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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Any system built sooner or later faces the external resistance of the world. What kinds of informational counteractions can we create in the integral society?

Suppose the world around us is indifferent at the moment to the idea of establishing an integral society. But at some point we will begin to disturb them at least by the fact that people in the integral society live a better, happier life than they do. Then they will begin to feel a resistance. So in any case there is a hostile environment.

Answer: First, I think that there doesn’t have to be a hostile environment. This society should be open for everyone. Certainly it should have some kind of buffer zone in which those who want to join this society are educated and after having studying seriously and having been trained they could be gradually integrated into the integral society.

This isn’t what is done in Europe. The French began accepting everyone from North Africa, since as they claim, “we occupied you and now we are giving you a chance to join us.” This wasn’t a wise political move when people who didn’t want to integrate into French society and weren’t willing to change anything, moved to France. Thus they remained foreign with regard to French culture, language, religion, and everything else.

It’s the same with the European market, which instead of a common market became an actual market. Before implementing the concept of a “common market” they should have educated all the Europeans according to the integral approach so as to bring them all to one understanding, one culture, and some unified qualities, meaning a desire to cooperate mutually in order to summon the upper energy, the integral force of nature, upon them.

This didn’t happen and so they don’t know what to do now. The solution is the same solution as before and it’s still hanging in the air. They can do it now too, but not with the leadership that is currently in power.

If such a society is created it has to guard itself from the rest. This means that it has to develop a very wide working environment in integral education: “Welcome, you can join us, there is room for everyone, but only after you pass a course and certain training in integral education and begin to live, study and work according to this principle. Only then can you be members of our society.”
From KabTV’s “The Integral World: The Formula of Integral Society,” 7/1/12

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