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A Life Jacket To Those Drowning In The Sea Of Egoism

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Lately I have lost all interest in and desire for the spiritual. I have become distant from the group, but the group did not forget about me and continued to care for me with constant love. This is why, despite everything, I decided to come to the convention in Rome, and made enormous effort to do it. And now here, I feel shame before my friends who once again have taken me in their arms, and I have experienced the love of my friends with new strength over these two days. But what do I need to do to make sure I do not become distanced again after the congress? I am very afraid of it.

Answer: I’m sorry about all you had to experience. But there is no other way but accepting that everything comes from one source, and we need to be grateful for both bad things and good things. I am very grateful to your friends who worked so hard that they were able to bring you back. I hope that from this day forward, all of you will only see goodness and mercy, love and warmth, which await you.

But still, no matter what happens, you need to hold on to the group with all your strength because it is the life jacket thrown out into the sea for those who are drowning. We have nothing else to grab on to.

And believe me, you will still see the entire country hold on to your group as if it were a life jacket. So become stronger, help each other, and continue. I wish you success!
From the 5th meal at the Italian Convention  9/30/12

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Are Parts Of My Soul Wandering In The Streets?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I hold on to the spiritual work as strongly as possible in my daily life (on the street, the public transportation, etc)?

Answer: I try to look at everything through the system of connection, through the system of mutual completion. I wonder if through everything that appears before me I will see the mutual cooperation between the two opposing forces that depict different images to me.

If I am in a circle at a workshop and there are nine friends before me, partners but also competitors in a way, as to who will give the best answer and who will answer less accurately, how we can complete one another, how we can play together in order to find the right answers? There is much closeness and oppositeness here.

If I am on the street, why can’t I see an identical partner in everyone that evokes certain feeling in me? It makes no difference whether it is for or against, what’s important is how I respond to him. Can I respond to him as to someone who is very close to me? My ego doesn’t let me. If I could look at him differently, I would see a very close and dear person and I would immediately change my attitude toward him.

We have to play with that by turning on the start-stop button of receiving and bestowal and constantly clarifying our relations with others. Then you will become more flexible and acquire a softer attitude to life and to the world.

But on the whole, of course you want to see the managing force through this attitude, which presents this whole picture to you and projects it before you so that you will see the revelation of the Creator, so that behind this picture you will see the managing force.
From “A Virtual Lesson on Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 09/23/12

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The Group Is the Inner Contact Between Souls

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What do we consider to be the group?

Answer: The group can be considered to be the ten people who I sit and analyze our relationship with.

The group can also be considered the dozens of groups that attend conventions. For example, there were 120 or 130 groups at the congress. It also is a sort of a group, working together on a single task, a single question, and this is why, accordingly, all the participants had the same thoughts, the same questions, and the same goal. The fact that they spoke different languages does not matter, because they did the same thing: they interacted, helped one another, they were in one field.

Our sensory and mental fields intersect, they work together: This is the way we interact with one another. Moreover, there is no law of separation in these fields, unlike any physical field that diminishes according to squared distance; when you distance yourself by two meters, tension, light, or any kind of rays become four times smaller. But here, no. Fields of desires do not decrease with distance.

For this reason, when one is in Boston, another is in Alaska, the third is in Kentucky, and the fourth in Australia, they still make up the group together if they are able to have an inner contact, which we have partially experienced during the seminars at the convention. If they have already experienced this contact, if they are able to recreate it, revive it within, like rekindling glowing embers, then the “distances,” all the disturbances that arise, will help them rise above the interferences towards this state and be on a good spiritual level.
From “A Virtual Lesson on Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 09/23/12

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You Cannot Trick A Donkey With Chaff

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If I am corrected, I see a better world around me. But if I see suffering around, how should I treat it?

Answer: Our life is a duality. On one hand, our body belongs to the animate world, but on the other hand, the desire that we are developing belongs to a higher level, the human degree.

It is said about the world that we see around us: “Everyone is like an animal.” A human being in our world is not just similar to an animal, he is even worse. By nature, animals instinctively take care of their own existence. They have no urge for binge eating, inventing goodies, sweets, and delicacies for themselves; grains or grass are enough for a donkey. Give him bread instead, and he will not want it. Similarly, animals have no impulse to overindulge in sex; they act on instinct, breeding in the seasons designated by nature. They do not have palaces, burrows are enough for them. This is animal existence.

Unlike them, a human has exorbitant desires so that as a result of development they discover it has brought him to a dead end. This is what we reveal today.

So seeing people’s suffering, we have to mentally divide their existence into two parts. What does a person need on the animal level to live a healthy normal life? He needs a shelter, food, clothing, family and other necessary, but only rational, conditions. Of course, we cannot live as we did a thousand generations ago. I need to wish everyone in the world to have acceptable conditions, but not more. The general law of nature states: On the animal level, you must ensure your existence, and all your other desires, thoughts, and abilities, everything that you have in addition, you must devote to spiritual ascent.

So, if we talk about the future world, about the life until the end of correction, when this world disappears from our feelings, the reasonable set of things, necessary for material existence should be provided and everything else given to spiritual development.

If today, we had organized our life in this way, we would have found that there is everything in this world necessary to provide each of the seven billion people with normal physical conditions. Most of the day, we would be free from material work in order to study and realize our internal spiritual work to change ourselves. This is what we should strive for.

I do not know yet how it can be realized in practice, but hope very much that we will be able to explain to people that this is the correct way of life in the world. Through the crisis and explanations, we will come to the middle line, to a state, in which the world accepts it.
From the Convention in Italy 9/30/12, Lesson 2

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Not All That Grows Is “Green”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Empa): “In order to be able to give a well-informed response, Empa, on behalf of the Department of Energy (BFA) and in collaboration with the research institute Agroscope Reckenholz-Tänikon (ART), and the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), has updated the ecobalance of numerous biofuels, including their production chains. Compared with the first worldwide ecobalance study of its kind in 2007, also carried out by Empa, the team, led by Empa researcher Rainer Zah, included both innovative energy plants and manufacturing processes and also updated assessment methods.

“However, despite a more extensive data set and up-to-date methods, Empa comes to the same conclusion as the study in 2007: many biofuels based on agricultural products indeed do help to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, but lead to other environmental pollution, such as too much acid in the soil and polluted (over-fertilised) lakes and rivers. ‘Most biofuels therefore just deflect the environmental impact: fewer greenhouse gases, thus more growth-related pollution for land used for agriculture.’ says Zah. This results in only a few biofuels having an overall better ecobalance than petrol. …

“However, the new methodology also allowed Zah and his colleagues to highlight the ‘weaknesses’ of the earlier study. The researchers in 2007 underestimated the effects of changes to natural areas on the greenhouse gas balance, for example the deforestation of the rain forest. The current study now shows that biofuels from deforested areas usually emit more greenhouse gases than fossil fuels. This also applies to indirect land usage changes if existing agricultural land is used for the first time for biofuel production and, as a consequence, forested areas have to be cleared in order to maintain the existing foodstuff or animal feed production. …

“Although the devil is in the detail, the new studies make it possible to make some general recommendations: Clearing woodland and bush areas in order to develop energy plants is to be avoided; this worsens the greenhouse gas balance considerably, which has a distinctly greater impact on the environment.”

My Comment: There will be no winning with any of our tricks! Only achieving balance with nature, bringing ourselves to general good connection, and reaching reasonable consumption will lead us to a good agreement with Nature/the Creator.

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The Central Point On The World Map

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: History demonstrates that major wars always happen at the borderlines between epochs when old stereotypes are being destroyed. On one hand, wars always triggered destruction; on the other hand, they pulled humanity to a higher level of evolution. Is it possible for us to skip the next war?

Answer: First of all, I don’t try to outsmart anybody. I do what I am supposed to do according to my mission, using all my means to the end. We do not know start and end dates.

Egyptian exile experience suggests that suffering tremendous pain and misery preceded the birth, the escape from Egypt. Labor contractions are extremely intense. Overall, there is what is called the ten plagues, ten labor contractions, that form the need for correction in us. So, we have to go through them anyway.

I don’t know when they will be over, nor can I identify each attack. I’m not so wise to know how things will unfold this time around. There are no exact directions, and I myself have not yet passed the process; I go through it together with everyone else: What can I say? Especially because it is about the plane of this world with its layer of egoistic thickness. So, we simply do our job.

As to a threat of war, wars vary. The main thing is to keep the people of Israel in the land of Israel and initiate dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah for the sake of correcting the world. Everything that opposes this purpose goes against the goal of creation. This is how we should regard this issue. In accordance with the law of root and branch, correction is possible only in this land. Although, according to Baal HaSulam’s writings, Jerusalem today (after the shattering occurred) is merely a source of evil.

Question: A cancerous tumor destroys processes in the body of humanity. In medicine, they use chemotherapy in this case. If we translate it to society, is this equivalent to nuclear war?

Answer: No, I don’t think we will really come to this point, not if we manage to embrace the world with the methodology of correction and have more people accept our thoughts and desires. Nor will it happen if people start understanding us better, mainly through our internal lines of connection that “thread” through the all of humanity.

In any case, our core activities should be held in the land of Israel. With all the pressure and our giving the people the wisdom of correction, it will spread throughout the world without any problems. Baal HaSulam writes  in the Introduction to The Book of Zohar that it is written in many sources. I repeat, according to the law of roots and branches, the main correction is here.

This is our job. Therefore, all our groups wherever they are and whichever language they speak, besides disseminating the wisdom, should use every opportunity to influence what is happening in Israel. This land is at the very center of the world map and is the most problematic place.

Question: Contemporary Jewish people include people who have come from all over the world bringing their traditions and stereotypes. Will they be able to rise above their “baggage” and fulfill the part of the work that is assigned to them? Will they be able to unite the world and raise it to a new level of evolution without revolution and war?

Answer: It’s not about country of origin, although it of course plays a role, above which they have to rise for the sake of unity. In general, the ascent will spread the upper Light among everybody and will allow It to reach the parts of the world with which we already have established connections. The dispersion of the Jewish people happened only for the sake of making them bond with other nations. So, when the people of Israel are united, the power of their unification transmits through the lines of internal connection with the nations of the world, thus making them sense and accept what is going on here in the land of Israel.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/19/12, “Introduction to the Book Panim Meirot uMasbirot”

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Welcome To The Integral Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Any system built sooner or later faces the external resistance of the world. What kinds of informational counteractions can we create in the integral society?

Suppose the world around us is indifferent at the moment to the idea of establishing an integral society. But at some point we will begin to disturb them at least by the fact that people in the integral society live a better, happier life than they do. Then they will begin to feel a resistance. So in any case there is a hostile environment.

Answer: First, I think that there doesn’t have to be a hostile environment. This society should be open for everyone. Certainly it should have some kind of buffer zone in which those who want to join this society are educated and after having studying seriously and having been trained they could be gradually integrated into the integral society.

This isn’t what is done in Europe. The French began accepting everyone from North Africa, since as they claim, “we occupied you and now we are giving you a chance to join us.” This wasn’t a wise political move when people who didn’t want to integrate into French society and weren’t willing to change anything, moved to France. Thus they remained foreign with regard to French culture, language, religion, and everything else.

It’s the same with the European market, which instead of a common market became an actual market. Before implementing the concept of a “common market” they should have educated all the Europeans according to the integral approach so as to bring them all to one understanding, one culture, and some unified qualities, meaning a desire to cooperate mutually in order to summon the upper energy, the integral force of nature, upon them.

This didn’t happen and so they don’t know what to do now. The solution is the same solution as before and it’s still hanging in the air. They can do it now too, but not with the leadership that is currently in power.

If such a society is created it has to guard itself from the rest. This means that it has to develop a very wide working environment in integral education: “Welcome, you can join us, there is room for everyone, but only after you pass a course and certain training in integral education and begin to live, study and work according to this principle. Only then can you be members of our society.”
From KabTV’s “The Integral World: The Formula of Integral Society,” 7/1/12

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The Dance That Lasts Eternity

Dr. Michael LaitmanI am very pleased that we have begun to understand the greatness of the altruistic force through the connection between us, because in general this is the only opportunity to master it. This happens when we get together in the group and begin to try in some way to recreate and cultivate the state of bestowal, love, and mutual connection between us. When we are in mutual guarantee, mutual union, then we gradually start feeling what this adhesion can give us and how unusual it is.

On the basis of my practice, I think that the most important thing is to feel something unearthly, special, what emerges in a person. Inside it, the feeling, the property that was not familiar to him before, begins to be formed. He knows that it can be only inside the connection with others.

Then this property can gradually vanish, disappear like in a fog, cool down, dissolve, but a person still retains the information record of this state, so-called Reshimo. And he will still strive to it, will know, understand, and remember it. However, this is not enough; we must stir this property constantly and nurture it, as any bodily organ grows, any property, if we take care of it all the time. If we stir it repeatedly, it shows its new properties, new connections; it is not the same as it used to be. When we make it appear from obscurity where it was lost, we discover its new dimensions.

That is why unexplored paths, degrees, and states are before us. And on this path, we will certainly see many victories, ascents, disappointments, and what seem like losses. From all this with our constant effort, with a certain number of workshops and conventions, we will reach a point when this force that will manifest itself in us becomes so clearly felt and attained by us, so much in our power that we will control it. We will begin to interact with it and feel it as two partners feel each other in the dance.

This mutual action between a person, the force of bestowal and the force of reception (the man is the middle line), is the state that I hope we will be able to reach by the next convention, and perhaps even earlier. It all depends on how intensively we will be able to develop in ourselves those states that we have experienced and did not forget. So, everything is before us.
From a Virtual Lesson 9/23/12

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10.02.12

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