Wired And Wireless Communication With The Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When I exit the group and go out into the world, I find it hard to manage correctly at work in order to maintain a balance. How should I work with myself when I am in the external environment?

Answer: We are under the terrible influence of the huge external human environment. In it there is our small environment, the group, in which we try to neutralize the external influence. It is as if we’ve built a Noah’s ark for ourselves and are kept safe from the flood.

On the other hand, when we leave the influence of the group, we find ourselves under the pressure of external passions. How can we guard ourselves? How can we remain in the group even when we don’t see and don’t hear each other?

In order to do that we use modern technology, cell phones, for example, in order to communicate with one another, besides, the group has an “antenna” that allows us to connect to it virtually and to receive different materials from it. We can use an MP3 player to also remind us of what is important, and we can also write notes during the day. In short, we have many means in order to communicate and not become disconnected.

But most importantly, we can establish a direct network of connection from the “mind” of the group to our own minds if we want and agree and stick to this unity.

Wired And Wireless Communication With The Group
In fact I am always being played with: There is no outside and no inside; there is no this world and no next world; the scenes simply change all the time like in a theater and I have to “move on to another life” each time and to “play the role,” and to act according to the circumstances.

It isn’t simple, but a person isn’t given more than he can manage. According to spirituality, you increase in Holiness and do not decrease in Holiness. It could be that you are shown from Above that you have not prepared yourself enough and so you broke off from the group. So learn from this example and from now on prepare a stronger connection with the friends.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/26/12, Shamati #3

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