The Mysterious Puzzle Of The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to connect in all our desires in order to attain the goal, the connection among us, about which we know nothing. It is a puzzle that the Creator gives us and we have to try to put it together.

We try to connect as much as we can, but the Creator has to help us come in contact with one another. We cannot touch one another by ourselves and what is more to connect. The Creator has to be the attribute of bestowal among us that will tie us together.

The closer we get to one another, the greater rejection we feel, like two positive or two negative poles of a magnet, the more you try to get them closer mechanically, the more they are rejected from one another by the magnetic field.

So what should we do? The Creator has to be the glue here. This means that the force of bestowal has to be greater than the force of receiving, and then we will adhere to one another and will not neutralize the force of rejection but start using it. There are no such examples in our world, but in spirituality the force of rejection becomes the force of attraction.

We don’t understand how this can be. You still have the force of rejection, the ego with its desire remains, but it works in the opposite way. There is nothing like that in our world and so we don’t understand how the force of rejection can operate as the force of attraction. In order to do that we need a special attribute called the Light that Reforms which suddenly allows the force of rejection to add itself to the force of attraction and connection and by that it doesn’t annul itself and doesn’t become an opposite force, but remains the way it is.
From the 2nd part to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/18/12, The Book of Zohar

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