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There’s No Such Thing As Superfluous Desires

Dr. Michael Laitman

  • Without the right intention, the Light can’t enter a desire and it remains in its filth. Only the intention purifies the desire’s “body” and allows the Light to enter it.

The intention emerges when the body realizes the impurity it is in, desires unity with the Creator, and makes actions to attract the Light that Reforms. Then the Light of the Torah corrects the desire with the intention for bestowal, and then dresses into it.

First one must reveal one’s egoistic intention. This is also an attainment. Then a person needs the Light in order to change his intention to bestowal.

Question: Is this intention formed by the right environment?

Answer: No, the intention is formed by the Light, while the environment supports this process so a person comes to demand correction from the Light.

Question: So that means only prayer will help one achieve this?

Answer: Yes, prayer, request, or demand aimed at the source, in other words—a need.

Prayer, MAN, is a need, an unfulfilled desire that comes from Nukva that is included in Bina. That’s where the name MAN comes from—Mey Nukvin, literally, “female waters.” Bina creates Nukva, the female quality from the desire to bestow, while Nukva desires to become similar to Bina from its receiving desire. These are the two stages: First, when breaking, Bina becomes included in Nukva, meaning Malchut, and then when Malchut is corrected, it becomes included in Bina.

Question: Then why are all of these physical actions we make in this world necessary?

Answer: Without them I can’t provide for my existence. But if I add the right intention to my animate desire to live and fulfill myself, then I allow it to become corrected. I aim all of my life at correction.

Question: Is it possible to add the intention to every action?

Answer: Yes, even to the “coarsest” one. By virtue of the intention, any action becomes spiritual. Any desire can be corrected, even the most insignificant, the lowest, and stupidest one. The Light will issue a “ validity certificate” to every desire.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/29/12, “Matan Torah”

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Every Level Starts From Ibur (Gestation)

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I cannot count on my feelings since they are subjective and don’t reflect the true reality. On the other hand, by trying to imagine something I can be the captive of false dreams. How can I hold on to the thin line between fantasy and feeling?

Answer: First we must understand that no matter where you go, it is a wrong and false direction. So don’t try to hold on to the golden path, no matter what you do you are lost, wandering in the dark.

The only means is to adhere to the group, like a drop of semen in a mother’s womb. There is no other way. If you adhere to the group, you will surely develop with nature and you are not required to do anything more than that. Then nature, the Creator, operates on you and develops you.

This approach operates on every level, since “wandering in the dark” is typical even of the highest levels. On every level there are the stages of Ibur, Yenika (suckling) and Mochin (maturity).

Suppose you ascend from level 124 to level 125, which is the last one. Even here you totally annul yourself although all of the shattered Malchut of Ein Sof is revealed to you.

No matter how high a person ascends, there will always be the state of “he who is greater than his friend, his desire is also greater.” If on Monday 10 grams of evil were revealed to me, then on Tuesday, when another portion is added to that, it will accumulate new powers. Today it was revealed to me a little, and tomorrow it will be revealed to me with much greater clarity, according to the order of the development of the Lights. As a result, the evil I corrected yesterday is revealed to me in an even more corrupt way. Therefore, on Wednesday when I get an additional portion of evil, I discover that in addition to that, the evil of the previous day has been doubled, and the evil of the day before that has grown three times bigger. Thus is gets bigger and bigger. This is the spiritual ascent.

We can overcome that only by self-annulment and adhesion to the group, like an embryo, when I have no thoughts or desires of my own, using the friends’ feelings and mind in my self-annulment. I only want to adhere to them to feel their attitude to the Creator, to the goal, to life, to let their spirit penetrate me, so that it will determine my point of view on everything. It is as if I am floating in the amniotic fluid in the womb, in the Light of Hassadim.

All we need is to be sensitive and then this state will open up, and you will feel life in it. Even if the friends don’t feel and don’t know this, even if they don’t have such questions, it will be real for you because we are in the world of Ein Sof (Infinity) in which there are no changes. However, in the meantime it is hidden from us, and by the right approach you increase your sensitivity and your perception and gradually discover it in the spiritual levels. You don’t have to wait for anyone, act.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/26/12, Shamati #3

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The Power Of Good Thought Is Breaking Into The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do our thoughts have real power?

Answer: Of course thoughts have power; it isn’t by chance that there are concepts like the “evil eye” and “good eye.” Our mind power is the most powerful force, even stronger than a nuclear explosion. It’s concealed in the greatest depths, among the forces between the atoms. Mind power is the last level before the spiritual force.

But thoughts become powerful only if they connect, if each of us thinks alone, he does influence the system a bit but only on the corporeal level. However, if we begin to connect in order to reveal the power of general bestowal, we revive and renew; it’s as if we ignite and operate the whole spiritual network of connections among us. Then we discover the Creator within it.

We don’t have to have great mind power, the main thing is the quality of our thought so that it will be correct and help us reveal the force of mutual bestowal among us, which means the Creator. When the Creator is revealed the true intensity is revealed. This is already all the Light of NRNHY and not our small world.

We connect and want to be under the influence of the Creator so that He will reside among us and manage us so that we will be in harmony with Him in synchronized actions. Just as the Creator is a constant state of bestowal, so do we want to constantly be in a state of bestowal, then we revive the general network, and to the extent that we are incorporated in it and connected among us, the Creator is revealed.

It’s an immense power compared to which all the corporeal forces are worthless. All the corporeal world begins to revolve according to this internal power of humanity, everything changes starting from our slightest connection, and the main thing is that the connection is right.

We see that in the past year the term “Arvut – mutual guarantee” has become very popular, it’s because when we gather as a group and connect in thoughts and actions, this mind power breaks into the world. If this term expresses a spiritual action, it influences the whole global network and is accepted by everyone.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/26/12, Writings of Rabash

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Wired And Wireless Communication With The Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When I exit the group and go out into the world, I find it hard to manage correctly at work in order to maintain a balance. How should I work with myself when I am in the external environment?

Answer: We are under the terrible influence of the huge external human environment. In it there is our small environment, the group, in which we try to neutralize the external influence. It is as if we’ve built a Noah’s ark for ourselves and are kept safe from the flood.

On the other hand, when we leave the influence of the group, we find ourselves under the pressure of external passions. How can we guard ourselves? How can we remain in the group even when we don’t see and don’t hear each other?

In order to do that we use modern technology, cell phones, for example, in order to communicate with one another, besides, the group has an “antenna” that allows us to connect to it virtually and to receive different materials from it. We can use an MP3 player to also remind us of what is important, and we can also write notes during the day. In short, we have many means in order to communicate and not become disconnected.

But most importantly, we can establish a direct network of connection from the “mind” of the group to our own minds if we want and agree and stick to this unity.

Wired And Wireless Communication With The Group
In fact I am always being played with: There is no outside and no inside; there is no this world and no next world; the scenes simply change all the time like in a theater and I have to “move on to another life” each time and to “play the role,” and to act according to the circumstances.

It isn’t simple, but a person isn’t given more than he can manage. According to spirituality, you increase in Holiness and do not decrease in Holiness. It could be that you are shown from Above that you have not prepared yourself enough and so you broke off from the group. So learn from this example and from now on prepare a stronger connection with the friends.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/26/12, Shamati #3

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The Great Assembly At The Foot Of The Mountain

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom The Light of the Sun by Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Halevi: The main attainment of the Torah is by unity, as it says: “And Israel camped there before the mountain, as one man with one heart, and there the giving was stopped and each tribe corrected and added his Ha-Va-Ya-H.

And they said we shall hear and we shall do in great passion from the bottom of their hearts and they raised Mei Nukvin and they revealed Maim Dekurin, that the Creator descended to give them the Torah and they were rewarded with attainment of the Torah.

The attainment of the Torah means the attainment of the plan of all of creation, its goal, the attainment of the whole path of correction that is attained by unity. This is because we have to correct the shattering and as a result, in addition to the correction of the shattering, we reach attainment. This means that by our exertion we add to our understanding, to the recognition of the state that we are in. We open all the spiritual worlds for ourselves from one level to another until the world of Ein Sof (Infinity).

But before we reach this attainment, we don’t feel any difference between our world and the world of Ein Sof. Infinity is attained only by unity, and the unity is built on two lines—the right and the left, love and hate—one in contrast to the other.

Therefore it says: “And Israel camped there before the mountain” (Jethro, 19, 20), they stood before the hatred they discovered after they had always been in the right line, enthusiastic about spirituality, striving for unity, and eager to connect. It was then that they discovered the left line that stood before them like a high mountain not letting them connect.

Then they needed the Torah, the Light that Reforms, and then they discovered the middle line, the Torah, the Creator that is revealed and helps connect the two lines together. Thanks to their prayer, they received an answer from Above. The Creator descended and gave them the Torah and so they were awarded with the attainment of the Torah.

So we must constantly follow the right line, in pure bestowal, in Hafetz Hesed, and then in contrast to it, the left line is revealed: different failures, disappointments, weaknesses, criticism, Din. It’s good that all this is revealed since by that we eventually realize that there is no other choice and that we have to follow the right line.

We see that there’s nothing we can enjoy in the left line and that these are vessels of receiving that demand filling and there is no filling! So all that is left, despite everything, is to ascend above all this; when we attain a full measure, a full measure of the revelation of the right and the left lines, the gathering before Mt. Sinai is revealed, the middle line, and then the Light that connects the two line comes to us. This is called “the Creator makes peace in Heaven and He will bring peace unto us.” The middle line comes and decides between the first two lines by bringing us to peace and wholeness.

The Torah is attained by unity, if we constantly yearn for it as it says, “and Israel camped before the mountain, as one man with one heart.” No matter how hard they tried to connect, they discovered the opposite: detachment, hatred, and rejection. “And there their impurity was stopped and each tribe corrected the combination of its Ha – Va – Ya – H,” which means that in each of us and among all of us there are many internal problems and conflicts that require correction.

“And they said, ‘We shall do and we shall hear!’” which means that they are ready to go above their reason, above the feeling of any criticism, since there is no other choice, since we have seen that we can’t connect in our egoistic vessels. “And they raised Mei Nukvin (MAN) and in contrast Maim Dekurin were revealed, and the Creator descended to give them the Torah and they were rewarded with the attainment of the Torah.” Let’s hope that we will be rewarded with the receiving of the Torah since the Creator gives it every day.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/26/12

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What’s Next?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from BBC News): “The debate came after Greece…announced that unemployment in Greece hit a record 25.1% in July, with the level among young people reaching above 50%.

“And the nation predicted its economy will shrink by 6.5% this year, much more than previously estimated this year, worse than a previous estimate of 4.8% in March suggested to its bailout lenders.

“Greece also said its economy will shrink for a sixth year in 2013.”

My Comment: How can new jobs appear if they are not needed in the economy? This suggests only one solution: to produce as much as necessary, instead of producing unnecessary goods, which harm the environment.

The calculation of production will have to start from “the bottom”: What goods and services in what quantity are needed FOR EVERYONE. And then production and services need to be built according to this calculation. The pursuit of fulfilling one’s ego will be shifted to the right leisure: integral connection, which gives the feeling of higher contentment.

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Ongoing Silent Conversation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Creating a new kind of family relations is a process which gradually builds connection among us. With what does it start?

Answer: Everything begins with the course on integral education. It offers an explanation of our nature and our union with clarification of the general network that connects us together, the freedom of choice, our perpetually growing egoism, and the system in which everyone has to help the each other. We have to learn to listen to our friends in order to get inspired by them and to acknowledge the importance of self-rejection and to recognize the significance of inclusion into each other. And the most important way to advance are the workshops where we sit together, two of us (tête-à-tête) or in small groups, and discuss things trying to feel the process and figuring out the ways of building it.

There is a certain process that outlines the structure of our seminars; the instructor should lead us through it. He should constantly add questions and bring up new topics for discussion. He is the one who leads us step by step, stage by stage, and gradually allows us to develop our desires, thoughts, and aspirations. We face the situation when we have no other choice but to acknowledge certain qualities within us and compare them with what other people see in us. We also have to become aware of how we treat the same qualities in others and search for the ways of rising above our criticism.

We have to thoroughly study ourselves; however, the main thing is to learn to rise above our claims. I keep trying many times and finally achieve it! Have you seen a cat that is preparing to pounce? If it wants to leap from the floor onto the table, it flexes several times as if trying it on, and only then jumps. Similarly, we need to do the exercises and then jump.

Each seminar has a theoretical part, but the main thing is the discussion during which we get to know each other better. We learn from ourselves and bring up our doubts, problems, and difficult times that we would never bring up otherwise because of our manliness. A man (Gever – גבר) is the one who overcomes (Mitgaber – xמתגבר) himself instead of following his instincts. A hero (Gibor – גבור) is the one who conquers his egoistic predisposition.

So, we have to see our weaknesses, and what the true hero is, is overcoming them. In regular life, when people are arguing, fighting and screaming at each other, they look like little kids. Each seemed to want to demonstrate what a big egoist he is. In our workshops, we clearly demonstrate that we are the heroes, since the word “hero” (Gibor – גבור) has the same root as the word “overcome” (Hitgabrut – התגברות)

We have to talk about it openly and directly. Thanks to this mutual work, we will really start to feel each other. And never again will there be such reproaches as women frequently make to their husbands, “Why don’t you ever talk with me!” Her husband won’t even have to talk with her at all since at our workshops we’ll learn to sense each other internally. A powerful internal communication will be initiated among us.

It’s like people who have lived next to each other for many years. For example, I have lived together with my wife for 45 years now and we don’t need to talk a lot. Conversation is not a necessity anymore, but rather a tradition. If we were newlyweds who just started their married life, I would have to talk with her a lot. However, after so many years together we know each other so well that we communicate internally.

The same results can be achieved through the workshops that connect people together. If we rise beyond the family matters and talk about the world problems, the environment, society, the countries we live in, and the entire planet, all of them stem from the incorrect connection among people.

It is from this that the economy and finance are suffering. In some places, people are dying of starvation and in other places there are obese people throwing away surplus food. The reason for such a state of affairs is the wrong connections and lack of equality. That’s why it’s clear to everybody that if we manage to correct the family issues and go beyond them, we’ll achieve success.
From a “Talk About New Life” 7/12/12

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The Importance Of The Goal And A Bad Temper

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I would like to thank you for your sincerity in your answers to all the questions and for your endless patience.

Answer: If you only knew me! By nature I am an extremely impatient person. I have a terrible character. Other people who know me more closely and see me more often can confirm that. I have no patience whatsoever.

I give this as an example: When you have the importance of the goal, you become totally different. You become soft, patient, and willing to repeat the same things every day. I don’t recognize myself.

The importance of the goal! Also Baal HaSulam writes about this. There is nothing else besides it.

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