Teaching Individuals to Live Together model, and one whose depths I cannot fathom: Dr. Michael Laitman, scientist and…Kabbalist. It was not your ordinary discussion about where we are and where we are heading; there was a very pressing feeling that something big needs to happen, and that it can only happen through the collaboration of many.

“The topic was us. Jews.

“What is going on with us, our identity, our strengths? Are we aware? Are we awake? Are we tapping in to our great ancient wisdom and do we see how relevant it is to today’s issues? Sadly, everyone around the table agreed that the situation is less than favorable.

“So many Jews in America have lost touch with their biblical values and identities, Dr. Kaplan reported. The rich psychological wisdom that could teach us all how to live together is rarely made use of, he said. And what more do we need in a global, interconnected world, than to learn how to live together?

“This is the role and the light we were always meant to bring to the world, said Dr. Laitman. It is in these days of growing interdependence and a gradually revealing crisis of relationship that we can finally do our job. We talked about the trends of extreme individualism that were at the basis of the multi-faceted crisis. In such an intricately woven system of ties and interconnectedness, the lack of shared values followed by reckless self-concern results in dangerous imbalance, Dr. Laitman explained. Dr. Kaplan added that the Jewish tradition emphasizes the right blend between self and other.

“So yes, I thought, we all know that “Love thy neighbor as yourself” is the highest law, but how do we achieve it? How do we merge self and other in such a smooth way as to bring ourselves and the system we are part of into balance? How do we build a bridge across all our differences; our differing points of view, traditions and habits? I remembered the forces that enabled us to build the state of Israel against all odds, and realized that what we need is a powerful and deep shared purpose.

“RABBI KOOK wrote that “unity which comes from the demand of one’s own good, which is for the sake of each individual’s personal good, is a random unity, which is based on an individual’s self-love, and it will not last, for it has no true center. And even when this so-called unity grows, it will end up in the flames of hatred and civil war, since each individual pulls in the direction of his own fulfillment. But the unity that comes from the acknowledgment of the value of the higher purpose, which comes only through the good of others, is based upon the true love of all, and it will last, and the longer it does, the greater and stronger it will be.”

“It is interesting to note how hard times push us closer together; we manage to collaborate, to help each other and feel a togetherness that is uniquely powerful. It’s because of the shared purpose of survival that we can suddenly transcend our petty arguments and differences.

“Imagine how wonderful it would be if these pressures (Iran, the economy, our ecology) only served as triggers to remind us of our true, positive common purpose, of life as a unified, loving people, setting an example to all.

“I learned from Dr. Laitman that Kabbalah is the inner teachings of the Torah, and that it speaks exactly of this. It is all about knowing yourself, and learning to love others, to discover the power that is found in connection. It’s a sense of connection that we already know deep inside and need to reawaken; as is written, thousands of years ago it kept our nation strong, and its loss brought about the destruction of the temple and the great exile.

“I agreed with him that we would all benefit greatly if we could just remember what it is that we have, buried deep in our consciousness and on our bookshelves. Creating educational programs that would teach and remind us of the great treasures of our tradition and how to make them relevant to our daily lives, whether you are secular or observant, would assist in uniting us and bringing back our Jewish identity.

“It would not be the identity we may experience now, the one that so many have walked away from for more “modern” and “free” definitions. It would be a deeper, much more expanded and empowered one, an acknowledgment of our purpose and responsibility.

“The two scholars spoke gravely of how much we have forgotten. They said we need a shofar, a horn to awaken our sleeping brothers to collaborate for the sake of our higher, root cause. Dr. Laitman mentioned the Ari Institute, which has been creating programs that teach the laws of integrality, of how we all need to live in this new global world harmoniously with the natural, interconnected system we are part of; programs that teach the tools that we need to be ourselves, and to love others just the same.

“I was glad to hear that such options are already available. More than anything, our world needs love, connection and inspiration.

“I never would have believed it, but I discovered that these missing ingredients were always there, right under my nose, in my own tradition. Maybe I am the only one who is surprised, but what is certain is that these tools; this wisdom, needs to be actualized so that we could walk out of this crisis not as victims but as heroes. It is time for “Jewish” to mean hero; a hero that knows himself, that knows how to overcome his own ego and to love others, teaching others how to do the same.

“What a meeting it was. I left feeling somewhat concerned, because it seemed like there was so much to do. But I was also glad, because it seemed that there was so much we CAN do. And really, it would only take awareness to change things around.

“I know that the awareness and collaboration of the many great people who are reading this can make it happen. To stand up to the constantly rising trends of anti-Semitism, to give an example of the only true solution to our crises, to give hope to all – let’s remember who we are, let’s bring our nation, and the world some light.”

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European Union wins Nobel Peace Prize

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Reuters): “The European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for promoting peace, democracy and human rights over six decades, a morale boost for the bloc as it struggles to resolve its economic crisis.

“The award served as a reminder that the EU had largely brought peace to a continent that tore itself apart in two world wars in which tens of millions died.

“The EU has transformed most of Europe ‘from a continent of wars to a continent of peace,’ Nobel Committee Chairman Thorbjoern Jagland said in announcing the award in Oslo.”

My Comment: The discrepancy between what was said in the statement and reality inspires concerns that reality might turn into another world war… The crisis is spreading to the whole world, and the whole world must solve it. But the EU can lead by example, to become a pioneer in the introduction of integral education for the entire EU population. One law can solve the entire problem!

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